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  • Confederate General John A. McCausland dies in Mason, West Virginia. He lived for over 50 years after the war and remained an unreconstructed rebel at the time of his death. — “John McCausland dies — This Day in History — 1/22”,
  • Midi File, Lyrics and Information to Unreconstructed Rebel Unreconstructed Rebel is also known as I'm a Good Old Rebel It was originally printed in 1914 in Collier's Weekly. — “Unreconstructed Rebel”,
  • A charming and unreconstructed curry house. By Charles Campion. Do not let the tiny, rather cramped and garish dining room put you off this treasure of a curry house on White's Row, a small road just off Commercial Street and tucked in behind Spitalfields. — “A charming and unreconstructed curry house | Restaurants”,
  • Unreconstructed Fitted T-Shirt $18.99. Unreconstructed Jr. Spaghetti Tank $19.99 Unreconstructed Organic Cotton Tee $22.99. Unreconstructed Jr. Ringer. — “Unreconstructed”,
  • Rebel Son - Unreconstructed REBEL SON - UNRECONSTRUCTED CD. P.O. Box 33806. Raleigh, NC 27636. Be sure to include a brief note including your full name & mailing/shipping address If you'd like to mail order 3 or more CDs at once, email us first & let us know which titles. — “The Official REBEL SON Band Website / Unreconstructed”, rebel-
  • Not all the barns in Lancashire have been converted. — “Unreconstructed:: OS grid SD3909 :: Geograph Britain and”,
  • The term Unreconstructed Whitlamite was a pejorative term used by members of the Hawke-Keating cabinet to describe other members of cabinet and the Australian Labor Party who professed views that were not in line with the economic rationalist. — “Unreconstructed Whitlamite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of unreconstructed from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Unreconstructed - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. — “unreconstructed on deviantART”,
  • unreconstructed. un·re·con·struct·ed [ un r kən strúktəd ] adjective. Definition: 1. clinging to outdated beliefs: retaining outdated beliefs, views, or practices. 2. not rebuilt: not rebuilt, restored, or recreated. Encarta® World English Dictionary. — “unreconstructed definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for unreconstructed in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “unreconstructed - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Unreconstructed. Compare products, compare prices, read reviews and merchant ratings. — “Unreconstructed - Ed Ochester - Paperback - Reviews & Prices”,
  • Purists insist the best way to take care of the Earth is to grow only the native plants that nature has provided in your region. Our columnist, an unreconstructed Old Order gardener, remains unconvinced. — “Weekend Gardener: Politically Incorrect Gardening - ”,
  • unreconstructed adj. Not reconciled to social, political, or economic change; maintaining outdated attitudes, beliefs, and practices. — “unreconstructed: Definition from ”,
  • In the song Unreconstructed rebel on the DT db there seems to be two lines missing from one of the verses, like this one: We got three hundred thousand Befo' they conquered us. They died of Southern fever And Southern steel and shot; And I wish it was three million Instead of what we got. — “Unreconstructed rebel”,
  • "Saint Misbehavin'" documents the life and roots of Wavy Gravy, an authentic unreconstructed hippie idealist. — “Movie Review - 'Saint Misbehavin'' - Saint Misbehavin' - The”,
  • an expression used primarily by Southerners since the period of "reconstruction"follwing cessation of overt hostilities against those opposed to be. — “Urban Dictionary: unreconstructed”,
  • Unreconstructed definition, stubbornly maintaining earlier positions, beliefs, etc.; not adjusted to new or current situations: See more. — “Unreconstructed | Define Unreconstructed at ”,
  • His Excellency Ismail Khan -- ruler of the ancient city of Herat, governor of the province, emir of the western territories and commander of Afghanistan's fourth military corps -- seemed fascinated (Page 9 of 22). — “Unreconstructed - New York Times”,
  • Definition of unreconstructed from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of unreconstructed. Pronunciation of unreconstructed. Definition of the word unreconstructed. Origin of the word unreconstructed. — “unreconstructed - Definition of unreconstructed at”,
  • The Un-Reconstructed band primarily play period music from the War Between the States but also quite a bit of Celtic folk songs. Un-Reconstructed try to combine the two into a sound that will be pleasing to the ear and maybe help someone to learn. — “Un-Reconstructed Band Official Site”,
  • LibraryThing catalogs yours books online, easily, quickly and for free. Members with unreconstructed's books. This information is loading. Loading may take as much as a minute if it hasn't been updated recently. Member connections. Friends: gypsywether, jonhovis, timspalding, turbosaab. Interesting. — “Justin Honaker (unreconstructed) | LibraryThing”,
  • unreconstructed (comparative more unreconstructed, superlative most unreconstructed) Unreconciled to social or cultural change; particularly with respect to the Reconstruction after the American Civil War. — “unreconstructed - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of unreconstructed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unreconstructed. Pronunciation of unreconstructed. Translations of unreconstructed. unreconstructed - adhering to an attitude or position widely held to be outmoded; "peasants are still unreconstructed small capitalists at heart". — “unreconstructed - definition of unreconstructed by the Free”,

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  • Unreconstructed Rebel.MOV Many years after the American Civil War was concluded,this song was written in 1914. Many decades after the War,bitter and hateful feelings emerged on both sides!
