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  • Carbon composites (mixed material, unrecyclable) remain the materials of choice for high-end racing bikes, but for the rest of us in the biking masses, bamboo may soon come into its own as a better way to cycle. Calfee Design,. — “Bamboo In A Bicycle Built For Two : TreeHugger”,
  • The increased dumping of unrecyclable material in the city of Rio Dell s recycling bins behind City Hall may create a situation that makes it difficult to recycle at all for those without curbside pickup. — “Illicit dumping may bring end to Rio Dell recycling bins”, times-
  • Oz Etzioni s Unrecyclable logo won the Eco-Vis Design Challenge last (last?) year. He recently made the image available under a Creative Commons license. We made a couple hundred of these for the exhibition, and they were gone on the first day. Now you can make your own. — “Unrecyclable is CC Licensed”,
  • Through both our digital site of Greenopolis and our physical presence of GreenOps Tracking Stations, we allow our customers to do actual, trackable good for the planet. We also try to make your everyday life better by offering rewards for Building Blocks Made From Unrecyclable Plastics. — “Home | greenopolis recycling rewards”,
  • Your email will not be shared with the public, or any third-party advertisers. Login or Signup. SocialCycling Turns Unrecyclable Products Into Usable Items. BY Ariel Schwartz Fri Nov 20, 2009. We write a lot about upcycling, or the practice of reusing products for new purposes to prevent waste. — “SocialCycling Turns Unrecyclable Products Into Usable Items”,
  • Ed Gillespie: Where did we get the idea that it's our fundamental right to dispose of as much waste as we like? Woe betide anyone who tries to stem the flow of civilization as we know it – additional charges levied for disposing of large amounts of unrecyclable waste (the wickedness!. — “Ed Gillespie: A charge for disposing large amounts of”,
  • Raccolta differenziata: dove buttare i nostri rifiuti? We have 8 guests online. Unrecyclable. Ruined dress. Absorbent. Plastic glass. Carbon paper. — “Unrecyclable”,
  • Recycling the seemingly "unrecyclable" by Josephine Lee. Jan 15, 2008. Pictured on most blue boxes and public waste disposal units in the city are the common recyclable items such as paper, plastic bottles and metal cans. Each week, Chicagoans. — “Recycling the seemingly "unrecyclable"”, news.medill.northwestern.edu
  • Oakland-based GreenHeart Global has developed what it believes to be the ultimate eco-solution to the massive problem of unrecyclable clothing hangers. The company's Ditto Hangers launch today and are an innovative product with significant. — “Sustainable is Good | Where design, lifestyle and packaging”,
  • Integrated facilities best for unrecyclable waste. November 10, 2010 Secretary for the Environment Edward Yau told legislators today 9,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste is dumped in Hong Kong's. — “news.gov.hk - Categories - Environment - Integrated”, news.gov.hk
  • Recycle "Unrecyclable" Plastics, Like Yogurt Containers, At Whole Foods - The Huffington Post. — “Recycle "Unrecyclable" Plastics, Like Yogurt Containers, At”,
  • The LifeLamp CFL bulb, with its detachable reusable ballast, significantly reduces the overall cost of lighting, but its greatest benefit is to the environment because it reduces the number of unrecyclable leaded PCB ballasts in our landfills. — “Discount Light Bulb Retailer Takes”,
  • What is a unrecyclable, definition of unrecyclable, meaning of unrecyclable, unrecyclable anagrams, unrecyclable synonyms. — “Word unrecyclable meaning. Word unrecyclable definition. Free”,
  • Grand Prize, Eco-Icons category Courtesy the artist and Eyebeam. — “Unrecyclable icon, Oz Etzioni | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Our vision is a zero waste plastic planet. We Recycle the Unrecyclable. — “Zero Waste Plastic”,
  • area will begin to send all of their used "unrecyclable" cups to Wisconsin, where a Georgia Pacific paper mill These efforts help promote recycling, but don't resolve the problem of the "unrecyclable". — “Microsoft Word - Document8”,
  • Home / Triple Pundit, US/World / ROADMAP TO SOCAP: XSProject Utilizes Unrecyclable Trash, Creates Jobs for Indonesia's Underemployed, and Creates Beautiful Products. ROADMAP TO SOCAP: XSProject Utilizes Unrecyclable Trash, Creates Jobs for Indonesia's Underemployed, and Creates Beautiful Products. — “ROADMAP TO SOCAP: XSProject Utilizes Unrecyclable Trash”,
