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  • Earl of Kildare Hotel, Dublin: See 14 traveller reviews, 16 candid photos, and great deals for Earl of Kildare Hotel, ranked #81 of 117 B&Bs / inns in Dublin and rated 3 of 5 at TripAdvisor. "Unrecommendable..it would need to get an unbelieveable overhaul!. — “Earl of Kildare Hotel Reviews and Photos, Dublin, Ireland”,
  • Very unrecommendable. I nearly fell asleep. It's a shame Odette Yustman picked such a crappy movie as she has tons more talent than this garbage. It was boring, poor acting(cause the script sucked), badly planned out, bad direction and just. — “: George Kerr's review of The Unborn [DVD] [2009]”,
  • Unrecommendable product, August 20, 2010. By. Kathy. This review is from: Cuisinart CSB-77 and Chopper Attachments Kitchen & Dining Unrecommendable product Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart. — “: Kathy's review of Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick”,
  • Checkout Sukey, aka Toot's Catster profile. She is a female American Shorthair cat. View pictures and information on them as well as other cats. Her foster sister liked Sukey so much she brought her indoors at the rather unrecommendable age of one week but didn't know how to care for her. — “Cat profile for Sukey, aka Toot, a female American Shorthair”,
  • When the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was released a little more than a year ago, we thoroughly panned it in our review -- put simply, it "Unrecommendable at Any Price." What's the author of this article? A moron? Or has your days with the infinitely more intuitive iPhone, Palm Pre, and Android making you. — “Nokia Nuron for T-Mobile review - Engadget”,
  • Their usual, defensible price of $16.99 is now an unrecommendable $21.99, and the lovely Vivaldi operas are $43.99 instead of $33.99. It's insanity, and unless someone purposefully wants to drive the label into oblivion, I don't understand such meddling. — “Ionarts: cpo and naïve Alarm”,
  • Unrecommendable - Irreversible Is Shocking--and Nearly Unwatchable - Seattle's #1 Weekly Newspaper. Covering Seattle news, politics, music, film, and arts; plus movie times, club calendars, restaurant listings, forums, blogs, Questionland. — “Unrecommendable by Bradley Steinbacher - Film - The Stranger”,
  • [OT] Page broken and unreadable and unrecommendable :( [OT] Page broken and unreadable and unrecommendable :( Posted Feb 11, 2004 15:57 UTC (Wed) by rjamestaylor (guest, #339) In reply to: Australia too by bojan. Parent article: Microsoft Files for XML Patents (LinuxWorld News Desk). — “[OT] Page broken and unreadable and unrecommendable :( []”,
  • Looking for a 3 star hotel in Benito Juarez? Choose from over 6 3 star hotels in Benito Juarez with great savings. "the ubication is terribly unrecommendable because when you go outside it's desert an. — “3 star hotels in Benito Juarez, Città del Messico: Benito”,
  • There's a lot of silly, erroneous, malicious and otherwise untrustworthy and unrecommendable stuff out there. You may remember our mentioning when we introduced ourselves that while we work hard on making this site as scientifically accurate. — “Survivor's Guide to Surgical Menopause: Researching it yourself”,
  • Based on the continued bad technical support at CrystalTech - I'm holding off on referring anyone new to them for now. I've had seriously mail problems for the last three days and their techs do not follow up, do not CrystalTech Web Hosting service reaching unrecommendable levels. — “Idealog: CrystalTech Web Hosting service reaching”, idealog.us
  • A review of The Fear Chamber, which might be left alone. The lack of exterior sets, poor acting, and almost total absence of the killer from the early parts of picture makes the film unrecommendable. — “The Fear Chamber and Regret: A Movie Review - Associated”,
  • Your online guide to classical music Beginning with a stodgy and gruff Academic Festival Overture with out-of-sync percussion and an out-of-tune orchestra, these Brahms performances have to rank among the more highly unrecommendable versions in the catalog. — “Classics - Your Online Guide to Classical Music”,
  • 3.84 avg rating - 133 ratings - 17 reviews - isbn 0140080988. Lynne-marie said: I first read this book when it came out in hardcover, in 1984 and just re-read the hardcover copy th A book that somehow manages to be both indispensable and unrecommendable. — “The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci by Jonathan D. Spence”,
  • This Mexico City hotel is located near Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones and Plaza Mexico. the ubication is terribly unrecommendable because when you go outside it's desert and looks dangerous. — “Holiday Inn Mexico Coyoacan, Mexico City hotels, DF, Mexico”,
  • These factors make this textbook unrecommendable for my students. These factors make this textbook unrecommendable for my students. A THOROUGH revision is. — “Amazon.ca: A Customer's review of Wireless Communications”, amazon.ca
  • Movie review of the film Sorority Boys starring Barry Watson, Harland Williams, Michael Rosenbaum. Directed by Wallace Wolodarsky A one-trick pony whose few T&A bits still can't save itself from being unoriginal, unfunny and unrecommendable. — “JoBlo's movie review of Sorority Boys: Barry Watson, Harland”,
  • It all depends. Once you take lessons and learn your whole range and how your voice works, you could possibly find notes in your range that you didn't know were possible. So honestly, it all depends on what God has given you honestly. You don't. — “most you can raise your vocal range? i'm a guy and i can”,
  • Compare deals from over 14 hotels in Benito Juarez, Mexico City and find the perfect hotel room. Book with .au & save: No change or cancellation fees. "the ubication is terribly unrecommendable because when you go outside it's desert an. — “Benito Juarez Hotels: Cheap Accommodation in Benito Juarez”, .au
  • Compare deals from over 14 hotels in Benito Juarez, Mexico City and find the perfect hotel room. Book with Expedia.co.in & save: lowest prices & instant confirmation. "the ubication is terribly unrecommendable because when you go outside it's desert an. — “Benito Juarez Hotels: Cheap Hotels in Benito Juarez, Mexico”, expedia.co.in

