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  • unserviceable (comparative more unserviceable, superlative most unserviceable) This page was last modified on 30 October 2010, at 01:08. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional. — “unserviceable - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of unserviceable in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unserviceable? Meaning of unserviceable as a legal term. What does unserviceable mean in law?. — “unserviceable legal definition of unserviceable”, legal-
  • Searchable database Of indian government tenders and public requests for tender notices and trade opportunites for supplies services and contracts name: old/condemned unserviceable/ broken/ lift misc items(as scrap) , etc, lot desc :old/condemned unserviceable/ broken /discarded/incomplete/ lift. — “Tenders - UTTARANCHAL state government tender invitation to”,
  • Synonyms for unserviceable. Other words for unserviceable. Different words for unserviceable. Antonyms of unserviceable. — “unserviceable - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and”,
  • RS – Rat*** (Australia – related to US – Unserviceable) RSS – Regional Security System (Caribbean) RTB US – Unserviceable. USSS – United States Secret Service. USAF – United States Air Force. — “List of U.S. government and military acronyms - Wikipedia”,
  • Sub: Disposal of unserviceable goods on AS IS WHERE IS BASIS' of India Enterprise invites sealed bids from the interested parties for disposal of unserviceable goods of the following description on AS IS WHERE IS BASIS' lying at our Warehouse Stores, ITPO at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. — “Contact ITPO”,
  • 1: not ready for service; "unserviceable equipment may be replaced" [ant: serviceable] Unserviceable - Example Usage. yogad2003: stewardess "this is a technical stopover the lavatories will be serviced so they will remain Unserviceable" Dongerooooo: I am Unserviceable at the. — “Unserviceable - Define Unserviceable at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Query on possible link between 1994 Chinook crash on Argyll's Machrihanish on Mull of Kintyre and the eight still unserviceable 1995-ordered MOD Mark 3 Chinooks. — “Argyll News: Argyll,Machrihanish,Chinook,MOD: Eight”,
  • You can find also here -> http:///tutos/WhenEncryp serviceable.txt I'm waiting for your comments Have a nice day But many times the real truth is that the encryption is unserviceable even if we have a very difficult/big password with a strong encryption. — “When Encryption Is Unserviceable - Forums”,
  • unserviceable adjective Incapable of being used or availed of to advantage: impracticable , impractical , unnegotiable , unusable , unworkable ,. — “unserviceable: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • The Philippine Army 3rd Infantry Division disposed 2,043 rounds of unserviceable ammunition through a controlled detonation recently. mobilized to conduct the detonation of the unserviceable ammunition. — “Army disposes unserviceable ammo”,
  • The American Legion Blue Ridge Post 164 will host its annual Ceremony for the Disposal of Unserviceable Flags 6 p.m. Sunday, May 17 at the post home on Willow Grove Street, Hackettstown. The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable. — “Hackettstown American Legion to host flag disposal ceremony”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Unserviceable - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • American Flag Recycling is an educational site dedicated to teaching methods of American Flag disposal, and options for replacing your American Flags, U.S. Flag, or U.S. Flags. The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags was approved through Resolution No. 440 by the National Convention of The. — “American Flag Recycling American Flags and information about”,
  • 4. Unserviceable properties, plant and equipment totaling P4,397,281.79 were not transferred to Other Assets account, instead were dropped from the books in. — “Findings No.4 COA Annual Audit Report 2005 | Mindanao news”,
  • This limited warranty applies to unserviceable batteries only. The battery must be unserviceable owning to a defect in either material or workmanship only. — “The Cross Country Battery Warranty”,
