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  • Mass burial' for unrecovered miners Mass burial' for unrecovered miners. Last Updated: Friday, 2 July 2010, 14:56 GMT. Previous Page. Digg. Facebook. Twitter. reddit. — “Ghana News :: Mass burial' for unrecovered miners”,
  • The lien is for the lesser of two dollar amounts: the government's total unrecovered response costs, or the increase in the property's fair market value attributable to In computing unrecovered response costs for purposes of the windfall lien, the Superfund 113 statute of limitations does not apply. — “Publications - Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP”,
  • A restore of the msdb system database leaves the database in a loading state (unrecovered) and changes in the differential and log backups are not applied if the following conditions are true: The restore is performed from Enterprise Manager (SEM. — “FIX: SQL Enterprise Manager RESTORE Msdb Leaves Database in”,
  • Unrecovered timber glossary and government resources. Unrecovered timber : timber as described in the Provincial Logging Residue and WasteManagement Procedures Manual. [ Ministry of Forests -- Government of British Columbia] [an error occurred while processing this directive]. — “Unrecovered timber”,
  • I have a question that relates to cost sharing and unrecovered F&A. If an agency requires a match and does not allow the full predetermined F&A rate, I currently have a faculty member that could list unrecovered F&A in his match, but did not care to put it in unless it was. — “National Conference on College Cost Accounting”,
  • According to MER, FRENK, even before this, was announcing that his position in the BANK[viii] was precarious, but, since MER confronted him with the question of keeping [2 groups unrecovered] about leaving the BANK, F. [ii] in our hearing never [9 groups unrecovered] F.'s potential. — “" Alexander Vassiliev's Notes, Venona and Laurence Duggan – A”,
  • (2) the amount of the unrecovered losses sustained as a result of such compensable injury. (d) Unrecovered losses (1) In general. For purposes of this section, the amount of any unrecovered loss sustained as a result of any compensable injury is— (A) the sum of the amount of the net operating losses. — “United States Code: Title 26,186. Recoveries of damages for”, law.cornell.edu
  • Department of Energy full-text technical reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental cleanup, energy technologies and others oil have been produced from Frio reservoirs since the 1940`s, yet more than 1.6 BSTB of unrecovered mobile oil is estimated to remain in the play. — “Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information”, osti.gov
  • However I believe that it essential to understand the emotional, mental and spiritual state of the unrecovered and practicing alcoholic in order to understand the 'dry drunk.' Common traits of the alcoholic are a concurrent sense of superiority along with an inferiority complex. — “Michael O'McCarthy: Bush and Alcoholism”,
  • List of unrecovered flight recorders. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [edit] List of unrecovered flight recorders. Date of crash. Flight No. — “List of unrecovered flight recorders - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Unrecovered Investment in Contract. An annuitant's investment in contract in a gift annuity equals the present value of the annuitant's income An annuitant's unrecovered investment in contract equals the total amount of tax-free payments that he would have received had he lived to reach his. — “PG Calc Knowledge Base :: Unrecovered Investment in Contract”,
  • Three Quarters Of Oil Disaster Unrecovered, Most Still In Gulf. A new government report estimates that three quarters of the two-hundred-million-gallon BP oil disaster remains in the Gulf of Mexico region in some form, with about one hundred million gallons of oil still of concern. — “Wonk Room " Three Quarters Of Oil Disaster Unrecovered, Most”,
  • Unrecovered costs at death in annuities and retirement plans The difference represents a part of their unrecovered basis in the plan (of their after tax money). — “The Tax Tips Blog - Answers to your Federal tax questions”,
  • It is the third such free service that NICB has introduced since rolling out the Hurricane Katrina Flood Vehicle Database in October, 2005 and VINCheck for unrecovered stolen vehicles last November. Many of these unrecovered vehicles are often sold through advertisements in local media,. — “National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) Offers Free Access to”,
  • The decrease was primarily attributable to $63 million of unrecovered generation-related power costs from SCE-owned generation and qualifying The loss for the six-month period includes SCE's unrecovered generation-related power costs in the first half of 2001 totaling $724 million, and. — “Edison International: Investor Relations: Edison”,