  • It's exciting to come home to a find a package waiting but once the new item is out of the box all that remains is a pile of unrecyclable shipping peanuts. Imagine a world in which Styrofoam packaging peanuts are. — “Future Food Episode: Edible Packaging - Planet Green - On TV”,
  • Unrecyclable takeout food packaging is dragging down waste diversion rates, polluting our. streets, fields and waterways, and incurring local governments millions in clean up costs. Many local municipalities throughout the state continue to struggle to meet the state. — “Unrecyclable takeout food packaging”,
  • How to Recycle the Unrecyclable – Terracycle shows the way. 15 comments. August 21, 2008 in Eco-entrepreneurs, Energy. It's encouraging to see the increasingly wide assortment and availability of products made from recycled materials, but there's. — “How to Recycle the Unrecyclable – Terracycle shows the way”,
  • Comedian Dave Spikey is spearheading a campaign to get people to take more care over what they put into their recycling bins. People across the region are putting unrecyclable plastic bags, yoghurt pots and food trays in with the rubbish to be recycled. — “Recycling right is no joke says comic Dave Spikey”,
  • Free Online Library: Unrecyclable junk piles up in junkyards.(ROP News) by "The Seattle Times (Seattle, WA)"; News, opinion and commentary General interest. — “Unrecyclable junk piles up in junkyards. - Free Online Library”,
  • A machine which separates items for recycling will have to be modified after it was discovered that small pieces of potentially valuable recyclable glass were being discarded as unrecyclable waste. — “Green machine is missing a trick (From Halesowen News)”,

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  • Unrecycled Procussion. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • AFOO the Birth - Martial Arts Explodaganza Secure your panties everyone and prepare for the ultimate tour de force known as AFOO - the mysterious underground crime fighting force, known to break the rules. How did it begin? Who is Big Boy? How did Big Boy and Ramirez meet? How shot Sanchez? Perhaps this short feature can help answer some of these questions. Maybe not. Welcome to "AFOO - The birth of the legend of the spirit guardians of the earth spirit eagle"
  • Carbon Footprint more ads: www.3dreams.pl Director Matt Lambert Producer: Stefano Salvini Producer: Bruce Meier (Discovery Channel EMEA) VFX Supervisor/3D Artist: Matt Chandler Lead Compositor: Fabio Zaveti Music: Ben Lukas Boysen\Hecq
  • Irreciclable/unrecyclable It is a conceptual and visual sample that seeks to explore, through various elements, what we leave behind when we cross borders
  • Lets Play Super Mario Sunshine - Part 9 - Ice Cream Beach! Entering World 3, Gelato Beach! IN THIS EPISODE: Shine Sprite x21 - Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret Shine Sprite x22 - Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret Red Coin Mission 1/2 of Shine Sprite x23 - Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
  • TZM - Where Are We Going? | Topic: Vote For "Ideas" NOT "People" | 8/13 [HD] PLAYLIST - In this eighth video Peter Joseph shares how humans, under a newly desgined socially relevant society would essentially become the overseers of systems. -- The end result is a fully integrated, automatic, robotic and computer driven industrial complex where living and sharing of Earth resources is more fair to everyone. -- Optimization and Production allow for personal freedoms without a monetary system is looked at -- Competition = Waste -- Competition = Inferior products (cutting quality to capture market share in a monetary system) -- The next step of Optimization and Distribution is discussed under a non-monetary system -- Hording does not occur in society with monetary value to cloud the propensities of people to gain Power -- How everyone in society can contribute to the system with their ideas is opened here for discussion. The larger context of Government is addressed via the; "The tremendous and still accelerating development of science and technology has not been accompanied by an equal development in social, economic and political patterns. It is safe to predict that such social inventions, such as modern-type capitalism, fascism and communism, will be regarded as primitive experiments directed towards the adjustment of modern society to modern methods." -- We need to take a step back and ask ourselves the question; -- "What is the point of governments?" -- The concepts of government is too complex and a new "process" becomes; 1 ...