  • Definition of unserviceable in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unserviceable. Pronunciation of unserviceable. Translations of unserviceable. unserviceable synonyms, unserviceable antonyms. Information about unserviceable in the free online. — “unserviceable - definition of unserviceable by the Free”,
  • Unserviceable. Unsettle >> Multi-Version Concordance. Unserviceable (1 Occurrence) unserviceable to thee, but now serviceable to thee and to me: (DBY). — “Bible Concordance: Unserviceable”,
  • The BDO/CPOG becomes unserviceable if it is ripped, tom, or a fastener is broken Any leaks make the glove unserviceable. NOTE: See FM 3-4, Chapter 2, for detailed information. When the commander directs his unit to go from MOPP Zero to MOPP1, the. — “Protection and Decontamination”,
  • Q: How are unserviceable flags destroyed? A:The Flag Code suggests that, "when a flag has served its useful Many American Legion Posts conduct Disposal of Unserviceable Flag Ceremonies on June 14, Flag Day. — “Contact Us”,
  • Use this form to request permission to cannibalize a piece of unserviceable property. One of the uses of this form is to request permission to cannibalize a piece of unserviceable property, but cannibalization is NOT disposal. — “FEPP Desk Guide - Chapter 60”, fs.fed.us
  • HTML link: U/S 29 Nov. 2010 http:///Unserviceable-(U%2fS).html. — “U/S - Unserviceable”,

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  • Tumut Aero Club's Tumut Valley Fly-In The last weekend in August the Tumut Aero Club hosts the 'Tumut Valley Fly In'. This is the video of the 2010 event. With 55 visiting aircraft, and most of the grassed area's unserviceable, parking aircraft on hard ground was a challenge. Thanks to everyone involved.
  • Pathfinder Tours Cornish Parker A most entertaining (and rather well-oiled) 16 hour bash with the LDG Boys from Crewe to Parkandlillack in Cornwall and back with a pair of tractors; DBS 'no heat' 37670 & 37/4 37401. The trip proved to be something of a twilight for the DBS 37 fleet. As you can see and hear, 670 is not in the best of health. Despite receiving the new DBS livery a few weeks after this tour, little was done to the important and unhealthy bits inside and the loco is now in store facing a bleak future. 37401 lasted a little longer, but has also now succumbed to years of poor maintenance and is stored unserviceable. 37 tours are now in the hands of DRS, an operator who has reaped the benefits of putting more effort into looking after their 37 fleet.
  • MIG bone yard in Iraq Iraqi MIG jets in a bone yard in iraq.. too bad my nuts are probably unserviceable now cuz i crawled in them tanks with depleted uranium.. it was a beautiful sight!
  • Special Ed vs. compressed air www.1013 hangin at a bike shop. i was bored, and my bike was unserviceable.
  • SSUPT SERGIO SORIANO SR PENDING CRIMINAL AND ADMIN CASE OMBUDSMAN unforgettable get together -BFP Provincial Office RO-02 SORIANO manage to sacrificed 16 BSN students that killed in recent fire at Tuguegarao City Fire Station..He concentrated on his venture to have his 5-6 pautang and gas allocation cutting declaring unserviceable fire trucks so that he will accumulate a 20 percent share on every city or municipal monthly allocation..and the best remedy just inform the non-profit fire brigade to respond on every fire...other crimninal and administrative cases of SSUPT soriano is available at ombudsman office..Ombudsman kept silent of this cases and because of money he was recently won the case of those whostleblowers who attempted to put him on bars...Noynoy Aquino should formed a special committee without a Masonry member because this Masonry officer is using his membership to escape justice and all high ranking officers and members of Noynoy Aquino including in the military and police who are Masonry brothers are also protecting his/her illegalities..inlcufding those who are in BFP central office and Ombudsman central office and other agencies in which a whistleblower can complaint with SSUPT Sergio Soriano RO2 Director and with Inspector Jane Bartolome Arcangel and Fire Officer David Maano Tumbali Jr.- Now residing and working in Los Angels California (david) Inspector Jane (Miami, Florida for possible deportation).other in the fotos are names included in the ombudsman decision of warants of arrest for Inspector Arcangel. retracting ...