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  • Wolfteam All Wolves Cool Vid READ!( I just started using this program and first 10 sec skip its black dunnoe why) 1st is normal 2nd is power 3rd is guardian 4th is ghost 5th is smart 6th is berseker 7th is ghost 2 8th is ice 9th is phyco. FAQ 1:What program u used? i used fraps to record and sonyvegas pro 9.0 to edit 2: What is the black parts at the back? It's the whole song if u want to listen to it(unrecommended) 3:what happened to the berserker? he died Thats bloopers.... 4:what is the song? it is blow me away Others just post on my personal message k?
  • SRO Blade Glaive Grind Blade/Glaive Grinding EDIT: Song: Thinking Different - SGX Dual Spec is unrecommended after 70 since mastery is capped at 300. This also wears down your armor's durability really fast.
  • How to NOT Bungy Jump in NZ A random girl taking a dive off the ledge bungy in Queenstown in a most unrecommended manner. It's hard to stop on a dime when your running full speed to a drop-off!!
  • Mesos Generator v62 This program basically exploits a new NPC in Nautilus Port, the pirate town. Nexon screwed up and didn't encrypt the armor seller, so it was actually pretty easy to set this up. Packet editing is dangerous, and I am not responsible with any problems you may get into with Nexon. Keep in mind that I've set this so that it'll add mesos to the FIRST CHARACTER that you have in SCANIA, and only SCANIA. I'm too lazy to make it work with all worlds. So just deal with it. Also, be aware that generating over 2.1 billion mesos is very unrecommended. As some of you may know, 2.1 billion is the maximum mesos in the game, and by forcing your inventory to hold more than that may cause some damage. I've never personally tried, so I wouldn't know. The Download Link =================== Mediafire has a built in virus scanner, but feel free to scan the files. They're clean.
  • EasyCap USB Test Wii Golf - This thing is beast! Yo guys, this is just a test for my EasyCap which I have used to capture a couple mins of footage. im tellin you people this things is beast, i could have beefed up the video quality here but i just decided to upload one which is smaller in size. This was only 19MB! *** all the people who says this thing was a waste of money and dont know how to use it, either they are stupid and dont know how to set it up or they read the ***ty instruction booklet which came with the Easy Cap which is highly unrecommended. Im using it on my Xp, didnt work on my Vista so that was ***. These are the two videos i used to set mine up, go check them out I will be posting more wii games, mainly COD but friends help me out. I use Neogamma and every time it loads to the part about putting the strap on properly, the video fails to display and only the audio works. Would be grateful. :D
  • YouTube Poop: Brock Baker Does Weird Things in his Basement! Just an average day in the life of Brock. Warning: having annotations on is unrecommended
  • Transformers: Brawl (Deluxe) Unrecommended. ENJOY!!! :)
  • PE3A v3.1a unrecommended modification for external 12V DC power supply. PE3A v3.1a unrecommended modification for external 12V DC power supply. I would suggest that you use one of the other adapters for an external video card.
  • New Meaning To The Term "Bus Stop" What happens when you run for a Halifax Metro Transit bus and miss it? Most of us would wait for the next one. However, we caught footage of one disgruntled passenger's dangerous and highly unrecommended answer to this question.
  • This little piggie - TERRIBLE EXAMPLE This is the most highly unrecommended way to play This little piggie