  • Pathetic Jason Donovan fawns over Loose Women From www.london-*** - ITV's flagship fanny-based discussion show, Looose Women, took another giant step for unreconstructed feminism yesterday when hearthrob Jason Donovan dropped in to throw himself at the feet of all womankind. The fawning Antipodean shamelessly begged the panel of saggy harlots to believe that his veneration of all women, loose or otherwise, was entirely genuine.
  • Un-Reconstructed Sings Shenandoah Un-Reconstructed in 08 at Aiken, singing Shenandoah.
  • The Unreconstructed President The following are some verses set to the tune of A Good Ol Rebel. They are meant to express some sentiments spoken and/or shown by Jefferson Davis during his life, touching mostly upon the war for Southern independence. No, I have not repented, Nor cast my faith aside Although you struck it sorely, My spirit hasnt died I own no guilt or treason, Our cause was free of shame And I will not be pardoned, Or wear the traitors name [After a hard year of imprisonment, Jefferson Davis still refused to apply for a pardon, believing that he and the Confederate States were guilty of no crime and needed no pardon from the US government for their actions. His refusal to break faith led to his spending another year in prison.] The Compact of our Fathers, You burned in bitter hate And blamed a self-wrought madness, Upon a guiltless Fate Against our breast was pointed, The gun we struck away, So therefore our assailant, Declared a right to slay [Before the War, abolitionists who agreed that the Constitution allowed slavery burned copies of that document publicly, declaring it a covenant with hell, and the coming conflict was pronounced unstoppable by those who were thus actively involved in igniting it. Jefferson Davis maintained that to say the South was the aggressor at Sumter is to consider the man who strikes away a gun pointed at him an attacker.] Beneath the starry banner, Our fathers fought and died Now upon that gridiron, Have all their sons been fried My loyalties lie buried ...
  • Un-Reconstructed sings the Bonnie Blue Flag Un-Reconstructed in 06 playing the Bonnie Blue Flag at Allison's Woods.
  • Rebel Son - Southern Wind Rebel son - Souhern Wind Album: Unreconstructed
  • dixie by un-reconstructed this is dixie by un-reconsturcted REBEL PRIED
  • Reason.tv at Sundance: The Most Famous Flag Burner of All Time! He's the "Johnson" in Texas v. Johnson and the most famous flag burner of all time. An unreconstructed lefty with a soft spot for communism, he's profiled in the new documentary William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe. Reason.tv's Ted Balaker spoke with Gregory Johnson at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.
  • Long Black Veil Un-Reconstructed playing Long Black Veil on the porch at Beauvoir, Biloxi MS
  • Let us cross over the river.wmv The music is Un Reconstructed singing "Let us cross over the river". On Sunday May 10, 1863, Confederate Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan Jackson passed from this earth. A devoutly religious man, when notified that he had not long to live, Jackson replied, "It is the Lord's Day. My wish is fulfilled. I have always desired to die on Sunday." His personal physician, Dr. Hunter McGuire, noted his final words. "A few moments before he died he cried out in his delirium, 'Order AP Hill to prepare for action! Pass the infantry to the front rapidly! Tell Major Hawks' -- then stopped, leaving the sentence unfinished. Presently a smile of ineffable sweetness spread itself over his pale face, and he said quietly, and with an expression, as if of relief, 'Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees." [18] Captain James Power Smith who "all night long" kept his General "warmly wrapped and undisturbed in his sleep" would also later write: "And here, against our hopes, notwithstanding the skill and care of wise and watchful surgeons, attended day and night by wife and friends, amid the prayers and tears of all the Southern land, thinking not of himself, but of the cause he loved, and for the troops who had followed him so well and given him so great a name, our chief sank, day by day, with symptoms of pneumonia and some pains of pleurisy, until, 3:15 PM on the quiet of the Sabbath afternoon, May 10th, 1863, he raised himself from his bed, saying, " No, no, let ...