  • TNCA ATIS ATIS on December 31st, 2008, approx. 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time At TNCA/AUA (Queen Beatrix International Airport) Oranjestad, Aruba Taken from onboard the Celebrity Cruises Galaxy Deck 14 Frequency 132.1 ATIS: "Reina Beatrix Airport Information Oscar issued at 1900 Z 23 feet (???) Runway 11 in use, expect Visual Approach Runway 11 Wind 090 degrees, 16 knots Visibility more than 10 kilometers Clouds scattered at 2300 feet Temperature 29, Dew Point 22 (23???) ????? 29.66 inches Transition Level FL040 (???) The Glidepath has the ILS/DME (???), Frequency 108.7 MHz is unserviceable, the Localizer will remain operational Advice on inital contact you have Information Oscar"
  • BT Vision Advert from Nov 3 BT's campaign for the BT Vision service continues to use the Adam and Jane characters and their family to explain the benefits of the IPTV service. The campaign reminds viewers about the benefits of BT's service: Access to Premier League Football (Delayed) 100's of films on demand, kids programming and the ability to pause programming. It is worth noting some of the text disclaimers at the beginning of the ad since access to BT Vision requires an ADSL connection speed sufficiently fast to support IPTV. Speed (or bandwidth) is of course generally limited by the distance the subscriber is from the exchange. The further away, the slower the speed, and perhaps 20% of BT's customers will remain unserviceable for the foreseeable future. Since BT Vision is a hybrid box with both IPTV and a DTT PVR, BT Vision customers also need to have Freeview (DTT) reception. This can be patchy in some areas as UK DTT is broadcast with less power than the traditional ***ogue system. This has been designed to avoid interference to the traditional ***ogue signal. BT recently reported 70000 installed customers for the service, with a further 30000 waiting to be connected. To what extent these customers are actively using the on-demand (revenue generating) part of the product is currently unknown outside BT, but for now, the contract duration required for BT Vision means that product is succeeding in its primary objective, which is to stem churn to other, cheaper broadband suppliers.
  • Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit, Batch 1 ZF) - SMRT Buses Service 188 (Part One) The Habit-bodied Mercedes-Benz O405Gs are the signature bendy buses for TIBS (and now SMRT Buses) for many years. Designed by Studio Pininfarina, there are the most common bendy buses on the roads of Singapore and were delivered in two batches. Some of them have the Voith-gearbox installed; others ZF. Two kinds of EDS have been initially installed, one by long-time customer Lawo, the other by Transit Media. Recently many of the latter has been declared unserviceable and replaced by new Mobitec equipment (the successor company to Transit Media). Photo Gallery :
  • Residents suffering for 5 years- Golden Villa Apartments Residents are suffering for the past 5 years due to the lack of facilities and maintenance issues. Lifts were unserviceable for the last 5 years too. Management committee blaming the developer and the Government for not given a clear guideline on the transfer processes from the developer to the Joint Management Committee.
  • 2002 Dodge Dakota - Front Suspension and Drivetrain Service - Part 3 How to Service the "Unserviceable" Control Arms. - The Control Arms on the 2002 Dakota are essentially listed as unserviceable. This means that you have to replace the entire part, and this can be costly. However, there are parts available to rebuild the control arms at a substantial savings. But the information on how this is done is scarce, so it took some research and trial and error to find the correct process. more at
  • Magnetic gravity wheel design (but unserviceable) 2010.09.27. I have tested. Suffer losses. The wheel have to work too much to keep the weights in carry. Nem megy magától, kipróbáltam. Többet veszít a kerék a mozgási energiájából a súlyok mozgatására, mint amit a súlypont eltolása ad. De vannak még ötletek. (Eltarthat.)
  • FREE FLIGHT SCALE- Dreams are made of this.wmv My MICRO-X Piper Cub J3 PEANUT FREE FLIGHT SCALE powered by a BROWN Jr. PEANUT CO2 MOTOR. One of the best fliers that I ever built ! You can see my bi-fold pilot, his name was ACE. He got the blame for anything that went wrong, but also the praise for all the good flights. Photos from +/- 1975.These photos were taken after about 2 years of flying. It was during this time that I was building Stearman PT-17s. I think that they were kitted by "Sterling". I had 3 of them framed up, each a little lighter than the first, but all still too heavy. Then, Boron became available. Now I have a problem with dates. I don't remember exactly when Boron became available. Picking my brain now, I think that it was much later than 1975, but WHEN? My scrap book had all this info and a lot more. I guess I'll just forget about dates for now, maybe someone out there remembers and can fill in the blanks for me. I went on to build 5 more PT-17s, all with lightened balsa but reinforced with Boron. They still came in too heavy! The fuse was the main problem, all those stringers and a short nose. I now had a bone yard with 8 PT-17 frames and a few other orphans. I mentioned this because it was during this 2 year period that this J3 suffered some severe damage. I'm a sucker for a good ROG. This in it's self is not a bad thing, but when you consider that most of these ROGs were from my drive way in front of the house and that my runway was only 5 & 1/2 feet long, I had to turn up the RPMs to get it up ...
