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  • The city mailed a check for $47,500 to Trung Huynh of Worcester late last month to settle his police brutality lawsuit, in which he claimed an officer unjustly beat him with a baton while he was on the ground. — “T&G report unsettles suit pact”,
  • Vancouver Sun is your online source of news on Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and around the world. Find local stories happening around British Columbia. Read world headline news. Watch local news stories in multimedia.,The U.S. decision to Kim Jong-il unsettles nuclear disarmament talks. — “Kim Jong-il unsettles nuclear disarmament talks”,
  • Greece debt crisis unsettles Asian markets. Asian stock markets fell sharply on Thursday as fears Greece's debt crisis will spread to other European countries and undermine the global recovery continued to rattle investors. Greece debt crisis unsettles Asian markets Photo: AP. — “Greece debt crisis unsettles Asian markets - Telegraph”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Unsettles - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Funeral home owners are worried about vandalism within Le Repentir Cemetery, which is running out of space for burial. Two funeral home workers told Stabroek Burial ground vandalism unsettles funeral homes. — “Burial ground vandalism unsettles funeral homes - Stabroek”,
  • Nest of militants in mosque unsettles residents - The Standard. — “Nest of militants in mosque unsettles residents - The Standard”, .hk
  • Definition of unsettles in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unsettles. Pronunciation of unsettles. Translations of unsettles. unsettles synonyms, unsettles antonyms. Information about unsettles in the free online English dictionary and. — “unsettles - definition of unsettles by the Free Online”,
  • Unfinished business unsettles Hamlet. Vacant homes and an unfinished mansion disturb CARROLLWOOD -- It used to be that when families moved to Cheviot Drive, Karen Schneider would see their children going back and forth to school. — “Northoftampa: Unfinished business unsettles Hamlet”,
  • Definition of unsettles in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unsettles? Meaning of unsettles as a legal term. What does unsettles mean in law?. — “unsettles legal definition of unsettles. unsettles synonyms”, legal-
  • Investors from Asia to Europe to Wall Street sent shares lower on Tuesday, distressed by signs of weakness in the global recovery amid talk of credit worries in Dubai and Greece. Weakness of Recovery Unsettles Investors. — “Weakness of Recovery Unsettles Investors - ”,
  • New seat order unsettles JS. New seat order unsettles JS in Bangladesh News. Bangladesh New seat order unsettles JS. — “New seat order unsettles JS - Bangladesh News”, .bd
  • G7 finance ministers express concern at the "extreme volatility" of the Japanese currency as it remains near 13-year highs. Soaring yen unsettles G7 leaders. The yen is continuing near record highs. Global finance ministers have expressed concern at the "extreme volatility" of the yen, as the. — “BBC NEWS | Business | Soaring yen unsettles G7 leaders”,
  • First they heard commotion, then the shouting: “FBI, put your hands up; don’t move.’’ Gravity of FBI operation unsettles a community. — “Gravity of FBI operation unsettles a community - The Boston Globe”,
  • Unsettles definition, to alter from a settled state; cause to be no longer firmly fixed or established; render unstable; disturb: See more. — “Unsettles | Define Unsettles at ”,
  • PASARKEMIS, Indonesia - In the Dickensian depths of the Dunia Metal Works here, all is cacophony: the bam bam bam of grease-drenched punches; the rhythmic clank of unspooling steel wire; the storm and stress of glinting, freshly minted nails China's Economic Power Unsettles the Neighbors. — “China's Economic Power Unsettles the Neighbors | ”,
  • * U.S. manufacturing sector grew in January - ISM * China macro data unsettles industrial metals investors (Recasts, updates prices, market activity; adds second byline, dateline, previously LONDON). — “METALS-Copper rallies on strong U.S. manufacturing data | Reuters”,
  • As I Wreck This Chair by William M. Esposo The Pope's condom remark unsettles the CBCP. AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo. The Philippine Star 2010-11-25. Pope Benedict XVI stirred a hornet's nest when he created an opening in the hitherto strict prohibition on the use of condoms. — “The Chair Wrecker by William M. Esposo”,
  • Royal Society unsettles global warming science. From the Times of London: "The Royal 7 Responses to "Royal Society unsettles global warming science". — “Royal Society unsettles global warming science " Don Surber”,
  • News of Raj Rajaratnam's arrest has shaken the secretive hedge fund world, in which market intelligence is often shared among Wall Street ***ysts, traders and other investors. The New York Times reports. Arrest of Hedge Fund Chief Unsettles the Industry. — “Arrest of Hedge Fund Chief Unsettles the Industry - CNBC”,
  • Stocks post second day of losses as good news can't overcome worries Europe's debt load unsettles investors. Stocks post second day of losses as good news can't overcome worries. — “ - Europe's debt load unsettles investors”,
  • At a state project to refurbish a decaying building in Old Havana, one worker paints a wall white while two others watch. A fourth sleeps in a wheelbarrow positioned in a sliver of shade nearby, and two more smoke and chat on the curb. — “Labor reform talk unsettles Cubans, whose jobs have long been”,
  • CORRECTION: The original version of this story has been corrected. The Washington Times stated incorrectly that the 1994 Rwandan genocide occurred in 2004. KIGALI, RWANDA — President Bush's visit yesterday. — “Rwanda genocide unsettles Bush - Washington Times”,
  • Japanese ship unsettles Darwin. February 20, 2009. TERRITORIANS paused to remember the 1942 bombing of Darwin yesterday, but for some the commemorations were marred by a Japanese vessel docked in the harbour. At least 243 people were killed. — “Japanese ship unsettles Darwin”, .au
  • A 14-inch plaque dedicated to the city's early Scottish settlers has vanished from the spot where it stood for 20 years, and city officials can only guess it was stolen for scrap. Disappearance of plaque unsettles Sarasota. — “Disappearance of plaque unsettles Sarasota | ”,