  • The Knoop hardness number KHN is the ratio of the load applied to the indenter, P (kgf) to the unrecovered projected area A (mm2) A = the unrecovered projected area of the indentation in mm2. — “Microhardness Test”,
  • Unrecovered F&A costs can only be used as a source of cost sharing if the sponsor guidelines indicate that "unrecovered F&A costs" are a valid cost sharing contribution or if prior sponsor approval is obtained. See the GCA Unrecovered Indirect Cost Page for more information. — “SAGE Help : Unrecovered F&A Costs (if counted as cost sharing)”, washington.edu
  • the unrecovered F&A costs can be charged, the proposal cannot be submitted. Section 2 will document a) the amount of unrecovered F&A, b) the. — “Required Accounting for Unrecovered Facilities”,
  • Copeland's new work, The Unrecovered, is unveiled. The Unrecovered is undoubtedly the film of an academic, not a filmmaker. The Unrecovered's collage style problematizes traditional artistic appraisal of the work, since the majority of its engaging ideas and images are. — “Short Cuts”, oberlin.edu
  • The unrecovered fumble Miami linebacker Channing Crowder had high praise for the referees after the Dolphins’ 23-22 loss to the Steelers. — “NFL blitz package - ”,
  • Russia's and China's boosters never got over the ocean unless they went in orbit - they crashed to land. The Shuttle uses two kinds of boosters - the two outer solid fuel rockets are parachuted to the ocean and are recovered, taken apart and. — “How many jettisoned space rocket stages have gone unrecovered?”,
  • SCSI Sense Codes -- HP A5159B PCI Dual Port FWD SCSI Host Bus Adapter: Service and User Guide, HP Part Number 'A5159-96003', Publication Date 'E0103' Unrecovered read error—auto reallocate failed. — “Interpreting the SCSI Sense Codes”,

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  • The Deputy - The Return of Widow Brown 2 of 3 Original air date: April 22, 1961 The widow of lynched a bank robber returns raising suspicions that she is looking for the unrecovered money that was taken.
  • The Deputy - The Return of Widow Brown 1 of 3 Original air date: April 22, 1961 The widow of lynched a bank robber returns raising suspicions that she is looking for the unrecovered money that was taken.
  • FedEx Flight 80 (AIR CRASHES: TRIBUTES SEASON 1, EPISODE 2) Here is a tribute to FedEx Flight 80, an MD-11 that crashes in Tokyo Narita International Airport. Here's what happened: Ex Express Flight 80 was a scheduled cargo flight from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in the People's Republic of China, to Narita International Airport in Narita, Chiba Prefecture (near Tokyo), Japan. On March 23, 2009, a McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (N526FE) operating the flight crashed at 6:28 am JST while attempting a landing on Runway 34L in gusty wind conditions. The aircraft became destabilized at flare and touchdown resulting in an unrecovered "bounced" landing with structural failure of the landing gear and airframe, and came to rest off the runway, inverted, and burning fiercely. The Captain and First Officer, the jet's only occupants, were both killed. No copyright is intended. 2010 Airlinepilot Productions
  • Hunters are NOT "environmental stewards" THEY ARE SICKOS THAT LURKS IN YOUR FOREST AND PARKS EVERY FALL. Hunters love to claim they are "steward" of the land and even a DEC officer I was talking to the other day filled me with his "hunters are stewards" BS so in honor of this DEC officer I decided to make a video for him. Plus here are one example of many that hunting people have written about how they are "stewards" of the land . Hunters true stewards The Bakersfield Californian | Thursday, Dec 10 2009 09:39 PM I feel that I must take issue with an earlier writer's letter about hunting and hunters ("Hunters: Read the Bible," Dec. 5). I haven't hunted in several years, mainly because I can't afford it. The fees, tags and permits are quite expensive. This is a good thing because the money goes right back into conservation, environmental concerns, youth safety, education etc. Sportsmen and sportswomen are the true stewards of the land. Hunting season is meant to ensure that the animals are old enough to fend for themselves. As far as the Bible, it also states that man shall have dominion over the animals (for feeding and clothing ourselves). KERRY DeREMER Bakersfield ____ "Mainly I can't afford it" ? I thought that hunters kill animals to put the "meat in freezer" because of the "economy" well I knew that was BS from the get go and now he is using the bible reference of "dominion" which does not mean to destroy it means to be the caretaker of the animals lives. Here is the reality of hunters and "conservation ...
