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  • In the scandal of Watergate President Nixon, who had lost belief and support from his demos and resigned unselectively because of illegal behavior, was punished for his belittling the legal system. from his demos and resigned unselectively because of illegal behavior, was punished. — “issue43 [7\8\910] 第八次作业 - GRE作文互动论坛 - 寄托家园 |留学|签证|TOEFL|GRE”,
  • A free online Talking English Pronunciation Dictionary - simply mouse over your entry to hear it pronounced. American and British spellings, with alternative pronunciations. Sounds are fast, clear and completely natural, pre-recorded by native. — “Pronunciation of unselectively - how to pronounce”,
  • PLoS ONE: an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE. Reports of well-performed scientific studies from all disciplines freely available to the whole world. a strategy where screening for albuminuria is performed unselectively. — “PLoS ONE: Towards a Rational Screening Strategy for”,
  • Being unselectively available to any new relationship or staying in an unsatisfactory one may be caused by the fear of being alone. — “Offra Gerstein, Relationship Matters, Jan. 26, 2009: Fear of”,
  • take an individual-level predicate, and thus cannot be unselectively bound. unselectively by adverbs of quantification (such as usually). Furthermore, on the assumption that quantifiers cannot bind into a. — “THE SOME INDEFINITES”,
  • Photography could also serve artists by revealing details too fleeting to record with the eye. An oft-quoted example is the recording by Eadweard Muybridge, through instantaneous sequential photographs, of the precise stages of human and animal. — “How would you write this in your own words? Photography could”,
  • It is amazing to see the plethora of treatment options we have for patients with metastatic colon cancer. In the past we had classic chemotherapy, drugs which unselectively kill cells which divide very fast. We know that tumor cells grow faster. — “Unique side effects of ... - Blogs - Revolution Health”,
  • Mucosal chemokine expression is unselectively increased in both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease Mucosal chemokine expression is unselectively increased in both ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. — “Chemokine expression in IBD. Mucosal chemokine expression is”,
  • Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “unselectively definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • They are also often bred unselectively and may be smaller, weaker mice (they have been in my experience). Any animal bred too often and not fed the best food will produce weak young and probably shorten their breeding life as their body can no longer cope. — “Fancy Mice”,
  • Definition of unselective in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unselective. Pronunciation of unselective. Translations of unselective. unselective synonyms, unselective antonyms. Information about unselective in the free online English. — “unselective - definition of unselective by the Free Online”,
  • 3H‐diazirine (3H‐DZN), a photoreactive gas similar in size to water, was used to probe the topography of the surface and inner space of proteins. On photolysis 3H‐DZN generates 3H‐methylene carbene, which reacts unselectively with its molecular cage, inserting even into C‐H bonds. — “Article :: Probing protein conformation with a minimal”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Unselectively - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Selectivity of omega-CgTx-MVIIC toxin from Conus magus on calcium currents in en voltage activated (HVA) calcium channels in the myenteric neurons unselectively as well as other types of HVA Ca2+ channels. — “Selectivity of omega-CgTx-MVIIC toxin from Conus magus on”,
  • Unselectively outraged. I just found this, from 1997. A Stolen Election Comments: Unselectively outraged "This is a legacy of cynicism that will echo through our politics for years". That's why the Donks had 527. — “Curmudgeonly & Skeptical: Unselectively outraged”,
  • Because the web casts are open to all constituents and prior notification has been widely and unselectively disseminated, all content of the calls is considered fully disclosed. A teleconference call to discuss our third quarter earnings results. — “Conference Call :: Investor Relations :: Cedar Fair”,
  • Imagine Halloween without pumpkins. Thanksgiving without cranberries. Valentine's Day without chocolate — well, any day without chocolate. If it weren't for pollinators, that would be the case. Pollinators are the Masters and Johnson of the Wind is a major pollinator, but it acts unselectively. — “Pollinate - ”,
  • unselectively in situ, as in (9a). Here all variables are. appropriately bound, but we run into the Donald Duck problem we for binding wh-in-situ unselectively. In (4), repeated in (18), the problem was that if we leave the philosopher. restriction in. — “To appear in P. Dekker 7 m. Stokhof (eds) Proceedings of the”,
  • Buy Insomnia Releases and merchandise at , items such as the Logo T-Shirt. Find the latest Insomnia merchandise here. Zopiclone and eszopiclone like benzodiazepine drugs bind unselectively to 1, 2, 3 and 5 GABAA benzodiazepine receptors. — “Official Insomnia Releases, official Insomnia t-shirts”,
  • 386.795 g/mol. SMILES. eMolecules & PubChem. Pharmacokinetic data. Bioavailability. 29–35% Metabolism. Hepatic. Half-life. 39 hours to accumulation, binds unselectively to benzodiazepine receptors,. — “Quazepam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • To develop it especially clearer, harvest the tactic was that beauty would be recommended unselectively after animals, typically at all after defenses. Tube from benadryl for sale or first reductions unselectively does to migraine expenses which are available to those metabolized with drug and. — “Benadryl Visa Price Beat Guarantee! Money Back Guarantee”,

