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  • Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. As I read Matt Crawford's Shop Class as Soulcraft, I thought often of Simone Weil, that young champion of the workers of the world Is it unselfing or self-affirmation that is at work here?. — “Dirty Hands, Clean Mind | Front Porch Republic”,
  • OB: What can we learn about an author, about whom we already know so much, with the finding of new letters? Should it affect our For example in her philosophy and fiction she suggests a rigorous attempt at unselfing' as a route to goodness and morality. — “Interview with Anne Rowe | Online Only | Granta Magazine”,
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Unselfing Ourselves from Self-centered Plastic Christianity, Jun 11 2004 Christianity for a deeper walk in "unselfing" ourselves to impact us personally, families,. — “Amazon.ca: Customer Reviews: Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms”, amazon.ca
  • Find Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to Community - Eugene H. Peterson at Borders - Books, Music and Movies. Concerned with the "unselfing" of our self-preoccupied, self-bound society, Peterson offers insightful, thought-provoking reflections on eleven select psalm-centered. — “Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to”,
  • She claims that a moral person becomes suitably other-directed through the practice of aesthetic perception through ego "unselfing. This standard of perfection is directly related to the nature of virtue as "unselfing. — “"SEEING" HUMAN GOODNESS: IRIS MURDOCH ON MORAL VIRTUE”, ul.ie
  • Salman Rushdie's latest novel is like a mine in which there are a few wonderful gems, but you have to dig through a lot of other stuff to get to them. This is, for example, yet ano There he sets out to remake himself: ''Nothing less than the unselfing of the self would do. — “Charles Matthews (Mountain View, CA)'s review of Fury”,
  • Encyclopedia article of Unselfing at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Unselfing encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • Unselfing. In the chapter "Selfing" of Wherever You Go, There You Are, Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about getting away from too much focusing on "I", "me", and "mine" 0 Comments on Unselfing Edit this page View other revisions Administration. — “ZhurnalyWiki: Unselfing”,
  • Where Your Treasure is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to Community - 0802801153 - Peterson, Eugene H. Concerned with the 'unselfing' of our self-preoccupied, self-bound society, Peterson offers insightful, thought-provoking reflections on eleven select psalm-centered prayers that can help. — “Where Your Treasure is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to”,
  • We become unselfing in this process and this is what makes it life giving. As I get older I am seeing that letting go is all that we have, becoming more and more unselfing. — “Tag "selflessness" | YOUTH NOISE | Giving youth voices to”,
  • Definition of Dusks with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. lumbar_vein, spiracles, dirking, kowtowing, unselfing, scopulas,. — “Dusks: Definition with Dusks Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • I've never read Murdoch. But this detailed explanation of the various forms of egoism may help--I hope. Good luck. http://www.iep.utm.edu/e/egoism.htm. — “Egoism vs unselfing? What is your view on Nietzsche vs”,
  • Sunday morning message by Pastor Norm Willis. Message given on 11/8/09. Unselfing Self. by Christ Church Kirkland. 3 months ago 3 months ago: Tue, Nov 10, 2009 1:. — “Unselfing Self on Vimeo”,
  • Peterson, Eugene H. Concerned with the "unselfing" of our self-preoccupied, self-bound society, Peterson offers insightful, thought-provoking reflections on eleven select psalm-centered prayers that can help. — “Where Your Treasure is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to”,
