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  • Definition of urbanism from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of urbanism. Pronunciation of urbanism. Definition of the word urbanism. Origin of the word urbanism. — “urbanism - Definition of urbanism at ”,
  • Facts and figures about Urbanism, taken from Freebase, the world's database. — “Urbanism facts - Freebase”,
  • urbanism n. The culture or way of life of city dwellers. Urbanization. Urbanism suggests an approach which comprehends the city as a whole and contains a theory which seeks to explain urban relations. — “urbanism: Definition from ”,
  • From classic ideas of city construction to suburban sprawl and urban renewal, these articles cover everything from landscape and new urbanism to forms not yet fully defined – click through to see the cities of our past, present and future. — “Urbanism : WebUrbanist”,
  • Urbanism Furniture offers furniture warehouse in Orange County California for all types of furniture requirement. — “Furniture Warehouse in Orange County California | Chic”,
  • Full text of the Charter of the New Urbanism, which outlines the principles of New Urbanism, written by the Congress for the New Urbanism. — “Charter of the New Urbanism - Principles of New Urbanism”,
  • As in the notion of modernity, urbanism refers to the form of social The central values in urbanism are those of individualism and impersonality and the major characteristics of social organization are a developed division of labor, high rates of geographic and social mobility and predominance of. — “urbanism”,
  • Broadly, urbanism is a focus on cities and urban areas, their geography, economies, politics, social characteristics, as well as the effects on, and caused by, the built environment. According to urbanists, this mingling of diverse people is vital to fostering tolerance. — “Urbanism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Congress for New Urbanism (CNU) advocates the "restructuring of public policy and development practices to support the restoration New Urbanism promotes for neighborhoods with open space for civic opportunities,. — “NEW URBANISM AND TRANSPORTATION_”, www4.uwm.edu
  • Advocates for the restructuring of public policy and development practices to support the restoration of existing urban centers and towns within coherent metropolitan regions. — “Congress for the New Urbanism”,
  • New urbanism is the revival of our lost art of place-making, and promotes the creation and restoration of compact, walkable, mixed-use cities, towns, and neighborhoods, while providing solutions to global warming and peak oil. — “New Urbanism”,
  • Seems like people can't get enough of the Landscape Urbanism vs New Urbanism debate with more people stepping in to give weight to either side. Two landscape management courses (Ecological Urbanism and Management Plans for Protected. — “Land Reader - News Information Landscape Architecture”,
  • is the hottest source for projects and writings on urban issues, design and culture. — “ " New Urbanism vs. Suburbanism urban news”,
  • Definition of urbanism in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of urbanism. Pronunciation of urbanism. Translations of urbanism. urbanism synonyms, urbanism antonyms. Information about urbanism in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “urbanism - definition of urbanism by the Free Online”,
  • Urbanism - Architect Patricia Mellilo - Office of architecture Patricia Mellilo, making of its project the accomplishment of a dream. architecture - Project - Construction - Paisagismo - Decoration - structural Masonry - Design. — “Urbanism”, .br
  • The P2P Foundation supports efforts towards Peer-to-Peer Urbanism and Commons-based Urbanism, (i.e. Komunal or common land approaches). We also particularly appreciate the P2P-Urbanism approach taken by Nikos Salingaros, Gruppo Salingaros and other bio-urbanist friends. Contents. 1 Key Resources. — “Category:Urbanism - P2P Foundation”, p2
  • urbanism (countable and uncountable; plural urbanisms) the study of cities, their geographic, economic, political, social and Retrieved from "http:///wiki/urbanism". — “urbanism - Wiktionary”,
  • Urbanism As a Process. As populations shift to cities, the concept of urbanism begins to In a recent book, author Jeb Brugmann explores what urbanism means as a trend and a process. — “Urbanism | Planetizen”,
  • Built to Last" won first place in The Congress for the New Urbanism CNU 17 video contest. New Urbanism vs. Suburbanism. As population and pollution problems continue to develop in our world, new solutions to existing. — “Urbanism - Zoki Videos”,
  • With Robert A.M. Stern I wrote a history of architecture and urbanism in the Progressive Era, New York 1900, Metropolitan Architecture and Urbanism 1890–1915 (Rizzoli, 1983) as well as an introduction to the history of suburbia before sprawl, The Anglo–American Suburb (St. Martin's Press, 1981). — “Veritas et Venustas: New Urbanism Archives”,
  • Urbanism summary with 8 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Urbanism Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Urbanism definition, the way of life of people who live in a large city. See more. — “Urbanism | Define Urbanism at ”,