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  • Civil servants protesting in the streets Photo OMOTOSHO ABIODUN
  • dear friends today i invite you to join me at the summer teahouse to contemplate the gifts of these august days the rich assam leaves are steeping and our cups are waiting as we savor these moments let us consider the words of the philosopher of poetics gaston bachelard <i> in being everything is circuitous roundabout recurrent so much talk a chaplet of sojournings a refrain with endless verses but what a spiral man s being represents and what a number of invertible dynamisms there are in this spiral one no longer knows < i>right away<i> whether one is running toward the center or escaping poets are well acquainted with the existence of this hesitation of being as exemplified by jean tardieu < i>pour avancer je tourne sur moi même cyclone par l immobile habité <i> in order to advance i walk the treadmill of myself cyclone inhabited by immobility < i>mais au dedans plus de frontières <i> but within no more boundaries thus the spiraled being who from outside appears to be a well invested center will never reach his center the being of man is an unsettled being which all expression unsettles in the reign of the imagination an expression is hardly < i>proposed<i> before being needs another expression before it must be the being of another expression < i> ~gaston bachelard <i>the poetics of space< i> p 214 let us savor the mystery along with our tea may all travelers find joy jeanne assembled and altered images august 1 2010 including a digital photo taken while walking in oberlin ohio the other day a digital photo taken while looking up into the sky one day and <a href= http www flickr com photos nasos3 3703717598 in set 72157616487802773 >a texture layer< a> from the generous <a href= http www flickr com photos nasos3 >nasos3< a> used with deep thanks
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  • is no exception but push the bike too hard through fast sweeping bends the bike can be made to squirm and wriggle The best approach is to adopt a smooth flowing riding style with minimum movement in the saddle forget the sport bike hanging off as it unsettles the bike With a 1490mm wheelbase it is not sports bike quick through the turns but it s no slouch either proving to
  • himself that don t really fit with the rest of the crime scene evidence There also seems to be lady ghost dressed in red who is interested both in the crimes and in Yakusho himself Yakusho is not the most suave police investigator one has seen and he shows a disturbing tendency to use violent methods towards suspects which unsettles his colleagues more than a little
  • Don t Look Now Still unsettles me to watch it as an adult If anyone knows this film have they noticed the homage paid to it in the final scenes of Casino Royale Posted 1 month ago
  • Michelangelo s Sistine Chapel section painting of St Catherine of Alexandria with the Catherine wheel Goya s painting Saturn devouring one of his children With Joan s unrest rising to fever pitch at sight of this her unsureness unsettles the surfaces
  • knew the sets were fake but when you re surrounded by so much existing technology so much detail being pieced together as part of a dark thesis it unsettles your stomach to say the least Hopping back on the bus I sat for about an hour riding deeper into the desert as the air conditioning submitted to New Mexico s summer heat
  • 080282496X jpg
  • for the US dollar to sustain its climb Nonetheless should the benchmark currency s safe haven status gives way there may still be strength to be had in interest rate expectations
  • injuries Fans around here still talk about the epic hit he absorbed returning a kickoff against Vanderbilt his freshman season a tackle that ended his year and nearly his career Ole Miss offensive coordinator Kent Austin says Dexter McCluster above being tackled by Memphis Brandon Patterson relishes the roles we give him
  • disconcerted Later an encounter with the playful Neelix so enrages Tuvok that he strangles him fortunately the event occurs only in Tuvok s holodeck program Tuvok meets with Suder who unsettles Tuvok with his comments about the seductive lure of violence which Tuvok now fully understands Fearful of his own impulses Tuvok seals
  • to religion is so intense that it often unsettles me but that night I was envious of the faith on display and it left me wondering if I will ever believe in something so strongly
  • is incredibly bumpy and the car moves around as each undulation unsettles it though still flat out through the left hander of Noble and into the trickiest corner on the track Goodwood Bumping across the back section Goodwood is one of those corners that you always feel you should go faster through A dab on the brakes before turn in just to settle the car and then it is
  • Click to show Spoiler click again to hide This post has been edited by Plum Today 01 27 PM
  • looks back at how much she s grown oh *** Death Flag 5 eventually growing quiet which unsettles Cathy who s beside him and she notices the stream of blood from him R I P Ozma OZMAAAAAAAAAAAA not I d actually put in a Rick Astley video here but it seems all of them are embedding disabled by request X Well looks like Ozma s fitting nicely into the