  • Unrecycle A reversed version of some commercial I used for some project I used for some contest that was used for the district I'm enrolled in. 8D
  • DON'T CALL IT A DUMP!!! (it's a recycling haven) The biggest working sanitary landfill in the United States, located right outside Los Angeles, is so much more than a garbage dump: it is an environmentally-safe recycling haven where even unrecyclable waste can be turned into clean bioenergy fuels and lots and lots of power (it is one of the largest power generators in the state of California). Landfills are the nation's second largest source of manmade methane pollution. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and a contributor to the smog air pollution. While landfills such as Puente Hills in Los Angeles are realizing the economic benefits of capturing and utilizing the energy from methane, there are still hundreds of landfills across the nation missing this critical opportunity. See what can de done and do pass on the good news :) VOTE SO THAT THIS STORY CAN BE SHOWN ON TV. GO TO:
  • How to restore permenently deleted files Hiya guys! this is my video on how to restore files by using an application that requires no install, called restoration. It can recover files from your removable storage devices. Download: Remember to insert your removable drive into your computer before running Any problems? Questions? Put it into the comments and i will get back to you soon.
  • The Monster from the Deep An evil blob monster created from unrecycled rubbish wreaks havoc thoughout a city.
  • Dragonfly Piñata (Libellule) This is Eva's 9th birthday piñata, shown almost finished (missing antennae and legs). Count the letters in Dragonfly...get it? As part of the Transitory Art Project, it will be gone in 3 days, but, it is so liked by everyone in the household that I will either fix it or remake if it ends up being unrecyclable.
  • Vinyl 2010 - 10 Years European PVC Industry meets ten year targets on sustainable development and looks to the future with optimism. The European PVC industry today released the final Progress Report on Vinyl 2010 -- the ten year voluntary commitment launched in 2000 to enhance the sustainable production and use of PVC. The report highlights the huge advances made by the industry over the past decade in waste management, innovative recycling technologies, stakeholder engagement and responsible use of additives. Vinyl 2010 has succeeded in meeting or exceeding all of the targets set by the industry in 2000. As it comes to an end, a new industry commitment towards sustainability will be launched later in 2011 which will require the ongoing active support of the PVC value chain and a wide range of other stakeholders in the public and private sector. The achievements of Vinyl 2010 are particularly notable when it comes to collection and recycling. In 1999 there was no infrastructure for recycling of PVC in Europe and it was dismissed by many as an "unrecyclable" material. Today, the audit results show that in the last year alone 260842 tonnes of unregulated post-consumer PVC waste were recycled by Vinyl 2010's network of PVC recyclers across Europe.
  • What Nature Provides I love nature, it's mega. And so is this video. Enjoy with your eyes and mouth! (made from copyright, sample clips and audio that came with my laptop, all things you see are all made of unrecycled and just dumped clips from this computer.
  • It's Your Move - Eco-friendly Move Move Smart! Think Green! - SayNoToBoxes It is estimated that more than one third of landfill space consists of paper, cardboard or corrugate by-products. The recycling attributes of cardboard / paper products are limited and can not be recycled indefinitely. All cardboard products eventually become solid waste for the landfill. There are a number of cardboard products treated with films and chemicals which render them un-recyclable, equating to one time use only. It is estimated that in British Columbia an estimated 10000 - 15000 residential moves take place every year. If you were to consider that an average 4 bedroom house requires approximately 60-70 cardboard boxes. The number of boxes eventually making their way to landfill becomes difficult to even imagine. The number one way to reduce solid waste in landfills is by reuse. As such, reusability has been deemed a far superior attribute than simply recycling.
  • How Does a Car Become a Can? Sequel to Unrecycle. GO ECO!!1111111
  • Tragic Tale of Unrecycled Water Bottle A student production from the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), students in Ms. Whiting's homegroup present this epic tale of an unrecycled water bottle. With credit to the inspiration of Common Craft and Mr. William Shakespeare, this project was entered as part of a contest sponsored by the Green Guardians to promote sustainability.
  • Recycle and unrecycle Goes in here, comes out there.
  • Home alone 4 Official Trailer 2002 HD I thought this movie was going to be inventive, un-recycled and have new punch lines. Instead, they have to make this movie stupid, campy, and bland.
