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  • unsettlingly (comparative more unsettlingly, superlative most unsettlingly) This page was last modified on 12 March 2009, at 16:33. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “unsettlingly - Wiktionary”,
  • A Japanese hotel recently unveiled an exclusive, unsettlingly comprehensive package designed to give newlyweds everything their hearts and wallets could desire. Price tag: a cool $1 million. — “The $1 million wedding (kimono included) - World news - Weird”,
  • Onion: "Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology" has a piece titled Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology. — “Onion: "Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly”,
  • Comic. Unsettlingly strong tea. September 16th, 2010 - 280312 Comments;http%3A%2F%2%2Findex.php%2F2010%2F09%2F16%2Funsettlingly-strong-tea%2FUnsettlingly+strong+tea2010-09-16+22%3A14%3A36J.J.http%3A%2F%2%2F%3Fp%3D2803. — “Unsettlingly strong tea " Filibuster Cartoons " Archive”,
  • Oh, I love The Onion. Oh so funny and yet oh so directly on target. So funny it hurts. In reference to the Great Buzz Privacy Boondoggle, this is what they have to say: Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology. — “Friday Fun: Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With”,
  • Video game news Death Row–An Unsettlingly Immersive Experience. On February 11th, 2009 in Casual, Free, Offbeat, Online, PC, Puzzle, Simulation, Strategy 0. You never really expect a casual game to mean much of anything. — “Death Row–An Unsettlingly Immersive Experience”,
  • Synopsis: Often described as a French New Wave film made in Hollywood, Arthur Penn's 1965 art movie enters the unsettlingly paranoid world of a nightclub comic Penn's 1965 art movie enters the unsettlingly paranoid world of a nightclub comic on. — “Mickey One Movie Reviews, Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes”,
  • In the realm of video game art, we've seen some pretty awesome and even mind blowing stuff. Artists in this genre have knack for Street Fighter 4 artwork by Cazetta looks realistic and unsettlingly detailed. In the realm of video game art, we've seen some pretty awesome and even mind blowing stuff. — “Street Fighter 4 artwork by Cazetta looks realistic and”,
  • "Whether you're Michael Paulson who lives at 3425 Longview Terrace and makes $86,400 a year, or Jessica Goldblatt from Lynnwood, WA, who already has well-est Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology. — “Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly”,
  • Told in alternating voices, "Twins" is the heartfelt and unsettlingly honest story of identical twin sisters trying to make it to 18. — “Twins by Marcy Dermansky - Powell's Books”,
  • I've interviewed Strictly Come Dancing's Pamela Stephenson twice, and both times found her unsettlingly earnest, even dour, says Michael Deacon. — “I didn't dare crack a joke with Strictly Come Dancing's”,
  • Ah, Japan: a fantastic wonderland of colorful snack foods, unsettlingly pretty male pop stars, and schoolgirl pantie vending machines. Ah, Japan: a fantastic wonderland of colorful snack foods, unsettlingly pretty male pop stars, and schoolgirl pantie vending machines. — “Japanese fashion and style - by Melissa Cardell - Helium”,
  • Mickey One Movie - Starring Warren Beatty, Hurd Hatfield, Alexandra Stewart, Teddy Hart, Jeff Corey - Director(s) Arthur Penn - Often described as a French New Wave film made in Hollywood, Arthur Penn's 1965 art movie enters the unsettlingly. — “Mickey One | ”,
  • Unsettlingly Grapey. 01:20 - 4 years ago. Forgive the faltering halfway through. I was influenced by goblins. This song (about 45 seconds in) seems dangerous on some level, though I'm not sure how. I've played it most often when experiencing. — “Unsettlingly Grapey”,
  • As a *** pop star, she was sweet and unsettlingly cute. Now Moore's all grown up and playing rock and roll. — “Mandy Moore: Women : Details”,
  • Product information for Ange Ou Démon Le Secret 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray. Unsettlingly confidential at Christmas and Birthdays, the place to buy gifts fragrances. — “Ange Ou Démon Le Secret 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray”,
  • Hey Ladies and Gents, purchase little Jimmy an ice cold Nuka-Cola! It's twelve ounces of liquid refreshment, tastes great, and scientifically proven to. — “Fallout 3′s "Unsettlingly Tasty" Nuka-Cola: Video Review”,