  • Pokemon Platinum Gym Leader # 7: Candice, the Ice Initiator A chilly showdown with the eccentirc Ice princess of Snowpoint. I enjoyed this match, I think it shows off her abilities well, although, Froslass never even used it's best attack....still, a good battle, trying out my (semi) complete team for the first time. (except for one evolution that still needs to take place....) Finally her team got a huge improvement from D/P. No more Fighting types or pathetic pre-evos! Candice's Pokemon Sneasel Level 40 -Slash -Aerial Ace -Faint Attack -Ice Shard Piloswine Level 40 -Avalanche -Stone Edge -Earthquake -Hail Abomasnow Level 42 -Avalanche -Wood Hammer -Water Pulse -Focus Blast Froslass Level 44 -Blizzard -Double Team -Shadow Ball -Psychic Strategy Against Candice: Sneasel: This thing is pathetic. Yes, it has a variety of attacks, and two STAB moves, but it lacks the proper Attack needed to actually hurt something. Pretty much any physical.....or Super Effective attack will take it down. They shoud've made it a Weavile! Piloswine: Cool addition (bad pun lol) to her team in Plat. Hail is kinda useless seeing as Abomasnow can start it up ETERNALLY, but wat ev. It's attacks are solid, so be careful when sending out Flying or Grass types. (unless they have INSANE Defense like my Tangrowth) Good Super Effective Special Attacks will take it out quick. (Water, Grass, Fire, Fighting) Abomasnow: No longer the star of her team, he's still vital seeing as he starts up hail, slowly killing you unless you have Ice types, of which are ...
  • Thai Malaysian Eastern Border .m4v This unrecommended border is open, easy, and safe! Don't miss out on the great jungle train ride because of it.
  • LV Kim MUGEN #11: Ryu (POTS/Miso Patch) Mr. Kaphwan is the next to receive an expansion... and I wonder why in the world didn't I do this sooner? :P I take control of Mr. Fong's Kim as my latest expansion, and I must say that it plays great. Though some moves are not present that were in CCI's Kim (though some can be used as follow-ups after performing specific moves), a few new moves were added. Unfortunately, I didn't quite make use of them as the frame rate during the record messed with my timing of some moves that would have been done much easier if I wasn't. Oh, well. Lessons learned, and all that jive. My opponent didn't help things either. Kim's target for today is a classic character: Ryu by Phantom of the Server. POTS' Ryu is a well-balanced creation, imo. It's one of the better Ryu's available, but depending on your take, it might not be the best, either. If it was just Ryu's normal AI, things would have been great. However, being the sadistic sucker that I am, I equipped him with Miso's patch. Of course, as you would suspect from said patches, they are murder with the insane combos that drain significant portions of your health. Not to mention that going in headlong is highly unrecommended. The patch's awareness is VERY high and will out-prioritize you in a majority of attacks. I simply just took any opening available. If the frame rate while recording was smoother, things "might" have been different, but then again, excuses... meh. Stage/BGM: Ryu's Stage (Street Fighter 2 ...
  • Transformice shaman I did a few maps, and some shaman stuff as usual. B=red dot C=yellow dot, if u tap it ,it will go from 1 side to the other V=blue dot(highly unrecommended, it doesnt stand up by itself) X and Z=tilting the wood or object left or right Space=Invisible object
  • 3 Day Detox Diet - Don't Bother, Try This Instead! shed30in30 Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your food and drinks? There are so many ingredients that we do not know what they are let alone are able to pronounce the name. Some these ingredients are not supposed to in our bodies. A prime example is hydrogenated oils which is a man made substance where you infuse oil with hydrogen creating a solid. This is in almost all of your foods. Our bodies end up accumulating this garbage and a lot of time it ends up as bad weight. That's why things like the 3 day detox diet are so valuable for people. For a quick way to clean out your system without committing to a long term diet change, do a 3 day detox diet!. Diets lasting for more than a few days are extremely difficult to follow. However, if you know that you have just three days to stick with it, then it becomes a pleasure and not a chore. Don't get me wrong, they do provide weight loss, a lot of it. In fact, it's possible to lose as much as 10 pounds in just 3 days with a good 3 day detox diet. One thing you need to know is that it's highly unrecommended to do a detox diet for a long time. A week should be enough with a few months of rest in between.
  • Fallout: New Vegas: How to kill a Deathclaw Note:Unrecommended to kill a Deathclaw this way