  • ROTK TV SERIES- EPISODE 73 (PART 1 OF 5) Part 1 of Episode 73 of the Rotk Tv Series : Having repeatedly failed on his constant attempts to outsmart Zhuge Liang in battle.., Sima Yi suggests that his forces should stay on the defensive to avoid anymore traps set up by Zhuge Liang. In knowing that Sima Yi's morale is quite low as due to his repeated defeats.., Zhuge Liang then sends over Wei Yan to try and provoke Sima Yi to come out and fight, but Sima Yi in turn refuses to fall for the bait by Zhuge Liang, and in the end.., Wei Yan is angered by his wasted efforts. Minister Fei Yi soon arrrives to Qishan in stating that Zhuge Liang is re-appointed back by Liu Shan as Prime Minister, and although Zhuge Liang knows that his health is suffering due to a bit of overwork and stress.., he is then advised to take care of himself and not worry too much about Sima Yi's defensive positions, but Zhuge Liang soon states that they must have a quick and well-planned battle with Sima Yi and the Wei Army as since they've come from afar, and Zhuge then begins his new plan by using retreating tactics. Meanwhile.., Sima Yi hears of Zhuge Liang and the Shu Army's constant retreating of their army towards and Han Zhong, and knowing that he cannot take any risks of pursueing the Shu Army.., he is constantly persuaded by the veteran Zhang He to quickly chase down Zhuge Liang before there's any sudden changes to it, and in turn..., Sima Yi prepares for the offensive against Zhuge Liang. Meanwhile.., Zhuge Liang, whom he had constantly ...
  • The Deputy - The Return of Widow Brown 3 of 3 Original air date: April 22, 1961 The widow of lynched a bank robber returns raising suspicions that she is looking for the unrecovered money that was taken.
  • My silly little Otter Dog No toy can be unrecovered from the depths of our pool anymore. . . . now that Otter Dog is here!
  • unrecovered-doe 10-2 doe
  • Can smell bodies.MOD Unedited videos of Haitian Earthquake. In this one a description of the horrors of Haiti - the smell of dead bodies.
  • Morgan Stanley Said Wisconsin Energy Corp's Clarity On 2012 Earnings Is A Positive For The Company Morgan Stanley ***ysts believe that Wisconsin Energy Corporation's (NYSE:WEC) clarity on 2012 earnings is a positive for the company after it reported strong second quarter results. ***ysts Greg Gordon and William Appicelli said quote, "WEC had a strong second quarter, raised guidance for 2010/2011 and gave more guidance on drivers for 2012. Our 2010/2011 EPS forecast is up to $3.75/4.15, while the 2012 drivers validate our above consensus $4.60 estimate. WEC raised the low end of the 2010 EPS guidance by $0.05, now forecasting $3.70-$3.75 per share, with strong Year To Date industrial sales offsetting a two-month delay in the in-service date for Oak Creek Unit 2 (likely coming online in November) higher un-recovered fuel costs and storm costs. WEC increased 2011 earnings guidance to $4.10 to $4.20 per share, up from $4.00 per share. Earnings drivers for 2012, including explicit guidance for Power the Future, ATC and corporate expense and a projected 2012 utility average rate base of $7 billion validate our above consensus estimate of $4.60 per share at 52% equity and a 10.25% ROE." Morgan Stanley maintained its overweight rating on the company.
  • I Love Your Soul (an original song by me) You capture me with wordless essence Your luminescent energy I cant predict the unexpected I can get undressed And I can dive in deep Dont try to keep me from the feeling Your impact of emotion When I bite back I bite back hard So biting me wont get you far Suffocate, Breath Liberty, Need Compliment, Ask Beautiful, Drab Im scared You know Take back your goals I want you to want me I want you to want me I love Your soul Complete Its whole Give me the poison for my suicide And Ill be the reason for the way you lie Perhaps convictions ruin a sentence You could ruin my life I am willing to risk Embrace my truth Or run away Who would bear to stay through misery? Protect your poer of giving life So I can give you life Youll be living indeed Effortless, Strain Wonderful, Pain Evident, Vague Prominent, Strange Im scared You know Take back your goals I want you to want me I want you to want me I love Your soul Complete Its whole Give me the poison for my suicide And Ill be the reason for the way you lie Im capable Of shielding myself From your hectic blows From your absence of help And I havent discovered How to live through The unrecovered Silence of you Im scared You know Take back your goals I want you to want me I want you to want me I love Your soul Complete Its whole Give me the poison for my suicide And Ill be the reason for the way you lie Im scared You know Take back your goals I want you to want me I want you to want me I love Your soul Complete Its whole Give me the ...