  • STRIDER LM NAIL (New Versions)-IN STOCK... Strider LM Nail... Short: approx. 6.5 inches Medium: approx. 8.5 inches Long: approx. 9.5 inches The Strider LM is just the latest of a series of problem solving tools to come off of the steel workbench. Designed out of necessity by operators who reported needing a highly concealable "tool" to be used should better options be unavailable, unserviceable, or unreachable the LM is... well -it is what it is! MSRP: $50.00 Comments from some knife forums: "If your looking for a huge metal spike, this is what you want." "Just basically another tool that can be laced in between Molle straps. At $50 if it goes bye bye or stays behind then so be it." ***UPDATE JUST DISCOVERED ANOTHER SITE WHERE YOU CAN PURCHASE ONE*** Monkey Edge... The LM was designed at the request of the military community to be a last ditch tool that was light and small as to be easy to carry. The static kydex sheath is deliberately sized to fit in one column of MOLLE webbing. These are simple, no nonsense tools, Put it behind a mag pouch and just grab when needed. [ignore this] THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.
  • Scrap Dealers We purchase disposal goods, unserviceable items and obsolete products of all types viz. iron, metal and wooden scrap, old furniture & fixtures, obsolete machinery, tools, typewriters, office equipments, household goods, motor parts, spare parts, battery, vehicles, iron & steel scrap, computer scrap, electrical scrap, air conditioners, transformers, junk and condemned goods. We are dealers in all kinds of scrap and unserviceable items. We purchase the disposal goods/condemned items through tenders, auctions and direct sales. Aastha Enterprises
  • Dignified Unserviceable Flag Burning Ceremony Every year the American Legion Post 180, Lebanon, Conn. Have a Dignified Unserviceable Flag Burning Ceremony as part of their Veterans Day events.
  • Late Morning Prop Action @ TLL Some late morning arrivals and departures at Tallinn Lennart Meri International. Features 3 Saab 340, 2 Antonov An-26 and 1 Fokker 50 movement. Runway 26 was in use, and since both the VOR and ILS were unserviceable, NDB and visual approaches were used. Aircraft featured: ES-ASM Saab 340A Estonian Air Regional SP-KPU Saab 340A Sprint Air LY-BAV Fokker 50 airBaltic SP-FDR Antonov 26B Exin YL-RAA Antonov 26B RAF-Avia The camera isn't very steady, for this I apologize.
  • 2005 legacy gt u-joint My blown rear u-joint on a legacy gt drive-shaft. Stupid shaft is unserviceable it needs to be replace with a junk yard shaft, one from a dealer $600, or got to a drive-line expert and have him hack up existing set up and in turn make it shorter.
  • The real cost of e-waste - BANGALORE SCRAP TRADERS ( INDIA ) SCRAP MERCHANTS & DEALERS Eager to Deal with YOU, Ethically Respected Sir / Madam, Do You Want to Sell Your SCRAP ? Are you Looking for Somebody who can Remove Old Furniture, Fittings and Scrap From your Office, Building or Home Within a Two Day's time ? We take this Opportunity to introduce our self as BANGALORE SCRAP TRADERS .The leading PURCHASERS Trading Company in South India having Largest Capacity to Purchase Disposal Goods, Unserviceable items and Obsolete Products of all types viz. Disposal goods, Obsolete, Condemned and Unserviceable items. We purchase the unserviceable and condemned items through tenders, auctions and direct sales. We are committed to provide a complete Understanding & timely Response to Concerns and issues related to the overall performance of the BUY & SELL Deal & the Parties involved. Partner, Mr. Altar Hussain as Company Operator As Required Backup and well Experienced in Business Field. And Other Partner with Vast Exposure to Different Industries. Have Extensive hands on Experience in all Aspects of Implementing a Deal, right from Identification to Details Material Samples. The Essence of their Work is based on a set of Intangibles Intuition, Emotion, Shared Memories and Experiences.