  • Plastic Roadways to Paradise Unrecyclable plastic have spicy new future as foundation for tomorrow's roadways
  • Cycling Packer Twice and Garbage Man Getting Insane Dumping 3 bins, cycling packer twice and garbage getting insane. Actually, in Thailand garbage truck, the man who stand inside the the hopper is the one who saparate and sorting material in order of unrecyclable and recyclable garbage. Man who stand inside the hopper hopper is professional garbage man, becuase he never afraid of packer cycling! LOL Body: Sammitr (SMM) Chassis: Mitsubishi Fuso Council: Wongpanit Recycling Organization Contractor: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Collection Type: Garbage and Recycling
  • Flesh - Part 7/7 - In the Cans Final segment of 'Flesh,' a multi-media performance I created and presented during November of 2010 at UCSB. This piece presents the can collectors of Isla Vista, an ever-present element of the community living off of the un-recycled waste from last night's parties. 'Flesh' showcases the student party culture, homelessness, and poverty that cohabitate Isla Vista (UCSB's adjacent student town), bringing the spectacle of this dynamic community to the stage through live dance performance, digital art, film, and music. More info. about the show can be read here: scott-/​toobymusic/​Flesh.html Choreography by Tenaya Cowsill. Music by Scott Tooby. Funded by a grant from the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts.
  • Who Wants It That Way? This is the edited version of the first video uploaded. Needed to edit/remove credits because Youtube said it was copyright infringement when I used Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" as BG music. So yeah. It's edited, and ready for viewing once again! If you like this video, please comment and rate on this video and on the first one which is found here: thanks! Group 3 - Sampaguita 2010 PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL - DILIMAN MUSIC VIDEO ON ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS BIOLOGY 1 SUNG and DANCED by: MIGHTY BAND LYRICS BY: ALDON GALIDO pls. comment/rate thanks! LYRICS: Yeah, Bio The earth's on fire It's undesired Believe when I say It's hotter this day But we have one Earth for starts Can't ditch it, can't part don't kill it global warming's on its way [Chorus:] Climate change Ain't nothin' but shifting rains Nuclear waste Ain't nothin' but UV rays The sewage Smells of garbage and of human waste Now, who wants it that way? Ozone depletion from Air pollution can cause skin cancer and kill plants down under [Chorus:] Climate change Ain't nothin' but shifting rains Nuclear waste Ain't nothin' but UV rays The sewage Smells of garbage and of human waste Now, who wants it that way? Now that the Earth is dirty and black Full of CO2 and there's less trees With cooperation and Financial support We can still save our race, live free Are you managing waste Segregating garbage We are We are, We are, we are Don't wanna hear you Ain't nothin' but acid rain Ain't nothin' but oil ...
  • Who Wants It That Way? [NOTICE] Youtube has stopped this vid from playing due to copyright infringement of the song Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Therefore, I will upload a new version without the said song which i obviously do not own. Here it is: PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL - DILIMAN MUSIC VIDEO ON ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS BIOLOGY 1 SUNG and DANCED by: MIGHTY BAND LYRICS BY: ALDON GALIDO pls. comment/rate thanks! LYRICS: Yeah, Bio The earth's on fire It's undesired Believe when I say It's hotter this day But we have one Earth for starts Can't ditch it, can't part don't kill it global warming's on its way [Chorus:] Climate change Ain't nothin' but shifting rains Nuclear waste Ain't nothin' but UV rays The sewage Smells of garbage and of human waste Now, who wants it that way? Ozone depletion from Air pollution can cause skin cancer and kill plants down under [Chorus:] Climate change Ain't nothin' but shifting rains Nuclear waste Ain't nothin' but UV rays The sewage Smells of garbage and of human waste Now, who wants it that way? Now that the Earth is dirty and black Full of CO2 and there's less trees With cooperation and Financial support We can still save our race, live free Are you managing waste Segregating garbage We are We are, We are, we are Don't wanna hear you Ain't nothin' but acid rain Ain't nothin' but oil spillage (Don't wanna hear you say) Illegal logging, overgrazing (oh no) Who wants it that way? Climate change Ain't nothin' but extreme days Nuclear waste Ain ...
  • Almond Milk.mpg Pre soak the almonds for about 8 hous in water, strain and rinse. 1 Cup raw/natural almonds, NOT roasted. 4 Cups water Blend then strain, and for sweetnes you can use either 3-8 dates or stevia. Other things you can add is honey, vanilla, or what ever taste you like. Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts you can eat. They're rich in magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, the antioxidants vitamin E and selenium, and calcium. I am doing it for many reasons, 1) I am lactose intolerant 2) It is way cheaper then store bought. 3) It's healthier then store bought because it doesn't contain soy or added oils. 4) It is very economical because there is no waste, no unrecyclable plastic-lined tetra-pak boxes or cartons to put in landfills and drink BPA out of.