  • Unsettlingly Real-Looking Felted Bacon Scarf with free shipping Unsettlingly Real-Looking Felted Bacon Scarf with free shipping. From chrischunski. This is a fun felted bacon scarf. The loose red, pink, and white merino wool has been welt felted with warm, soapy water and agitated to hold its. — “Unsettlingly RealLooking Felted Bacon Scarf with by chrischunski”,
  • This review contains spoilers. One of the many beauties of AMC’s “Mad Men’’ has been its loud silences. With season 4, the removed reality of Mad Men' grows unsettlingly familiar. — “With season 4, the removed reality of Mad Men' grows”,
  • Definition of unsettlingly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unsettlingly. Pronunciation of unsettlingly. Translations of unsettlingly. unsettlingly synonyms, unsettlingly antonyms. Information about unsettlingly in the free online English. — “unsettlingly - definition of unsettlingly by the Free Online”,
  • The FPS Customization Community Skins > Team Fortress 2 > Hats > Unsettlingly thin glue-on moustache. DSM. You do not have permission to access this, sorry. You do not have permission to access this, sorry. You do not have permission to access this, sorry. You do not have permission to. — “FPSBANANA > Skins > Team Fortress 2 > Hats > Unsettlingly”,
  • Posts tagged Everyday kids with unsettlingly posh speaking voices 1987, Blue screens, Childhood fantasies made real, Everyday kids with unsettlingly posh speaking voices, Furry freaks, Hugo Myatt, Objectionable tykes, Sights and sounds from happier times. — “Everyday kids with unsettlingly posh speaking voices”,
  • (April 30) -- It\'s no joke: Clowns freak out a lot of people. So it comes as no surprise that a Los Angeles man is capitalizing on that fear as a way to show off the murder sites and crime scenes in the City of Angels, where he explains grisly criminal details in an unsettlingly cheerful manner. — “Crimebo the Crime-Loving Clown Shows Off L.A.'s Top Murder Spots”,
  • Definition of unsettlingly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unsettlingly? Meaning of unsettlingly as a legal term. What does unsettlingly mean in law?. — “unsettlingly legal definition of unsettlingly. unsettlingly”, legal-

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  • Thunderf00t at Ground Zero Here we go again. More appeals to subconscious fear and not-so-subconscious anger in the name of science. Dear me, how sad. Are you implying that we ought to bar Muslims from certain parts of the non-Muslim world? How will this work out, and how will we be able to identify Muslims? Makes you shiver, doesn't it? In short, we all get your point. It's just the "Where are you going with this?" that remains unsettlingly obscure. In most of the Islamic world, the House of Saud (and all that comes with it; ie Wahhabism) is seen as a Western straitjacket placed on a large swath of the Middle East's oilfields; nothing more. This is a video response to Thunderf00t's
  • Shadows of Fear: The Complete Series Fear can visit us in many forms - perhaps most disturbingly when it stalks us in familiar or cherished surroundings; a suburban house, an idyllic country retreat, or a sunlit Mediterranean holiday villa. Equally, it can haunt us in the shape of a menacing stranger, or gather in the shadows of our own imagination. This volume collects eleven plays in which every character has one thing in common: each has someone, or something, to fear. Shadows of Fear is a suspense anthology with a chilling Hitch***ian touch, featuring some of Britain's most renowned stage and TV performers, including Sheila Han***, Ronald Hines, Victor Maddern, Edward Fox, Annette Crosbie, Gemma Jones and George Cole. The unsettlingly creepy scripts are provided by Public Eye creator Roger Marshall and award-winning writers Richard Harris, Jeremy Paul and Hugh Leonard, among others.
  • Hercules DJ Control RMX: DJ Controller, Mixer, And Sound Card All In One The Hercules DJ Control RMX is almost like a swiss army knife for DJs, except since there are a lot of dangerous DJs out there, Hercules was wise to ensure that "knife" was not one of its functions. Otherwise, Bill Holland would probably steal my lunch money every day while simultaneously taunting me with mad beats. It's a DJ Controller, a mixer, a sound card, and a handy companion to the included Virtual DJ software. As displayed in the video, this unit does not mess around -- it does what it says it's going to do. If you were expecting to see the DJ Control RMX messing around, you've come to the wrong place. Stay tuned for the next Hercules video where Bill Holland finds the killswitch on the DJ Control RMX. Can your literary hero, J. Irving-Giles, foil Bill's plan to destroy the human race with the push of an unsettlingly named button?
