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  • Uredia form on the underside of these Ribes hosts and produce urediospores. Telia form in late summer where the uredia are located. The teliospores are not dispersed but germinate to form another spore type called a basidiospore. — “Information on Pine, White -- White Pine Blister Rust, An”, plant-disease.ippc.orst.edu
  • Thus, P. pachyrhizi usually reproduces a***ually through the uredia stage. Uredia form on the lower leaf epidermis, and erupt through the cells to release uredospores which are dispersed by wind. Uredospores can be released. — “Soybean Genomics and Improvement : People & Places”, ars.usda.gov
  • Rust pustules (uredia) appear as golden yellow pustules that have Monterey Pine as an alternate host. White rust, also known as white blister is cause by the fungus Albugo tragopogonis. Cinnamon brown spores appear on both surfaces (uredia) of lower leaves and sometimes on stems late in the season. — “Rust”, pdc.unl.edu
  • The hyphae in the wheat plant will produce reproductive structures called uredia. In the fall the uredia will change and produce black spores instead of the orange urediniospores. — “What we (”,
  • Uredia, urediospores (the repeating stage of the fungus), telia, and teliospores are found on asters (Aster spp. Uredia and telia are produced on leaves of Ribes (currants and gooseberries). — “Lab4_07.doc”, www2.umaine.edu
  • Yellowish pustules of uredia and urediniospores of Hemileia vastatrix on the abaxial Yellowish pustules of uredia and urediniospores of Hemileia vastatrix on the abaxial. — “Hemileia vastatrix on the abaxial surface of coffee leaves”,
  • Figure 3: Uredia (spore masses) of poplar rust on the lower surface of an eastern Figure 4: Poplar rust uredia (containing urediospores) on underside of eastern cottonwood. — “Crops | Diseases | Poplar Rust | Agri Industry Development”, gov.mb.ca
  • The uredia soon burst through the epidermis to release a dusty mass containing many thousands of microscopic, orange-yellow summer spores (urediospores) The number and size of the crown rust uredia vary greatly, depending on the susceptibility of the oat variety and the severity of infection. — “IPM : Reports on Plant Diseases : Crown Rust of Oats”, ipm.illinois.edu
  • Uredia are usually produced close to the veins, and the rust-like appearance is given by Uredia are more abundant on the underside of the leaf but they can also be found on. — “Bayer CropScience Canada - Pest Library - Diseases - Asian”, bayercropscience.ca
  • Uredia definition, uredinium. See more. — “Uredia | Define Uredia at ”,
  • The fungus forms infective spores within brownish pustules (uredia) on all above ground parts of the plant. The pustules (uredia) and the lesions (telia) are destructive. Infected seedlings may be killed outright. Maturing plants have reduced vigor, reduced photosynthetic surfaces, reduced root. — “Puccinia chondrillina”, co.stevens.wa.us
  • How Pathogen Survives/Disperses: Spores from uredia are carried by wind or splashing to healthy leaves. New rust lesions form within 7 to 10 days, and further uredia are produced, completing the cycle. — “ and Greenhouse Product News (GPN) magazine”,
  • Definition of uredia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of uredia. Pronunciation of uredia. Translations of uredia. uredia synonyms, uredia antonyms. Information about uredia in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “uredia - definition of uredia by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • After infecting a cereal plant, the aecispores develop and form uredia under the plants epidermis, these produce the dikaryotic urediniospores. Where infection has occurred on the stem or leaf, elliptical blisters or pustules called uredia develop. — “stem rust: Definition from ”,
  • Moderately Resistant: small uredia are present and surrounded by either chlorotic or necrotic areas. Moderately Susceptible: medium sized uredia are present and possible surrounded by chlorotic areas. — “Scoring stripe rust”,
  • After infecting a cereal plant, the aecispores develop and form uredia under the plants epidermis, these produce the dikaryotic urediniospores. Where infection has occurred on the stem or leaf, elliptical blisters or pustules called uredia develop. — “Stem rust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Yellowish uredia of Melampsora medusae on the underside of leaves of poplar. Yellowish uredia on leaf underside produced shortly before leaf drop in early October. — “poplar rust, Melampsora medusae (Uredinales: Melampsoraceae)”,
  • On the lower leaf surface, yellow to orange spore pustules (uredia) surrounded by dark rings occur. Yellow spores then develop in uredia on blueberry leaves and spread the disease among blueberries. — “Blueberry Facts”, blueberries.msu.edu
  • Four*** days after inoculation, dark reddish brown lesions with zero, one, or two uredia and extensive necrosis indicate a semicompatible interaction, and tan lesions with two or more uredia without extensive necrosis indicate a compatible interaction. — “Information on Soybean Rust, Laboratory for Soybean Disease”, soydiseases.illinois.edu
  • Title: Uredia - on leaf undersurface - close-up - magnified MPE65mm. Sonchus arvensis on underside live leaf. Summary: Hypophyllous uredia on leaves of Field Sow-thistle. — “Miyagia - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • USDA Forest Service - Forest Health Protection, Southern Region Uredia are produced on the lower surface of the oak leaf. Urediospores, from the uredia, are windblown and infect the same or other oak plants. Later, hairlike structures (telia) are produced on the oak leaves. — “Forest Health Protection, Southern Region”, fs.fed.us

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  • “Directed away from the stem of a plant; pertaining to the lower surface of a leaf. Non-living; of non-biological origin. abscission. Of plants: The shedding of leaves or”
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