  • Energy from Waste in Gold River: BC's Renewable Energy Future is Here Residents of the Vancouver Island community of Gold River have put their overwhelming support behind a proposed energy-from-waste facility that would turn unrecyclable garbage from Metro Vancouver and other BC communities into 100 megawatts of renewable energy. The proposed project by Covanta Energy and Green Island Energy would be built on the site of a former pulp mill, which closed 11 years ago and resulted in the loss of over 400 jobs. The Village of Gold River, which has supported the construction of a waste-to-energy facility since it was first proposed in 2005, took the step of creating this video to show Metro Vancouver leaders, BC's Environment Minister and all British Columbians that the community sees the project as a sustainable and economically viable solution to the province's solid waste challenges. For more information on Gold River, visit www.goldriver.ca For information about the Gold River Power Project, visit http
  • Eco-warriors bring organic art to city Moscow is trying to go green with the help of art. Heavy smog and over 5-and-a-half-million tons of un-recycled trash a year have left some people looking for a way to make the city more eco-friendly.
  • SCOD Gardens: SUMMER SOLSTICE Midsummer Litha SCOD Gardens SUMMER SOLSTICE Midsummer Litha "How to Beat the Summer Heat" Intense SUN power: Hot, draught conditions Water Balance: Daily water added, not wasted Conservation: Rainwater & limited hose growth: minimal weeding, walkway just uses organic paper under woodchips instead of gravel which would eventually mix with the soil too much in the garden or for composting when weeding the path over the years, and plastic is unusable and unrecyclable in almost the same amount of time (a few seasons or years) Male: Sun, Fire, Light, Heat Female: Moon, Water, Shade, Cool Music: "Silver Circle" by Faith & The Muse
  • Environmental Expressionism3mov Revolution in the mind: Getting down to who makes the light and what holds it---holds it in the winds of Power---unrecyclable mountains of toxic waste from the most innocent of "useful objects." EX transforms the obvious into the foundation of a new consciousness: civilization heroic.
  • Mermaid Tears - Dress Rehearsal Everyday, the un-recyclable plastic trash we throw away finds its way into the oceans of the world where it is torn up into tiny fragments we call mermaid tears," which congregate together to form massive floating garbage patches, one having already grown to be twice the size of Texas. Premiere: April 10, 2010, Pease Auditorium, Eastern Michigan University Choreographer: Ida Lowback Music: "Midnight Swim," and "Golden," by Incubus, "North Sea, Whitley Bay, 21 October 2006 [2]," by mikehirst, "Low Rolling Surf 2," by digifishmusic, and speech by Charles J. Moore Music Editing: Ida Lowback Dancers: Emily Bird, Kayla Jones, Adrienne Mork, Valerie Street, Emily Swanson
  • Tragic tale of unrecycled water bottle Romeo and Juliet- with water bottles
  • SEE AMERICA'S FUTURE Under Obama Marxism :: Britons Now Living It Say IT DOESN'T WORK !! Just FYI The progressives / marxists of Europe are having a field day and Briton James Delingpole WARNS of the loss of freedom in store for the United States Of America if marxist Obama and the communist Democrats are not IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY STOPPED. HITLER ***S IN AMERICA ... oops, that is, OBAMA MARXISTS. It's the same "national socialism" really and TREASON in any case. WAKE UP AMERICA! Washington DC is dripping communism and corruption! There are no longer "checks and balances" between the branches of government when they ALL are in conspiracy for the overthrow of America. Only the armed men and women of our military, which have sworn to defend America and uphold the US Constitution, can depose the TRAITORS to our Republic. Only "enemy of the state" Fox News (so branded by Obama's White House henchmen) REPORTS the news that all the Liberal co-conspirator, propaganda media refuse to air! Patriot Glenn Beck boldly holds up the TRAITOROUS Marxist Obama and his TREASONOUS White House thugs for all America to see: BECK: "You say you've lived the Obama plan. You've lived the future. Tell me a little bit about the future." DELINGPOLE: "What you're experiencing now in America, we've been living for the last 12 years. ... We've experienced socialism and this is what's going to happen to you, I'm afraid." DELINGPOLE: "There are 11 million adults in this country who have to get checks done on them. They have to pay 70 pounds I think it is. They have to submit to this 6 month ...
  • Recycling is rubbish This is the poor recycling system that our local council employes, in Gravesham, Kent, UK. Residents carefully place all recycling items in a clear bag. This is then collected in a normal rubish truck and crushed up into a un-recyclable mess. Perhaps residents should be fining local authorities for not recycling our waste correctly.
