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  • Seated upon my berth, I stared unseeingly before me, upon a changed ship, a changed sea Seated upon my berth, I stared unseeingly before me, upon a changed ship, a changed sea and sky--upon another. — “The Devil Doctor : Chapter ***III. The Mummy by Sax Rohmer”,
  • unseeingly (comparative more unseeingly, superlative most unseeingly) This page was last modified on 1 August 2007, at 09:21. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “unseeingly - Wiktionary”,
  • In this evocative mythological painting, Diana sits with her companions near the edge of a dark and impenetrable forest. As evening falls she gazes unseeingly into the distance while one of her companions kneels before her, attending to her feet. — “Timeline of Events That Happened in 1653 - ”,
  • This review is from: Carved (DVD) Like many urban myth seekers I heard about the slit-mouth woman story online and after seeing a you might find a few scenes in the movie a tad unseeingly which I did. — “: Rich "xman"'s review of Carved”,
  • You are beyond swearing, hurling the TV remote or cleaving the coffee table in two with a single karate chop: all you can do is to stand up, walk over to the window and - in the manner of the boy who sees dead people in The Sixth Sense - stare unseeingly into the middle distance. — “Don't bite nature - it'll bite you back harder | Stuff.co.nz”, stuff.co.nz
  • BookMovement tracks the 100 most popular book club selections according to our book clubs. On a cliff edge overlooking the North Sea, a quadriplegic woman in a wheelchair stares unseeingly at the waves. — “Friend of the Devil by Peter Robinson Book Club Discussion”,
  • 29 Jun 2010 - 10:32:11 am. His eyes remained unseeingly fixed on the His eyes remained unseeingly fixed on the thronged sunlit square below the windowAt length he said in a low voice: "She never asked meYou never did ask each other anything, did you?. — “ - Blog The first blog : His eyes”,
  • On a cliff edge overlooking the North Sea, a quadriplegic woman in a wheelchair stares unseeingly at the waves. She had been murdered. And, miles away, in a storeroom in the Maze, a medieval warren of yards and alleys at the heart of Eastvale,. — “chapters.indigo.ca: Friend Of The Devil: Peter Robinson: Books”, chapters.indigo.ca
  • unseeingly IN BRIEF: In a manner not consciously observing. is a free vocabulary and spelling program where you only pay for. — “unseeingly: Information from ”,
  • Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of English Word 'unsell' unseeingly. unseemliness. unseemly. unseen. unseen-before. unseen translation. unselfish. unselfish person. unselfishly. unselfishness. unsell. unsellable. unsentimental. unserviceability. unserviceable. unsettingly. unsettle. — “unsell - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish”,
  • Christopher Hopson, 7, worked hard in school last year and got all A's and B's, but this year he sometimes stares unseeingly into space, complains of feeling dizzy and gets D's. His mother. — “Behavior: After the Deluge - TIME”,
  • Is this sentence correct? The little note was kicked unseeingly by Jess under the desk. Now, I want to say that he kicked the little note under the desk without him realizing/seeing doing so. Can you use the word "unseeingly" like that? Thanks. — “Correct use of the word "unseeingly".? Is this sentence”,
  • Fansite Regretful Sorrows "Love can be unseeingly painful or remarkably beautiful, but it cannot regret." Regretful Sorrows. Multimedia. 0-9. 10 TIHAY (ABC) 500 Days of Summer. A-E. — “Regretful Sorrows - Wizards of Waverly Place”,
  • Definition of unseeingly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unseeingly? Meaning of unseeingly as a legal term. What does unseeingly mean in law?. — “unseeingly legal definition of unseeingly. unseeingly”, legal-
  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone Adverb: unseeingly ,ún'see-ing-lee. In an unseeing manner "Rolf stared unseeingly into the bed of pulsing embers in the completed stone fireplace at one end of the great hall" Encyclopedia:. — “unseeingly- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Robert FanninHachette Books Ireland; €12.99 DOYLE and his girlfriend move to Bristol. An actress, Daphne fails to find work and sinks into depression. She watches TV, unseeingly, and stops engaging with the world. So when Doyle. — “Falling Slowly | Irish Examiner”,
  • A Supernatural - Angst/Drama fanfiction with characters Sam W.. Story summary: Sam stared unseeingly in front of him, his mood outside perfectly reflecting the darkness within, impenetrable and forsaken. Tag for 4.22, 'Lucifer Rising'. — “A Shot in the Dark, a Supernatural fanfic - ”,
  • Violets in Bloom, Chapter 30: Spring break, Romanoff style. Victor stood by the glass wall staring unseeingly at the airplanes taking off into the , Glory Lennon Victor stood by the glass wall staring unseeingly at the airplanes taking off into the dull grey winter sky at JFK airport. — “Novel excerpts: Spring break - by Glory Lennon - Helium”,
  • Cape Coast (Central Region) 25 October 2002 - Anita looked dejected about her, and settled her eyes unseeingly, on the glass sitting on top of her dresser and which she had filled to the brim with Coca-Cola laced with DDT. glass and fixed them again unseeingly on the ceiling, wishing that. — “GRi Feature 25 – 10 - 2002”,
  • Break waiting to looked woman, whereafter of, was thus window expunge mailbox on exit mozilla the, otherwise Unseeingly man every and and scheduled Pugnacious was his, armed back them before aboard, straightened polar bear mask on exit mozilla the, otherwise Unseeingly man every and and scheduled. — “Polar bear mask template”,
  • Definition of unseeingly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unseeingly. Pronunciation of unseeingly. Translations of unseeingly. unseeingly synonyms, unseeingly antonyms. Information about unseeingly in the free online English dictionary and. — “unseeingly - definition of unseeingly by the Free Online”,

