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  • Marking the Zone Policies as Tuned or Untuned. The tuned state of the zone policies relates to the threshold Uncheck the Zone is tuned check box to mark the zone policies as untuned. — “Cisco Anomaly Guard Module Web-Based Manager Configuration”,
  • "What is the 'static noise' on Radio or TV when it is untuned?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more on Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers. — “What is the 'static noise' on Radio or TV when it is untuned”,
  • Im homeschooling and for my music i need answer really quickly. Are the following instrument tuned or untuned: Balafon Steel drum Sansa Tabla Kundu Anklung By the way untuned and tuned do NOT mean that u can tune them!. — “Tuned or untuned? Im homeschooling and for my music i need”,
  • UNTUNED BELL, A K Dolven's installation is about to be removed from The bell was removed for being out of tune, but A K Dolven brought it back to Oslo as the central element of her work Untuned Bell made for the Tullinløkka city square. When the audience steps on a pedal it chimes again. — “One last strike? cry baby - Koro.no”, koro.no
  • Honest John Plain Untuned music LP album in stock at CD Universe, enjoy top rated service and worldwide shipping. — “Honest John Plain Untuned LP”,
  • [email protected] Mrcho SRT4 big turbo untuned @ 24psi test run on a 1/4mile with a lot of problems, ignition & fuel cut being one of them at 4800rpm in 4th gear, finished the run on its own power explaining the low trap & bad times. VS 12sec Ford. — “Mrcho SRT4 big turbo 1/4 mile run - ”,
  • architecture is that the radios become untuned and it is no longer ratio of the achievable throughput of the untuned network to the. achievable throughput of a tuned network is. — “infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/Publications/2005/PRESENTATIONS/”, infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu
  • An encounter in WoW, untuned by the Blizzard developers, and is too hard for even the most *** raiders to defeat. Alludes to the AQ40 encounte. — “Urban Dictionary: untuned”,
  • Percussion instruments are classified as tuned or untuned. Untuned instruments produce a sound with an indefinite pitch, like the sound of a hand knocking on a door. — “DSO Kids | Meet the Percussion Family of Instruments”,
  • Thompson, Diana - Winfield, Shirley - DR. KNICKERBOCKER (WAYS WITH UNTUNED INSTRUMENTS FOR 5-11 YEARS OLDS) - Orff Instruments - Sheet music. — “: DR. KNICKERBOCKER (WAYS WITH UNTUNED”,
  • Encyclopedia article about untuned. Information about untuned in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “untuned definition of untuned in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • is comming soon. Please check back in a few months. — “”,
  • Myspace profile for The Untuned. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “The Untuned on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Tonehammer is owned by academy award winning composer, Troels Folmann and TEC award winning sound designer, Mike Peaslee. We create world class quality musical instrument and sound sample libraries for professional use by composers for music for Percussion (untuned). — “”,
  • untuned ( ¦ən′tünd ) ( electricity ) Not resonant at any of the frequencies being handled. — “untuned: Definition from ”,
  • Untuned Percussion. Slit Drums. From $90. Ocean Drum $200. Washboard $140. Percussion 2. See Ipu $95. Tuned Percussion. Untuned Percussion. Strings. Blown. Workshops. — “percussion drums xylophone mbira slit drum agogo washboard”, .au
  • Visit related products for untuned, including CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVDs, Books and other untuned-related products when you use the quick search function at . — “untuned Related Products at ”,
  • Buy ATV, Transmitters items on eBay. Find great deals on Antennas, Transceivers items and get what you want now! ATV-6XL VHF Untuned Antenna for VX-160 VX-180 VX-150. — “ATV items - Get great deals on Transmitters, Antennas items”,
  • what's the difference between tuned and untuned trumps (jew's harps) The easy answer is that an untuned instrument is one that has a fundamental pitch that is not a specific key of the western scale. — “Tuned vs. Untuned”,
  • Listen to free music played by Untuned. Search for free music to stream. Create your own free internet radio station. — “Free Music | Listen to Music Online | Untuned - Blip.fm”, blip.fm