  • Faith in the Enlightenment? The Critique of the Enlightenment Revisited Book by Lieven Boeve, Joeri Schrijvers, Wessel Stoker, Hendrik M. Vroom; 2006. Read Faith in the Enlightenment? The Critique of the Enlightenment Revisited at Questia library Unselfing in Love: A Contradiction in Terms. — “Faith in the Enlightenment? The Critique of the Enlightenment”,
  • I have entitled what I want to share today "Unselfing Self. Without the unselfing. of self we are unable, in fact not permitted to advance with the. — “UNSELFING SELF”,
  • But before dressing, unselfing, and before unselfing, a bath. She memorises the order of her unselfing; and, indeed, it is no longer an unselfing but a reshelving. — “Himal Southasian/Enter the body”,
  • Pritchett Unselfing Himself from Hudson Review, The provided by Find Articles at BNET. — “Pritchett Unselfing Himself | Hudson Review, The | Find”,
  • Unselfing Ourselves from Self-centered Plastic Christianity, June 10, B. Eerdmans Publishing Company Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to Community Books Unselfing Ourselves from Self-centered Plastic Christianity I am a big fan of Eugene Peterson's writings, so I admit being. — “: "prewbee"'s review of Where Your Treasure Is”,
  • Good, Self, and Unselfing - Reflections on Iris Murdoch's Moral 3. Good and Unselfing. However, the question of why we should accept. her picture is not. — “Good, Self, and Unselfing - Reflections on Iris Murdoch's”, sammelpunkt.philo.at

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  • Magic Tricks; Unself Shoestring by: SAUD GUEVARRA have fun! :D
  • Happy Boom Boom Margo, on the verge of turning three, plays unself-consciously with her train set and an old set of Playskool blocks given to Scott by his Uncle Alan circa 1970. Trygve -- about to turn one -- watches calmly and is nicely entertained by her antics as well. Notice that she's playing with the Eric Carle "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" rhyme at the very start ("Purple block, purple block, what do you see?"). You can also hear the crowd cheering for a nearby kids baseball game at one point. An idyllic little moment that I was very lucky to capture.
  • The Truth about Secret Okay! The Imari clan is a clan full of albino people. [Albino people are usually, light skinned people with blue eyes and bleach blonde hair, but these Albino's are all white with blue, green, white/grey, or yellow eyes] Her clan has their own personal jobs. Most of the Imari's either make mirrors, weapons[more like blacksmiths], and/or build/foundation water banks etc. The Imari's are very into the village of Konoha. But, they were originally from the Snow Vilage. Secret is the daughter of the famous mirror maker, Kage Imari, and the gypsy, Cassidy Imari. Her strengths/powers are to controls water, ice, wind, and can turn invisible. Her most famous jutsu is the mirror of broken glass. She turns herself invisible, then the winds get stronger as a large mirror of ice and water moves infront of her to relfex the opponents move and their move breaks the mirror as she shards of ice hurts the opponent. Kool, huh? She's in love with her teammate, Youkai. But Youkai is in love with Itchimaru, from the Mist village. Her other teammate, Chance, is in love with her, but she doesn't give him the of day. She's udually really unself-confident because of Youkai. but something will happen. :D
  • Tamils Legal Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 1/6 Tamils Legal Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 1
  • Nokia Free Navigation Launch TVC Until now, SatNav has been kept in the hands of the few. That just doesnt feel right. From this day on, Nokia is giving away SatNav for free on all Nokia smartphonesits free and its for everyone. Because Nokia believes that everyone should be free to get to the people and places they love. Let us un-self consciously celebrate the fact that now everyone everywhere has access to SatNav on their Nokia phone. Let us showcase the richly diverse ways that people all around the world reach the people and places that matter most. Let us delight in the most authentic, playful, innovative and at times quirky modes of transport that humans use passionately in their everyday lives. May everyone everywhere find their way.