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  • Train Wreck The horrific collision of an unseeingly large train and an unseeingly purple car is more that meets the eye...
  • Forever and Always Chapter 33 Part 2 After about 30 minutes, I started getting really bored. "CJ Can I come out yet?" I yelled. "No" She said wearily. I groaned in complete bordom and frustration. I leaned back in the chair that Courtney had kindly provided. Then leaned forward, resting my chin in my hands and placing my elbows on top of my knees. I stared unseeingly at the wall. Then I smirked to myself. I pulled a pencil out of my knee high socks, velvet black with pink ponies, my favorite. I glanced over my shoulders to make sure the coast was clear, then turned back to the wall and scribbled nonsense on to the sky blue wall like, 'The air vent is totally ruining my vibe right now.' I scribbled some happy faces with a twist, like adding humungous ears or buck teeth or unibrows to them. After about an hour I stuck my pencil back in my sock and continued to pout. Joe came out and laughed at me. "Haha you got put in the corner!" He taunted in a sing-song voice. Rae hit him in the back of the head. I laughed at him as he rubbed the back of his head in pain. "Elaina are you facing the wall?!" Kevin yelled. "No she is not Kevin. Shes laughing at me." Joe accused. Kevin walked into the room and leaned against the wall, waiting for me to turn around on my stool and face the wall again. Everyone walked back into the kitchen where they had been talking. "My little friend Edward is telling me the air vent deserved to die and that Jacob the Unicorn is ganna chase after Joe!" I yelled to the group. "Elaina shut up ...
  • The Werechicken rampaging through New York City The Real Ghostbusters "Poultrygeist" A newly hatched Werechicken egg starts out innocent enough but before long he has eaten and unseeingly grows to gigantic proportions. Now this massive bird is stomping all in it's path and even the Ghostbusters can't seem to take it down. This is aedited video compilation that only shows the moments that focus on giant sized Werechicken rampaging through New York City. Not a full episode! Includes Macro bird, rampaging, destruction, werecreature and Building Climbing. This video is brought to you by the website: Macro Anthropomorphic And Non-Anthropomorphic Animals, Furries and Other Giant Beasts in Cartoons, Movies and TV Shows Page
  • Wait For Me (Justin Bieber Love Story) Chapter 2 **Justin's POV** "Hey Justin!" Ryan called from across the room. I looked up from my guitar and glanced at him. He held up his cell phone and gestured for me to stand beside him. "Got some news." I sighed and placed my guitar on the stand. "What now?" I snapped. This guy thought it was okay to interrupt me? What a joker. Ryan inched back, but he didn't get up and start lecturing me about how "everything is going to my head" and "I need to start thinking about how many feelings I hurt" and "that it's not healthy to be so rude." He just handed me his cell phone and stood to grab a Coke. Sending a glare at his back, I reluctantly read the news feed he came across. "Justin Bieber disses fan," I read to myself. I rolled my eyes. That fan deserved it! I mean, she attacked me, and I'm expected to politely take her off of me and give her an autograph? Screw that! ' "Yep. I really did diss her," the Canadian superstar claims. "She attacked me!" According to the fan, she'd been riding her bike, unseeingly ran over a pothole and was sent flying into Justin. Bieber confirms that the fan was definitely running towards him and jumped at him. He confesses that he exchanged a few harsh words, but nothing that would bruise her ego too hard. Although the fan claims differently, we respect Justin and his words, and we'll hope that he's telling the truth." ' Rolling my eyes again, I pressed "end" and tossed Ryan's phone onto the sofa. These people were seriously getting on my nerves. I ...
  • Narrative and Authenticity 11-16-09 GU Bookstore sponsor a panel discussion about narrative and authenticity.
  • President Obama Change is Comin' A Look Back on the 2008 Presidential Race...for Clarity's Sake: On the Apparent Stupidity of Americans... By Christina Marlowe September, 2008 As of today, Wednesday, 17 September, 2008, citizens of the United States have lost over a TRILLION dollars in THREE DAYS and the presidential race is STILL tight; What can any one person POSSIBLY, LOGICALLY, RATIONALLY, CONCEIVABLY conclude from THIS fact ALONE?!?!? I'll TELL you: AT LEAST HALF of the people in this GODFORSAKEN country, AMERICA, are ACTUALLY STILL FAVORING the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just how many times do these people have to get SHAMELESSLY, UNABASHEDLY and UTTERLY RAPED by this party?!?!?! I am embarrassed and ashamed for each and every one of these TOTAL MORONS in their COMPLETE and TOTAL ABJECT stupidity. Which brings me to my next point: as this man, McCain, unseeingly stares out from under the notes and/or speeches that someone ELSE has written for him; as this man proceeds to stutter the words that he is INDEED a MAVERICK; as he is looking on in UNCOMPREHENDING and STUPEFIED WONDER at every horrible and ghastly thing that is happening in our country, indeed, around the world, we must come to THE CONCLUSION that, BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, the mere IDEA that ANYONE is even considering voting for this man, McCain, flies in the face of anything even RESEMBLING human intelligence. (Never mind the worthless, ignorant white trash running mate) IT IS OBVIOUS that this man, McCain, FAILS COMPLETELY in any ...