  • TOKYO DRAGONS - 14/07/2007 Villarcayo, MORCILLA ROCK FEST - GIVE ME THE FEAR Release date: 26th September 2005 Label: Escapi AND MAJOR UK TOUR "Their blaze of liphook riffs, brazen dual guitar soloing and killer harmonies- is like a guilty pleasure, without the guilt. Irony-free stadium-rock heroes in waiting." KERRANG! "More hooks than a Norwegian whaling fleet." DAZED & CONFUSED "NME cant think of much that beats the thrills contained within this slice of grizzled barbarian beef rock. Its all duelling guitar solos & rabble-rousing majestically moronic yob rock choruses." NME "In the outlying tents all hell broke loose. Tokyo Dragons blasted out a marvellously unreconstructed '70' sound, recalling days when metal was fun and angst free, like over amplified pop." DAILY TELEGRAPH Prime movers Tokyo Dragons step up to release their thunderous debut - Give Me The Fear', the album finally seeing light of day on 26th September, released through the band's new label, Escapi, purveyors of such fine fare as Dictators and The Hellacopters. The Dragons have not been lying low in the months since their Island divorce, opting instead to have a blast on a month long tour with friends Do Me Bad Things during April & May, and going down a storm at Download Festival and Kill All Hippies in June. The band tore apart the Tapestry Goes West Festival (July 29th) revisiting the headline spot there ("Tokyo Dragons are definitely ugly, but in the best possible way: their denim-clad, splayed-leg Thin Lizzy thing is the perfect Friday night soundtrack ...
  • Bicycle trip around Liepaja Latvia Visit Liepaja the third largest city in Latvia, a city living on a stretch of sand between the amber sea and a lake for more than 750 ... all » years. See Holy Trinity Church with the world's largest historic unreconstructed organ with 141 stops and 7000 pipes. Explore the small windy streets and enjoy the music in the cafes. Visit the old Soviet prison at Karosta; the Fortifications and the Northern Breakwater. Relax along the lovely seaside beaches and watch the sun set onto the water as far as the eye can see. Liepaja, a truly wonderful surprise in Latvia's western shores. Only three hours west of Latvia's capital city Riga. Lots to see and lots to do. A recommended stop in the Baltics.
  • Rebel Son - Burry Me In Southern Ground Rebel Son - Burry Me In Southern Ground Album: Unreconstructed If some of you have some requests, tell me and I'll upload a song you want.
  • Dean's still a guy "I don't highlight my hair, I've still got a pair, yeah Sammy, I'm still a guy." Dean Winchester: unreconstructed or overcompensating? Spoilers for S3 up to and including finale.
  • The Coming Storm - Avenge the USS Liberty (Part 4) As told by the survivors.
  • dixie- remember your heritage dedicated to those men who defended the cause scenes borrowed from Gods and generals, gettysburg, and the last confederate
  • "From West to East on The Great Wall" Sianandjim's photos around Shanhaiguan, China A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Shanhaiguan, China by TravelPod blogger Sianandjim titled "From West to East on The Great Wall" Sianandjim's travel blog entry: "Back in August, hundreds of miles and several temperature zones away we saw the Great Wall of China. That was the most Westerly edge of it - the unreconstructed, little visited, straw built part in the Gobi desert. This time we decided we wanted to see the most Easterly end. Instead of being eaten by sand, this part of the reconstructed brick-built wall is buffeted by the Yellow Sea. Being the stubborn travellers we are, we shunned the easy to get to Great Wall day trip organised by our hostel and determined to go it alone. So we found ourselves travelling nearly eight hours in total by train from Beijing out to a far-flung coastal town called Shanhaiguan and back again. It was quite an effort, but we're so glad we could be bothered. Instead of fighting our way through crowds of tourists and souvenir sellers we had the place to ourselves, apart from a handful of Chinese day trippers in the town. We picked up a really helpful taxi driver at the station who drove us out to a stretch of rebuilt wall which snakes into the mountains. You can clearly see where the unreconstructed part of the structure begins (just beyond the cable car and where the "Do not proceed any further" signs start!). We spent an hour climbing up the steep ramparts and surveying the beacon towers and surrounding landscape ...