  • Watch Untuned videos from all over the internet. — “Untuned - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • MySpace Music profile for The Untuned. Download The Untuned Rock / Classic Rock / Metal music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read The Untuned's blog. — “The Untuned on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • untuned (comparative more untuned, superlative most untuned) The state of not having been Of or related to a musical instrument that doesn't produce specific pitches, e.g. many drums and cymbals. — “untuned - Wiktionary”,
  • Tinnitus -Tinnitus: My tinnitus details are: in my left ear the sound is worst - the only way I can describe the tinnitus noise is like an untuned radio in that it is buzzing. — “Tinnitus: The tinnitus noise is like an untuned radio in that”, t-
  • In this website there will be regular updates, a forum will be added on as soon as possible. You can chat to your mates, here news about Halo, Halo2, and Halo3 and see if you want to go on it, just look on the news page and go to the paragraph that says guess wat. Untuned© Create a Free Website. — “Halo Untuned -- the good stuff in life”,

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  • ms4 and pacesetters untuned first fire-up ms4 and ls6 heads
  • Escudo Dirt Trial car untuned GT4 PAL pcsx2 CPU:Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 @3.35GHz Motherboard:Asus P5KPL-AM SE GPU Foxconn :Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 320 ON/OC @625/1300/950 core/ shader/mem RAM: OCZ Reaper 4GB DDR² 1066 [email protected]
  • Untuned Guitar Solo #1 A free improvisation on a guitar I call my "industrial guitar". I found this guitar in a trash dumpster (it was on top - I wasn't looking) with no strings and no pickups or other hardware. I added all of these things and painted it, but it was never "playable" in a traditional way. It's a rough guitar, so I play it in a rough manner. In the past I have used a file, magnets, and other abrasive items on it. In this case I'm simply playing it with my fingers. The strings are loose and untuned.
  • C5 Z06 with Katech 427 Idle Untuned Just a sample teaser on my latest setup. After I blew my motor I basically went all out with a new setup. My Blackberry's mic couldn't take the sound. Hearing and feeling this in person is unreal, everything was shaking around it. Katech 427 LS2 Stroker Value Short-block High Compression AFR 245 Heads FAST 102 Nick Williams 102 TB Ed Curtis Custom Cam Kooks 1 7/8" Headers, 3" Off-Road X-Pipe B&B Bullets Vararam VR-2B 42 lb. Injectors Plus a few other things. Car has a couple changes to it including a new CAI now. She's basically at 600 RWHP now, just waiting to take some more video of the action.
  • ae86 f20c untuned 2nd pull at motor mayhem My 86 2nd dyno pull motor mayhem.
  • mark's ls2 swapped 350z untuned Marks ls2 swapped 350z one of the passes down the track untuned Like us at:
  • Mx3 turbo klze untuned Ok.. so here it is finally.. im running lean so theres no way im runing the car until I get a pump. The mess you see.. yes it will be cleaned up
  • 283whp Turbo MKV Rabbit untuned 2.5 5cyl Untuned 2.5 5cyl rabbit turbo username audi4u dyno
  • 1/2 bridgeport 6port 13b untuned fresh rebuild first drive First drive on street with new BP motor-untuned, just a little putt around the house, RB header presilencer combo with Corksport catback haltech e6x
  • VQ35 swapped 4th gen maxima untuned HUGE TURBO!! NAAA no turbo lol...My 1996 Nissan Maxima mods, 3.5 swap,10lb fidanza flywheel,act clutch,headers back to blown out muffler lol,intake...frankenstein 3.0 timing gears and covers, 3.0 upper oil pan,5-speed MT, soon to be tuned put down 228hp Also message me if interested in having your maxima or 240sx swapped in the new england area. [email protected]
  • MS4 cam untuned
  • Custom Escalade Idle & Rev. Untuned w/ cam & supercharger **SOLD** 2002 Cadillac Escalade with a rebuilt 6.0L and Magnacharger supercharger, untuned, TOG long tube headers, blower cam, everything ported and polished, 2800 stall, shift kit, etc
  • Gran Turismo 5: Bugatti Veyron Comparison Tuned/Untuned Hey guys, just thought about doing this! Oh yea check out ApproachingNirvana for providing this music! Thanks Music by Approaching Nirvana: Song: First Flight Get the song on iTunes: bit.ly Amazon: bit.ly ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Subscribe To My Vlogging Channel: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Subscribe My Other Channels: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Selling GUN1T123 T-Shirts: gun1t123 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me On Twitter: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch My Gaming Set Up Watch My World's Fastest Nuke (30 Seconds) - Entertainment Purpose Only Watch My World's Fastest Nuke Without Chopper Gunner/ AC130 Watch My First Ever 8 in 1 Semtex Watch My 8 Man Harriers Watch My 96-5 Spaz Only Watch ...
