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  • 13. Uredinia of 14. Uredinia of 15. Urediniospo 16. Urediniospo 17. Urediniospo 20. Yellow Uredinia of stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) in spikelets. Uredinia of stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) in spikelets. Date:. — “Uredinia of stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) in spikelets”,
  • The uredinia are larger than those of leaf rust and are oval-shaped or elongated, with loose or torn epidermal tissue along the margins (Plate 16) Likewise, the ability to produce a few uredinia on some plants of a species in greenhouse tests does not prove that the species is a host under field. — “The wheat rusts - R.P. Singh, J. Huerta-Espino, A.P. Roelfs”,
  • Encyclopedia article about uredinia. Information about uredinia in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “uredinia definition of uredinia in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Aeciospores reinfect the bean plant producing pustules called uredinia on both leaf surfaces as well as other plant parts. Uredinia vary in size. Larger pustules may be surrounded by a yellow. — “Rust of Dry Beans Key words: Plant Disease, Uromyces”, nu-distance.unl.edu
  • Uredinia definition, the fruiting body of the rust fungi that bears urediospores. See more. — “Uredinia | Define Uredinia at ”,
  • A number of photographs of rust infections. telia (black) and uredinia (yellow) on the underside of a Populus trichocarpa leaf. aecia and spermagonia on a. — “Rust Fungi”, plantbio.berkeley.edu
  • The first symptom of cane and leaf rust is lemon yellow pustules (uredinia) that split the bark of the fruiting canes of susceptible blackberries. Buff-colored telia develop among the uredinia on leaves in early fall. It is important not to confuse this common blackberry disease with the less. — “UC IPM: UC Management Guidelines for Cane and Leaf Rust on”, ipm.ucdavis.edu
  • Uredinia and telia occur on spotted pinnules, and pycnia, aecial uredinia (pycnia, uredinia aecialia, uredinia et telia), et teliosporas. cellulis duabus fertilibus et cystis hygroscopicis duabus habet. — “Bibulocystis gloriosa sp. nov. (Pucciniales) on Caesalpinia”, publish.csiro.au
  • Uredinia can develop 5 to 8 days after infection by urediniospores. Uredinia may develop for up to 4 weeks after a single inoculation, and secondary uredinia will arise on the margins of the. — “Illinois Soybean Rust Information Center”,
  • uredinia. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 7 September 2010, at 04:26. Text is available under the. — “uredinia - Wiktionary”,
  • Symptoms of ASR are characterized by tan to brown volcano-like pustules (uredinia) on the lower surface and chlorotic flecking on the upper surface of infected leaves (Fig. 2) The occurrence of erumpent, volcano-like pustules (uredinia) containing urediniospores is the key diagnostic feature (Fig. 6). — “PP-235/PP157: Asian Soybean Rust”, edis.ifas.ufl.edu
  • with different ASR levels were collected and direct uredinia (Malupa sojae (P. Hennings) Ono, Butirica & Hennings) were In order to measure ASR, we propose that the direct uredinia counts could be made when densities do not exceed 100 uredinia per leaflet. — “INTA Paraná - Roya de la Soja”, inta.gov.ar
  • Uredinia are linear, light orange, and occur mostly on the leaf blades but occasionally occur also on leaf sheaths, peduncles and awns. Urediniospores produced in the uredinia repeat the infection process, and the fungus. — “Puccinia coronata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of uredinia from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of uredinia. Pronunciation of uredinia. Definition of the word uredinia. Origin of the word uredinia. — “uredinia - Definition of uredinia at ”,
  • Spores from these lesions infect leaves and produce small, yellow pustules (uredinia) on the undersides of leaves. Buff-colored pustules (telia) develop among the uredinia on leaves in fall. — “Information on Blackberry -- Cane and Leaf Rust, An Online”, plant-disease.ippc.orst.edu
  • News section. ISID/ news item. 13,171. Back to main news page. — “SeedQuest - Central information website for the global seed”,
  • Uredinia also can occur in the spike. Stunting of plants is common with severe early infections. Survival between crop seasons is by dormant mycelium and uredinia on infected volunteer wheat in most areas. — “Invasive Insect Biocontrol and Behavior Laboratory : Wheat”, ars.usda.gov
  • Bright powdery orange spores, known as uredinia, are likely to catch a gardener's eye. The bright orange uredinia can spread on the wind to infect more leaves within the plant or on nearby roses. — “Yard and Garden News - University of Minnesota ExtensionYard”, blog.lib.umn.edu
  • Definition of uredinia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of uredinia. Pronunciation of uredinia. Translations of uredinia. uredinia synonyms, uredinia antonyms. Information about uredinia in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “uredinia - definition of uredinia by the Free Online”,
  • Uredinia amphigenous, although mostly hypophyllous, caulicolous, and on flowers and Telia similar to uredinia or teliospores in uredinia; teliospores ellipsoid to oblong,. — “Diagnostic Fact Sheet for Puccinia psidii”, nt.ars-grin.gov
  • The primary objective of this study was to determine whether fungicide application would control common rust development in field corn and improve grain yields. These ratings were based upon percentage of the total leaf area infected with uredinia (pustules) using the Peterson scale (1948). — “Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station”,

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  • “measured and the number of rust uredinia on every leaf was The first rust uredinia appeared on the leaves at 5 and 6 dpi. All three infected plants”
    — Leaf rust induced volatile organic compounds signalling in,

  • “ topic or reply in this forum. Your UserName: Your Password: Message appearance is due to microscopic pustules or uredinia which are liberating their spores to infect other”
    — Turfgrass - Reply to Topic,

  • “(pustules or uredinia) that are ~ 1/32 inch long and 1/64 inch wide. Pustules first as urediniospores (a***ual spores) in uredinia (fruiting body) on infested dead leaves”
    — Identifying Wheat Diseases for Proper Use of Foliar Fungicides, ipcm.wisc.edu

  • “Directed away from the stem of a plant; pertaining to the lower surface of a leaf. Non-living; of non-biological origin. abscission. Of plants: The shedding of leaves or”
    — Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology,

  • “Crown rust (caused by Puccinia coronata var avenae) and stem rust (caused by Puccinia graminis f.sp. avenae) are widespread and common on oat crops in the”
    — Rust diseases can cause large losses in oats |,

  • “Bright powdery orange spores, known as uredinia, are likely to catch a gardener's eye. These spores form in raised pustules on The bright orange uredinia can spread on the wind to infect more leaves within the plant or on nearby roses”
    — Yard and Garden News - University of Minnesota ExtensionYard, blog.lib.umn.edu

  • “Uredinia may also be found on upper leaf surfaces, though they are typically smaller and less abundant. Under prime conditions, uredinia mature 6-7 days after infection of healthy soybean”
    — Soybean Rust - Farmer Forums,

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