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  • Local News. Georgia is Unselling Meth. Apr 24, 2010. Email this article Decatur County Sheriff's Sgt. Chad Bennett, CHAMPS Program Director for area 5th graders. — “Bainbridge News Georgia is Unselling Meth”,
  • Observations on communication, marketing, public relations, and social media from the president of Copywrite, Ink. Unselling *** And Other Stuff: Buyology. — “Copywrite, Ink.: Unselling *** And Other Stuff: Buyology”,
  • Unselling single-payer. Helen Redmond writes at Counterpunch: There's been virtually no stories about labor's support for HR 676 [Representative John Conyers' single-payer legislation], despite the fact it's been endorsed by 554 union organizations. — “Kirby Mountain: Unselling single-payer”,
  • (This complements McPheters's October 10 commentary on calling a copy a copy--whether it is paid or unpaid. Read it by logging on to 's article archive. TOXIC SALES: THE UNSELLING OF MAGAZINES. Comment Print Email Article. — “GUEST COMMENTARY--REBECCA MCPHETERS ON CIRCULATION. TOXIC”,
  • Women in the U.S. military assaulted and raped by fellow soldiers -- new information in a shocking investigation. Also This Week: "Unselling" Meth. When Tom Siebel, a billionaire software developer and part time Montana resident, learned the. — “Rape in the Military . NOW on PBS”,
  • Sites like Groupon, Living Social use urgency to encourage shoppers to buy in now. Smart marketers foster a longterm relationship, give clients what they need Here at eBoot Camp headquarters, it reminded me of an interesting post about "unselling" I saw on . — “Social media marketing and the power of urgency | eBoot Camp Book”,
  • To many professionals, selling is a dirty word. And that's okay, because by not selling, even unselling, you end up. — “The unsell”,
  • Stress and depression is an epidemic. We live in a society that continues to push and pressurize its population to its limits, therefore creating stress, anger, sadness, depression and anxiety [email protected]“Annies Counselling Therapy - Home”,
  • When the buyer gives a buying signal, close the sale and leave. As a sales person don't allow your egos and pride to get in the way. — “Unselling What You Just Sold”, sales-
  • For years, Madison Avenue was as hooked on cigarettes as any two-pack-a-day smoker. Agencies vied for the big accounts of the big tobacco companies The unselling efforts are fueled by a turnabout in societal attitudes about smoking, coupled with the intensification of so-called social marketing. — “THE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; Unselling the Cigarette”,
  • In a recent post I raised the issue of people and brands licensing their names. My general conclusion was that for the most part, it's a waste of money and could be a problem for the brand itself. It might Celebrity Endorsements: Selling and Unselling. — “Celebrity Endorsements: Selling and Unselling: Branding”,
  • How to change what others think, believe, feel and do is at the core of many professions. Here are the inner secrets of persuasion and changing other people. Added Cultural Diversity: a Fait Accompli, Unselling What You Just Sold and Would You Like Fries With That?. — “Changing minds and persuasion -- How we change what others”,
  • I'll never forget the first time it happened to me. The presentation with the customer was going well. I had prepared extensively. In fact, I had not just spent more time than normal, I had stayed up. — “BuildYourOwnBusiness: Unselling What You Just Sold”, buildyourownbusiness.biz
  • Oct. 30, 2010. Unselling What You Just Sold. Unselling What You Just Sold. 0 comments | 281 reads. Posted by Mark Hunter on Oct 30, 2010. Share. Print. I'll never forget the first time it happened to me. The presentation with the customer was going well. I had prepared extensively. — “Unselling What You Just Sold | CustomerThink”,
  • Unselling definition, to dissuade from a belief in the desirability, value, wisdom, or truth of something: See more. — “Unselling | Define Unselling at ”,
  • The curious and ironic thing about the consensus surrounding the government's unselling of drugs is that it comes at a time of such widespread anti-government sentiment. The unselling of tobacco has already commenced and will grow, thanks. — “The Consumer Republic: Behavior Modification | Crime, Law”,
  • The Journey from Manipulation to. Collaborative Business Development. Collaborative Marketing Consortium L.L.C. — “un·Selling Home Page”,
  • A 20-year-old Yale junior named Ira Nerken, inspired by CBS-TV's documentary "The Selling of the Pentagon," decided that if the military could use elaborate advertising and public. — “AMERICAN NOTES: Unselling the War - TIME”,
  • Unselling the Cigarette S Reversing the Old Message, Ad Agencies Switch Sides By STUARTELLIOTT For years, Madison Avenue was as hooked on The sums on the unselling side of the equation will increase substan. — “Chemotherapy Scares Me, Scout. Unselling the Cigarette”,
  • A publication about educating doctoral students at public universities on the Research Mission of Public Universities. Unselling Graduate School. Dan Monaghan. Professor of Pharmacology. University of Nebraska Medical Center. — “Unselling Graduate School”, www2.ku.edu
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review is an award-winning magazine covering best strategies for nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses. Published quarterly by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. — “Unselling Meth (August 20, 2007) | Stanford Social Innovation”,
  • The party was growing louder by the minute. I decided to introduce myself to an attractive woman about my age, who immediately grabbed my sleeve and tugged me out to the patio, where it was a few degrees cooler and many decibels quieter. Quiet Outrageous Sales Tactic – Unselling!. — “Outrageous Sales Tactic – Unselling! - Prosper Now - - Forbes”,
  • Definition of unselling in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unselling. Pronunciation of unselling. Translations of unselling. unselling synonyms, unselling antonyms. Information about unselling in the free online English dictionary and. — “unselling - definition of unselling by the Free Online”,
  • Is Your Social Media Marketing UNselling Your Business? Posted by thomas. Dr. Glenn Livingston (psychologist) is also a very intelligent marketer, bordering on brilliant. He's made an uncountable number of worthy points to note, but one stands out for the purpose of this post. — “Is Your Social Media Marketing UNselling Your Business?”,