  • A complete tour of every article published on Emergent Urbanism, in full hypertext experience. For a quick introduction aimed at an advanced audience, see the Urban Complexity in the Practice of Urbanism slideshow. — “Beginning Emergent Urbanism | Emergent Urbanism”,

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  • Transforming urban spaces Design + Planning employees in New York, United States, are exploring ways to transform underutilized and underdeveloped sites into productive urban landscapes, enhancing community interaction, economic growth and a healthy city environment. Watch the team's efforts to promote agricultural urbanism via an award-winning urban farm. Also, a partnership with New York Restoration Project (NYRP) and Yale University provided the opportunity to mentor students in design and production while exploring planning considerations for NYRP's Bronx Urban Farm. NYRP is a non-profit organization dedicated to reclaiming and restoring New York City parks, community gardens and open space. Since the organization's founding by Bette Midler in 1995, NYRP has achieved dramatic results by investing in the greening and beautification of underserved communities throughout New York City and educating thousands of residents about environmental issues. In partnership with the City of New York, NYRP is also leading MillionTreesNYC. For more information, visit
  • Architecture & Urban Design Graduation Project - NCFC - New Cairo Financial Center Graduation Project of - Mohammed Aymen Ahmed Gaber - [email protected]
  • MONU - magazine on urbanism #11 - Clean Urbanism Do we simply have to stop having *** to produce Clean Urbanism - ie an urbanism that is dedicated to minimizing both the required inputs of energy, water, and food for a city as well as its waste output of heat, air pollution as CO2, methan, and water pollution, Samo Pedersen asks in his piece Sci-fi greenery..or just Responsibility?. In fact Randall Teal sees the growing world population frequently ignored in discussions on sustainability, as he points out in his article Coming Clean: Owning Up to the Real Demands of a Sustainable Existence. Fewer people spend less energy, and as the gas and oil supply will come to an end sooner or later, saving energy may be a cheaper and smarter solution for cities than depending on renewable energies, as Gerd Hauser, one of the leading researcers on the implementation of the EU Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings, explains in an interview with us, entitled Domes over Manhatten. Although sustainability has recently become a cache misère for our lack of intent, a trendy make-up hiding our incompetence, with Clean Urbanism being its apotheosis as Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia (WAI) maintain in their contribution Rendering the Clean, energy self-sufficient cities are technically possible as Gerd Hauser states and explains using a five-point manifesto. Greg Keeffe and Simon Swietochowski support that view by introducing their Bio-Port project, a vision of a Free Energy City set in Liverpool, where the old dockyards have been ...
  • Geography Lesson: Urbanism & The Inner City A starter for a lesson on urban theory and city planning
  • Parametric Urbanism - Urban Reef - by Shampoo aaDRL Parametric Urbanism III New York, Hudson Yards Proposal Urban Reef_by shampoo.
  • Congress for the New Urbanism XVI Media Coverage More than 1500 experts in urban planning, development, transportation, sustainability and real estate gathered in Austin for the 16th Annual Congress for the New Urbanism.
  • Bat-Yam Landscape Urbanism Biennale The first international Bat-Yam landscape urbanism biennale was held in April, 2008 in Israel. During the biennale more than 20 "outdoor rooms", planned by artists, architects and landscape architects, were installed in the city's open spaces. Residents and guests were given access to alternative outdoor sites and activities. Check out more at www.biennale-. Biennale Initiator: Shlomo Lahiani, Mayor of Bat-Yam 2008 Curators: Sigal Barnir, Tamar Darel, Yael Moria 2008 Producer: Sigal Cohen Film Director and Photographer: Shachar Rozen
  • urban design after oil: Charles Waldheim on automobility Urban design after the age of oil is a symposium discussing the future of cities. We asked Charles waldheim of the University of Toronto for his opinions about the issue of automobiles
  • African Urbanism Speaker: Edgar Pieterse Chair: Philipp Rode This event was recorded on 26 January 2011 in U8, Tower One Africa is the fastest urbanising region in the world, and has become the focus of increasing attention from architects and planners, academics, development agencies and urban think-tanks. Professor Edgar Pieterse argues for a new way of thinking about African cities to accompany this surge of interest and to replace traditional views of African cities as sites of absence and neglect. Rapid urbanisation along with impressive economic growth rates for much of the Continent represents an interesting moment to take stock of how academic discourses capture and animate African urbanism. Edgar Pieterse is holder of the NRF South African Research Chair in Urban Policy. He directs the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. Philipp Rode is executive director of LSE Cities.
