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  • Source of information about Louisiana natural resources office of conservation, underground injection and mining division. The total acreage of unreclaimed land is more than 130,000 acres. — “La Office of Conservation - Abandoned Mine Lands Program”, dnr.louisiana.gov
  • I SAW the mace unreclaimed by them AGAIN. SERIES A SERIES B SERIES C SERIES D SERIES E. Keyword Series C example sentences: utterance-medial; variable utterance length; variable word length. Full discussion of the design of the sentences in Keyword Series C is provided on. — “Example sentences”,
  • It is the opinion of this office that an operator as defined by § 444.765(5), RSMo 1978, must obtain a permit each year that his surface mine remains unreclaimed after operations have begun, unless such operator transfers the operation to a successor pursuant to § 444.772.5, RSMo 1978. — “Attorney General's Opinion Letter No. 67-81”, ago.mo.gov
  • Losses sustained by UK private investors through unreclaimed withholding tax on cross border securities and the opportunity for advisors and accountants Stephen Everard, managing director of tax reclamation specialists GOAL discusses the. — “Taxation - Accounting Software - Many happy returns”, accountingandfinance365.com
  • Restoring unreclaimed areas to their approximate original contour and establishing vegetation would provide wildlife habitat. The unreclaimed areas have open highwalls, pit impoundment, exposed gob and spoil ridges. Many of the exposed gob and spoil. — “Acid Mine Drainage :: Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership”,
  • An essay or paper on Character portrayal of Heathcliff in the Wuthering Heights. The elaborate contradictory structure surrounding the main protagonist, Heathcliff, of Emily Brontë's tragic romance, Wuthering Heights', subtly evokes the empathy. — “Character portrayal of Heathcliff in the Wuthering Heights Essay”,
  • plant canopy cover on the unreclaimed bentonite mine spoils averaged 29 However, in areas where unreclaimed spoils are. numerous, rangeland productivity is. — “The biological costs of not reclaiming bentonite mine spoils”, fs.fed.us
  • A GOAL Report on losses sustained by UK private investors through unreclaimed withholding tax on cross border securities Key Findings - UK private inv This unreclaimed tax rightfully belongs to the investor, and not to the tax regime benefiting from these very low reclamation levels. — “Rightful returns”,
  • assessment of unreclaimed mines could include the identification of stressors for the different. types of uranium mines, affected been documented nesting in unreclaimed mines. If a survey by a biologist determines the. presence of bat species in an abandoned mine, adequate closure may be. — “5.0 POTENTIAL ECOLOGICAL IMPACTS FROM URANIUM MINES”, epa.gov
  • Forests, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed lands, beaches, waters and other natural resources are owned by Article 12 Lands, mountains, grasslands, unreclaimed lands, beaches and water surfaces. — “People's Republic of China Supreme People's Court”,
  • The Bauer Mill processed ore from the lead-zinc deposits in the Stockton District and has remained essentially unreclaimed since it was de-activated. The mill operated from 1900 to at least 1957 and was dismantled in 1976. example of a totally unreclaimed tailings facility, with attendant. — “NASA”,
  • (a) Agreements with landowners for conservation treatment. In order to provide for the control and prevention of erosion and sediment damages from unreclaimed mined lands, and to promote the conservation and development of soil and water resources. — “United States Code: Title 30,1236. Reclamation of rural lands”, law.cornell.edu
  • Definition of unreclaimed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unreclaimed. Pronunciation of unreclaimed. Translations of unreclaimed. unreclaimed synonyms, unreclaimed antonyms. Information about unreclaimed in the free online English. — “unreclaimed - definition of unreclaimed by the Free Online”,
  • Vote for the most refreshing ideas to win Pepsi Refresh Project grants for The Planet We have adopted a long term goal to turn this last unreclaimed, major Colorado river into an asset for the city of Denver and its citizens. — “Refresh an urban stream and entice kids to get offline”,
  • ANNA UNIVERSITY CHENNAI Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2008 TNEA MERIT LIST 2008 The Rank List for Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2008 is proposed to importer unreclaimed tipsification nonalarmist mulligan macromethod moism arthropodal. — “ANNA UNIVERSITY RANK LIST – TNEA 2008 – MERIT CARD @ CHENNAI”,
  • keep the total unreclaimed disturbance at any one time during the life of. the permit to less than 800 acres. With aggressive concurrent reclamation, the maximum unreclaimed. — “December 1, 2006 RE: Approval of Plum Creek Operating Permit”, deq.mt.gov
  • Affected land" means reclaimed and unreclaimed land, land that has or Before expanding an excavation beyond an area that exceeds a total of 10 acres of reclaimed and unreclaimed land and before each additional 10-acre expansion, the owner or operator shall notify the regulator of an intent to. — “Article 7”, maine.gov
  • 2. Bees are considered ferae naturae while unreclaimed; and they are not more subjects of 3. In New York it has been decided that bees in a tree belong, to the owner of the soil, while unreclaimed. — “Anthophila legal definition of Anthophila. Anthophila”, legal-
  • The Guru is not an erring mortal whose activities can be understood by the fallible reason of unreclaimed humanity. There is an eternally impassable line of demarcation between the Saviour and the saved. Those who are really saved can alone know. — “Thakur Bhaktivinode”,
  • Irish investors missing out on €150m unreclaimed tax. Irish directors called recovery right. Latest insider buy and sell deals may Irish investors missing out on €150m unreclaimed tax. Where's the sweet spot on this chain?. — “Archives for September 14, 2003 | The Post”, thepost.ie
  • of the Revised Code that owns any unreclaimed land affected by mining before April 10, 1972, or pursuant to a license issued The plan shall include only reclamation work that is necessary to render the unreclaimed land suitable for commercial, industrial, or, if the land is owned by a. — “Lawriter - ORC - 1513.32 Agreements for state entry and use”, codes.ohio.gov
  • Water quality is also improved by removing or burying high sulfur coal wastes and shale, fragmenting and mixing overlying alkaline overburden with unreclaimed acid spoils, and regrading and revegetating the mine site (Skousen and Larew 1994) coal refuse on the land surface, and unreclaimed spoil piles. — “Remining in Pennsylvania and W.Va. Costs and Water Quality”, wvu.edu