  • Lets Play Super Mario Sunshine - Part 10 - AN UNRECYCLED BOSS??? GASPETH WTFBBQHAX ...I just watched. :P IN THIS EPISODE: 2/2 of Shine Sprite x23 - Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam! Shine Sprite x24 - Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead! Shine Sprite x25 - The Sand Bird is Born
  • Like A Star - Dastardly Skillz (Official Music Video) Highly anticipated 2nd video of the month from Davis Bros.Entertainment/Icon FilmWerks."Like A Star" by unsigned hip-hop recording artist Dastardly Skillz. DS hails from the South Linden section of COlumbus,OH-10614.The multi'talented D Skillz is a big part of the three headed monsterknown as DBEA collection of unsigned artists with a goal to force feed fresh ,hot ,new un-sampled,un-recycled hip-hop & R&B down ya ear.Dastardly Skillz debut in "The Booty Juice" video by AD8 aka "Big Sporty"(Davis Bros.Ent.)With their goal of 2 videos a month,the title UNSIGNED wont hang for long."Like A Star" & "The Booty Juice" available in iTunes mid-July.For an exclusive .mp3 download ,visit: www.power1075.com MyOne.(COlumbus,OH-10 residents be sure to call 821-1075 & request "Like A Star" by Dastardly Skillz & "The Booty Juice" by AD8 aka "Big Sporty")For nore hot new joints that you've never heard before,visit: http:/dastardlyskillz
  • Mansesteri - Kill The Clown (Food Liberation Army) Call! We four signed fat Mansesteri members (Mc Mane, Sarkastinen, Vainoharha and Inde) luv McDonald's food but also fully support the Food Liberation armys work! We want ANSWERS to those questionable methdos! 1. Why are you not open about the manufacturing processes, raw materials and additives used in your products? What are you afraid? 2. How many tons of un-recycled waste you produce per year? Why do you not publish that figure? 3. Do you operate with unethical actors, such as illegal immigrants? Why? 4. Why do not you take responsibility of your culinary consequences? Why do you not seek to prevent obesity, diabetes and their ramification deceases? 5. Why do you not just use ethically produced meat? Do you not think it should be a goal for everyone to serve meat of an animal that has has had a good, clean and drug free life? Why is it not your goal? 6. Why is cheap production cost your main value? 7. Do you think your only goal is to maximize your owners´s profits? What do you think would happen if you begin to produce quality to your customers? 8. You are big and global player that reaches a significant part of the earth's people. Why do you use your power to short-sightedly maximize profits and not to create a better world ?
  • GreenAnts on the move in Zandspruit GreenAnts is an environmentally focused system allowing individuls & groups to go green. This is the first colony who are creating products to sell made out of unrecyclable plastic.
  • Celts fall to Indiana Pacers on 4-11 losing skid - Neds Celtics Blog This is pure absolute un-recyclable GARBAGE! We have all the options out there, KG, RAY, the TRUTH and RONDO. So whats going wrong here? Sure the officials were not calling anything our way but thats Indiana style dirty basketball. The fact is that Indiana has not fielded a decent team since Larry Bird coached them to the finals and the got slapped down by Shaq and the Flakers. There is no reason we should be imploding at this time, Kendrick Perkins was not gonna change anything for the team, HE is STILL INJURED! He hasn't played 1 game for OKC but they coughed up the cash, good for him I say! Now We are falling like a led basketball off the Han*** Tower into a bowl of chowdah.