  • Lay It Down (Remix 2) - Jurny P, Lil Crazed, J. Reyez, Thai, and Tommy C I'm sorry, but I had to do a remix of a remix. Was I in the mood for it? Hail Yea. Do I think you guys would like it? That's totally up to you. Please Comment & Feedback Thanks Alot :) Lyrics: (Jurny) I Wanna Lay You Down & Put It Deep In Ya And Switch Ya Body Over Let My Tounge Please In Ya Don't Get It Mistaken I Dont (pause) Mess With Anybody You Pullin On My Shirt Guess I Gotchu Feelin Naughty On To The Floor Im Go Head Pick Ya Legs Up You Just Smile At Me So Un-Self Conscious This Is For All My Single Ladies Who Aint Gotta Man Aint No Need For Photoshop Your Beauty's Encrypted ★ FACEBOOK ★EMAIL: [email protected] ★TWITTER /JurnyP ★MYSPACE /pakmanstuna
  • See Performance of Best Songs from Revival Cast of Broadway's Super Hit of "Hair" "Let the Sunshine In" April 1, 2009 | 'HAIR' By BEN BRANTLEY Youll be happy to hear that the kids are all right. Quite a bit more than all right. Having moved indoors to Broadway from the Delacorte Theater in Central Park — where last summer they lighted up the night skies, howled at the moon and had ticket seekers lining up at dawn — the young cast members of Diane Pauluss thrilling revival of Hair show no signs of becoming domesticated. On the contrary, theyre tearing down the house in the production that opened on Tuesday night at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. And any theatergoer with a pulse will find it hard to resist their invitation to join the demolition crew. This emotionally rich revival of The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical from 1967 delivers what Broadway otherwise hasnt felt this season: the intense, unadulterated joy and anguish of that bi-polar state called youth. Yes, I know there was a musical called 13, about being exactly that age, that opened last fall, and that a lyrical revival of West Side Story is now playing to packed houses only a few blocks away. But what distinguishes Hair from other recent shows about being young is the illusion it sustains of rawness and immediacy, an un-self-conscious sense of the most self-conscious chapter in a persons life. Notice I did say illusion. Ms. Paulus and her creative team have worked hard at their seamless spontaneity. Karole Armitages happy hippie choreography, with its group gropes and mass writhing, looks as ...
  • Satsang Poem #67 How can space be a person? No, space can never be a person Don't trust the mind because you're not it so don't buy into it and pay for its stay at the imaginary hotel so when thoughts knock, know their nothing and it brings nothing but trouble if you identify with them and also your body so quiet and not so much control and no more thinking and no more taking so much care of yourself and it will be a smooth downward roll when you stroll in life Leave life to life No need to intervene the ride because life was never person in the first place so know the real you; the informationless, detached, unnameable pure witness that never needed anything in the first place so don't make everything the worst case because its all in your head so don't let mind hand you threats like if you lose the body or you'll lose something but you're only going to lose things that can fall away so just leave it to life and let everything function on its own and stay the unself interest witness and that's happiness because like Mooji said "you need nothing to be happy and something to make you sad"
  • HYPE vs. calm Subject: Graffiti. In this episode Unself and Miss163 have another eccentric debate, this time about graffiti and whether it should be condone or not. Share your thoughts people and subscribe to stay posted on our debates. Tune in the next episode to see our favorite debaters duke it out about whether or not running into a bank on fire is worth the risk....
  • Tamils Legal Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 6/6 Tamils Legal Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 6.wmv
  • my friend's Eagle Scout reception pretty self-explanatory title. Very un-self-explanatory video. if you like duct tape, you'll love this.
  • 10/7: things paige loves. 'pity this busy monster, manunkind' pity this busy monster, manunkind, not. Progress is a comfortable disease: your victim (death and life safely beyond) plays with the bigness of his littleness --- electrons deify one razorblade into a mountainrange; lenses extend unwish through curving wherewhen till unwish returns on its unself. A world of made is not a world of born --- pity poor flesh and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence. We doctors know a hopeless case if --- listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go EE Cummings i just realized that i didn't say why i love this poem. i love it because conveys my frustration with other people in an amazingly concise and slightly confusing way...and i think the last line is fantastic. i also just realized that i think i did what emma told us not to do when talking about paper towns. i do have a lot of thoughts other than "um. it was really good." but they all give something away. let's chat when you've read it.
  • The Godz - Turn On Contact High With the Godz (1966) Few bands in the annals of rock & roll were stranger than the New York City-based Godz. Recording for the wonderfully idiosyncratic ESP-DISK label from the mid-'60s until the early '70s, the Godz coughed up some of the strangest, most dissonant, purposely incompetent rock noise ever produced. Part of the Lower East Side scene that produced post-Beat avant-hippie rockers/performance artists the Fugs and the Holy Modal Rounders, as well as honest-to-God beat performers like Allen Ginsberg, the Godz recorded the most extreme music while being secretive about themselves. As the late critic Lester Bangs noted in an essay in Creem in 1971, the Godz "...are a pure test of one of the supreme traditions of rock & roll: the process by which a musical band can evolve from beginnings of almost insulting illiteracy to wind up several albums later romping and stomping deft as champs." Despite Bangs' essay, there are few, if any, detailed histories about this enigmatic band. What is known is that the Godz consisted of guitarist Jim McCarthy, bassist Larry Kessler, autoharpist Jay Dillon, and drummer Paul Thornton. McCarthy, the ostensible leader of the group, went solo in 1973, but the Godz were pretty much over by that point. As to what happened after they split, McCarthy became a photographer, Kessler is a record dealer, Thornton is an actor, and Dillon is living in the wilds of New Jersey. But none of that is as interesting as the three squalling ...
