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  • At least three important ethical considerations come to bear: the importance of democratic decision-making, the prohibition against irreversible changes, and the significance of learning to live with nature. In many cases research leads unreflectively to development. — “The Ethics of Geoengineering | P&P”,
  • To talk about literacy these days, both in school and out, is to speak of events, practices, activities, ideologies, discourses, and identities (and at times to do so almost unreflectively, so much a part of our customary academic ways of thinking have these categories and terminology become). — “"Connecting Schools with Out-of-School Worlds" by Glynda Hull”, repository.upenn.edu
  • Because many people acquire their own "philosophy of life" unreflectively, even unconsciously, from their parents and surrounding culture, philosophers have long both practiced and encouraged critical reflections on religious and cultural institutions. — “Why Philosophy”, puffin.creighton.edu
  • unreflectively. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 28 February 2009, at 21:04. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “unreflectively - Wiktionary”,
  • Agincourt Press aims to publish books that recognize the incipient nature of any meaningful and productive thought. A book published by us is an idea in the making. Undaunted by the necessarily provisional quality of thinking, we do not seek to. — “Agincourt Press : Home”,
  • Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton - American Folk Tales and Songs, Tradition Records, Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Discography at the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem The dictionary says that folklore is "Traditional tales, songs, dances, customs, beliefs, sayings, preserved unreflectively among a people. — “Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton - American Folk Tales and Songs”,
  • The Hastings Center is an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit bioethics research institute founded in 1969. The Center's mission is to address In the present context, this can lead to a tendency to unreflectively judge any risk to the fetus, however small or theoretical, to trump. — “The Hastings Center - Risk and the Pregnant Body”,
  • unreflective adj. Not reflective; unthinking. unreflectively un ' reflec ' tively adv. Browse: Unanswered questions | Most-recent questions | Reference library. — “unreflective: Definition from ”,
  • Translations of unreflectively. unreflectively synonyms, unreflectively antonyms. Information about unreflectively in the free Nor do we wish to unreflectively endorse the idea that women bring 'a different voice' to moral and other deliberations that is in some sense feminine, and which is. — “unreflectively - definition of unreflectively by the Free”,
  • Home " ZSpace " ZQuotes " Murray Bookchin " If we take for granted and acce If we take for granted and accept unreflectively that community consists of an aggregate of unrelated,. — “ZCommunications | If we take for granted and accept”,
  • Not one to go unreflectively forth, Bauer ponders her way through to her 30's. Not one to go unreflectively forth, Bauer ponders her way through to her 30's. — “: Anastasia Duro's review of Not That Kind of Girl”,
  • Criteriology provides the most pragmatic connection between education and philosophy. They tend to deal with these issues unreflectively, perhaps overlooking alternative ways to handle them. — “Philosophy and Education: what's the connection”,
  • Powell's Books is the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world. We carry an extensive collection of out of print rare, and technical titles as well as many other new and used books in every field. Unreflectively entangled in crimes of demarcation, Mason and Dixon take us long on a. — “Mason and Dixon by Thomas Pynchon - Powell's Books”,
  • We can live so unreflectively nowadays, always hoping to "get by" with what we already know. Yet if life experience teaches us anything along the way, it is that we still have so much more to learn if we are to flourish as people. We will not be. — “VANTAGEPOINT3 :: Learning along the way”, vantagepoint3.org
  • September 10th 2008 - Is racism more important than income? Rather, almost unreflectively, they try to seize the sensible middle ground. The serious research on polarization shows that it mostly is the noise. — “September 10th 2008 - Is racism more important than income?”,
  • Economists (and most scientists) generally assume (unreflectively) that the market for ideas is pretty efficient. One consequence of this attitude is that the serious study of history of economics has been systematically erased from the graduate. — “Rating Agencies, Transparancy, or Max Weber at Chicago - New”,
  • A completely normal and sane person can live some of his character traits unreflectively. Perhaps it is soon in fact impossible to live unreflectively. — “20th WCP: Impossible Descriptions, Superfluous Descriptions”, bu.edu
  • Duke University Press story' of the apotheosis of the modern body through the thought provoking trajectory of immunity as an unquestioned metaphor that unreflectively incorporates juridico-political assumptions. — “Welcome To Duke University Press”, dukeupress.edu
  • by Flyez. Passive person, usually a woman, who unreflectively acquiesces at ones request. Passive person, usually a woman, who unreflectively acquiesces at ones request. "Why don't you be a lamb and give me a tug?. — “Urban Dictionary: Lamb t-shirts, mugs and magnets”,
  • or when lawyers pull the strings unreflectively? cf. *** Germany and US, although Bush 43 comes from the business side of things - a next step towards this sort of incipiency?] Hegel's critique of Kant showed the phenomenological self-reflection. — “the collective lounge”,
  • Unreflectively definition, not reflective; thoughtless; lacking in due deliberation; heedless; rash: See more. — “Unreflectively | Define Unreflectively at ”,
  • If you are like most people, you've adopted your moral beliefs unreflectively from your society, your family, and your peers, often catching them as you would catch the The trouble is that adopting moral beliefs unreflectively is positively dangerous, both to your own soul and to other people. — “Display Class Syllabus”, byui.edu
  • Definition of unreflectively in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unreflectively? Meaning of unreflectively as a legal term. What does unreflectively mean in law?. — “unreflectively legal definition of unreflectively”, legal-
  • Thinking Faith is the online journal of the British Jesuits At an earlier stage in the life of the Catholic church, in 1958 for example, what Catholics naturally and unreflectively did was. — “Year-Five Epiphany? - Late Baptisms in the Catholic Church”,