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  • Augustine Kofie: "BUILD" Zine overview [sold out] =THIS ZINE IS SOLD OUT= BUILD Zine | Edition of 40 Available July 20, 2009 A sharp little zine inspired from a recent estate sale adventure in Pasadena, Calif. The home was filled with many mid century items in both office supplies as well as machinist packaging goodies. This zine is laced with elements found in the home, pulled from digital photos as well as scans of the packages themselves. Laced between the pages include recent technical sketches from my notebooks as well as doodles and other found images in a collage form. Keep Drafting once again continuing in its research of the discarded and unreclaimed. INFO: 8 Page, 8.5 x 5.5 inch staple-bound zine with a screen printed chipboard cover. The cover is a found, yellowed chipboard recovered from a home in Pasadena, CA. Back page is stamped and numbered. Edition of 40. My signature and date will be written on the inside cover upon purchase. Your envelope will also include a sticker and a sheet of found paper. Purchase them here: /?page_id=66 Film: Shot on Olympus SD 870 IS. Edited on a MacBook with imovie Music: Build An Arc "Love Like Sweet Sugarcane"
  • Urgency of 1872 Mining Law Reform Uranium claims are being staked all over the West. Some of these areas, particularly on Native American lands, have had unreclaimed contamination of water and soil for some 30 to 40 years. Nancy Freeman explaines the urgency of changing the 1872 mining law. Taped at Access Tucson on My Commentary
  • Josh Young male, foolish enough to run down an unreclaimed mountaintop removal site. No worries, he's still alive.

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  • “Software and hardware annotations (blog) reclaiming freed memory, thus decreasing the density of live blocks (unreclaimed dead blocks are not available from allocation), that should not”
    — Software and hardware annotations q2 2006,

  • “Mountaintop removal can be justified — rarely I've visited mountaintop removal sites, which in their unreclaimed phase are monumentally depressing moonscapes”
    — Mountaintop removal can be justified — rarely,

  • “The Pembina Institute provides policy research leadership and education on climate change, energy issues such as oilsands and coalbed methane, green economics, energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy and environmental governance. We”
    — Protecting the Athabasca requires less talk, more action,

  • “A company, whose president wouldn't live near a sour gas well, gleefully declares its act on industry's appalling $9-billion deficit in unreclaimed wells and facilities”
    — : The EUB's men without chests',

  • “You can join the forum today from 4pm - 7pm EST by watching the LIVE webcast at www. blog posts and tweet them to @PowerShift09 with the Youth Clean Energy Forum's official”
    — Eastern Kentucky — Kentuckians For The Commonwealth,

  • “Forum. Issues. Info. MICRO-EXHIBITIONS. Current: Brandon Labelle. Micro-Exhibition No. 2. Your of no force as unreclaimed as the bottom of the sea / Unless the space the stresses cross”

  • “六盘水视窗 六盘水论坛主要免费为网民提供的一个在线交流社区,有人才招聘,房屋出租合租等民生信息 - Discuz! Board grasslands, unreclaimed lands, beaches and other natural resources have to possess, use and reebok seek proceeds from, a usufructuary right, is a comprehensive and general rights”
    — civil law system in China real estate - 日志 - reebok123- 六盘水视窗,

  • “But they must not imagine that all people are constituted after their model and likely to come round to their views or remain "unreclaimed" adversaries on whom no sympathy is to be wasted. The Fair Use Blog is a project of the Fair Use Repository”
    — Fair Use Blog, blog.fair-

  • “Search Forum. Threaded View. Previous Topic. Next Topic. Flat View: This topic has 0 replies on 1 page. Eigen Class. Eigenclass is a *** Ruby blog. Symbols, meta-programming and leaks. On harakiri and DoSing Rails? Posted: Jul 9, The amount of unreclaimed memory will be around 60 bytes times the”
    — Ruby Buzz Forum - Symbols, meta-programming and leaks. On,

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