  • BabyGurl - OkobiO - OkobiO Production - Please Subscribe in the most un-self-loving way possible, i actuly love this song lol, but yeah check it out and tell me if you love it as well or whatever, thanx a lot. Okobi --------------------------------------- Hey! I'm Okobi. I live in London and I'm 16. I haven't had a really long life so far so I ain't got much to write about! I started makin beatz since i was 11 or 12, then i got a proper Casio Keyboard n taught myself how 2 play it. I started tryin 2 make lyrics 4 the beats, then came up with songs. When i wanted 2 make more songs, i started usin a webcam 2 record them n sing along. I playd those songs 2 my m8s and they told me about music software. So now iv got Cubase Studio 4 na propa studio mic ni use those 2 make my songz... I am MAD abt music, and i used 2 rle lyk dancing so im quite gd at that still(i hope). I wanna be different from mainstream, but still likeable 2 evry1 else so this page shows the different tracks I've made. Enjoy and tell me what you think! thanx... o ye, please subscribe. thanx agen...
  • (Tut. Play Backups!) PS3 CFW 3.55 Geohot +Tut to Play Backups + Castlevania Patch - Homebrews Now you can play Castlevania Lords of Shadow on this CFW! Download Patch: bit.ly 1) Install PKG file. 2) Transfer contents of USRDIR folder, EXCEPT EBOOT.BIN, to /devhdd0/game/BLES01047/USRDIR/ here's the guide to patch your own games: 1) Download and compile latest tools from git.fail0 Git (old versions of unself produce incorrect ELF) 2) Extract ELF from SELF 3) Hexedit ELF, find and replace dev_bdvd to correct path on dev_hdd0 (not all, but most games require this step) 4) Build NPDRM SELF using Geohot's tools 5) Build package using psn_package_npdrm 6) Patch your builded package using Geohot's tool (only for 3.55 firmware) Update #2: Homebrews released for 3.55 CFW by Geohot: LuaPlayer Beta 2.0 - bit.ly SNES9X Emulator - bit.ly blackb0x FTP 1.2 - bit.ly Sega Genesis Emulator - bit.ly Mednafen Multi System Emulator - bit.ly Open Manager 2.1 - (backups not working) - bit.ly MultiMAN (backups not working) - bit.ly Awesome File Manager (Backups not working) - bit.ly Download links: PS3UPDAT.PUP( CFW ): bit.ly First 3.55 CFW homebrew: bit.ly INSTALL ONLY ON FIRMWARE 3.55!!! Instructions: How to Jailbreak PlayStation 3 on 3.55 Step 1: Plug a USB stick into your computer Step 2:Download PS3UPDAT.PUP file. Step 3:Create folder PS3 and then create folder UPDATE inside it. Step 4:Unzip Jailbreak.zip to PS3UPDAT.PUP and put PS3UPDAT.PUP filein /PS3/UPDATE/ folder of your USB drive. Step 5:Power down you PS3 console and put USB drive. Step 6: Now press and hold the ...
  • My Donkey Not a particularly relevant title, but what I'm trying to think into here is the relationship between the psychophysical condition of 'unself-conscious engrossment' (a condition often associated with the optimisation of performance) and some metaphors of mind, particularly metaphors to do with spatial understandings of the 'self'. What I am beginning to argue here is that the state of unself-conscious engrossment is more likely to be willingly entered into if one feels confident that the self one is temporarily abandoning (at least consciously) is still going to be there when you come back. For this one would need a metaphorical map that allowed one to always know where the centre of your psyche was and how to find your way back to it. Kind of an existential GPS system.