  • UnReconstructed - Ashokan Farewell Emmy award winning band , Un-Reconstructed , practices " Ashokan Farewell " for their upcoming concert .
  • Serpent Throne Rock Formation Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, these unreconstructed rockers play a pungent brand of instrumental heaviness influenced by Black Sabbath, 70's era Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, Budgie, Sir Lord Baltimore, Cactus, Leafhound and any other good hard rockin' band that comes their way in the classic mode I'd imagine. From the band's website :" Say there was a heavy rock festival in like '72 where Black Sabbath, Wishbone Ash, the Scorpions, Budgie, and like Cactus are supposed to play, but then, due to a series of plane crashes and natural disasters, only 1 surviving member from each band can make it. In order to calm down the crowd of heavy rockers, Iommi grabs a couple dudes from the other bands and puts together an emergency band. And then Uli Roth says, "We don't need a singer because he'll just get in the way of the riffs." I think that's what Serpent Throne is aiming for. Whether we get there or not is another story, but we'll drink some beer and rip some guitar harmonies along the way". From the album 'The Battle Of Old Crow' 2009
  • Kill that Yankee Soldier Un-Reconstructed string band playing "Kill that Yankee Soldier" at the battle of Missionary Ridge, Sequoyah caverns alabama.
  • Rebel Son - Out Of My Face Rebel Son - Out Of My Face Album: Unreconstructed
  • "The Old Unreconstructed" by Waylon Jennings *I do not own any of the songs or pictures used in this video* This is a video I made using the song "The Old Unreconstructed" by Waylon Jennings. I really like these old war hymns like this one. their great for remembering the old times. The time is coming for us to stand up and defend our People, our Honor, and our Freedom, the same way our forefathers did. Long Live the Confederacy! Long Live the Rebellion! -DEO VINDICE
  • Un-Reconstructed plays Seneca Square Dance Aiken 09
  • Die Cowboy-Boys live: Rebel Song / Good Old Rebel / Unreconstructed Rebel Die Cowboy-Boys: Rebel Song / Good Old Rebel / Unreconstructed Rebel live beim Psycho-Band-Festival an der Ruhr-Uni-Bochum am 22.07.2009. Diesen Song soll der Südstaatenoffizier Major Innes Randolph geschrieben haben, kurz nachdem die Südstaaten den Krieg verloren hatten. Der Legende nach hat er den Text in einem Gefangenenlager verfasst. Wir wollen ihn Euch nicht vorenthalten (dann klappt auch das Mitsingen besser): Oh, I'm a good old Rebel, now that's just what I am, For this "Fair Land of Freedom" I do not give a damn! I'm glad I foughtt against it, I only wish we'd won, And I don't want no pardon for anything I done. I hate the Constitution, this Great Republic, too, I hate the Freedman's Buro in uniforms of blue, I hate the nasty eagle with all his brag and fuss, The lying, thieving Yankees, I hate 'em wuss and wuss! I hate the Yankee nation and everything they do, I hate the Declaration of Independence, too, I hate the "Glorious Union" , 'tis dripping with our blood, I hate their striped banner, I fought it all I could. I followed old Marse Robert for four years, near about, Got wounded in three places, and starved at P'int Lookout; I cotched the rheumatism a'campin' in the snow, But I killed a chance o' Yankees, and I'd like to kill some mo'. Three hundred thousand Yankees lie stiff in Southern dust! We got three hundred thousand before they conquered us. They died of Southern fever and Southern steel and shot, I wish they was three million instead of what we got ...