  • Silverado 4.8 217/219 cam first start (untuned) First start with new cam. 217/219 .533/.533 114 on Supercharged 4.8 Joe Gibbs Silverado. Also has Long tube headers, ORY, and Corsa sport catback.
  • 2002 Forged 3.8l Mustang - UNTUNED First video of my freshly built forged 3.8l engine for my 2002 mustang. Car is on a temp tune from VMP Tuning for the break in period. Specs: .030" Overbored 01' Block (fully machined) 95 SC Crankshaft (forged) Eagle H-beam Rods JE Pistons Comp Camshaft Harland Sharp Roller Rockers Springs custom pushrods Gasket Matched Heads IMRC delete Lower Intake 60lb injectors Vortech V1 S-trim 2.8" pulley Built by Lamotta Performance in Longwood, FL Tune will be by: VMP Tuning.
  • LS swap El Camino Untuned Sound clip with new 3" exhaust, x-pipe + dynomax bullets dumped
  • JCrim's K20A Type R Fit Dyno (untuned) Best untuned = 213.47WHP 164.11 TQ Local dyno day so I wanted to see my numbers before I take it to Tony Palo at T1. Not too bad. I use the stock ITR Kpro Tune for now so she doesn't blow up. Thanks for viewing! Current mod list below. I drive a 2008 Honda Fit Sport. ^_^ -JDM K20A...
  • Corvette C6 Z06 Bandimere [email protected] 125shot untuned. Spraying in 2nd-4th only. untuned
  • Trans Am WS6 Head/Cam Idle (Untuned) 2000 WS6 Untuned Idle 243 Heads Custom Grind FAST 92/92 3600 FTI Stall Full Exhaust 3.5" cutout Katech Rod Bolts Flycut Stock Pistons 36lb injectors Nitrous Coming Soon...
  • First Drive Turbo s13 240sx chevy v8 , 6lbs of boost untuned First drive, untuned. running gt3582r, ms2 3.0 megasquirt
  • 2001 Heads/Cam LS1 Camaro Idle Clip (untuned) Untuned Idle clip of H/C Camaro. Just ask if you have and questions. 2001 Camaro Patrick G custom grind cam (230/234 111+4) Lightly worked 243 heads pac valve springs trickflow push rods LS6 valley cover pacesetter long tubes 3" true duals 25% underdrive pulley ls7 lifters I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff
  • Cammed C6 Z06 - Untuned Untuned 2007 C6 Z06 - LT Headers, Catted X-Pipe, Muffler Mod, Halltech CF112
  • 2010 Camaro SS, cam , heads, headers, untuned, uncapped headers This is a customers 2010 Camaro SS with 1500 miles on the speedo, this is the first start up after we installed the LT headers, ms-4 cam, Fast intake, springs, pushrods, and ported heads. It is untuned in the video and i am having a had time with the clutch!!LOL We are gteeing ready to install a full 3" SLP loudmouth.
  • untuned and unmuffled idle, 240Z 3.1 stroker Quick demo of the new race headers (Stahl), at no point does the engine rev above 3k rpm (despite how it sounds at 1:25). Other coincident upgrades include titanium valve spring retainers, single valve springs (outer springs only) that the cam was profiled for, and a crank/damper/flywheel balance for 10000 rpm. And yes, that's coolant on the ground during the idle portion. Evidently I didn't tighten one of the thermocouple housings all the way. Oops. Between moving and other logistical challenges, I barely had the time to get the new race motor installed and minimally operational before sticking it back in the trailer for 4-6 weeks of storage.