  • Star Spangled Banner Singing the National Anthem on an unrecovered voice, OH MY
  • Where Does The Naugahyde Part 2.avi In a world where time and space collide to form an almost completely typical set of dimensions (only without so much traffic on the interstate and not quite so many species of little green frogs...) One boy, one God, and one absurdist-theatre high school English project must struggle through a meaningless existential fog. Now, digitally restored to its brilliant original graininess with special never-filmed footage and unrecovered lost scenes. From MBS Productions, a film few would see and fewer would appreciate. Where Does The Naugahyde? Twenty-fifth Anniversary Special Edition
  • How Much Is 172 Million Gallons? Taking the estimate that 172 million gallons of crude oil were spilled and unrecovered during the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, we take a visual look at exactly how much that is, and how much that isn't.
  • Snap Ending's Unrecovered (pt. 1) Snap Ending preforming the first half of Unrecovered at the 8x10 in Baltimore.
  • The Unrecovered The trailer for a feature length fictional narrative film about the psychological aftermath of 9/11. For additional information contact [email protected]
  • ROTK TV SERIES- EPISODE 59 (PART 1 OF 5) Part 1 of Episode 59 in the Rotk Tv Series : Lu Meng adopts Lu Xun's strategy of disguising his troops to gain entry into the beacon towers of JingZhou's border and thereby allowing Sun Quan to capture JingZhou at one full stroke. Guan Yu, being unaware that the Wu Forces had already seize the city of JingZhou at during that time.., leads an attack on Fancheng. In the meantime.., Cao Cao hears of DongWu's quick capture of JingZhou and hearing that Guan Yu is attempting to go back and rescue it.., he then sends Xu Huang to aid Cao Ren at Fancheng and to intercept Guan Yu. Guan Yu duels Xu Huang for about a few bouts, and but as due to his poison arm still being unrecovered.., Guan Yu and his forces narrowly escape the onslaught of Xu Huang and Cao Ren, and furthermore in attempting to retreat back to JingZhou.., Guan Yu is devastated and shocked to learn that the nine prefectures of JingZhou had already fallen to hands of the DongWu. Guan Yu, being demoralized and depressed as he already is upon losing JingZhou and generals like Mi Fang and Fu Shiren whom had defected to DongWu, manages to seek some shelter at the city of Maicheng while being heavily besieged by the Wu Forces. Knowing that they cannot hold on forever at the city Maicheng as their running out of provisions and supplies for the army.., Guan Yu sends Liao Hua to try and seek assistance from Liu Feng and Meng Da to come to their aid. In turn.., Meng Da soon informs Liu Feng about the grudges and hates that ...
  • Where Does The Naugahyde Part 1.avi In a world where time and space collide to form an almost completely typical set of dimensions (only without so much traffic on the interstate and not quite so many species of little green frogs...) One boy, one God, and one absurdist-theatre high school English project must struggle through a meaningless existential fog. Now, digitally restored to its brilliant original graininess with special never-filmed footage and unrecovered lost scenes. From MBS Productions, a film few would see and fewer would appreciate. Where Does The Naugahyde? Twenty-fifth Anniversary Special Edition
  • ex-Police Chief Bernard Parks Circulates Corrupt Influence Election Mud-Raker Recent Ex-Police Chief and corrupt LA City Council Member Bernard Parks circulates a really bigoted mud-raker about Los Angeles Police Protective League that spread vicious lies about Concilmember Bernard Parks who organized foul reign of terror of LAPD'S Rampart Division right wing terrorist group of disgraced narcotics thief and vicious killer of Latin immigrants LAPD officers Rafael Perez and Nino Durden. Bernard Parks was the LAPD's Chief of Police in the Bush era and was responsible for hiring such a bank robber LAPD officer Mack, who robbed Bank of America with the help of his bank manager female lover for unrecovered 170 thousand dollars. As a liberal write-in candidate for District Eight Council Member of City of Los Angeles, I condemn reactionary Councilmember Parks for his conniving and being negligent to street drug-dealing and unpaved roads, piling up trash not being removed in Latin quarters by racist janitors. Vote for me, Armenak Nouridjanian, as your true progressive agent of change who will cut home-owners' taxes 40% for poor and middle class Angelinos and will raise taxes 40% against wealthy corporations and rich home-owners who make more than 60 thousand dollars on individual basis. I demand expedited issuance of Section Eight housing vouchers to help business and workers. I demand raising taxes 4$ per each barrel of oil manufactured and sold in Los Angeles City.