  • Thailand Garbage Truck Garbage truck in Bangkok here. This garbage truck it is Mitsubishi Fuso 30 cubic yards similar to EZ Pack but it is Sammitr (SMM) rear loader #1171113 with 7 hydraulic cylinders, 2 on the packer, 2 on the crusher panel (pre-crusher), 2 on the tailgate, 1 in the body attach to eject panel. The packer press about 10 tons of force. Thailand's garbage truck has only rear loader, they don't have any side loader and front loader. This is a single pass garbage truck witch collect unrecyclable and recyclable garbage. And the man who stand inside the hopper is the one who saparate and sorting material in order of unrecyclable and recyclable garbage. Thailand's garbage truck don't have packer controller (handler) at the back of the hopper, the controller is in the cab so hauler will shout at the back so driver will know is time to pack garbage. Please rate and comment, and thanks for watching. Body: Sammitr (SMM) Chassis: Mitsubishi Fuso Council: Wongpanit Recyling Organization Contractor: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Collection Type: Garbage and Recycling
  • How much of our rubbish into landfill is actually "waste"? (BBC Countryfile) Tom Heap investigates alternatives to the plastic packaging which surrounds our food. (BBC Countryfile. October 24, 2010 s23e08)
  • Day 179- Physical Discomfort October 15th, 2010 unrecycled jeans winter hats noodles zumba exhaustion
  • Solutions to spoon crime dessert experts Spoon gangs roam the street armed with big ladles, little pointed teaspoons and plastic un-recyclable spoons. One spoon crime victim tells us she will never be able to visit her grandfather again as he used to play the spoons. The campaign for a cutlery-free world says the crime is spreading and the special spoon squad declare a spoon amnesty. This panic report suggests we need to use our heads about hysterical media fear-mongering; especially as the proposed solutions involve more punitive laws and regulation of young peoples lives.
  • Recycling Experiment We took these results over a two day period with several different bottles in two different locations around HSPVA and approximately 165 students and faculty passed by the empty bottles. Both locations made it convenient to recycle with bins located less than 3 feet from the recyclables. Out of these 165 peoples only 16 recycled the bottles. That is only 10 percent which is actually the national average People in the US throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles an hour. That means only 250000 those bottles are recycled These un-recycled bottles end up in landfills and ocean water which can cause damage to animals and us. Between 7 and 8 percent of the worlds CO2 gasses are produced by fossil fuels used to manufacture plastic bottles. This may not seem like much, but it is worth millions of tons of fuel. Recycling takes up less energy. To manufacture one new plastic bottle, it takes enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for six hours. At this rate you could power your whole house from the 2.5 million bottles thrown away each hour in the United States. There are also many other things you can recycle like paper and tin cans which we have special bins for located all around the school. Our mission for the students and faculty of HSPVA is to make recycling a sixth sense so we can make for a greener Houston, Texas which has the most CO2 gases released in the whole United States. It may not stop global warming but it CAN and WILL make a difference. It starts with YOU and ...

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  • “Those are just a few of the many programs out there for recycling otherwise unrecyclable items. Any product mentioned in the blog posts of may have been offered at no cost to the blogger”
    — OC Family - Kids. Home. Life,

  • “Look to Chinese traditions around the Lunar New Year, and start 4706 off on a green path. become a suitable next step, but as most cards are unrecyclable plastic, that makes paper money comparatively far less offensive”
    — Advice for the Lunar New Year | Yahoo! Green,

  • “Blog. 7 Misconceptions about Plastic and Plastic Recycling. Report of the Berkeley Plastics Task Force. Adapted with permission from recycled into containers, but rather made into textiles, parking lot bumpers, or plastic lumber — all unrecyclable products”
    — 7 Misconceptions about Plastic and Plastic Recycling,

  • “Social Cycling SocialCycling Turns Unrecyclable Products Into Usable Items. BY Ariel Schwartz Fri Nov 20, 2009. We write a lot about upcycling, or the practice of reusing products for new purposes to prevent waste”
    — SocialCycling Turns Unrecyclable Products Into Usable Items,

  • “Search. Blog Archive. User Pages. Login. About Us. Homesteading Links The seemingless endless line of unrecyclable empty cocoa tins in the barn pushed me over”
    — Buying in Bulk,

  • “Azara Blog And here that means that people will produce less unrecyclable waste but also that there will be increased fly-tipping. The government may require councils to "have measures in place to discourage and penalise fly-tipping" but that is meaningless”
    — Azara Blog: Government wants to "reward" people who recycle a lot, cambridge2000.com

  • “The EcoConsumer Blog page for King County Solid Waste Division's EcoConsumer Web site. Provides a quick and simple exchange of ideas between conusmers and waste reduction experts employed by King County. This site offers tips on spending your”
    — EcoConsumer Blog - King County EcoConsumer - King County, your.kingcounty.gov

  • “North Carolina is urging its communities to use a garbage collection system in which increase in recycling and some unrecyclable materials coming into their recycling bins”
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  • “I was chatting with a friend the other day about the ridiculous amount of paper and cardboard waste we usually find in products that are shipped and even”
    — Newton's Innovative Shoebox is 100% Recycled | Modern Eco Homes,

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