  • New Urbanism Segment from CBS Sunday Morning May 20 2007
  • CNU NOW: A Portrait of New Urbanism - Clip 1 This is a chapter from "CNU NOW: A portrait of New Urbanism" a 72 min documentary on the New Urbanism movement in Urban Design. For more information or to buy a DVD visit
  • MONU - magazine on urbanism #12 - Real Urbanism Just like the "Ideal Woman" on the cover of this issue on Real Urbanism - a sculpture by the Brooklyn based artist Tony Matelli - most of our cities are shaped by a particular set of values that does not necessarily lead to high quality urban spaces, but instead to scary, ethically unacceptable and distorted forms. As the "Ideal Woman", so "Ideal Cities" can easily end up only fulfilling the wishes and dreams of a powerful minority, but neglect the needs of most of the other people. Jason Lee, one of the contributors to this issue, that deals more with "Real Estate" Urbanism rather than with Actual or Factual Urbanism, uses this sculpture in his article "Luxury Space" to display the consequences that can occur when a financially powerful elite develops real estate projects in the city of Shanghai merely to accommodate their consumerist desires. Cities have been reduced to machines for making and spending money as Stephen Becker and Rob Holmes put it in their piece "The Shelter Category". Especially in Central European countries, where two decades ago the state-controlled economy changed into a market-economy, developers are driven by pure profit rather than by a genuine desire or even awareness of sustainable neighbourhoods and city development as Maximilian Mendel describes in his text "Residential Developers and Investors in Central Europe: Boom and Bust". But blaming only the financial elites and the real estate industry for the prevailing urbanism of mediocrity would ...
  • GRITtv: David Harvey: Rethinking Urban Life David Harvey discusses the ways we need to radically rethink urban living, energy consumption, and housing. GRITtv with Laura Flanders brings participatory democracy onto your computer screen and into your living room, bridging the gap between audience and advocates. Watch any show, at any time:
  • Parametric Urbanism - Ground Massing- by Shampoo aaDRL Parametric Urbanism III New York, Hudson Yards Proposal Urban Reef_by shampoo. Ground formation and deployment of Urban Massing.
  • Dj urbanism - anastasia love song for Anastasia Baranova ...
  • I am Gurgaon. The new Urban India (Marije Meerman, VPRO 2009 The shining facades of Gurgaon, a satellite city of New Delhi, are symbols of Indias unparalleled economic growth. Gurgaon was built at the turn of this century by the largest project developers in the world. A village 15 years ago, has now grown into a city of 1,4 million inhabitants, but with little or no infrastructure. How viable is this new type of city? Residents of the gated communities of this privatized society offer insights in their hope, desires, and in the new self-confidence of the Indian middle class. Gradually it becomes clear what the consequences of the credit crisis and the growing gap between rich and poor are for the city and the psyche of its inhabitants. Gurgaon: a Ponzi Scheme or the prototype for future mega cities as they will be found all over India within a few decennials?
  • Radical Urbanism, The Right to the City, concluding panel Peter Marcuse, Margit Mayer, Susan Fainstein, David Harvey, moderated by Neil Smith, as the concluding panel of all day Radical Urbanism conference December 12, 2008 at the City University of New York Grad Center offering insight about the pending fall of capitalism, the degeneracy of our culture and political institutions, how the people can retake power, particularly in cities.
  • Lecture Part 1 of 9 Part 1: Introduction; Background; Suburban sprawl patterns; the four major components; public realm/private realm
  • Charter of the New Urbanism - Preamble This movie illustrates the principles of New Urbanism, using only the words of the Charter, which was signed in Charleston in 1996. The Charter is the only document and set of principles agreed upon by New Urbanists: everything else done in the name of New Urbanism is a set of varying strategies and tactics to implement these unchanging principles. If you have a question as to what New Urbanism is or if a project truly is New Urbanist, look to the Charter first. The Charter is organized into a Preamble and a set of principles at three levels of urbanism. The Preamble states the problems we face and what we stand for. The three levels of urbanism are 1. The Region - Metropolis, City and Town ; 2. The Neighborhood, the District and the Corridor; and 3. The Block, the Street and the Building. Each of these have nine principles to guide development.