  • Reformed Crackheads Story on Homelessness Recovered and Unrecovered story about Crackheads and there lives on the streets
  • Mike Warren Teaches on Judgments, Loan Mod's, Defualted Bank Notes and Social Media for Real Estate . Training on judgments, liens and options, Outsourcing loan modifications to attorneys, buying defaulted mortgages from the bank, social media marketing. 4-Hours of training streamed right to your computer "live". We will cover: 1. Judgments, Lines & Options 2. Loan Modifications Outsourced To Attorneys 3. How to Buy Defaulted Mortgages from banks and individuals 4. how to use Social Media to drive your business for free. This strategy involves buying the judgment from the landlord at a discount. You purchase the judgment at a discount because you need to be compensated for the risk of buying a judgment that has already shown (to the original landlord) is unlikely to be paid off in the future. Additionally, you need to be compensated for the work you will do in the future to get the debtor (former tenant) to pay off the judgment. You should negotiate to purchase the judgment for around five to 15 cents on the dollar. So for the judgment that made Mike 1000%, he was looking at a judgment with a face value of $2000. He paid $200 or 10% of the face value. He was able to collect the judgment and made a profit of $1800 on a $200 investment. Keep in mind, the key negotiating argument is that the judgment has already proven to be worthless to the creditor (original landlord). Mike cautions, however, that under no circumstances should you pay more than 40% of the face value of a judgment. This great opportunity gets even better. Mike was telling me that ...
  • Grandia 2 playthrough part 152 - Zera Valmar (1/3) I thought to go and recover my party but I accidentally chose the wrong path. :) So here we are, un-recovered against the Pink Winged Zera. My strategy, as always on big bosses, is to decrease all of his stats and up all of my stats. When he has ACT -5 he cannot attack that easily. Millenia casting Binding Eye and my other guys canceling.. This is nice. Millenia equipped with forest & explosion enchantements, Elena with ZapFlame & BoomFlame (or whaterver) is a nice combination. Ryudo has some Adventurer, Warrior and Swordman skills. Final levels were 59 for everyone, if I remember correct. Gosh, he is way too easy, cause he has only one body part, unlike Valmar Core, which attacks with several bodyparts. Ok, I know it might be useless to power up every possible stats, but oh well, atleast I beat him in the end.
  • Ashland Oil Company Diesel Fuel Spill 1988 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania This fuel spill in Pennsylvanis in 1988 and that of the Exxon Valdez a year later led to the passage of the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) in 1990. The OPA improved the United States ability to prevent and respond to oil spills. Just past five o'clock pm on January 2, 1988, a large aboveground fuel storage tank located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania suddenly and without warning collapsed as its shell rent completely from base to roof. The tank collapse unleashed a tsunami of petroleum product as almost 3.9 million gallons of diesel fuel surged out of the failed structure. The crest of this wave washed over nearby earthen dikes, intended to containing a gradual release of petroleum products. As much as three-quarters of a million gallons of fuel escaped the property of the storage terminal, owned and operated by Ashland Oil, Inc.. Much of the uncontained oil rushed into the nearby Monongahela River. As the Monongahela flows north and then west towards Pittsburgh, it provides drinking water for a number of municipal water suppliers of varying size. Affected communities went without normal water service from January 4 until, for some, January 12. The oil slick reached Pittsburgh, where the Monongahela joins with the Allegheny River to form the Ohio River. Concentrations of diesel fuel remained high enough in the Ohio to require vigilance and counter-measures in West Virginia and, weeks later, Ohio. The most reliable data now available suggest that more than 511000 gallons of ...