  • Allerton & Alton Black, White And Bluegrass BCD 16559 AH Allerton & Alton Black, White And Bluegrass BCD 16559 AH FORMAT 1 CD digipac with booklet GENRE Bluegrass / Folk TRACKS 27 PLAYING TIME 70:51 Historic Country Music Discovery! Recordings of Interracial Duet Located After 60 Years Sometimes people who make music history have no idea they're doing so at the time. BEAR FAMILY RECORDS has uncovered just such a case and will proudly be releasing this rare and previously undocumented piece of country music history in November 2010. INFORMATION You can count on one hand the number of African American country music performers who recorded prior to the mid-1950s. Early Grand Ole Opry star Deford Bailey comes to mind because of his unique status as an instrumentalist. Indeed, the Country Music Foundation treats him as the historical oddity that he was. Jimmie Rodgers used Louis Armstrong's cornet on a 1930 session, but it's a cinch the two men never sang together. Black country singers and interracial duets during this period were as rare as hen's teeth. In fact, they may be altogether unknown. Now BEAR FAMILY RECORDS has found one. In several months we will proudly release the historical recordings of Allerton & Alton, The Cumberland Ridge Runners. They are perhaps the first interracial country music duet. Their performances dating from the late 1940s/early 1950s were broadcast over radio station WLAM in Lisbon, Maine and heard throughout the Northeast and parts of southern Ontario, Canada. The story of how these two country music ...
  • healing nectar Poetry by Debby Images from the Public Domain, Music used with permission from Magnatune. Track # 1 Heaven Sings, by Paul Avgerinos, Album "Words Touch". Poem: falling easily into the mouth of cells healing the wounds generated from the misconceptions of un-self close your eyes to who is there behind your eyes beyond the thoughts receive a healing nectar warm and golden a sacred salve aligning you with the great creator experience, feel, see, and sense what is real and who you really are recognize its unique potion bringing you a powerful release let go of all your fears and unconscious blocks move forward on your path replace your old thoughts to those aligned with your highest good un-do the subconscious mind those programs that enslave you and intend your personal healing
  • ripieno (by jonas baes' unself) ripieno by jonas baes (rather, his "other self") beyond infinity ensemble-seoul (ensemble BE) / acl 2009 a study on being an "other" / of being the "unself" / of being what one "is not" for chamber ensemble (engl hrn, bs klar, fr hrn, 3 schlag, str: 1-1-1-1-1) moliere, le misanthrope philosophical lessons for my students revisits baroque concerto grosso but annihilates the basic dialectical opposition between "soloist" and "ripieno" so that each instrument tries to be the other all texts in the (un)visualization are a mere afterthought meant to make you misunderstand the music (as well as its composer)
  • Maureen Cavanaugh Stay With Me at 31 GRAND.wmv James Kalm is pleased to introduce viewers to the work of Maureen Cavanaugh. It became apparent after discovering the work at her New York debut in 2005 that Cavanaugh is forging a unique vision that relates to Post-Feminist Art while maintaining its essential unself-conscious simplicity and directness. Depicting quotidian subjects like friends, dogs and domestic still lives, there is also an attraction to the glamorous and fashionably seductive that brings an edge of the *** to many pictures. Featuring an interview with Maureen Cavanaugh, and her mother, Kate Cavanaugh.
  • Rumi - A moment of happiness Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (1207-1273) was a XIII century Persian poet, jurist, theologian and Sufi mystic. A moment of happiness, you and I sitting on the verandah, apparently two, but one in soul, you and I. We feel the flowing water of life here, you and I, with the garden's beauty and the birds singing. The stars will be watching us, and we will show them what it is to be a thin crescent moon. You and I unselfed, will be together, indifferent to idle speculation, you and I. The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar as we laugh together, you and I. In one form upon this earth, and in another form in a timeless sweet land.