  • B w me Inspired by MadV & this article by Clive Thompson from : "Here's another [...] new trend [...] called ***the long portrait***. These are short videos in which the subjects simply stare into the camera. [...] unsettlingly intense. The subject's gaze—staring at you—totally discombobulates the normal voyeuristic payload of a photo. It's also a lovely comment on the hyperkinetic style of today's world: Slow down and look at something, will you!" URL:
  • Crazy Japan Ad - Little Red Riding Hood Once again our oriental friends deliver us more than we could ever hope for in this crazy piece of advertising. I suspect it might be for a building company, but then again I might be wrong. (I knew I should have gone to japanese literature class...)
  • Pantommind Closer To You Pantommind Shade Of Fate 2005 SEA OF TRANQUILITY (USA) 4.5 / 5 10.3.2009 Even though they've just released their international debut album, Pantommind are no newcomers. They have been around for over ten years, but coming from Bulgaria where playing progressive metal isn't the most popular thing, they've only released two albums so far: Farewell (1999) which was basically a demo they put out in their homeland, and now Shade of Fate released on Sensory Records, one of the most supportive prog labels in the world. After about five or six listens, I was quite pleased by the band's professionalism that has reflected on their brilliant songwriting, impressive musicianship and unconventional production work. I highly suggest listening to this album with a set of good headphones; otherwise it may come across rather average. In this aspect, Shade of Fate eerily takes me back to Divine Regale's Ocean Mind album whose extremely claustrophobic production makes it hard to get into right away. Pantommind's music has that kind of vibe as well. They create dark soundscapes relying on fantastic keyboards that provide the backdrop of their songs. Keyboardist Sunny X gives the band a very European prog vibe we've come to expect from bands like Sun Caged and Vanden Plas; but also, he loves to experiment with dark harmonic structures found on later period Fates Warning albums and the psychedelic side of Psychotic Waltz. It came as a no surprise when I read in the booklet that both Psychotic ...
  • Opening Rejection: the making of As part of Williamsburg Walks, Ugly Art Room presents: Opening Rejection June 18, 2011, 2-8pm N 9 & Bedford Ave, Brooklyn Ugly Art Room seeks to "challenge the white box gallery tradition by curating exhibits in unique and unusual spaces." As a manifestation of this mission statement, UAR will construct a 6' x 6' x 6' structure on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. This claustrophobic cube will house the miniature works of 18 artists. Each artist will be given 5" x 5" wood panels pre-drilled with a hole in each. Completed works will be bolted to the interior walls of the "gallery" and the public will be welcomed to enter the cube to be a part of the unsettlingly awkward "opening rejection." "White Box" installation designed and constructed by artist Scott Chasse artists: ali aschman, elana adler, joe ballweg, melissa bartlett, lisa bauer, barry chesser, erik dalzen, kyle r. garnett, jackie hoving, john kesling, elliot kurtz, jac lahav, michael aaron lee, michelle mackey, allison maletz, kate nielson, ramón urenia, jing wei
  • Love Me {2} Mason's POV It was official. I was in love with Caroline Forbes. I loved her blond curls, her blue eyes, her beautiful writings. She let me see them once. I ran up the bleachers and sat down next to her. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and I saw her smile. She turned to me with a serious look on her face. "I have a dress, but no date." I was in sync. I raised my eyebrows. "I have a beautiful, smart, funny girlfriend and a tux." She looked down, trying to cover up her blush, but I saw it. I laughed and sat back on the upper seat. "So pick you up around 6?" She nodded and gave me a kiss. "Better be good." She whispered in my ear. I smiled and she hurried down the bleachers. I watched her go and basked in the sun, before grabbing my duffel bag and following her. Rachel's POV I walked into the blue tutor center. I scanned the room, for the next student I had to tutor. I found him texting on his phone. I walked over and slammed my books down, reaching my goal of getting his attention, when he jumped. I sat down, always feeling his eyes on me, scanning me. I felt unsettlingly comfortable with his eyes on me. I snapped out of it. "Ok, so you are failing english. So they called me. So if you don't want summer school or worse, not graduate at all, you put away you cell phone and listen." I heard him say almost instantly, "Got it." I looked up at him, searching his eyes for any search of joking.. I didn't find, so I looked back down at my pages. His eyes were still on me. I ...