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  • Cling-X/Tough Love unsell-able product
  • Don't Unsell -- Upsell In the last week before the big event - Speak Your Way to Wealth - we have received a number of cancellations. We could have just given people their money back. Instead, we gave them alternatives. They were: 1. They could roll their money into a recording of the event. 2. They could let their money ride and come next year for whatever price they paid. 3. Or get a full refund, no questions asked. Interestingly enough, we have found that most people really wanted to attend the event and they had to cancel due to family emergencies or work schedules getting in the way. So when we offered them a chance to see the event by video or by coming next year, they grabbed it! So the tip is, don't just hurry up and give people their money back without asking questions and finding alternatives. After all, it is the experience of the event they really want, not just some cold hard cash. The Speak Your Way to Wealth seminar is just one week away -- August 2, 2008. We have enjoyed sharing our experiences with you on this blog and we've had fun sharing some of our bloopers with you. We want to thank you for all of your time and attention and we'll be back next year with more ways you can use public speaking to grow your business. Thanks a million, Arvee Robinson and Lee Pound Producers
  • FEVICOL Spoof 2 This is the part 2 of the Fevicol Un-Selling presentation To have a complete picture, view the FEVICOL Un-Selling 1
  • SLNation - Episode 11 Special Guest: Bryan Unsell * Refuge in Dallas * SLNation Dance * Drew wants your t-shirts
  • Relief from Arthritis with Thumb Surgery at Community Hospital Painful thumb joints can bring your life to a halt. Get going again with thumb joint surgery and occupational therapy from Community Hospital orthopedic hand surgeon, Dr. Robert Unsell.
  • MAS110_Attrill_Black_Tues9_BurgerBin.m4v MAS 110 project. Selling the unsell-able. our video aims at selling recycled fast food.
  • What is a social media campaign? Ever wonder what goes into a social media campaign? Connect! Build a tribe where they are at! Unlearn what you think you should, unmarket, unsell and it will pay dividends!
  • MAS110_ Handa_ kemp_thurs1_asbestos removalist careers This video clip is a viral ad for our Semester 1 final assessment of Selling the unsell-able. We chose to sell the career of an Asbestos Removalist.
  • Unsell and restore a vehicle to active inventory How to remove the sale details from a vehicle in Lot Wizard's inventory so that the vehicle is no longer marked sold
  • Unsell The War (Vintage 1970's Anti-War Public Service Announcement) Vintage Anti-Vietnam War Public Service Announcement, circa 1972. I remember this from when I was a kid. It's still accurate and relevant for today.
  • Homeless Drag Queen meets Fairy Godmother Imprompto music video with Teddie Boutte, Zoe Delite, Jay Unsell and Nikki Lee Taylor.just for fun while we had a little sun. Camera by Vanessa Briggs. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
  • UnSelling (Episode #2) Better Way Sales Strategies announces it's second ever Video Blog. In this episode, Peter Bourke shares more about a sales strategy he calls "Un-Selling". The advice you'll find here will help you drive up your revenue and will teach you to make the deals you can't afford to lose these days.
  • UnSelling (Episode #3) Better Way Sales Strategies releases the third installment of the UnSelling Video Blog. In this episode, Peter Bourke shares more about a sales strategy he calls UnSelling. The advice you'll find here will help you drive up your revenue by actually serving your clients with honesty and integrity.
  • Unsell and Schattnik Law Office Information on Unsell and Schattnik Law Office
  • Lucy Unsells Aunt Martha's Old Fashioned Salad Dressing After finding out her salad dressing she's been selling is going for a loss, Lucy gets incognito to unsell the product.
  • Making of Fevicol Un-Selling 2 This is the making for our Fevicol Spoof Project in College Hilarious!
  • 1972 Anti-Vietman War PSAs Commercials (Motherhood and the Flag) Three 1972 anti-Vietnam public service announcements. 1. Super computers keeping the war going...from the "Clergy and Laymen Concerned" group 2. Help Unsell the War...with Uncle Sam giving the biggest piece of the pie to the glutton general 3. Mother Bomb...a distressed mother preaches about the harm of the "mother bombs" and "baby bombs" that can kill a Viet Cong solder, a water buffalo, or a baby. Let's hear it for Motherhood and the flag! **These commercials are from 1970-79 Commercials Part 1**
  • "I Love Lucy" Lucy & Ethel Unsell the Product in Sign Langauge Final for Dana & Vanessa's Theatrical Interpreting. Performed at Kirkwood Community College
  • Sold..or unsold? Yay, I just sold a home, but then it unsold? What? A home can unsell? Watch The Rambling Realtor and find out...
  • The Medicine Man Mamie and Buddy, the children of a mean, abusive shopkeeper, are excited when Dr. Harvey's medicine show comes to town. At night they secretly slip away to watch the show. Their father finds out and punishes them severely and then decides to force Mamie to marry against her will. Desperate, she ask for help from Dr. Harvey, whose own associates have gotten the attention of the local sheriff.
  • Broke For Free - Our Ego [Feat. Different Visitor] track off of SLAM FUNK FREEDOWNLOAD It's a real chill track, hope you enjoy it! written with Max Unsell
  • Making of Fevicol Un-Selling 1 Part 1 of the credits for Fevicol Un-Selling Campaign
  • UnSelling (Episode #1) Better Way Sales Strategies announces it's first ever Video Blog. In this episode, Peter Bourke shares about a sales strategy he calls "Un-Selling". The advice you'll find here will help you drive up your revenue and will teach you to make the deals you can't afford to lose these days.
  • Simple Surgery for Hand Pain If you deal with pain in your hands and find it difficult to do even everyday tasks, you aren't alone. Dr. Robert Unsell said the pain is actually quite common and can be fixed.