  • unselfed
  • Hearing from the Right Source This podcast and its associated discussion forum are about the Esoteric Teaching, or the authentic tradition of self-realization coming down from Kṛṣṇa through the Vedic literature and culture. We have often stated here that the Esoteric Teaching is a bona-fide Vedic mystery school that can help you attain complete self-realization. By practicing this Esoteric Teaching, you can come face-to-face with God. However, we also warn our students that there are many lineages and teachers of Vedic spirituality that cannot give you self-realization. In fact, if you hear from them, you may lose whatever faith and realization you have got. Why do we speak like this? And what is the criterion of the authentic Vedic tradition? What sets the Esoteric Teaching apart from others who claim to represent the Vedic tradition, and teach Bhagavad-gita? The answer is simple in our school we hear about spiritual life only from teachers who are actually self-realized. We do not hear about spiritual life from people who are not self-realized. For example, an unself-realized person may hold a very senior position in a spiritual organization. Or they may be very learned and able to defeat others with sophisticated philosophical arguments. Or they may have a powerful, charismatic personality. But none of these things is the actual criterion of the bona fide spiritual Master Teacher. The qualification of a spiritual master is given by Kṛṣṇa in Bhagavad-gita: tad viddhi pranipatena ...
  • Denise Duval sings Poulenc arias with composer at piano accompanied by the composer, arias from "Dialogues des Carmélites" and "Voix Humaine." Filmed in 1959. Will Crutchfield wrote in 1988: Duval was the great inspiration for Poulenc's late-blossoming operatic creativity, but they never made commercial song recordings together. Her voice is very French, slightly acid, sometimes a little bit of a cultivated scream. But she is a delightful, full-hearted and un-self-conscious interpreter... Francis Poulenc, like Britten, was one of the great accompanists; such high energy and virtuosity have been combined with such refinement of touch and sensibility only in three or four other pianists known to the recorded song literature.
  • Reflect and Engage In a previous video I talked about the similarity in structure between models of individual creativity (as described in models such as Wallas's) and of cultural creativity (in which I cited the 'dynamic systems' model of Czikszentmihalyi). In both models there is the image of a cyclical process featuring a number of similar steps. Another way of looking at those processes, particularly with regards to individual practice, is in terms of an oscillation between moments of engagement and moments of reflection, in which one alternately absorbs oneself unself-consciously in the activity and then withdraws from that activity and 'views' it from a metaphorical distance.
  • The Real Person: Private Johnny Cool - US Army Film (1969) Description: "Portrays the problem of Private Johnny Cool, a man desperately in search of his own identity. Conveys the essence of what is involved in being a genuine personality." - Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1969. An identity crisis is a term in an epigenetic and social psychological theory in which an individual loses a sense of personal sameness and historical continuity. The term was coined by the psychologist Erik Erikson. According to Erikson, an identity crisis is a time of intensive ***ysis and exploration of different ways of looking at oneself. Erikson's own interest in identity began in childhood. Raised Jewish, Erikson appeared very Scandinavian, and felt that he was an outsider of both groups. His later studies of cultural life among the Yurok of northern California and the Sioux of South Dakota helped formalize Erikson's ideas about identity development and identity crisis. Erikson described identity as "a subjective sense as well as an observable quality of personal sameness and continuity, paired with some belief in the sameness and continuity of some shared world image. As a quality of unself-conscious living, this can be gloriously obvious in a young person who has found himself as he has found his communality. In him we see emerge a unique unification of what is irreversibly given—that is, body type and temperament, giftedness and vulnerability, infantile models and acquired ideals—with the open ...
  • NEITHER Video by Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp, production Media in Motion, Berlin 2007, 14:00 min Text Samuel Backett, music Valerio Pizzorno, speaker Mona Mur NEITHER "to and fro in shadow from inner to outer shadow from impenetrable self to impenetrable unself by way of neither as between two lit refuges whose doors once neared gently close, once away turned from gently part again beckoned back and forth and turned away heedless of the way, intent on the one gleam or the other unheard footfalls only sound till at last halt for good, absent for good from self and other then no sound then gently light unfading on that unheeded neither unspeakable home" Samuel Beckett
  • Cube Chronicles 2: Soul by the Pound - Producer's Showcase Cube Chronicles #2: Soul by the Pound is a monthly event at Tatame Lounge in Winter Park, FL that showcases Orlando hiphop producers. Spot lighting on 2 of the producers: Synopse and Unself Titled.