  • Indonesia - Part 6: Volcanoes Mount Bromo isn't the highest mountain in Java — that honor goes to nearby Mount Semeru at 3676m — but it's probably the most famous one. Bromo is in fact only one of many peaks inside the massive Tengger Caldera, but it's easily recognized as the entire top has been blown off and the crater inside constantly belches white sulphurous smoke. The inside of the caldera, aptly dubbed the Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) is coated with fine volcanic sand and the overall effect is unsettlingly unearthly, especially when compared to the lush green valleys all around the caldera.
  • 鄧麗君~ 情迷Stirring Emotion 十五週年紀念視頻15th Passing Anniversary Memorial Video For more Teresa Teng videos in addition to the ones in this channel, please check out my other channel at This 逝世十五週年紀念視頻15th Passing Anniversary Memorial Video is a Special Dedication to Teresa Teng (January 29, 1953 - May 8, 1995) -- typo on the video stating her birthday on January 19, an error. The typo was made amidst a family medical emergency, leaving me little time to check every detail. I uploaded it in haste..... Please forgive the mistake. May she rest in peace. (All lyrics are copyright of their respective owners. Transliterations and translations on this webpage are provided by hkship/hkship3 for educational purposes only. They may not be distributed in printed form or posted/distributed anywhere else on the Internet.) (The pinyin is contributed by hkship/hkship3) 情迷(listed in the album 一個小心願A Small Wish in 1980) 作詞:謝靈妙作曲:謝靈妙(qing mi) Stirring Emotion 在我的心裡存在有一個迷(zai wo de xin li cun zai you yi ge mi) In my heart, there has been a puzzle. 你悄悄來又匆匆去(ni qia qia lai you cong cong qu) You came quietly and departed in a hurry. 是否你心裡不再惦著我叫我相思難寧(shi fou ni xin li bu zai dian zhu wo jia wo xiang si nan ning) Is it because you are no longer thinking of me? It makes me feel unsettlingly lovesick. 請你告訴我快告訴我為何離去全無消息(qing ni gao su wo kuai gao su wo wei he li qu quan wu xiao xi) Please tell me, quickly tell me, why you left without a word. 請你告訴我快告訴我莫讓歲月空留痕跡 ...
  • Unsettled but so inviting! Swampscott, Lynn Shore, MA Usually a calm shore, but today unsettlingly inviting!
  • Hidden treasures - Adolphe Adam - Le postillon de Lonjumeau (1836) - Selected highlights History: One regularly encounters operatic works that are, to put it simply, unknown to today's public, no matter how explosively popular they were in their own time: most of Donizetti's operas were saved from being completely forgotten by the recent belcanto revival. But even more common is another situation, when one of the numbers becomes more popular than the work as a whole: an ideal example is the duet, "Au fond du temple", from Bizet's "Les pecheurs de perles", known primarily because of the renown of the mentioned number. The work we approach in the confines of this upload has a similar history: though once spectacularly famous, "Le postillon de Lonjumeau", a work considered to be among Adam's best, has almost completely disappeared from the repertoire; the few sporadic revivals have not managed to reinstate its former fame. Its origins are briefly recounted: after considering a text by Planard, "L'eclair", Adam accepted a libretto from de Leuven and Brunswick, entitled "Une voix". Its successful premiere, under the more familiar title, took place on 13th October, 1836, and further established the career of the tenor Jean-Baptiste Chollet. Wagner, they say, later spent a sleepless night trying to get the tunes of Adam's creation out of his head. And yet only Chapelou's joyous "Mes amis, ecoutez l'histoire" still haunts tenor recitals to this very day, while the opera has virtually disappeared from view. Narrative: Adam's libretto is a quite prospective one ...
  • Faust (1926) Complete Movie. (1926) Stars: Gösta Ekman, Emil Jannings, Camilla Horn, Werner Fuetterer Writer: Goethe Director: FW Murnau The movie starts off with a breathtaking opening, using light metaphorically to depict an argument between the Devil (Emil Jannings) and an angel, punctuating the frame with extremes of brightness and darkness. Driven to despair, Faust (Gösta Ekman) makes a deal with the devil to save his town, in which half the inhabitants have died of plague in just a few days. Faust is a film of great set pieces -- the opening; Gretchen (Camilla Horn) agonizing in abandonment amid winter snowdrifts; a flight taken by Faust and Mephisto The middle section, devoted to Faust's courtship of Gretchen, is almost lighthearted, injecting a comic element. Faust is at its best in moody, mystical mode. Frequently the film draws on its own roots as a folktale as much as on Goethe's version. Even if its spell wavers, Faust bedazzles often enough to make the movie a memorable experience. Faust was the mammoth German production which won FW Murnau his contract with Hollywood's Fox Studios. Emil Jannings glowers his way through the role of Mephistopholes, who offers the aging Faust (Gosta Eckman) an opportunity to relive his youth, the price being Faust's soul. Though highly stylized, the film is unsettlingly realistic at times, especially during the execution of the unfortunate Gretchen. Even in old age, actress Camilla Horn could recall how close she came to genuine immolation when Murnau ...