  • German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee in Montevideo Admiral Graf Spee entered the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay for repairs. The damage was surveyed by a British observer on 14 December 1939, who reported that the port midship 6" gun was unserviceable, the starboard anti-aircraft guns appeared out of action, rangefinders were out of action, the aircraft was wrecked, there were shell holes in the control tower and two holes below the waterline. In total, there was evidence of 30-60 hits.[14] Captain Langsdorff and the Chief Engineer carefully kept the fuel problem secret. Although the specific details were signaled to SKL in January 1940 this vital information lay buried from public knowledge for sixty years.
  • Peter Schiff - Prepare or Die (1 of 2) For the latest Peter Schiff, go to - Jim Rawls is with Peter Schiff today. He maintains a survivalist blog and is the author of several science fiction survival books. He is concerned about the possibility of an economic collapse and the hyperinflation that may be right around the corner. Interest in survival and family preparedness is up by about 30% in the past year. Right now, people seem to be more concerned about man-made disasters rather than natural disasters. You can see this in Egypt right now. The primary catalyst for all the riots over there is because the price of food has increased so substantially. Coffee beans is a great way to protect yourself. It is an item that can be easily bartered in the case of a survival situation. A product like coffee is also a good item to buy because if the price of it goes up, you won't have to pay any capital gains taxes. Alcohol is another such product. The situation that we are in right now is similar to the way people felt back in the 1970s. Many people were stocking up for the future, but it turned out to be a false alarm. Back then, Reagan and the Federal Reserve did the right thing by raising interest rates. However, it might not be a false alarm this time. Even though the dollar wasn't backed by gold, we were able to restore confidence in the dollar. We did that with high interest rates. This time, it is impossible for the Fed to raise interest rates that high because it would make the debt ...
  • EOD and 266th Explosions Cleaned up a big mess of UXO's and unserviceable ammunition
  • Why Government Cannot Be Reformed As long as you do not live under a rock, you know that the Federal Government prances along on its merry way of central control, no matter who is in office. The traits of arrogance and aloofness are a prerequisite to retain your employment. This pattern of myopic understanding of the precepts of federalism, separation of powers or the nature of a public servant is the primary aptitude of the professional political class. Whether a lowly intern, a career civil employee, a chairman of a Congressional committee or the head of bureaucratic agency; the steamroller of public destruction buries common citizens under the weight of oppressive dictates. Even if you ignore the politics, you cannot dismiss the debt. The foremost threat to any remote possibility of reform is a burden that is beyond repayment. Most have seen the national debt ticker of the $14 plus trillion owed. That amount is a mere drop in the bucket of the total obligations owed because of past federal government promises. The US Government Consolidated Financial Report (CFR) has a CITIZEN'S GUIDE TO THE 2010 FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. The $76 Trillion debt applies just for Federal Government obligations. Add on top of this amount all the States, Metropolitan and local and school bond debts.These are staggering sums. Then include corporate and institution liabilities, mortgages and individual personal debt. The stark reality is that the debt bubble is the inevitable financial killer. How can ...
  • Christopher Burn: climate change and melting permafrost Christopher Burn, a canadian geographer, tells us that global warming is causing the permafrost in western arctic and Yukon to melt. He says:I know of a building in Mayo that was unserviceable after 18 months () because the design did not accommodate the melting of the permafrost underneath the building. Posted by goodplanet Come and visit us!
  • Only yellow light blinks Traffic light in Jln.Meru, Klang, Selangor is not working about 6.00pm and when checked at 12.00midnight it was still unserviceable. When contact the contractor and the JKR District and branch offices, there were no answers from either numbers.
  • Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit, Batch 1 ZF) - SMRT Buses Service 960 The Habit-bodied Mercedes-Benz O405Gs are the signature bendy buses for TIBS (and now SMRT Buses) for many years. Designed by Studio Pininfarina, there are the most common bendy buses on the roads of Singapore and were delivered in two batches. Some of them have the Voith-gearbox installed; others ZF. Two kinds of EDS have been initially installed, one by long-time customer Lawo, the other by Transit Media. Recently many of the latter has been declared unserviceable and replaced by new Mobitec equipment (the successor company to Transit Media). Photo Gallery :
  • SSOD Sunken Sidecar of Doom Hub This is the hub unit from the Sunken Sidecar of Doom. The nut holding it onto the shaft was in surprisingly good condition however the bearings were unserviceable and there was a recess corroded into the hole that took the inside bearing so even if a new bearing was obtained it wouldn't fit hub anymore.
  • Emirates 777 Emirates 777-300ER landing on runway 23R at Manchester the ATC also says that the PAPI approach lights are unserviceable
  • Chris demolishes a desk This desk had become unserviceable and needed to be dismantled in a suitably dignified fashion. We brought it out to the front yard and Chris performed the honors.
  • Big Event in Wyandot County Several thousand unserviceable flags are disposed in a dignified ceremony by American Legion Post 225 with area Boy/Cub & Girl Scouts helping with the project.
  • Silkroad Odin :: Trilliam Baronet Quest [Lv 100] Faisca's Warrior/Cleric character making Level 100 and the Baronet quest. A few parts are missing due to Fraps corrupting some files and making them unserviceable for use in a video.
  • OM V Battery fighter junior short version A comparison showing how a cheap "smart" charger is unable to diagnose a battery that is unserviceable. This will lead to you breaking down while out on the road, or not even getting the vehicle started. OptiMate's unique testing program ensures you are informed that your battery is no good BEFORE you are left stranded!! OptiMate. Battery Performance, Guaranteed!!
  • Boboy Syjuco scandal: anatomy of graft Iloilo provincial administrator Manuel "Boy" Mejorada unravels the "anatomy of graft" committed by TESDA director general Augusto Boboy Syjuco in orchestrating the anomalous purchase of P7.5 million in heavy equipment for DPWH in his district which turned out to be unserviceable and worth only its weight as scrap, and worse, really belonged to Syjuco himself in the first place. This allowed Syjuco to enrich himself of millions of pesos at the expense of the Filipino taxpayer.
  • Gåckt→»░Ghost░« It´s short. It´s stupid. It took too much time. It wasn´t worth the effort. I´m just uploading this...this...unserviceable video because I haven´t uploaded anything in a while now. My inspiration hasn´t quite returned, and I confess I am getting too busy to get my inspiration back. I´ll keep making videos though, but don´t hope they´ll get longer or better than this. I really love this song and Gackt, and you might be seeing more videos with his music. Everything about the video you need to know is in the Credits, so either watch the one minute the video has or skip it, doesn´t really matter. The people mentioned helped me a lot, so even though the video sucks, those people are great. Thank you for all your help. Seruna~
  • Pocket Battleship Adm. Graf Spee Pt 5-9 Final docking: Admiral Graf Spee entered the neutral port of Montevideo, Uruguay for repairs. The exterior damage was surveyed by a British observer on 14 December 1939, who reported that the port midship 6" gun was unserviceable, the starboard anti-aircraft guns appeared out of action, rangefinders were out of action, the aircraft was wrecked, there were shell holes in the control tower and two holes below the waterline. In total, there was evidence of 3060 hits.[16] The most critical damage was the destruction of the desalination unit. Fresh water was essential for the running of diesels. Captain Langsdorff and the Chief Engineer carefully kept this problem secret. Although the specific details were signalled to SKL (Seekriegsleitung: Naval Warfare Command) in January 1940, this vital information lay buried from public knowledge for sixty years. One of Langsdorff's first actions when he entered Montevideo was to release the 62 crew of the merchant ships he had sunk during her most recent voyage. Out of nine merchant ships sunk, none of the crews had been killed. All of those released spoke highly of their treatment and of Langsdorff, who spoke perfect English and lent them English books to pass the time. Captain Dove of the Africa Shell had already become friends with Langsdorff. Under the Hague Convention of 1907, the Graf Spee was not entitled to remain in the port for more than 24 hours, without risking internment. In addition, and notwithstanding the rule already ...
