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  • The Element Uranium - Basic Physical and Historical Information Uranium was discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a German chemist, in the mineral pitchblende (primarily a mix of uranium oxides) in 1789. — “It's Elemental - The Element Uranium”,
  • Uranium ( /jʊˈr eɪn iəm/ yew-RAY-nee-əm) is a silvery-white metallic chemical element in the actinide series of the periodic table with atomic Uranium-238 is fissionable by fast neutrons, and is fertile, meaning. — “Uranium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Uranium was found to be first used in yellow-colored glass, which 235U, while occuring in natural uranium to the extent of only 0.71%, is so fissionable. — “Uranium”,
  • Health and environmental impacts of the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle. News, maps and resources on uranium mining, milling and depleted uranium. — “WISE Uranium Project”, wise-
  • Uranium, not as rare as once thought, is now considered to be more plentiful than mercury, antimony, silver, or cadmium, and is about as abundant as molybdenum or arsenic. It occurs in numerous minerals such as pitchblende, uraninite, carnotite, autunite, uranophane, and tobernite. — “Uranium”, periodic.lanl.gov
  • NYNCO. Home. Inside Nynco. The Uranium Market. Financial Uranium. Brokerage Services. Inside Nynco. Happening Now. Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. NYNCO. — “”,
  • The half-life of uranium-238 is about 4.5 billion years and that of uranium-235 is 700 million years, making This property of uranium-235 and to a lesser degree uranium-233 generates the heat needed to run nuclear reactors and provides the explosive. — “Uranium - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • What comes to mind when I say the word uranium? If I gathered a small yet diverse sample of today's population and asked this same question, common one-word responses would include nuclear, weapon, toxic, dangerous, atomic, reactor and so on. — “New Uranium Bull”,
  • This WebElements periodic table page contains Essential information for the element uranium Brief description: uranium is of great interest because of its application to nuclear power and nuclear weapons. — “WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements | Uranium”,
  • Nuclear plants use a certain kind of uranium, referred to as U-235. Though uranium is quite common, about 100 times more common than silver, U-235 is relatively rare. — “EIA Energy Kids - Uranium (nuclear)”, eia.doe.gov
  • Everett's land package contains 25 radioactive anomalies in the same strata where Uranium was discovered in the past. The Department of Energy (DOE) believes this area has the most significant potential for large sandstone hosted uranium deposits than any other place in the Morison formation. — “Uranium Miner - the 3rd Uranium Boom”,
  • uranium n. ( Symbol U ) A heavy silvery-white metallic element, radioactive and toxic, easily oxidized, and having 14 known isotopes of which U 238. — “uranium: Definition from ”,
  • The number of electrons in a uranium atom is 92, 6 of them valence electrons. Uranium has the highest atomic weight of the naturally occurring elements. Uranium is approximately 70% denser than lead, but not as dense as gold or tungsten. It is weakly radioactive. — “Uranium - Wikimedia”,
  • Uranium is now indelibly associated with atom bombs and nuclear power, but was a chemical curiosity of little importance for a hundred years after its discovery. Then, it led to the discovery of radioactivity and the elucidation of the structure of the atom. — “Uranium”, mysite.du.edu
  • Uranium is a radioactive heavy metal. Uranium is an abundant source of nuclear energy. Uranium was discoved in 1789. Uranium's chemical symbol is U. — “Uranium | Uranium for Nuclear Power”, world-
  • This fact sheet provides general information about the radionuclide, uranium, such as discovery, properties, uses, environmental behavior and effects, and health effects. — “Uranium | Radiation Protection Program | US EPA”, epa.gov
  • Information about Uranium - general properties, discovery, states, energies, appearance and characteristics. — “Uranium”,
  • Uranium is approximately 70% more dense than lead and is weakly radioactive. Uranium-238 is both fissionable by fast neutrons, and fertile (capable of being transmuted to fissile plutonium-239 in a nuclear reactor). — “Uranium”, schools-
  • From World Market Pulse China, the world's second largest economy, is bracing itself for a huge import of uranium in order to fulfill a part of its ever increasing energy requirements as the country plans to add to its current capacity of Junior explorer surges on uranium grades. — “Commodity:Uranium”,
  • Welcome to TradeTech's Web site. We are specialists in nuclear fuel markets–uranium and uranium processing services for nuclear energy. We provide weekly and monthly price indicators that are widely referenced as settlement prices for long-term contract deliveries of:. — “TradeTech - Welcome to TradeTech's Web site”,
  • uranium , radioactive metallic chemical element; symbol U; at. Uranium is a hard, dense, malleable, ductile, silver-white, radioactive metal of the actinide series in Group 3 of the periodic. — “uranium Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • InfoMine: Uranium Mining Information - comprehensive and current data on uranium prices, uranium exploration, uranium mines and uranium markets. — “Uranium Mining - CommodityMine”,

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