  • New Jerks (Extended Cut) Like "New Jerks," but hate the jumpiness and unsettlingly rapid stream of images? Well, how about having those same images appear on your screen for a slightly extended period of time while this videos audio portion plays to completion? Sound good? Well, what are you waiting for? Hit play!
  • "Blue skies over Bavaria" Xerius's photos around Munich, Germany Preview of Xerius's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Munich, Germany Entry Title: "Blue skies over Bavaria" Entry: "We're getting mighty lucky with the weather so far here. For a third day straight, it's been clear, blue skies and nice, warm sun. Munich is ideal for this kind of thing, so we're making the most of it while we can. We came down from Frankfurt yesterday afternoon on the ICE. The trip was less enjoyable than it would otherwise have been thanks to us having to disconcertingly sit facing the wrong direction for the whole trek. It's ok to look at everything going by the opposite way, but it gets a little upsetting to the internal motion detectors after an hour or two. Mayu got a little sick from it, so she wound up trying to sleep for the last hour or so to avoid dealing with it. After we got to my brother's place, we dropped off our stuff, had a little tour of the new flat and then made for the Englisch Garten. The outside conditions being as they were, we got to spend the late afternoon and early evening in a beer garden - something that's far from typical so early in the spring here. My brother Steve and I each had a maß of helles, and Mayu tried her first Radler. For dinner we swung on back to Schwabing to a classic Bavarian eatery, which proved delicious, even if the portions were frighteningly large. Even Mayu, who had ordered ...
  • Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy | Episode 5 - A Bee-Rate Video It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an overused method of introducing something! No! (Well that last one was true, but that doesn't prevent the following from also being true.) It's... Bee Mario!! After discovering a colorful new type of fungus called the Bee Mushroom, Mario sacrifices his dapper red-and-blue look for something a little more visceral. That's right, a bee costume. And using the powers of the most powerful insect, he'll... scratch an obese bee's itchy spots? Sounds weird... and unsettlingly ***. It's all in this video, so stop reading and start watching. Side note: Bee costume + Can't touch water - ability to sting = Kinda lame.
  • MICKEY ONE (1965) theatrical trailer Warren Beatty Often described as a French New Wave film made in Hollywood, Arthur Penn's 1965 art movie enters the unsettlingly paranoid world of a nightclub comic on the run from the Mob. Having fooled around with the wrong blonde and gambled himself into an unpayable debt, an entertainer (Warren Beatty) flees to Chicago, where he hides out and changes his name to Mickey One. He hooks up with Jenny (Alexandra Stewart) and Castle (Hurd Hatfield), the owner of the nightclub Xanadu, but he cannot shake the paralyzing conviction that he's being pursued no matter where he is.
  • Blood Tea And Red String trailer BLOOD TEA AND RED STRING © 2005 is a handmade stop-motion fairy tale for adults. Thir*** years in the making, Christiane Cegavske's dialogue free film tells the tale of the struggle between the aristocratic White Mice and the rustic Creatures Who Dwell Under the Oak over the doll of their heart's desire. The Mice commission the Oak Dwellers to create a beautiful doll for them. When she is complete, the Creatures fall in love with her and refuse to give her up. Resorting to thievery the Mice abscond with her in the middle of the night. Meet fantastical creatures and view dazzling scenery as the Creatures Who Dwell Under the Oak journey through this mystical land to reclaim their love. See the mice descend into debauchery as they become drunk on blood tea! See what happens when the Oak Dwellers eat the yellow fruit! A heart rending musical score that was composed and performed by Mark Growden accompanies this disturbing and wondrous adventure. "a David Lynchean fever dream on Beatrix Potter terrain...as lovingly crafted as it is unsettlingly sour-sweet" - Dennis Harvey, VARIETY "a triumph of creative passion ..." - Mitch Davis, FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL "A stunning example of animated art" -- Rain, [High Rez: 26.3 megs - 640x480] [Codec: H.264 LAN AAC Streaming]
  • Lucifer over Fantasia (Pt.1) This 10 minute video was featured at the 2008 "oscillations" festival in Belfast, Ireland.