  • Flexible Urban Planning mixed used train-tracks/market place
  • Urban Weather and Climate - Now and the Future More than 50 percent of our population already live in cities. And by 2030, the equivalent of 15 cities the size of Phoenix will be created annually. Is the quadruple convergence of urbanism, population growth, climate change and coastal development a perfect storm? In this American Meteorological Society program, a panel of experts discuss the impact climate and cities have on one another. Find out what urban planners and climate scientists must do in order to combine their efforts to adapt to a changing urbanized world.
  • Landscape urbanism, new discipline? University of Michigan Taubman College Future of Design The table discusses the emergence of landscape urbanism and what it means to the discipline; who is teaching it and how it compares to landscape architecture, engineering, and other disciplines. Charles Waldheim, Harvard's landscape architecture chair, is referenced. Participants: Stan Allen, Princeton University School of Architecture Dean; Craig Borum, University of Michigan architecture faculty; Shane Coen, Coen + Partners principal; Caroline Constant, University of Michigan architecture faculty; Hilary Sample, MOS principal; Nate Johnson, University of Michigan architecture student
  • ETHiopia 3 Parallel urbanism, Matthew, Sebastian, Noboru
  • MONU - magazine on urbanism #10 - Holy Urbanism Can the view on cities get any bigger than through religion? Probably not. But we believe that a magazine on urbanism such as MONU, that appears only twice a year, can never have a too open perspective. Although the picture in this issue is big, and the contributions are diverse and have different focuses, one thing can be found that runs through almost this entire issue on Holy Urbanism. It is the convinction that Holy Urbanism in the contemporary city does not appear, and is not created any longer, merely by religion itself, but rather by a crossbreed of religion and economy. How such Holy Urbanism can be produced is explained by Daniel Hadley, for example, through the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City that quite clearly defies the dichotomy between market and temple cities, in his article A Mormon Megaproject. Thus, the City Creek Center is designed to be a centre of consumerism and economic production, whose purpose, nevertheless, is to ensure vitality in front of the nearby Temple Square. Sacred and commercial spaces seem increasingly to coalesce and create a kind of Foucaultian Heterotopia, an environment that is capable of juxtaposing in a single real place several spaces and several sites that are in themselves incompatible, as Colin Davies points out in his contribution The Sacred and the Holy: Transient Urban Spaces. Peter Dorsey in his piece Strata and Sound: The Adhan as an Urban Operating Procedure argues that contemporary Holy Urbanism is flourishing ...
  • CNU NOW: A Portrait of New Urbanism - Clip 2 Here is a second clip from my documentary "CNU NOW: A portrait of New Urbanism". For more info or to buy the dvd visit
  • Congress for the New Urbanism CNU XVI: New Urbanism and the Booming Metropolis April 3-6, 2008 in Austin, Texas New Urbanism takes hold in one of the nation's fastest growing cities. See how the principles of New Urbanism are finding their way into projects, public conversations and city policy. The annual Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is the leading venue for new urbanist networking, collaboration, and education. CNU members come from far and wide to discuss development practices and public policies, learn from recent innovative work, and advance new initiatives to transform our communities. Registration opens January 2008. For more information visit: The Congress for the New Urbanism is the leading organization applying the principles of city and town design to today's development challenges. Working with architects, planners, transportation engineers, CNU advances walkable, compact neighborhood development as an alternative to sprawl.
  • New Urban Cowboy: Toward a New Pedestrianism Trailer for inspiring documentary about New Urbanism focusing on the work of artist turned real estate developer Michael E. Arth and his vision of "New Pedestrianism." The odds against him -- a stranger in a new town -- Arth transformed a crime-infested run-down DeLand, Florida neighborhood into a model for his vision of a walkable new town. With commentary by author James Howard Kunstler. With subtitles in six languages for international release, 83 minutes. Shot and edited by Blake Wiers.