  • Un-Reconstructed sings I'm a Good Ole Rebel Un-Reconstructed singing I'm a Good Ole Rebel at Aiken, SC in 08
  • Gene Hunt MP.mpg Who is the REAL star of Ashes to Ashes? Is the unreconstructed, non- politically correct Gene Hunt all that he seems? Or was that infamous Labour election poster, depicting David Cameron perched on the bonnet of the famous Quattro, sending the wrong message to voters? Love him or loathe him Gene Hunt is very popular. Love him or loathe him Ian Liddell-Grainger now has a majority of over 9000 in the Westminster constituency of Bridgwater. His Gene Hunt moment has arrived. Please forgive him as he fires up the Parliamentary Quattro for a quick victory parade!
  • UnReconstructed plays Dixie at Secession Hill Secession Hill 150th anniversary celebration and historical marker dedication at Abbeville, SC
  • cartel- Deep south Deep South by cartel. on their new album Cycles! Support the band and buy their album on itunes.
  • Dixie's Calling - Meet HV Booth "Dixie's Calling" is a forthcoming documentary by Clay Dempsey and Steve Hayes. The film takes the viewer on a journey through the Southern United States to discover the true definition of Southern Heritage. We would like for you to get to know the real-life characters of "Dixie's Calling" who we have met along the way. We would like for you to meet HV Booth. HV is a real life son of a Confederate Veteran. His father joined the Confederate Army at the age of 16 and was stationed as a guard at Andersonville, Georgia. HV is one of the last remaining children of men who fought in the Confederacy. Music "Annie Laurie" performed by Un-Reconstructed.
  • Nearer My God To Thee Un-Reconstructed playing Nearer my God to Thee on the porch of Beavoir, Biloxi MS.
  • Simon Armitage reads 'An Accommodation' from Seeing Stars Simon Armitage's new collection is by turns a voice and a chorus: a hyper-vivid array of dramatic monologues, allegories, parables and tall tales. Here comes everybody: Snoobie and Carla, Lippincott, Wittmann, Yoshioka, Bambuck, Dr Amsterdam, Preminger. The man whose wife drapes a border-curtain across the middle of the marital home; the English astronaut with a terrestrial outlook on life; an orgiastic cast of unreconstructed pie-worshipers at a Northern sculpture farm; the soap-opera supremacists at their zoo-wedding; the driver who picks up hitchhikers as he hurtles towards a head-on collision with Thatcherism; a Christian cheese-shop proprietor in the wrong part of town; the black bear with a dark secret, the woman who curates giant snowballs in the chest freezer. Celebrities and nobodies, all come to the ball.
  • Skirmish at Ten Islands On March 31, 2007, we went to a civil war reenactment. It was so cool. This event was a reenactment of the Skirmish at Ten Islands and took place at Janney Furnace in Ohatchee, Alabama. The music is provided by a great little band called Un-Reconstructed.
  • How I Became a Druid Hogan examines an ancient religion and how he became an unrepentant , unreconstructed tree hugger.
  • Annie Laurie Un-Reconstructed playing Annie Laurie at the battle of Chickamauga
  • Waylon Jennings-An Old Unreconstructed song from the civil war, by the legendary waylong jennings
  • The Unreconstructed Patient! Jake tells us his post-surgical plans.
  • Un-Reconstructed performing at Chickamauga, GA The Bonnie Blue Flag
  • Rebel Son - Chain Gang From album Unreconstructed
  • Cartel "Deep South" Lyrics to 'Deep South' I love this Band I was born in the south Given to a town raised on handsome mouth Born on the same day as the sun Holding in the Earth, seen one by one A dot in the cold, waiting to rot Frozen like stone, all is for not All that I am is churning inside All that I am is screaming... Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Yeah somewhere they can thaw out Here in the deep south Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Oh yeah somewhere they can thaw out Here in the deep south I feel it in my skin Coming undone again and again Torn at the seam my heart is sewn Holding back the tears shed on my own If dying is bold, then courage I've got I could grow old, but I forgot All that I am is churning inside The voice in my head is screaming... Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Yeah somewhere they can thaw out Here in the deep south Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Oh yeah somewhere they can thaw out Here in the deep south I was born in the south Given to a town raised on handsome mouth Born on the same day as the sun Counting every heart beat one by one Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Yeah somewhere they can thaw out Here in the deep south Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Oh yeah somewhere they can thaw out Here in the deep south Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Yeah somewhere they can thaw out Here in the deep south Go and get my bones Bring 'em to the deep south Yeah ...
  • Un-Reconstructed Plays John Brown's March This tune is one of my absolute favorites! Un-Reconstructed at Aiken 09.

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