  • Merry Go Round - Recorder Happy Going Round your fingers with this freestyle filmed using a recorder! Note that Recorder in this case means, as in a musical instrument. The feeling and pressure used when performing using a recorder and pen would be very different as the recorder is much more heavier and fatter compared to a pen or pencil, thats why I decided to start some Recorder Manipulation. Also, for precaution, if you are thinking of performing tricks using a recorder, do not ever do it on a hard concrete floor or whatever. It is best you lay a carpet on the floor before using a recorder to do it. Another suggestion would be you spin a recorder on your bed. Dropping your recorder would either spoil it or destroy the tune. Which is highly unrecommended.
  • Mill Creek Apartments Abilene Tx Good luck getting Mill Creek Apartments in Abilene Tx to do anything about their massive ANT and SCORPION problem! Not a recommended complex. Second apartment complex lived in owned by BH Managment, both sucked...impossible to get anything done...usually on "lunch" all day.
  • Unrecommended jobs for Luke Skywalker What he shouldn't do
  • Frog Guts Kaleb finds a finds a dead frog in our swimming pool so we decide to brutally mess with it! This video is highly unrecommended for small children...... If you are stupid enough to let a child see a frog's guts get squished out of its mouth, I'm sorry but you are a redneck.... or just a stupid person. LOLZ!!
  • Polo - Hampstead Growers SJ What good ponyy :) first show we went out in taking the trailerr which was a bit nerve racking haha :L we managed to go the unrecommended route because of the sat nav, and ended up going over railway lines, c***s, through icy narrow laness - woops :L Was meant to just do the 2ft3 but decided to pop round a 2ft3 clear round to get him going and make sure he was going okay (last time i went out to a different show, i had 2 refusals at the smallest jump :S) And he went clearr, 2ft3 class, clear first round :) and jump off just 4 faults because i sat round the corner and did nothing, then growled at him the jump after and he pinged me out of the saddle, i lost all my reins so hence the bad angle to the blue jump, then got my reins and then he pinged the first part of the double to :L bless the pony :) Came 2nd because my time was okay and therre were about 8 in it, so not many :P ***
  • Crazy Boys Put A535 On Their Nuts This is what happens when you put Rub A535 on your nuts! Highly unrecommended to try at home, but you always can if you want. Leave comments on more stupid things we can do, we'll tape and post!
  • XBLA's Pinball FX2 LIVE! w/ Pankakes123 Pankakes123 showcases the disappointing "free" Xbox Live Arcade game called Pinball FX2. Highly unrecommended.
  • The Runover Movie (DON'T TRY THIS!!!) This gonzo and HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED idea was spawned hoping to make an unidentifiable single frame image for a group in Red Bubble, where I show most of my digital art, photography and mindlessness. Nobody was able to figure out what the image was (It was a fraction of a second from this video that you can actually make out if you're looking for it) so I declared myself a winner. Well heck, nobody else was gonna do it. ;-) I had given clues right down to the GPS location on Google Earth so one could see the 5 inches of ground the camera was lying upon. At the time of the shooting I was more worried about the threat of rain than the loss of a great camera. I was prepared for both tho and would have searched for the SD card to salvage the the video even if the camera was destroyed. One might think: how did I think the camera would be destroyed? Well, I wasn't the least bit sure about the vibration where the camera was placed and considered the possibility that cross-tie might move enough to bounce something onto the bottom of the train or onto a rail. Given that amount of possible bounce I also wasn't sure if the loose rock in the trackbed would find its way onto the open lens. Finally, there had already been sprinkles of rain so having a small camera with a telescoping lens open towards the sky was flirting with the fact that a single drop into the lens mechanism could have ruined it. The camera was a Panasonic TZ-4. I turned it on video mode manually, set it on the tracks ...