  • Lila Delman Real Estate presents Urban Sophistication For details visit us at URBAN SOPHISTICATION WITH PANORAMIC CITY VIEWS Against the exquisite backdrop of Narragansett Bay this luxurious south-facing residence on the 24th floor of the Westin, offers commanding, 180-degree, panoramic views of the downtown financial district, Burnside Park and Waterfire. To the historic east side you can see the world renowned, ivy-league, Brown University and RISD, while to the west, there are magnificent sunset views over downtown with the Newport bridge in the distance. OVERVIEW: Comprising of 2784 square feet, this exquisite 3 bedroom, 3 bath, luxurious retreat is as spacious as it is elegant. Boasting an open floor plan these rooms are filled with natural sunlight from an expanse of oversized windows and three European style balconies offer a unique platform for panoramic views of downtown and beyond. LIVING SPACES Meticulous craftsmanship and high quality finishes grace these extraordinary living spaces. The lighting system, specially designed by a theatrical lighting designer in collaboration with Boston artist Ross Miller set the mood for exquisite entertaining. Wired for Sonus sound, an internet system which provides access to radio stations from around the world or hook up your iPod to set the tone. The kitchen, a sleek modern delight, with all stainless appliances which include a wine refrigerator, Subzero appliances and a five burner Wolf stove. High ceilings, dark Wenge flooring, and Giallo oriental granite ...
  • Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature The Richard N. Campen Lecture in Architecture and Sculpture: Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature November 5, 2009 Speaker: Douglas Farr Sponsored by the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities Location: Ford Auditorium, Case Western Reserve University Campus, Cleveland Ohio
  • Built To Last Check out our new film series American Makeover at www.AmericanMakeover.tv. "Built to Last" won first place in The Congress for the New Urbanism CNU 17 video contest. This short film explores the connection between New Urbanism and environmental issues. Created by independent filmmaker John Paget () with First+Main Media (Drew Ward, Chris Elisara and John Paget). www.firstandmain.tv
  • NBBJ Planning Dimensions: Urban Edges, Episode 01 PLANNING DIMENSIONS is a new short-video series created by practitioners in the NBBJ Planning and Urban Design practice. Each segment will present opportunities to enter broader conversations within the firm or in public venues on human development around the world and across disciplines. Urban Edges is the debut video of the series. Beyond this episode, watch for video segments that look at related topics such as density, urban fabrics, infrastructures, public process, ecological landscapes, hybrid building types and more.
  • The Urban Roots of the Fiscal Crisis CASAR co-sponsored with The Masters in Urban Planning and Policy and Urban Design in the Department a lecture by David Harvey on May 29, 2009. David Harvey is a distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the City University of New York (CUNY). A leading social theorist whom Library Journal called "one of the most influential geographers of the later twentieth century," he earned his Ph.D. from Cambridge University, and was formerly professor of geography at Johns Hopkins, a Miliband Fellow at the London School of Economics, and Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at Oxford. His reflections on the importance of space and place (and more recently "nature") have attracted considerable attention across the humanities and social sciences. His highly influential books include: A Short History of Neoliberalism (2005); The New Imperialism (2003); Paris, Capital of Modernity (2003); Spaces of Capital: Towards a Critical Geography (2001); Spaces of Hope (2000); Limits to Capital (1999); Justice, Nature, and the Geography of Difference (1996); The Urbanization of Capital (1985); The Condition of Postmodernity (1989); and Social Justice and the City (1973). Among his numerous awards and honorary degrees, he was elected in 2007 to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In this lecture, he will address the following questions: How many fiscal disruptions over the last thirty years have been urban/property led? Why does this particular one take the form it does? In what ways ...
  • Jane Jacobs: Urban Wisdom Screener Purchase this product online from .au
  • Sustainable Urban Design on Toronto's Waterfront A video outlining new development plans for Toronto's Lower Don Lands. Designed to connect the surrounding neighborhoods of eastern and central Toronto, the Lower Don Lands will provide the city and the world with a new model of sustainable urban living for the 21st century. The project has been selected as one of 16 founding projects of the newly launched Climate + Development Program, a partnership between the Clinton Climate Initiative and the US Green Building Council. Follow www.waterfrontoronto.ca for more information about Toronto's waterfront revitalization.