  • 2004 Mustang with CMS Stage II cams, untuned. Just installed my cams. Cams are CMS Stage II's with Trick Flow springs, stock heads. Cams are .562 intake and .576 exhaust. Car is untuned when the video was taken. THIS IS A OLD VIDEO, Car does not have the Cobra badges or SVT badge on it anymore so i dont need to hear any comments about it.
  • Ls1 S10 untuned road test Cammed ls1 5.3 ls6 intake, fuel rail, injector sanderson headers warlock muffler 2½ dual comp cam timming chain double roller ls6 spring valve air suspension and more
  • 2006 C6 Z06 - Cold Start (Untuned) American Racing 1 7/8" headers, Off-road X-pipe, Corsa Quad Tips, Jeremy Formato Stage 2 Ported Intake Manifold and Throttle Body, Killer Bee Intake, 160 Degree T-Stat, WCCH Milled/Ported/Polished Heads, Black Widow Cam, ARP head studs
  • Chainsaw bike (untuned test run)2 This engine is not tuned whatsoever . . . Tuned video coming soon
  • Cynthia Zaven - Untuned Piano Concerto with Delhi Traffic Orchestra Excerpts from piano improvisations on the back of a truck driving in New Delhi. What started as a performance was shown later as a video and sound installation called the Untuned Piano Concerto with Delhi Traffic Orchestra (Nov. 2006, Khoj, Delhi) One day before my performance, a young Lebanese minister was killed in Beirut; it was part of the long parade of political assassinations that had started with PM Hariri in Feb 2005. I decided not to tune the piano. It suited perfectly with the chaos of the city I was in (Delhi) and the city I was from (Beirut). A different chaos, but one nevertheless. I had taken the piano out of its normal 'habitat' therefore de-contextualizing an ordinary setting, and was using it to interact with a city that was not mine in a language I knew best. We drove around the busy roads of Delhi with me sitting in the back improvising on the piano, challenging the instrument to connect with the urban environment, almost like trying to fit in a place I did'nt belong to. Some drivers would beep back, some would just stare in awe thinking it was a movie that was being shot. Feeling the instrument turn into a purely sonic interface to communicate with cars, rikshaws and trucks was both an intense and painful experiment... and after 2 hours on tortuous roads, the piano eventually gave up. sound recording and camera: michael northam crew: hemant sreekumar - manoj VP - ramesh bisht - arun chhetri - rohini devasher
  • Formula Doofus - Mercedes E320 Turbo 8psi Takeoff, untuned yeah AFR sucks balls and misfire into 2nd.
  • 06 sti 1/4 mile cobb stg2 untuned ATL dragway, haveing trouble with my launches, but this is my best run of the night.
  • Civic with B20 Untuned Cousins Civic with B20 swap. Untuned so not running full potential.
  • Armored Warfare Game - Havok Physics #2 (Untuned Vehicles) Armored Warfare - Developer's Work in progress. Untuned Havok vehicles, basically 'out of the box'. Scene contains 64 Havok vehicles, on a 500000+ triangle heightfield, with 100s of random objects created. Build your own robots and compete in team based or deathmatch 64-player online combat. Written from scratch by me in C++, artwork was contracted out. Currently looking for a publisher for this one. It's about 4 months old at this point, again, written from near scratch in C++, using several 3rd party libraries.. Engine - DirectX9 Based, Dynamic time of day, 64 players per game server, entire online backend including stat tracking, etc...for more information about the game engine please contact me. Terrain - Normal mapping, ambient occlusion maps, lightmaps, dynamic shadows, etc. Robots - Normal mapping, reflections, complex lighting, full skinned animation, etc. Physics - Havok Physics GPU - instancing/rendering of trees and particles [ up to 1 million per scene ] etc. Please see my developers journal on www.radioactive- for more information! The game's homepage is http
  • 2g GST Untuned EVOIII 16g Built 7bolt DSM eclipse running around the block: -Untuned -Full dejon Kit -Dejon Street FMIC -EvoIII BIG 16g turbo @15psi -Rebuilt 7bolt with OEM internals -stock head w/ HKS 272's -3in. GM MAF/MAFT -all other supporting mod on my site! --Check out my youtube site! ***THIS VIDEO IS COMPUTER GENERATED!!