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  • It s 10 p m and you re moshing your brains out Do Your Parents Know Where You Are The Mosh Pit has become a common phenomenon in the alternative music world Webster s doesn t have a definition so we ll make one up Moshing is the practice of slamming unselectively

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  • Flower Pollination Like all living things, plants reproduce to ensure future generations. But since plants can't move from place to place, they need a way to transfer pollen from one plant to another. Wind is a major pollinator, but it acts unselectively. Insects, on the other hand, pollinate flowers with precision. The bright colors and strong fragrances of flowers attract insects. Once lured to the flowers, insects discover pollen and nectar. Bees, butterflies and other insects gather pollen and nectar to feed themselves and their young. As insects move from plant to plant, they transfer pollen from one flower to the next. Fertilization occurs and seeds are formed. Over time, flowers have developed colors, smells and shapes, that successfully entice insects. At the same time, insects have developed features and behavior that make them more effective pollinators.
  • Windows XP notepad glitch Just something I put together. Word Sequence is 4,3,3,5 (bush hid the facts)or(your kid saw girls) etc. LOL well thats all and if you're wondering what the song is: I forgot it. JK XD its Owl City-Rainbow Veins
  • How to make HD videos with Windows Movie Maker This is very High Def. Quality is really good. Not quite a video, just slides put together. Lag got you down? Read this for the instructions. 1) go to the website 2)look on the left of the page, find "WMV-HD..." and click that 3)then click "... Introduction" right below. 4) Scroll down the page and download all 4 blue links (it says the dimesions of videos (eg 960 x 720)) 5)save them to C Files/Movie Maker/Shared/ Profiles. 6)OPTIONAL: if you dont have the folder Profiles then make a new one. Done. ------------------------------------------------ Any questions, leave a comment or pm me. I'll respond asap. ------------------------------------------------ Question. Q. How do I change my video setting to HD settings? A. When publishing your video, click on "Other settings" and scroll down to WMV-HD ***x-***x
  • Time will only tell Emus taking a vicious dump
  • Blade of Execution "Brother's at War"; President Elect Barack Obama - Reverend Jeremiah Wright The video proactively comments on the President Elect Barack Obama - Reverend Jeremiah Wright situation. It seeks to give insight on the troubling realities of hatred and betrayal; for they are titans amongst mankind's elite. They often raise their ugly maw at the most unsuspecting times, granting the false gold of ego elevation to the most tempestuous hearted. They (hatred and betrayal) are gods of misperception and they are ever unselective in choosing the vassals that preach their divisive message.
  • Notepad Hack Another notepad hack, not really. People please... shut up. This is what you type in: @echo off :E start cmd.exe goto :E Song: Icecream- MC Mong
  • Funny Signs Street Signs, Road Signs, etc. Collection of signs for the humorous. Enjoy it!
  • Turby Footage Footage of Red Eared Slider Turtle swimming around in a small little bowl thing.
  • Sub 4 Sub Add annotations on this video at the blank part, please. "Subscription Center" :) Follow the link below to add annotations to this video.
  • Can You Let Me Know- Lupe Fiasco [LYRICS] Ok, don't flame me. The lyrics might not be perfect, like us people: we're not perfect. [Diddo the first sentence, again] Lyrics Lupe! Ho, Verbal FNF UP Yeah, we do what we do Chicago Mann Can you let me know? Baby can we get up together? I ain't like those chicks, I'll treat you better Don't waste no more time Baby let's go Maybe we can go Baby I'm down to do whatever I don't really care, it doesn't matter Let's not waste no time Maybe, let's go Love, you gotta love it Hold hands in public I does it, cool I dug it Everything you do And everything you doesn't Everything you done Hope I'm the one you does it to Hope this trick goes wrong And I'm cut in two So I can feel it twice as much as two Lu's To lose is something that I never wanna do I' too loose to check on this track like choo Choose, to choose, I'd rather have you Even if it's half And I'll even hold for the whole if I have to But I don't wanna one That's too close to none, come But get rid of the gun It's covered in clues The one that you used To kill off the player inside And I brought back some flowers from the funeral for you You should come and make moves with a brother like uh Can you let me know? Baby can we get up together? I ain't like those chicks, I'll treat you better Don't waste no more time Baby let's go Maybe we can go Baby I'm down to do whatever I don't really care, it doesn't matter Let's not waste no time Maybe, let's go Yeah,I go by the name of Verbal Yea let's go Yo It all happened in a ...
  • Sound of skateboarding Sound of skateboarding, just looping for 12 days... Theres only one picture- idk why. Calm sound with no background music playing. Quiet, might wanna turn volume low.
  • Throw away edits IAK.avi just some random editing i did. this was a test for my tech class. i had to test it out on some random clip. not really an edit, lol. Vegas Pro 8.0 (Torrent)
  • The Victims of Puppy Mills A video I made showing the cruelty of this worldwide problem - puppy mills. There are thousands of puppy mills across the US alone, profiting from the suffering of its victims; the puppies and adult breeder dogs. With little to no exercise, the female breeder dog, often of poor and unselective breeding herself, is locked in a small confined cage for her entire useful life, enduring constant pregnancies and no care. After her body is unable to bear anymore young, she will be deemed unprofitable, and abandoned...if she doesn't die first. The majority of the pups are taken prematurely from their mother, sold to brokers, shipped across the country, then sold to pet shops. Many pups dont survive the journey. Often these pups are suffering from genetic diseases and defects, health problems from their birthing conditions, or mental and temperamental issues from the cruelty they experienced at the beginning of their life. Dont support puppy mills. Adopt a puppy instead of resorting to a pet shop, or buy from a breeder who allows inspections of the parents AND breeding kennels. Visit these sites for more information: .au Music Kate Bush - This Woman's Work
  • Photoshop CS4: Beam Tutorial [Simple] Simple way of making a beam. I'm not pro at photoshop, so it kinda sucks. And sorry if its too fast, I did speed some parts of it up. =='
  • Random-looking approach to docking the red ligand in the tube. This is a nonsensical system- a large unselective pore essentially being clogged by a ligand, but I just hacked it together quickly to test a concept in MoDynamics... lets call it SteeredMoDynamics. I'd say this version failed, because the red guy appears to be feeling some attractive force rather than happening into the precise conformation after thousands (or at least dozens) of failed collisions... I'll keep at it.
  • Sound of rain_0001 ==' tired to add desc.
  • Throw away edit 002 Throw away edit 002. I figured out the problem why it wouldn't render whole thing. Just some proj. for Tech. Not really though, I was just testing it on this random clip from a MV. Don't bother watching. :X Song used: I'm A Korean (Parody) Programs Used: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (Torrent DL) File: IAK.avi (Overwrite) 71.6 MB (71600 KB)
  • [How to] Make your channel title longer This video was a pain the butt to upload, render, and make. Had to take 3. Had to upload 6 times. Rendered twice. WTF!!!?!??!! Self explanatory once you watch it. Just open notepad and write something, then paste into your channel title.
  • Funny Signs 2 Funny Signs 2!!! For more humor. Well it's weird signs. -------------------------------------------------- MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR KIDS UNDER THE AGE OF 14. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.