  • Speech Debelle - Better Days featuring Micachu 2009 Barclaycard Mercury Prize Winner, Speech Debelle returns with one of the standout cuts from her hugely acclaimed debut album, 'Speech Therapy'. Featuring a chorus from another debut artist making waves this year, Micachu, 'Better Days' (released 27th July 2009 on Big Dada) is a harder hitting, more beat-led piece of hip hop than some of her earlier releases, but loses none of their emotional charge. Produced by Plutonic Lab during Speechs stay in Australia, Ms Debelle returned to Blighty without a chorus in place. After various ideas for singers were mooted she settled on Micachu, who could add a distinctive and distinctly British soul to proceedings. The result is blazing swinging, snapping drums contrasted with deep double bass and acoustic guitar, Speechs clever, incisive, real lyrics and the unexpected twists of Micachus melancholy chorus. As NME has already put it, its a slow-burning slice of pop thats both unsettlingly gloomy and joyously uplifitng. The single also features bonus track, Where Do We Go? a jazzy little number over which Speech ranges lyrically from the personal to the global. With Speech Therapy already being tipped as one of the albums of the year, Better Days is a reminder just why so many people are getting so excited about this young South Londoner.
  • IN A YEAR WITH 13 MOONS (1978) -- The Slaughterhouse ***WARNING*** This clip contains scenes that some viewers may find offensive. In an engrossingly reckless career that's littered with combative stands against all and sundry, this sequence from In a Year with 13 Moons might well be Fassbinder's most controversial conception. A gruesome and confrontational recording of mechanised slaughter in an abattoir, set to a Handel concerto and interlaced with the rambling, hysterical voiceover of a tormented trans***ual, these horrifyingly visceral scenes exemplify the director's lacerating aesthetic at its apex. Never one to shy away from stating the obvious (given how frequently the obvious did and does need to be stated, this is something to commend him for), he rips apart civilisation's humanist facade, cuts deep into its bloody heart, and then dissects his findings before our very eyes. The figurative allusion to Elvira's castration aside, the slaughterhouse's central purpose in Fassbinder's narrative is to act as a mirror. For those that have the stomach to digest it, the parallels are as heartbreaking as they are provocative and transparent. After all, are individuals like Elvira not essentially indistinguishable from lumps of meat - strung up to dry by a society that's unsettlingly methodical in shaping its citizens on a universal conveyer belt of subordination? In fact, don't we ALL play both victim and executioner in this customary journey into maturation? The sad irony of this entire sequence is that our protagonist, once ...
  • Sebadoh & The King Missile - Magic Ribbons Vol. 1 Sebadoh & The King Missile - Magic Ribbons Vol. 1 Among the many things worth lamenting with the passage of the early-'90s indie rock explosion is the proliferation of 7" box sets -- for a while it seemed every indie label worth its Chuck Taylors was compiling sets of singles from bands across the underground landscape. Magic Ribbons -- the first in a proposed series of box sets issued by the largely forgotten Tacoma, WA, imprint Leopard Gecko -- defines its era better than most, thanks to the inclusion of a pair of now-legendary acts: Sebadoh and Unrest. Sebadoh's six songs capture the duo of Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney in embryonic mode, crafting noisy, lo-fi but unsettlingly personal acoustic pop; Unrest's "Headringer" and "The Hill, Part 2" are cut from the same cloth as their classic Imperial ffrr album, with sharp melodies and antsy performances. Essential stuff for collectors of either band. Though lesser in stature, the other four acts on Magic Ribbons all had their moments as well: King Missile and the Happy Flowers certainly have their cult followings, Aaron Stauffer (here under the guise Spook & the Zombies) would release some good stuff fronting Seaweed, and the Mystery Tramps...well, they no doubt did something. by Jason Ankeny, Rovi
  • Buttercup Versus Jackle Incomplete Hello, everybody! Great to see so many people here! -Cricket chirp, Cricket chirp-... Darn it. Well, for whoever does find this video, this is going to be my very first Fan Animation- or, as I call it, "Fanimation". This is an incomplete version of a fight I'm bringing to life between two unlikely foes: One, as most might be able to recognize, is Buttercup, the pugnacious, brutal one in the titular trio of heroines of The Powerpuff Girls (the original version, I mean; I don't like the Japanese adaptation). The other is a not-quite-so-widely-recognized boss enemy from a video game created by Sonic Team. The game is called NiGHTS into Dreams (which, unfortunately, I've yet to play myself), and the character is Jackle, a sadistic, somewhat unsettlingly happy Second-Level (at least, I think so) Nightmaren. So, why choose, of all things, to do a hand-drawn bout between a famous cartoon superheroine and a comparatively obscure villain? First off, I thought it was a unique idea that would get lost in the sands of time if I didn't act on it soon after thinking it up; Secondly, as a fan of both The Powerpuff Girls and NiGHTS into Dreams, I think it'd be a cool way to bring together the fandoms- even if it's only me doing it. Thirdly, I realize that, so far, all my animations have just been of my own original characters, and it's high time I use my developing skills for paying tribute to already-licensed fictional universes that I like. The last reason I shall provide is that I ...