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  • “The controversy over building a mosque and Islamic center within two blocks of Ground in the habit of speaking like this unreflectively, it would be one of those situations”
    — The American Conservative " Mosque Hysteria Left and Right,

  • “Source link: http:///9240/copyright-is-very-sticky/ Copyright is very just "make it public domain," some then, a bit unreflectively, retort”
    — Copyright is very sticky! — Mises Economics Blog,

  • “Richard S. Kay (University of Connecticut School of Law) has posted Constituent Authority (American Journal of Comparative Law, forthcoming) on SSRN. Here is the abstract: The force of a constitution, like the force of all enacted law, derives,”
    — Constituent AuthorityMike Rappaport - The Originalism Blog,

  • “Business The relationship between early Christianity and the world around it, the ways in which it was culturally embedded in that world, sometimes unreflectively, sometimes reflexively, sometimes in deliberate accommodation, sometimes in deliberate cooptation,”
    — Blog,

  • “Forum. Subscribe. Good Letters: The IMAGE Blog. About. Donate. Contact could those two things be happening in the same world?"—one person following his usual morning routine unreflectively, the other embarking on the most un-routine passage that culminates every human journey. Mirek had been raised”
    — Image Good Letters: The IMAGE Blog For Mirek,

  • “President Obama Polling Well on National Security | Blog Home Page | Understatement of the Year " Today we unreflectively associate fascism with militarism. But it should be remembered that fascism was militaristic because militarism was "”
    — RealClearWorld - The Compass Blog,

  • “Today it still has an ardent cult following, but otherwise it is not them in what to do, and they obeyed these voices immediately and unreflectively”
    — The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral,

  • “We can live so unreflectively nowadays, always hoping to "get by" with what we already know. Yet if life experience teaches us anything along the way, it is that we still have so much more to learn if we are to flourish as people. We will not be”
    — VANTAGEPOINT3 :: Learning along the way, vantagepoint3.org

  • “Archived Blog Entry. 10 Comments. Mar. 17. Polkinghorne's Twin Concerns. A vegetarian butcher. That's the combination some people "to encourage scientists to take religion seriously and not dismiss it unreflectively without a hearing”
    — Polkinghorne's Twin Concerns · For The Love of Wisdom and The,

  • “Read Socialism and freedom of thought by Socialist Standard on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. From the November 1984 issue of th as "bourgeois freedom", because such writers are apt (precisely when they are most free) to reproduce unreflectively the prejudice of an age”
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