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  • “The most complete collection of information, tips, fixes, workarounds, and answers for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Me, 98, NT, and 95 Windows XP Annoyances Discussion Forum. Posted by Colin ( Hi, I have XP Pro which has become a bit unstable. In fact it just freezes, unselectively and I have to power”
    — - System Restore (Windows XP Discussion Forum),

  • “The Ultimate Online Resource for Ski Gear, Travel, Photos and Video -- Powered by Ski, Skiing, and Warren Miller Entertainment. to a diagnosis of nine***th patients killing the dox candidates for illness unselectively sometimes telling the other decreases of their signals in effective pills, the”
    — Is tramadol a narcotic - SkiNet Community Blog post - The,

  • “List of devices currently supported by the Ovi Store can be found here: http:///devices/matrix_oviStore_1.html flaw in your login script which will be unselectively copied to new version test suite or someone will”
    — Five Minutes Ltd,

  • “Shingles is a big research with controlled, brief years on the juice of the spread, unselectively the love. Get a blog feed from all users. Inappropriate Flag. Flagging notifies the West Coast Surf Space webmaster of inappropriate content”
    — Cialis 10 Mg - West Coast Surf Space Blog post - 100% Genuine,

  • “As research is then again vascular it must unselectively be qualified. where can i purchase vicodin online: Get a blog feed from all users. Inappropriate Flag. Flagging notifies the Car Tribe webmaster of inappropriate content. Please flag”
    — Where Can I Purchase Vicodin O - Car Tribe Blog post,

  • “Using Ccleaner rather unselectively it also cleans the "recent documents' in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc). How can I avoid that? The s”
    — How can I avoid that CCleaner cleans 'recent documents' in,

  • “Essay: The Impact of Photography on Painting They rejected the pursuit of fine detail such as could be recorded unselectively on light-sensitive plates”
    — Essay: The Impact of Photography on Painting - Fine Art Blog,

  • “The existence of lyrebirds became known to Europeans in Australia in 1797 through the reports of an ex-convict who had lived for some years with, and fomented Prey seem to be taken unselectively, the main ones in the nestling diet and probably also in the adult diet being earthworms,”
    — Lyrebirds,

  • “In the process of handling global accounts, the program allows us to both selectively exclude (or only include) some and to selectively or unselectively mangle accounts in various ways. (About the blog) GettingAround. Full index of entries. Recent comments”
    — Chris's Wiki :: blog/sysadmin/OurPasswordPropagation,

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