  • Givenchy Ange Ou Démon Le Secret @ Intensely intimate. Unsettlingly confidential. Enchantingly playful. Ange ou Démon Le Secret is Givenchy's new radiant floral fragrance. With Ange ou Démon EDP we have been showing an enigmatic expression of seduction- a dark visual, a distant woman, and a strong olfactory signature. Today, we uncover the angelic side, a fragrance as sensual as the skin, full of grace and elegance. The face of Ange ou Démon Le Secret, Uma Thurman, not only endorses Givenchy's value of aristocratic allure, but she perfectly embodies Ange ou Démon's secret alchemy. Embracing both sweetness and strength, provocation and purity, Uma confides the mystery of Angel or Demon.
  • Social Eyes. M4SK 22 Music and Video by M4SK 22. 3rd of a trilogy of songs and videos jamming on the theme of virtual worlds. We are your Automatic Lovers. How real are relationships in the social media era, what is reality anyway? Thanks to Samara, Izzy, and Pep. Filmed in Second Life at various locations, in particular the moody streets of Trilogy built by Ajika Lazslo, and remixed by Izzy Bereznyak and friends The amazing White on White gallery where Pep Lemmon's sensual mash ups and riffs on the living history of painting and comic book art. Some scenes at the railroad at the unsettlingly dark rural freeform RP sim Missing Mile a nice swamp called Elliot A little bit at the Chi surfing Sim, and an adult animation store at Abranimations sim...
  • Let's Play: Megaman Legends - Episode 28: Battle With a *** Bishy Boy! So - with the game winding down at last - there's nothing left to do but battle with the boy love child of Xellos and the Dalek, and what a creepy little *** he is. Anyways, after putting his unsettlingly polite ass down not once - but twice - we discover the most horrifying truth of all. Data - AKA: Jacky the Monkey - is actually Megaman's missing memories, he's going to need to seek a serious psychiatrist to work the ramifications of that one out. Anyways, disaster averted and unsettling things learned, there's nothing left to do but return to town and bask in everyone's adoration and praise over not be 're-initialized'.
  • Taking the Cake A man's struggle to gain modest local fame with his unsettlingly hilarious acoustic songwriter act.
  • "Doi Tung and Mae Sai" Dane's photos around Mae Sai, Thailand Preview of Dane's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Mae Sai, Thailand Entry Title: "Doi Tung and Mae Sai" Entry: "We needed to get to Mae Sai to cross the border briefly into Burma. The highway from Chiang Rai isn't bad and has a well-paved shoulder for motorbike traffic. But it's still noisy and polluted and ugly, so we just rode as far as Mae Chan and then turned off to go up to Doi Tung. The area is a popular tourist spot for Thais for several reasons. One, the King has a mountain retreat up there that people can tour. It's like a really nice log cabin and had awesome gardens. They also grow coffee in the region, so there are scenic coffee shops surrounded by mountains. The other main reason people head up here is that there is a temple on one of the mountain peaks that (need I even say "supposedly") has a bone of the Buddha in it. One of my clients actually told me she flew to Chiang Rai one morning, drove to this temple to pray and meditate for the day, then flew back to Bangkok. So it's obviously a revered site. We were more about the cool mountain air and stunning views. Unfortunately, we picked a bad time of year for the latter. It's winter, so things aren't nearly as green as they are during and immediately following the rainy season. Plus, everyone was burning their fields after the harvest, so there was a thick haze throughout the ...