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  • “Tips on blogging, twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare and any other social media site that pops up in the future Here at eBoot Camp headquarters, it reminded me of an interesting post about "unselling" I saw on ”
    — eBoot Camp Blog: Social Media Tips and Strategies | eBoot,

  • “Unselling the Sold: Three mistakes that will drive away committed buyers. by Carol Logan her and quickly realized it was either a blog post or about 73 Twitter posts all strung”
    — 2Fish 4Business, 2

  • “Perhaps we should start an anti-networking, unselling group? In fact this is exactly why The OpenSure Blog is proudly powered by WordPress and The Go Green Blog theme”
    — The OpenSure Blog,

  • “'s customer generated reviews really set the standard for customer's doing the selling (and unselling) of a retailer's products. Join us right here, on our blog, at 5:30pm (Eastern) next Monday, October 4th as we live stream coverage of”
    — Hill Holliday Blog " I Give Customer Ratings on Retail Sites,

  • “Sites like Groupon, Living Social use urgency to encourage shoppers to buy in now. Smart marketers foster a longterm relationship, give clients what they need”
    — Social media marketing and the power of urgency | eBoot Camp Book,

  • “Oct. 30, 2010. Unselling What You Just Sold. Unselling What You Just Listening For Anything About The Customer. View all syndicated blogs or add your blog now”
    Unselling What You Just Sold | CustomerThink,

  • “If you know someone who might suffer from "unselling by telling", they likely need to overcome one or more of Performance Essentials | CEO Toolkit | Business Blog | About Us | News | Contact Us | Web”
    — " Does Education Lead to More Sales? - z|three blog,

  • “Henri Art Magazine Blog. Discussion of Contemporary Art, Theory, Painting and Life”
    — Henri Art Magazine Blog,

  • “'Commentary and ***ysis on each week's most controversial issue from . Visit /opinions. 2 percent don't really need further tax cuts -- the Angry Bear blog looks into why rolling back those cuts won't hurt the economy”
    — Operation Offset: Best Way to Pay for Rebuilding the Gulf,

  • “The Northern Colorado Business Report, best known for its award-winning print edition, delivers quality business journalism through many forms of media. Known for aggressive and comprehensive business reporting in the biweekly business journal,”
    — Northern Colorado Business Report -- industry news, corporate,

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