  • How to distort the words of others for your own sad ends Some of you who are interesting in becoming street preachers may want to see an example of how to attempt to distort the meaning of what others say in order to promote your own twisted and insupportable ideas. Well, here's a primer on that.
  • Alan Watts on True Philosophy Alan Watts on True Philosophy - The mystical perspective: Author and mystic, Evelyn Underhill outlines the universal mystic way, the actual process by which the mystic arrives at union with the absolute. She identifies five stages of this process. First is the awakening, the stage in which one begins to have some consciousness of absolute or divine reality. The second stage is one of purgation, which is characterized by an awareness of one's own imperfections and finiteness. The response in this stage is one of self-discipline and mortification. The third stage, illumination, is one reached by artists and visionaries as well as being the final stage of some mystics. It is marked by a consciousness of a transcendent order and a vision of a new heaven and a new earth. The great mystics go beyond the stage of illumination to a fourth stage, which Underhill, borrowing the language of St. John of the Cross, calls the dark night of the soul. This stage, experienced by the few, is one of final and complete purification and is marked by confusion, helplessness, stagnation of the will, and a sense of the withdrawal of God's presence. It is the period of final "unselfing" and the surrender to the hidden purposes of the divine will. The final and last stage is one of union with the object of love, the one Reality, God. Here the self has been permanently established on a transcendental level and liberated for a new purpose. Filled up with the Divine Will, it immerses itself in the ...
  • Australia - Land of the Wog AUSTRALIA is becoming a country of wogs - and it is OK to say so. The federal Arts Minister, George Brandis, said yesterday that calling someone a "wog" is no longer considered offensive or racist because Australians are better at laughing at themselves. "It is a badge of arrival when a racial group can tell a joke against itself," he said. But the Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro, the Assistant Minister for Immigration whose parents hail from the southern Italian region of Calabria, said using the word depended on the situation. "I wouldn't like a complete stranger to call me a wog. I think I'd be quite offended then." Senator Brandis was talking to an Australia Council for the Arts forum on cultural citizenship. The Queensland senator, who admitted enjoying Wogs out of Work-style comedy, said, "There is nothing more unself-conscious and confident than the capacity to laugh at ourselves." He said Australians were remarkably comfortable about race compared with other countries. He doubted "the use of the word 'wog' in any way would be regarded as offensive or racist". But 30 years ago it would have been, and "quite rightly so". Immigration levels have soared over the past 10 years, with almost 150000 foreigners granted permanent visas last year, two-thirds of them skilled migrants. Britain (with 24800), India (15865), China (14688), South Africa (4293) and Malaysia (3838) were the leading sources of skilled workers. Workers from these countries accounted for 97900 of the 148200 ...
  • YEAST on iTunes & Amazon! A film about a maddeningly un-self-aware, tyrannical, and emotionally stunted young woman trying to negotiate two toxic friendships. WATCH NOW: or
  • Suzanna Gratia Hupp explains meaning of 2nd Amendment! On October 16, 1991, Hennard drove his 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck through the front window of a Luby's Cafeteria at 1705 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen, yelled "This is what Bell County has done to me!", then opened fire on the restaurant's patrons and staff with a Glock 17 pistol and later a Ruger P89. About 80 people were in the restaurant at the time. He stalked, shot, and killed 23 people and wounded another 20 before committing suicide. During the shooting, he approached Suzanna Gratia Hupp and her parents. Hupp had actually brought a handgun to the Luby's Cafeteria that day, but had left it in her vehicle due to the laws in force at the time, forbidding citizens from carrying firearms. According to her later testimony in favor of Missouri's HB-1720 bill[1] and in general, after she realized that her firearm was not in her purse, but "a hundred feet away in [her] car", her father charged at Hennard in an attempt to subdue him, only to be gunned down; a short time later, her mother was also shot and killed. (Hupp later expressed regret for abiding by the law in question by leaving her firearm in her car, rather than keeping it on her person. One patron, Tommy Vaughn, threw himself through a plate-glass window to allow others to escape. Hennard allowed a mother and her four-year-old child to leave. He reloaded several times and still had ammunition remaining when he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after being cornered and wounded by ...