  • Installation This is a short video that was made for an art i stallation that my group made in 2006. We had a calm almost unsettlingly relaxing room which was painted white and altered the senses and then through a door we had a dark room that played a video showing fears and attacked the senses. This is the video from the calm room.
  • Jon Spencer Theremin Demonstration Hey kids, ever wonder how Jon Spencer gets all those wacky sounds out of that box on stage? Me too. It's called a Theremin, and here he demonstrates it for a group of school children in a room that looks, unsettlingly, like The Black Lodge. Yeah, he humps it.
  • obama on the view 07-29-2010.flv "Dear Leader's appearance on The View this week (a TV equivalent of chewing-gum for the mind) has more than a few people scratching their head as they face the dawning realization that this president really doesn't seem very serious about addressing the towering challenges the rest of us face everyday... at all. In a fluff interview that would be an embarrassment to any normal person, the show's boring, knee-jerk-liberal yentas predictably insulted your intelligence by lining-up to lick his posterior... but were topped by the grandstanding Babah Wahwah gushing how "***y" Obama is- prompting even Democratic Pennsylvania Gov Ed Rendell to remark "I think there should be a little bit of dignity to the presidency... I think the president of the United States has to go on serious shows." Our self-hating Narcissist-in-Chief went-on to defame American blacks as a "mongrel" race- clearly a man with such self-esteem issues has no business anywhere near the levers of power in this -or any other- socially complex, multiracial nation. Unsettlingly, Obama's bad childhood and psychological scars have this warped and unbalanced man "acting stupidly" on a regular basis, refusing to persecute voter intimidation by the NBP, suing Arizona to block the will of the people, emboldening and radicalizing racist organizations like the NAACP and La Raza, bringing our country to the brink of a race war.... maybe McCartney should have played him Helter Skelter for inspiration, eh? While straining to ...
  • "Thailand Hopping" Ad_n_caz's photos around Koh Lanta, Thailand Preview of Ad_n_caz's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Koh Lanta, Thailand Entry Title: "Thailand Hopping" Entry: "A... Right now we're in Koh Lanta (except this was written a few days ago), a large Island just off the coast of South West Thailand in the Andaman sea, but in a couple of hours we'll be off on a ferry to Kho Phi Phi to play at being Leonardo Di Caprio and that French bird from The Beach. Hopefully there'll be no fighting off sharks to be done though. We whizzed up through Malaysia pretty quickly to get on to these gorgeous Thai beaches, but still found time for 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur and a couple of nights in Penang. KL is a surprisingly modern city, with plush air-conditioned shopping centres, modern office blocks and even a new monorail to get round the city on. Between all the modernity however the old Asian city still peeks through, with bustling street stalls, open drains, and spectacularly un-integrated public transport (if you want to change from one train line to another you have to leave the station and buy another ticket first). We visited the Petronas Towers while we were there - one of several buildings that seem to curiously all be the tallest in the world, but could only go up as far as the bridge that links the two towers about halfway up. It's a pretty strange feeling crossing a walkway 40 stories above ground ...
  • Kingdom Hearts ULTIMATE FINEL ENDING!!!! I was at my friends house and they were playing we were playing a weird game and he beat it and I filmed the ending and our reaction. UPDATE:! Now both parts of this incredible video series are melded, as if with Fire and rich coursing metal ores into one final, albeit unsettlingly short video masterpiece. From my hearts to yours.
  • TIEVA LOVELL Actress Showreel Tieva Lovell: Acting Showcase Tieva Lovell (Ksenia Lavrentieva) was born in 1986 in the former communist state of Georgia to a renowned dissident Georgian Artist and one of Russia's most revered actresses of that time. Her early life was spent on the shores of the Black sea -- before the inevitable separation of her parents prompted a move to Moscow and, through her mother, an unsettlingly candid immersion in the confused, though highly creative atmosphere that pervaded in the Russian capital at the time. More recently, Tieva has enjoyed some success by following tentatively in maternal footsteps, with spells of studying Performing Arts/Screen Acting and moving on to work in the TV and Film industry. She has worked on both sides of the Atlantic (filming for E-entertainment network) as well as working for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and with the likes of such directorial luminaries as David Cronenberg.
  • Mount Bromo Mount Bromo (2329 metres) is easily recognized as the entire top has been blown off and the crater inside constantly belches white sulphurous smoke. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (diameter approximately 10 km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) of fine volcanic sand. The overall effect is unsettlingly unearthly, especially when compared to the lush green valleys all around the caldera. by

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