  • Piano cover: Wintersun - Time (melody) [Untuned] A short piano version by me of Wintersun's song Time played with old eerie sounding out-of-tune piano. It has 3 different variations. The original song's outro part is similar but pretty impossible to play with 2 hands. It's at 8:41 of the song. I noticed that the melody goes slightly differently in the beginning but yeah hope you still like it. Original: (live)
  • Untuned Heads/Cam LS6 WS6 Clip of my untuned WS6 with new setup. Torquer V2 cam, hand ported 243s, arp head bolts, patriot dual .650s, stock sodium filled ls6 valves, ls2 timing chain, ported ls6 oil pump, ls7 lifters, ported my ls6 intake, 1 3/4 coated pacesetters, TSP True Duals, had the block honed and cleaned up, arp rod bolts, ls6 rods and pistons, clevite main bearings, and total seal rings.
  • untuned Built D16A1/ZC, H4 Crespo Cam, 88 Integra, d16 Crower I-beams, Y8/Z6 76mm high comp JE pistons, milled head, .030 cometic head gasket, port matched polished head, high-lift springs, H4 Crespo Cams(still adjusting for idle), pulleys, flywheel, stg3 clutch, msd blaster coil, stock injectors, pump, throttle body, intake, valves, and a gay valve cover.
  • M109R 118HP Dyno Run Untuned 5" Supertrapp with Custom Headers Dual Hyperchargers/Custom Mounting adapters. 130HP after tuning
  • Freediving | The Lesson of the Untuned Flopper | Spearfishing Gulf of Mexico Every spearfishing freedive is a learning lesson for the next dive. In this video I shoot a brand new Hatch Amero 95cm inshore "bay" gun in a blue water situation. I wanted to put this little gun to the test. The gun performed above expectations with great penetration and laser like accuracy on each shot. What I learned in the process was.. NEVER ever shoot a shaft with an untuned flopper. Rookie mistake, I knew better.. Filmed in HD with gopro hero and pursuit flat lens with red filter
  • nastiest galant ever...UNTUNED first startup 2.4 fully built bottom end hyundai built dohc head jmf fab intake manifold ebay headers lol precision 6262sp tial 44mm wastegate wiseco 8:8:1 pistons eagle i beam rods acl race bearings all around arp rod and head studs 90mm tb obx adj cam gears EVO 8 greddy kevlar timing belt rfl bov knockoff custom 3 1/2 inch downpipe and screamer pipe heat wrapped clutchmasters stage 4 clutch with fidanza 8lb flywheel ngk -7 sparkplugs all running on megasquirt ecu untuned

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  • “I get my skis serviced once at the start of a season, and that it. On my last post I asked for advice about skiing ice, and now I think I should try sharpening them”
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  • “How long can a harp be left untuned? Forum Amateur Harpists: How long can a harp be left untuned? Back to Amateur Harpists. You may request a harp be left untuned? Posted by Qian Ying Ong on 11/10/05 12:00 AM”
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  • “the untuned b40s are also good. just not as smooth. June 6 2010 at 10:08 PM. Response to Re: if you have the money”
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  • “Table Tennis Videos, Table Tennis Equipments, Table Tennis Training, Table Tennis Tournaments This sheet comes untuned by the factory so it does not even come in a vacuum package”
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  • “Piano Forums at Piano World.The Piano Forums are an online community of piano lovers including piano industry professionals, concert artists, recording artists, technicians, dealers, manufacturers, and thousands of enthusiastic amateur pianist”
    Untuned for 28 years... - Piano World Piano & Digital Piano,

  • “TMSHelp General Forum. Treats and the untuned TMS radio. New Topic Another aspect to bear in mind, was that I started to view the headaches as an untuned radio”
    — TMSHelp Forum - Treats and the untuned TMS radio,

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