  • The Filipino Child (Ang Batang Pinoy) BTW, the video on the left is "Film-song" I made to focus on the plight of the "Filipino Street Children" dedicated to all Pinoy-mothers, fathers & children.The 3-month effort to make the longer version of this video ended in a letdown after my pc crashed. This effort, a make-do film is only to remind me that I tried making a long video in the past, in my small way. Lyrics, rendition, composition, arrangement, guitar, keyboard are all by yours truly. Thanks for bearing with me, and for watching a glimpse of my, what could have been, longer unrecovered film.
  • Use the communal goo or be denied medical treatment at the Montfort Hospital Jane Bürgermeister explains how Baxter almost triggered a pandemic of H5N1 this spring. Baxter is one of the companies that is making flying pig flu vaccine with carte blanche on any liabilities because of the back room deals. Because of the pandemic declaration by the WHO many of the safeguards have been eliminated making it much easier to reintroduce some of that unrecovered 70 kg of live H5N1 infected vaccine Baxter made. Ladies and Gentlemen! Everything is OK! Paul Blart Hospital Cop has communal goo for you. Communal goo will protect you. You too must use the communal goo! No your own personal goo is not good enough. You must use this goo. Here is a link to the poster used as justification of the requirement to use the communal goo.
  • THOUSANDS of unrecovered missing women and children in California that the media ignores If you do the research, there are THOUSANDS of unrecovered missing women and children in California that the media ignores
  • Snap Ending's Unrecovered (pt. 2) Snap Ending preforming the outro to Unrecovered at the 8x10 in Baltimore
  • Nissan 350z toy car tuning
  • 26 x 55 kg one-arm dumbell row Unrecovered biceps. And at the end of the workout. In bodybuilding trance.
  • Bowhunting "Study" of Wounded Deer Exposed A Veterinarian Perspective on Bowhunting Associated Press - 68000 wounded deer from hunters. i186 Tracking A Bow Shot Deer (and gun shot also) Information that hunters do not want you to know is how many millions of deer they wound and cripple a year and how they use the blood and guts of the deer to track them down. Some hunters wait till the next day because it may take too long for the animals to die and hunters are too tired to look for them. Several sites about "tracking wounded deer" and there are many How to Track a Wounded Deer Guide To Trail the Deer with Its Blood Stains How to Handle a Gut Shot at Trailing Wounded Deer - God's great outdoors Deer Search Inc. Tracking A Bow Shot Deer (and gun shot also) Never give up. A story of wounded deer recovery. "Later investigation on mine revealed the shot had entered behind the last rib on one side and exited between the 5th and 6th on the other and lodged behind the shoulder. Like I have said before, some bucks just don't know how to die." Why is it important for 'hunters' to find wounded animals besides the "trophy"? "Failure to recover bow killed deer is bowhunting's "Achilles Heel." Statistically too many bowhunters fail to find the animals they kill which in turn becomes dangerous ammunition in the arsenal of anti-hunting groups. When you take up the trail of a wounded deer, do so with an open mind, because there are ...
  • Unrecovered Memories - original video by Bill Grundmann - original music by SmokeyVW (B Grundmann)
  • Gradek Energy - Beads At its center are proprietary polymer beads, which look like Corn Pops. They attract tar-like bitumen -- the oil part of the sands -- while repelling water. They first proved useful in cleaning up oil spills. If all goes well, not only will developers be able to use them to stop the spread of contaminated ponds, which now cover more than 50 square km (20 square miles) of northern Alberta landscape, but recover oil that goes to waste, Gradek said. "We will eliminate the tailings ponds that are there within 10 years, and they will not have any more tailings ponds generated because we're going to be taking their end-of-pipe (waste)," Gradek, an engineer by trade, said. Tailings are generated in the extraction part of production, where companies use hot water and chemicals to separate the tar-like bitumen from oil sands that they mine in sprawling open pits. Besides water and unrecovered bitumen, the waste contains sand, silt, clay heavy metals and naphtha. It takes decades for all of the fine tailings to settle to the bottom of the ponds. The stew represents contamination danger to groundwater and nearby rivers, but also gives off methane fumes, seen as a major contributor to global warming. As US President Barack Obama visited Canada last week week, oil sands jumped into the public eye again. They are the largest oil resource outside the Middle East and seen by governments as key to North American energy security. But criticism is growing over the impact of development on ...