  • Well looks like I didn t need to worry about fifty Kaylees showing up to last night s Serenity Now Equality Now event as I was almost the only one in costume There were two girls that had dressed in general Browncoat fashion I look slightly manic in this picture which unsettles a handful of Blue Sun shirt wearers and
  • different shapes and sizes looking down at me as I bite into a yummy piece of pork that unsettles me ever so slightly FYI the restaurant name El Cerdo literally translates as The Pig
  • this bloke unsettles me a bit for some reason and these geezer likes himself far to much looks cool but posts two pics a day of himself sat on his desk in the same clothes just rotated
  • I hope that one unsettles you
  • Why does this packet sweetener have my name on it why It belongs to a colleague and it unsettles me somewhat when I see it lying around in the kitchen
  • symptomatic of a Govt that just feels it has a right to exploit its powers It appalls worries unsettles scares angers me in equal measures Anyway O T something to cheer everyone up http www puppy stork com images Rock A Byes Cotons De Tulear Rock A Byes Cotons De Tulear image1 jpg by tyson November 28th 2008 at 10
  • China s Economic Power Unsettles the Neighborhood From the New York Times 9 Dec 2009
  • the period sailor engineer detective a man not afraid to confront and challenge an often intransient establishment with new well founded research which unsettles cherished views It has been my privilege and pleasure to work on a series of paintings with Peter Goodwin for HMS Victory first together as far back as 1993 I learnt loads from Peter and in turn was able
  • Coming up in EastEnders Unhappy families Whitney unsettles the balance when she tries to kiss Ricky
  • suspects which unsettles his colleagues more than a little Despite his uncouthness he has or had a rather sophisticated and sweet natured girl but rather elusive girl friend One never is certain as to just where the scenes of Yakusho and lady friend fit into the time sequence associated with the murder investigations some clearly appear to be flashbacks while
  • <i> nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp 1 I find a strange knowledge of wind an open door in the mountain pass where everything intersects Believe me This will not pass This is a world where flags contain themselves and are still marked by their unfurled edges Lean stuff sways on the boughs of pitch pine silver almost tinsel all light gone blue and sprouting orange oils in a last bouquet nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp 2 These were the nest builders I caught one last morning I sang so it fell down stupid from the trees They re so incorrect in their dead skin Witness their twig feet the mistake of their hands They will follow you They yearn pebbles for their gullets to grind their own seed They swallow so selflessly and die like patriots nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp 3 Last Christmas a family of five woke from their dreaming and dreamed themselves over the baby in its pink pajamas the boy in the red flannel bathrobe he grabbed from the door a mother a father and a sister in curlers all died A wood frame house a cannister of oil a match watch as it unsettles They were so cold umber nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp 4 I am away from the knowledge of animal mystics brujas and sorcerers or the nudging chants of a Tlingit Kachina I am frightened by regions with wills of their own but when my people die in the snow I wonder did the depths billow up to reach them < i> <a href= http www poetryfoundation org archive poet html id=81786 rel= nofollow >Lorna Dee Cervantes< a> see <a href= http farm3 static flickr com 2498 4165750391 bbc6f10768 o jpg rel= nofollow >deeper< a> 1 <a href= http flickr com photos 33933559 N00 4166249166 >enflamed< a> 2 <a href= http flickr com photos 92521708 N00 4166307402 >Cat Seat< a> 3 <a href= http flickr com photos 59665577 N00 4165952808 >Untitled< a> 4 <a href= http flickr com photos 31101416 N02 4159932508 >the guitarist< a>
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  • Azure blue skies dropped over the stench of rotting eggs Tiny stone statues of Buddhist saviours next to pictures of recently dead children What is this place in which we stand The lake area unsettles us and so after a few minutes we get up and head back towards the temple I look around for a caretaker to inquire whether there are any itako still to be found
  • I didn t need to worry about fifty Kaylees showing up to last night s Serenity Now Equality Now event as I was almost the only one in costume There were two girls that had dressed in general Browncoat fashion I look slightly manic in this picture which unsettles a handful of Blue Sun shirt wearers and a couple folks in Hawaiian shirts but mine was pretty much the
  • Back to Gallery | Next > The lump on the head unsettles me Great piece of art
  • to be released this year 2009 To be exact January 22 2009 Thursday the airing date of Smallville s08e12 Bulletproof For those who are fun of watching Smallville don t missed any episodes Smallville Bulletproof Season 8 Episode 12 Preview Clark goes undercover as a cop to discover who shot John Jones Meanwhile Lana unsettles Tess with her opinion on Lex prompting
  • PARIS In less than a decade employing a variety of media and techniques Laurent Grasso has produced a distinctive body of work that unsettles the viewer s certainties In