  • Meltdown 500 seconds of psychological paradox that's designed to slow your brains down besides creating anxiety and uncomfortable feelings among the viewers so that you can experience the amount of stress the main character faces. The slow & draggy pace of this film was done intentionally to allow the viewers to be able to recognize the feeling of being psychologically unstable. This short film is completely dialog-less with the audio compiling of tracks from Requiem for a Dream OST. Highly unrecommended for those of you seeking for entertainment. *It's supposed to end with the sound of a shattering glass for the viewers to snap out of this paradox, but Youtube had cut it out.
  • SwineFlu Update part 2 The rise and fall of LingLing. Watch as one of Dani3l's most unrecommended minions become his favorite and his fall from grace. Songs: Things that rhyme with orange - I set my Friends on Fire
  • Untethered Jailbreak 4.2.1 Released for iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4, and iPad *********READ********************************************************************* This Redsn0w is a test version of Redsn0w. This is Mac Only and is very unstable. I will not be posting a link because of the issues with it. If you can live with the problems mentioned in the video, go to the dev team blog and download it. I will say it again, this is very unrecommended and Mac only. You are responsible for the life of your iDevice, not me. Extra Tags: Untethered Jailbreak 4.2.1 4.2 release iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4g iPad Redsn0w 0.9.7 Official dev team limera1n blackra1n Sn0wBreeze
  • wii 4 0 Me running custom FW (with skins and backup loader) on 4.0 Wii. (it was highly unrecommended but the only thing i lost was the disk channel hook).
  • The Drunk Man's Lounge Beer Reviews- Sierra Nevada Tor*** Extra IPA First in a series of beer reviews. Tonight's beer is Sierra Nevada's Tor*** Extra IPA. Wow, that's a ***ing mouth full. On a note, I DO NOT SUPPORT UNDERAGE DRINKING. As always to those who ARE legal drinking age, please enjoy responsibly. Rating System: "Might as well be drinking skunk piss". (Don't even bother!) "Might as well be drinking water". (Almost devoid of taste, and very watery in body and taste. HIGHLY unrecommended.) "Run of the mill beer". (An average beer with average taste. Nothing mind blowing at all. SLIGHTLY recommended.) "One thumb up". (A beer that defintely gets the job done, and is a step above average. Recommended.) "Two thumbs up". (Oh momma! Now were ***ing talking! A beer with lots of flavor and punch. An example of what a true beer should be. Highly recommended.) "That's PERFECTION!" (No flaws whatsoever. A beer that has so much taste, that you will be asking for more and more, until your ***faced or puke it out, either one. What are you waiting for, get off your ass and pick it up, NOW!)
  • Unrecommended (short) I.. I'm not sure :/
  • Starcraft Brood War Protoss Mission 3: Legacy of the Xel'naga; PART 1 Program used: Screenflow The goal of this mission is to kill the two cerebrates that are next to the temple. Keep a perimeter around your base(s), and have a constant supply of zealots, dragoons, and resources. Use the corsair's special ability to protect dropships as they unload the zealots and dragoons. keep at least 4 dark templars in your base, It is unrecommended that air units are made because they are weak and are too expensive.
  • Dissolving Natrium (sodium) hydroxide to 0.1 M concentration Dissolving concentrated NaOH 4 grams in 25mL solution into a 1 liter volumetric flask to make 0.1 M NaOH solution, which is required for weak acid-strong base titration experiment. Danger!!! This is a harmful substance. Another way you can make sodium hydroxide is dropping pure sodium metal into distilled water, but this is highly unrecommended because it is dangerous.
  • Sudden Attack - Noob Sniping in Triple Tower This is my first video. I played SA for two years and my sniping skills is here. Lousy right? Give constructive comments please. Destructive comments highly unrecommended. Feel free to add me in game. Twitter: /noobiekillsx Playing: SA SEA, SANA User for SA SEA: NoobieKills User for SANA: NoobieKills Comment, Rate and Subscribe.