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  • “Blog. Subscribe. The Benefits of Weaving. by Michelle Dobrovolny on Then I learn that, as most of the weavers here are blind, their eyes simply focus unseeingly on whatever lies ahead”
    — The Benefits of Weaving • www.jhr.ca/blog • Field Notes, jhr.ca

  • “Forum for German-English translation questions. After the 0-1 in the Cologne group match they didn't want again to run unseeingly into the open knife”
    — forum.dict.cc: English-German Translation Forum, forum.dict.cc

  • “allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience I was pleased that there were no punches thrown in parliament, no unseeingly scenes of honourable members doing what some call pulling a South Korea”
    — : Blog - Kenya,

  • “SHOW & SELL - BARILÀ POP-UP HAUTE FASHION EXHIBIT AT THE THE MONTREAL GAY LIST: Unseeingly, he gazes into the past, as he sits in a pile of dying cars with his memories”
    — Montreal Things to Do | Tourisme Montreal, tourisme-

  • “Largest place to download free passes to the night clubs and dance scene. Forum Groups Polls Quizzes Gear Graphics Blogs. Login. Sign Up. Welcome Guest Login or Signup. Favorites. Digg. Del.icio.us. Facebook. Furl. Magnolia. StumbleUpon. Google. Yahoo MyWeb. BLOGS. WRITE NEW BLOG. EDIT BLOGS”
    — Blogs " ClubUgly ™,

  • “China Electronics Wholesale, Digital Cameras, Car Electronics, MP3 Players, MP4 Players, Spy Cameras, Security Products, Electronic Gadgets BEWARE the demonstration, the mp3 mp4 player will be demo'd in a simplistic way or even unseeingly swapped afterwards for the "dud"”
    — China Electronics Wholesale | Digital Cameras | MP4 Players, greatdeals-

  • “Digimon: Asgard [Rated M, blood, gore, strong language] Everything about this man was unseeingly dull; he had wrinkles on his forehead, and on his hands - the only exposed part of his body”
    — Digimon: Asgard [Rated M, blood, gore, strong language],

  • “Your first blog His eyes remained unseeingly fixed on the thronged sunlit square below the windowAt length he said in a low voice: "She never asked meYou never did ask each other anything, did you? And you never told each other anythingYou just sat and watched”
    — - Blog The first blog : His eyes,

  • “"Love can be unseeingly painful or remarkably beautiful, but it cannot regret. Blog. view: full / summary. 27 DRESSES UPLOAD. Posted on September 26, 2009 at 8:57 AM. comments (6) 27 Dresses is now ready for”
    — Regretful Sorrows,

  • “twilight1901.blog.hr verzija Sumraka,imam prevedeno prvo poglavlje ali razmisljam dali da ga stavim na blog .nazalost saznala sam da Stephenie Meyer mozda nece napisati knjigu do kraja jer”
    — forever,and forever and forever, twilight1901.blog.hr

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