  • Egypt, Algeria go to war the Rumble In The Jungle 14112009 A crunch World Cup qualifier between Egypt and Algeria in Cairo on Saturday has seen unprecedented tensions between the North African rivals spill onto the Internet in a no holds barred cyber war. The footballing showdown has been the talk of the town for weeks, with Facebook groups, Twitter statuses, media headlines and television adverts setting up for the big game. The verbal sparring has reached such a pitch that both governments have issued appeals for calm. On the Internet, Algerian and Egyptian fans have hurled abuse at each other, reviving a decades-old on-pitch enmity that erupted into violent riots during a similar qualifier in 1989. "Listen to me Pharaohs, you are aleady cursed," said an Algerian music video circulating on the web addressing the Egyptian football team and laced with profanities. But the lashing goes beyond football, targeting Egypt's insecurity over its defeat to Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967 war which saw the loss of Arab territories most of which are still unrecovered two decades after Cairo's controversial peace treaty with the Jewish State. "Israel beat you in six days in 1967... We are not the ones who sold Palestine to the Jews," the song charged, played against a picture of the Cairo-based Sunni Muslim authority Sheikh Mohammed Tantawi shaking hands with Israeli President Shimon Peres. Egyptian fans hit back with a song of their own that received 29462 views on the popular video sharing website, YouTube. "Your words are not important ...
  • FT 573 UNRECOVERED Sea Turtle Disorientation - Marriott, Bahia Mar & Days Inn We have repeatedly complained and reported this location beginning in June. We have documented on video many nests disorienting to the Marriott Harbor Beach, Days Inn, FDOT and Bahia Mar in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We have lost several nests to this location when nobody was there to rescue them, including a green sea turtle. All we found were tracks. Please report this to [email protected]

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  • “The intent of this type of crime is relatively straight forward; drive a car or truck crimes go unsolved and the merchandise unrecovered. Further, the owner is left with”
    — Trafficguard Blog,

  • “TCP Retransmits & Unrecovered TCP Retransmits. TCP Retransmits & Unrecovered TCP Retransmits. TCP & Unrecovered TCP Retransmits. TCP Retransmits & Unrecovered TCP Retransmits”
    — NETGEAR ReadyNAS,

  • “Forum: Ruby-core Unrecovered memory leak thoughts. Forum List | Topic List | New Topic | Search | Register | User List | Log In Rick DeNatale My blog on Ruby http://nhaven2.com”
    Unrecovered memory leak thoughts. - Ruby Forum, ruby-

  • “Hello, could someone please explain whats going on here? Im trying to backup some of my collection and I keep getting this error on newer dvds.Heres”
    — Error Message: Unrecovered Read error - Alcohol Software, forum.alcohol-

  • “The Quest Effect Blog. Skip to content. Home. Return to Quest Effect. The Adventure Begins We recently received a patent on a technology to detect unrecovered sponges left in patients during surgery”
    — TALK QUEST | The Quest Effect Blog,

  • “Oh well, coyote's gotta eat too. RE: Unrecovered Hog. July 24, 2007 12:18 PM [#5] Forums >> Let's Talk Texas Outdoors >> Hunting Videos >> Unrecovered Hog”
    Unrecovered Hog - Hunting Videos - Let's Talk Texas Outdoors,

  • “W 03:40:31 Failed to Read Sector 2081669 - Reason: Unrecovered Read Error W 03:40:31 Sector 2081669 maps to File: \VIDEO_TS\VTS_07_1.VOB W”
    Unrecovered read error over and over again - ImgBurn Support,

  • “Goto: Forum List•Message List•New Topic•Search•Log In. Claiming Old Unrecovered AMT Credit yes, we paid AMT in the years that ISOs were exercised - this is the unrecovered credit”
    — Fairmark Forum :: AMT and Equity Compensation :: Claiming Old,

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