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  • O vară foarte instabilă / A Very Unsettled Summer (2013) Mai multe filme - http://ytvromania.blogspot.ro/
  • Forex Trading Video: A Bounce to End the Week Unsettles Bears and Bulls Talking Points: • The Dow, Yen Crosses and EURUSD all bounced to end the week • Yet, behind this restive move, there seems little of the short-term speculati...
  • The Exorcist: Extended Director's Cut Controversial and popular from the moment it opened, The Exorcist endures as a defining classic that influenced movies afterward and still shocks and haunts today. The frightening and realistic...
  • The Westbournes (2014-06-06) - Nina's Alive Nathan worries about Nina and Maxie is supportive, which unsettles Levi. Nina is making herself at home at Silas's apartment, but senses something is amiss w...
  • U.S. political intransigency unsettles financial markets: China warns U.S. against a default By The Extinction Protocol Read Txt / Pics / Audio. go hear :http://neotech-your-/2013/10/us-political-intransigency-unsettles.html I ho...
  • Risk Aversion Unsettles Equities and Yen, EURUSD Monetary Policy Balances economy,world economy,economy news,cnn news,economic times,economist,current events,inflation,business news,world bank,economics,development,articles,economi...
  • Urali - The End Of All The Things We Knew (And Their Reaffirmation Through Their Denial) Recorded, mixed an mastered at Stop Studio, Rimini. Music and lyrics by Urali. Produced by Urali, Andrea Muccioli, Steve Strovmik. Artwork by Daniele Castell...
  • TV9 - Harikrishna's resignation from RS seat unsettles TDP
  • Late Viljoen strike unsettles the Titans A three-wicket blitz by Hardus Viljoen on the second evening gave the bizhub Highveld Lions the edge in their Sunfoil Series clash against The Unlimited Tita...
  • Tapering talk from the Fed unsettles nervous investors Tapering talk from the Fed unsettles nervous investors.
  • Downton Abbey - Episode Six (Original UK Version) A wounded Canadian officer comes to Downton to recuperate and unsettles everything. Ethel learns some distressing news. Did Bates heed Robert's caution not t...
  • Complete News Revival of Aceh flag unsettles Indonesia
  • Philadelphia Zoo Elephant Unsettles Dust One of the Philadelphia Zoo's elephants stirs up the dust as part of her dust bath grooming routine. In this video, you can also see part of the wonderful Pa...
  • SAVE OUR PLANET - Heatwave Unsettles Zimbabweans Unused To Such High Temperatures
  • Nimirnthu Nil - Trailer Aravindan Sivasamy (Jayam Ravi) was brought up in an ashram, which is managed by Nassar (Harichandra Gurukulam's Principal). He grew up with very high moral ...
  • Indonesia Parliament Election Result Unsettles Investors Indonesia Parliament Election Result Unsettles Investors.
  • Nimirnthu Nil Aravindan Sivasamy (Jayam Ravi) was brought up in an ashram, which is managed by Nassar (Harichandra Gurukulam's Principal). He grew up with very high moral values, discipline, dignity and...
  • Narendra Modi unsettles China over Nepal As Prime Minister Narendra Modi struck all the right chords during his maiden visit to Nepal, a heedful China looked towards India and Nepal's prospective sm...
  • Mysterious Baidu Folder Spotted In Sony’s Phones, Unsettles Its Users Mysterious Baidu Folder Spotted In Sony's Phones, Unsettles Its Users.
  • Yemen President's arrival unsettles NY residents Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is due to step down next month, arrived on Saturday in the United States on a politically sensitive visit to seek m...
  • General Hospital - Keesha and Jason's Growing Relationship Unsettles Mary Mae Jason and Keesha spend a few moments together following the public meeting about the incinerator project on Charles Street. Mary Mae walks in while the duo, ...