  • Cross-Urban Creativity As the world moves toward a global urbanism and centers issues of sustainability and international collaboration, cities are not so much planned as replanned and reborn. Qingyun Ma, dean of the USC School of Architecture, will moderate a conversation with city planners and administrators from four landmark cities: Gail Goldberg from Los Angeles, Felipe Leal from Mexico City, Jiang Wu from Shanghai and Richard Cohen from London. They will discuss the present and future of urban planning in the flux of unpredictable, migrant forces and the shaping of iconic, livable cities. From the density of London to the sprawl of Los Angeles and the expanding megacities of Mexico City and Shanghai, the juxtapositions of cultural, political and spatial differences will demonstrate how creative agents can transform a city physically and socially. Moderated by Scott Lash Visions and Voices is a university-wide arts and humanities initiative unparalleled in higher education. The initiative was established by Provost CL Max Nikias in order to fulfill the goals set forth in USCs strategic plan; to communicate USCs core values to students; and to affirm the human spirit. Highlighting USCs excellence in the arts and humanities, the initiative provides a unique, inspiring and provocative experience for all USC students, regardless of discipline, and challenges them to become world-class citizens who will eagerly make a positive impact throughout the world.
  • New Urban Cowboy - documentary trailer Early trailer for "New Urban Cowboy: The Labors of Michael E. Arth" Take a trip into the wild frontier of real estate in this inspiring and educational documentary that answers the question "What can one person do about the world's problems?" This version of the trailer was a teaser released before final cut. The documentary was renamed "New Urban Cowboy: Toward a New Pedestrianism" before release in 2008. This feature-length documentary explores the work of artist-turned-urban planner Michael E. Arth. Shot and edited by Blake Wiers.
  • New Urbanism vs. Suburbanism As population and pollution problems continue to develop in our world, new solutions to existing obstacles must be cultivated. Instead of expanding roads and building more bridges for more cars to congest, we must move to a different standpoint. New Urbanism sets out to make cars a source of secondary or even tertiary transportation in an interactive setting where people can prosper together healthily and ecologically. Getting to work in today's world involves high levels of stress, and poor use of time, not to mention the virtually eliminated element of social interaction. In a New Urbanistic environment, all amenities are within about 10 minutes of walking distance from either home or work. Roads are hidden behind properties in slow speed alleys, promoting walking, bicycling and other sustainable methods of transportation. In such an environment where social interaction is encouraged and sustainable lifestyles are both implemented and encouraged, a healthy culture can emerge and prosper. New Urbanism, in a small area, brings together people of all age, income, culture, and race, setting a standard of equality among all humans, regardless of background. It is imperative that new ideas such and New Urbanism are explored and provided for people to assess for themselves. In this manner we can move forward as a whole society, leaving no one behind.
  • MIA (Ch.15) New Urbanism (Ep.4) Smart Growth Part Three (4min) The third problem with suburban sprawl is loss of green space for wildlife and for growing food. Albertans discuss taking action to support our local food production. About Chapter 15: New Urbanism Albertas cities are booming, thanks to our strong economy, but wasteful, sprawling growth is not good human habitat. Some Albertans are planning or redesigning sustainable communities. How are they doing this, and what are the results so far? AboutMade-in-Alberta (MIA) Series Energy, water and climate, these are hot topics for the 21st Century. With conventional fuel reserves running out, water tables running low, and global temperatures running high, 96 percent of Albertans now want new energy solutions. Since 2004, Barb Allard and her Made-in-Alberta team have been finding these solutions and bringing them to community television and the world-wide-web. For more information about Made-in-Alberta, visit madeinalberta.ca Locations Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Links: www.sierraclub.ca www.city- http www.theurbanfarmer.ca http fava.ca http Length: (4 min) Date Produced: February 2009 Production Company: RBCC Is Edmonton Growing Smart produced in partnership with: Sierra Club of Canada, Prairie Chapter Made-in-Alberta Chapter Eating Local produced in partnership with: City Farm Edmonton Edmonton Community Garden Network The Urban Farmer Production services donated by: Kelly Reinhardt Clinton Carew Shaw TV, Capital Region Broadcaster: Shaw TV, Capital Region Aired/Screened ...
  • Reinventing Urbanism in a Time of Economic Crisis CED 50th Anniversary - Visualizing the Future of Environmental Design: Reinventing Urbanism in a Time of Economic Crisis Manuel Castells, University Professor and Wallis Annenberg Chair in Communications & Society, University of Southern California www.ced.berkeley.edu
  • Urban Farming Grows Up Discovery-: Discovery's Matt Danzico investigates vertical farming, an agricultural concept aimed at growing food and raising animals in skyscrapers in city centers. Check out more science news stories at www.discovery-

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