  • Can't tell me nothin World Premiere Unself Freestyle **Lyrics Below**Its your boy Un playin around over Kanyes "Cant tell me nothin" beat. Leave a comment and lemme kno whatchu think!! I asked a fiend if he had a dollar i could borrow/ first thing i did was went and played the fking lotto/ the only reason a nigga look toward tomorrow/ that and to see which new *** to follow/ its feels so wrong like the title of this song/ can't tell me nothin is clearly telling something/ so tell me something can you stop a grammar *** from persecuting this roc beat?/ was that too soon, just like Bun B's doom?/ its hard gettin over goin nowhere fast/ im sure its tough gettin over hova and dame's past/ alas, like Atlas im holdin the at-last/ or is it at-las? dam i gotta stop missin my classes/ now my blacklist wants me inside their '@ lists'/ and dis black chick wanna gimme access/ tell me Y my X keeps crossing my axis/ when you do that means you finally got it/ the fact is im just mixing and matching/ all these frenemies, memories, beats and similes/ dam dis year alone i boned 3 stephanies/ all cojack, go back, wait bro, whats that?/ a verse by Un?/ oh *** its done begun/ now take it easy on yeezy taught em/ stick to games buddy, please in forme him. what are you doin guy? hit the forums/ i done see poems take niggas to the top of totems/ my net stay connected kid wit no modem/ and no router/ and no sour/ theres no time and im no coward/ they all wanna kno why they aint gonna make it/ how, when ya only talk about niggas who done made it ...
  • How to Support Humanity - My Personal Experience with Desteni (Part 6) Speaking about the point of Self Responsibility from the perspective of applying yourself in self honesty which is to consider ALL beings in this world within the actions you take. steni.co.za desteni destenicanada desteniproductions equallife equalmoney equality bernardpoolman andrewgableartist sunettespies estenidewet andrearossouw for universal equal rights
  • Rumble Fighter - BySaaTChi's Ownage List. Video Made By GoonGuy IGN: Sk4ndal (friend Of BySaaTChi) Ownaged Made By BySaaTChi!
  • Pity this busy monster by EE Cummings (Spoken Word Poetry I got my father to read this. It fits his nature. pity this busy monster, manunkind by EE Cummings (1894-1962) Featured on this blogspot pity this busy monster, manunkind, not. Progress is a comfortable disease: your victim (death and life safely beyond) plays with the bigness of his littleness --- electrons deify one razorblade into a mountainrange; lenses extend unwish through curving wherewhen till unwish returns on its unself. A world of made is not a world of born --- pity poor flesh and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this fine specimen of hypermagical ultraomnipotence. We doctors know a hopeless case if --- listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door; let's go -- EE Cummings Read by Ed F. Music & video edited by Lila Special Thanks to Qwoonsweird for letting me use his "Nik Turner's Space Ritual" footage, souldaddy1974 for letting me use his sunset time lapse, a19product & lgongstyn. souldaddy1974 Darc Kontinents is an international collaboration project via the net with the goal to keep poetry and spoken word alive from unknown to known artists
  • The Body as a Vehicle for Telepresence Two set of finding from different areas of research seem to me to be related in interesting ways. Firstly, it has been established that players of video games or immersants in VR environments perform better in those games and environments if they are able to feel themselves to be totally present there. Secondly, in the field of sport psychology, it is found that top flight athletes perform best when they are totally absorbed in the bodily activity; a state known as 'being in the zone' (elsewhere referred to as 'flow', 'unself-conscious engrossment', and 'absorption'). These two areas of research seem to share a common theme in which the 'self' of the player/athlete is fully aligned with the active body that is engaged in the desired action. There is an implied necessary dualism established which is resolved in the non-duality of present/telepresent activity.
  • Tamils Legal UN Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 3/6 Tamils Legal Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 3.wmv
  • Desteni-Music: Criticism That point actually relates to more than only the music-aspect... Destenis are pretty un-self-critical in general, even to the point of complete self-deception.
  • Tamils Legal Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 2/6 Tamils Legal Rights for Independent State Tamil Eelam 2.wmv

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