  • What's Happening Now!! - (S1) Nadine's Boss 1/2 An efficiency expert unsettles Nadine.
  • Unsettled - Gavin Harrison DrummerLive08 Here is Gavin playing "Unsettled" at DrummerLive 08 in London. The song is from our album "Drop" To see in in higher quality go here: http://...
  • Harikrishna's resignation from RS seat unsettles TDP - Tv9 Harikrishna's resignation from RS seat unsettles TDP For more videos go to http://www.freetv9.com Follow us on Facebook at http:///tv9telugu ...
  • Scandal unsettles Scottish Catholics CNN's Matthew Chance reports on leadership changes in the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.
  • Greek debt crisis unsettles eurozone Greek prime minister George Papandreou is facing a backlash over his failed ploy to hold a referendum on whether to accept a bailout package.
  • Election Verdict Delay Unsettles Egypt Backers of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for Egypt's president demonstrated in Cairo as the ruling military seemed to slam the party for claiming an elect...
  • Earthquake unsettles rural town A magnitude 4.4 earthquake has struck near Korumburra in the West Gippsland region east of Melbourne.
  • LOST - Ms. Hawking's Theme A compilation of Ms. Hawking's themes from the television soundtracks of Lost composed by Michael Giacchino. Track used - Swinging Bendulum. As the Oceanic 6...
  • Megumi Hayashibara/Rei Ayanami - Cruel Angel's Thesis AD 2001 The seiyuu of Rei Ayanami( from the hit Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion),Megumi Hayashibara's rendition of Cruel Angel's Thesis originally sung by Yoko ...
  • Trading Video: ECB Decision Unsettles EURUSD Trend, Will NFPs Feed or Turn It? Trading Video: ECB Decision Unsettles EURUSD Trend, Will NFPs Feed or Turn It? Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- The European Central Bank held interest rates at record ...
  • Mitchell's false start unsettles the field
  • Tyrese Gibson: You know better A video by Tyrese where he speaks on knowing better and doing better. He unsettles you with the truth and leaves you with a worthy knock of introspection in ...
  • Risk Aversion Unsettles Equities and Yen, EURUSD Monetary Policy Balances Talking Points: • Risk aversion kicked in to start the week with a notable drop in global equities and Emerging Markets • The sentiment shift is not yet stro...
  • Dilwale Like Us on Facebook: http:///unisysmovies ✿ Subscribe Us On Youtube: http:///subscription_center?add_user=unisysmusic Synopsis:- The Police Commissioner,...
  • Drifting Crash Keichi Tsuchiya Keichi Tsuchiya takes the HKS Silvia S15 for a drift spin. See him catch the kerb with his from front tires, the car unsettles, regains grip, and WHAM, smash...
  • Downton Abbey - Episode One (Original UK Version) The Great War unsettles life at Downton and Isobel's surprising news about Matthew rocks the family further. New maid, Ethel ruffles O'Brien's feathers and B...
  • Dust Unsettles Town Villagers in Cambodia are fighting back against truck traffic that leaves them in the dust.
  • How to Pronounce Unsettles Learn how to say Unsettles correctly with emmasaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials. Definition of unsettle (oxford dictionary): verb [with object] ...
  • fraud investigation unsettles mental health care in new mexico
  • Trading Video: ECB Decision Unsettles EURUSD Trend, Will NFPs Feed or Turn It? Talking Points: • After a 1400-pip EURUSD drop, the market was looking for the ECB to offer a sizable stimulus program • The result of the central bank's as...
  • Israeli ad campaign unsettles US jews An ad campaign in the US paid for by the Israeli government has left many Jewish Americans feeling insulted. The commercials, designed to encourage Israeli J...

