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  • Biocontrol Glossary Uredia - singular for uredium. Urediniospores - Single cell orange-brown developing between teliospores and aeceospores (which have to nucleui) Uredium - pistules bearing urediospores. — “Biocontrol Glossary - Forest Practices Branch - Ministry of”, for.gov.bc.ca
  • Uredium (Uredinium) Uredospore (Urediniospore) III. Telium. Teliospore. IV. Basidium Schematic of a uredium with urediospores. Examples of telia of. — “PP318 Forest Pathology”, cals.ncsu.edu
  • On the same mycelium are formed the teliospores, which are produced in the uredium that is now called a telium. Urediospores have capitate paraphyses arranged with them in the uredium. — “Zygomycota:”, faculty.ucr.edu
  • Definition of uredium from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of uredium. Pronunciation of uredium. Definition of the word uredium. Origin of the word uredium. — “uredium - Definition of uredium at ”,
  • The mycelium in the host plant will give rise to clusters of urediospores, with each cluster being produced in a uredium. During late summer, just before fall, the uredium gradually converts into the telium and begin to produce the. — “Introduction”, botany.hawaii.edu
  • mass of spores: a reddish or black mass of spores produced on a plant by a rust fungus < Latin uredin-, stem of uredo (see uredo)] Encarta® World English Dictionary [North. — “uredium definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Botany Dictionary, Dictionary of UDP, Dictionary of Uva, Ultrastructure, Ultramicrob, Umbel, Umbellate, Umbilicate, Undulipodia, Unifliolate, Unilocular Sporangium Uredosorus (uredium). The sours in which uredospores get clustered. Formed on the host plant which gets infected by certain rusts. — “Dictionary of UDP, Dictionary of Uva, Ultrastructure”, studentsguide.in
  • Uredium definition, uredinium. See more. Link To uredium. World English Dictionary. uredium or uredinium (jʊˈriːdɪəm, ˌjʊərɪˈdɪnɪəm) —n , pl -dia, -dinia. Also called: uredosorus a spore-producing body of some rust fungi in which uredospores are formed. — “Uredium | Define Uredium at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. New Latin uredium uredinium (from Latin uredo) + English -o- + spore. — “Urediospores - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, mw1.merriam-
  • Definition of uredium in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of uredium. Pronunciation of uredium. Translations of uredium. uredium synonyms, uredium antonyms. Information about uredium in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “uredium - definition of uredium by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Uredium (pl. uredia) - One of the five reproductive tissues in the complete rust life cycle. This tissue gives rise to a large Urediospores - Spores produced in a uredium. Vector - Any organism that transmits a disease-causing organism. Ventral - Of or relating to the belly; belonging to or. — “Forest Pests in the Southern Region - Glossary”, fs.fed.us
  • Phragmidium mucronatum (Pers.) Schltdl. 1824 () in Encyclopedia of Life uredium is parasitised by conidioma of Hainesia coelomycetous anamorph. Hainesia rubi - a coelomycete. — “Phragmidium mucronatum (Pers.) Schltdl. 1824 - Encyclopedia”,
  • UREDINALES (rust fungi) live uredium is parasitised by effuse colony of Cladobotryum anamorph. Cladosporium uredinicola - a dematiaceous anamorphic fungus (Mycosphaerellales: Mycosphaerellaceae). — “UREDINALES (rust fungi)”,
  • Urediniospores develop in the uredium at the bottom of a leaf's surface. As the spores germinate, the nuclei undergo karyogamy and thereafter meiosis, giving rise to four-celled basidia with haploid basidiospores. — “Urediniospore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A reddish structure called a uredium (containing urediospores) is produced at the point of infection. When the wheat begins to mature the uredium is replaced by a telium. — “Stem Rust of Wheat Key words: Plant Disease, Puccinia”, nu-distance.unl.edu
  • Definition of Rattiness with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. spang, galantine, house_of_prayer, exercise_test, uredium, triaxons, caliorrhaphy, rigg, biogenic_amines,. — “Rattiness: Definition with Rattiness Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • There's no "perfect rhyme" for lithium, unless you count the word itself and the compound "dilithiuim". So, first, consider whether you NEED a rhyme, premium, gelsemium, coremium, cerium, criterion, ruthenium, selenium, uredium b) short e - millennium, bdellium, biennium, compendium, lawrencium. — “anyone know words that rhyme with Lithium? batteries or”,
  • uredinium also uredium n. , pl. , -dinia , also -dia . A reddish, pustulelike structure that is formed on the tissue of a plant infected by a. — “uredinium: Definition from ”,

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  • “Coffee trees can be susceptible to many diseases - about 20, according to specialists - which attack the roots, stem, the greatest concern, is a microscopic fungus of the uredium family which attacks the leaves & ultimately causes the death of”
    — A "robust" species - Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam,

  • “Directed away from the stem of a plant; pertaining to the lower surface of a leaf. Non-living; of non-biological origin. abscission. Of plants: The shedding of leaves or”
    — Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology,

  • “Well it's time to wack in some parts into my aging GC8, reason I'm running out of shelve space Well these are some of my parts being ins Uredium spark plugs. Heavy Duty Eagle Silicone ignition leads. Excede Heavy Duty clutch. Excede Lighten Fly Wheel. Cold Air induction box “Custom built”
    — Some Small Upgrades - Rexnet Subaru Forums, .au

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