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  • “Minitokyo " Forum " School & Work " JLPT - Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 in three years is somewhat unrecommendable, though not unheard of. Contact me should you need anything japanese related”
    — JLPT - Japanese Language Proficiency Test - - Minitokyo,

  • “Forum of free punk personals. ooohh many apologiess .that is disgusting and highly unrecommendable because the *** is gross”
    — Forum - Bored,

  • “Battered from rain, and whipped around from the brutal winds, students have been using I am one of the few who have taking to the ever so free, ever so convenient Mocs Express”
    — acooze : The Loop, blog.utc.edu

  • “search " forum index. adding slax to mandriva ext3 partition. stinky Running slax from ext3 partition is highly unrecommendable because there is no way to check the filesystem”
    — Slax forum: adding slax to mandriva ext3 partition,

  • “A Child Stuck On Adulthood Jump to Top © 2004-2009 - Logtar's Blog - | CognoBlue WordPress Theme By Blogsdna | Powered by WordPress | Edited by: DeGuia and Bea”
    — Box Office Number Ones of 2007,

  • “If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a total regular that if you discovered our book on Jeff's blog, then Jeff is more than welcome to get the”
    — Coding Horror: Regular Expressions for Regular Programmers,

  • “This is a blog by an English language teacher responding to an English language student You have to endure a lot of things, their screem, messy rooms, bad marks, unrecommendable friends and so on. Anyone else other than parents does not bother to endure them. But we do for our kids. Cheer!”
    — BBC World Service | Learning English | Learning English,

  • “There some tyre shop selling rubbers ( 2-3 inch high ) which is to be fix on the top of the absorbers mountings which is highly unrecommendable. in the forum/public areas or endorse any opinions expressed in the forum/public areas”
    — Wira Height Mod - Autoworld Forum, .my

  • “Poly Mods (Page 1) - Modifications - Oni Central Forum - An Oni Community It's a totally unrecommendable waste of time, so you'd better wait until OniSplit supports TRBS import (it's going be Collada, not OBJ)”
    — Poly Mods (Page 1) - Modifications - Oni Central Forum,

  • “are weight reducing medicines safe? - i just want to know that people today are taking too much interest in gyms where sometimes medicinal Also faster reduction of weight is unrecommendable because of its own unwanted hazards. AND, once u reduce weight using such medicines, tablets,”
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