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  • “Dollar hits 8-month highs after Fed ups discount rate Market Blog. Fed action lifts dollar, unsettles global stocks. Globe and Mail Staff. Globe and Mail Update”
    — Fed action lifts dollar, unsettles global stocks - The Globe,

  • “This stat unsettles the prospective blog editor: even if your blog makes it into that 85th percentile, you The Commentariat has the potential to be Columbia's only true open forum for student opinion, an up-to-the-minute running dialogue of voices and”
    — A Word From the Blog,

  • “The first Ethiopian Blog. Current Affairs, Business, Sports and Style Why Somalia war unsettles the world? Being Muslim and African minority is not something”
    — Why Somalia war unsettles the world,

  • “SAN ANTONIO -- During one second-half timeout, Caron Butler stood, wearing his full warm-ups, at the outskirts of the team huddle. After another timeo”
    — Squeezed playing time unsettles Marion - Dallas Mavericks,

  • “Cyprus: Attila affair unsettles EU: European Union Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said yesterday that the admission by a popular Turkish actor – that he fatally shot one”
    — Cyprus :: Attila affair unsettles EU, cyprus-

  • “Home " Blogs " yournorwin's blog. Irwin vandalism unsettles business owners. Submitted by yournorwin on January 15, 2009 - 1:54pm. Some Irwin business and property owners want a greater police presence in town because of a robbery and vandalism spree within the past three weeks”
    — Irwin vandalism unsettles business owners | ,

  • “Conspiracy and Current Events News Forum NEW UNDERSTANDING OF SUN'S NATURE UNSETTLES THOUGHTFUL OBSERVERS. by anarchtype , Saturday, April 03, 2010, 14:25. unless one has spent their whole career professing the opposite notion these findings should be welcomed but entrenched dogma does not”
    — Surfing The Apocalypse Network - NEW UNDERSTANDING OF SUN'S,

  • “Tremont artist Jeff Chiplis was reported in critical condition today in the intensive care unit of MetroHealth Medical Center after being shot early this morning after attending the Friday night Tremont ArtWalk”
    — Shooting of artist Jeff Chiplis after ArtWalk unsettles,

  • “ Bull Session is a Cattle Forum for swapping information and asking and answering questions about breed, health problems, beginners questions and jokes about cattle and horses”
    — 's Bull Session :: Tea Party Favorite Unsettles,

  • “Something unsettles me about Zachary Kluckman's Exodus By Mass Transit, the first poem in Orgami Condom's recently completed eleventh issue. It begins with a”
    — Zachary Kluckman's "Exodus By Mass Transit" " Fringe Magazine,

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