  • Blk 2 Holland Village Residental HDB - Mitsubishi High-Speed Elevator Similar to the one installed at Bukit Batok Park, but this slightly newer installation has its audible announcement equipment unserviceable. Notice that compared to the models with numpad that were seen in high-rise installations, this earlier version has sharper looking button fixtures even though the number itself illuminates in red as well. Technical specifications : Floors served : 1 to 22 Capacity : 10 persons/680kg Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric History : Replaced as part of LUP, previously unknown
  • UNSERVICEABLE making a fool of ourselves in front of a polish friend...
  • YARMOUTH, MA- Amvets honor Marine Cpl. Nicholas Xiarhos with 'memorial flag box' (02-05-10) Cape Cod AMVETS Post 333 of Dennis will be dedicating a "memorial flag box" in honor of fallen Marine Cpl. Nicholas G. Xiarhos this morning at 9 at Yarmouth Police Department headquarters. Members of AMVETS Post 333 have placed similar flag boxes at various public locations across Cape Cod to honor the fallen troops from the region. The flag boxes offer an honorable place for citizens to place unserviceable American flags that are no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country. This morning's ceremony is open to the public. Xiarhos was killed in action on July 23. He was 21.
  • EOD Blow Getting rid of unserviceable munitions.
  • Waiouru Demolitions Large Demolitions Conducted by Ammunition Technicians of the New Zealand Army to destror unserviceable Military ammo and confiscated civilian explosives etc
  • People Change [Ep.2] Read Description Box NEED TO KNOW NEWS :Leave 2 comments until ep. 03 . Last time we left off at the point where Brianna was fighting with Ashley. Brianna said "Yeah cause we all know that guys don't like things that have been used and are unserviceable" Ashley glared at her and walked away. Selena sighed "Thanks Bri." Brianna said "No problem." Later that day they were at the park . The girls were sitting on the rocks by the entrance and the guys were playing football. "I wish that he would just ask me out already." Kristen said frustrated "Sorry Kristen, maybe he will you never know people move at their own paces." Demi said smiling and patting her back "Carla we all know you like Nick" Demi said laughing "You should have seen yourself , you had like a heart attack." Selena said laughing hard "He could have painted a rose with those red cheeks" Brianna said A bit after they went for ice cream .... " Who got Cookie dough" Selena yelled "me" avan said They all sat and finished their ice creams Joe said " So are we going to the movies still tomorrow" "Yeah" Robert said "Who's picking us up" Selena asked " ME of course" Taylor replied squeezing her hand. A few days later at the movies.... They went to go watch .. Pirhanna 3D "ahhhhhhh!" screamed joe . "Shhh" Demi said frustrated . Carla hid her face behind her eyes. Selena hid her face in Taylors chest. Kristen sat next to Robert who was talking to her the whole time and Brianna sat next to Avan , "I'll be right back i have to go to the ...
  • DSCF4751.AVI Pitts X-2c , Central Alberta , August 9 2010 RPM gauge unserviceable, lift off 110 mph, Vehicle Never exceed 220, approach speed 120; Lycoming IO 540, 320hp, constant speed prop
  • Cwmyoy, 2008-03-16 0921, Sunday Service chiming, chimer, tenor bell (unserviceable), 7s.wmv

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  • “Conservative website with blog, form and news Earlier in the day, I had visited the American Legion's website to learn about retiring an unserviceable flag”
    — ModernConservative,

  • “Forum discussion: Hello, I live in Morgan County, Alabama. Serviced by Charter Comm. I recently purchased a home, the previous owner has had Charter Cable TV and HSI installed according to Charters records for 10+ years. I have ordered TV and”
    — After 10+ yrs service Now home is declaired unserviceable,