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  • Unquantified benefits in terms of improved national security, law enforcement and public safety benefits, and economic benefits for industry: "This initiative will support the growth of electronic commerce; 416 million/yr; unquantified economic stimulus benefits derived. — “Table 7: Summary of Agency Estimates for Final Rules”, georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov
  • This morning Conolog Corp (CNLG-NASDAQ) is up big after it issued a press release saying it sold 19 PTR Systems in various configurations from United States and Canadian electric utilities following the introduction of its CM100 communicator. Conolog Jumps on Unquantified Orders (CNLG). — “Conolog Jumps on Unquantified Orders (CNLG) - 24/7 Wall St”, 247
  • Each time the Secretary takes an action with respect to the management of the Colorado River without evaluating the impact on the tribe's unquantified water rights, she is more or less institutionalizing the reliance on unquantified Navajo water by all of the other water users. — “Navajo Sue U.S. to Protect Colorado River Rights”, ag.arizona.edu
  • Environmentalists claim the ship carries more than 1,200 tonnes of asbestos waste and unquantified amounts of polychlorinated biphenyls. — “Plea against 'Blue Lady' berthing in SC Thursday - The Times”,
  • GLBT: A largely unquantified community. With allies, future holds University), CO, USA Monday, May 10, 2010 GLBT: A largely unquantified community With. — “TNUKdigest : Message: [News] [CO, USA] GLBT: A largely”,
  • Fruit distributor Fyffes is facing an as yet unquantified legal bill arising from its unsuccessful marathon action against marketing and distribution group DCC. The bill is estimated at €15m. — “DCC must pay 20% of own legal bill - RTÉ News”, rte.ie
  • Unquantified; most water is hauled from new AS; old. water line from (stock, human consumption) for administrative uses. Unquantified; surface water right needed for recreation. — “Facilities - Water Developments”, fs.fed.us
  • Downloadable! This paper examines the implicit links between models containing ordinal variables and their underlying unquantified counterparts that are necessary to make the former viable theoretical constructions. It is argued that when the. — “Economic Explanation, Ordinality and the Adequacy of ***ytic”,
  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the. — “Unquantified | Blogged on Facebook”,
  • This paper examines the implicit links between models containing ordinal variables and their underlying unquantified counterparts that are necessary to make the former viable theoretical constructions. It is argued that when the underlying. — “"Economic Explanation, Ordinality and the Adequacy of”, scholarworks.umass.edu
  • For sale (maybe) -- oil giant with world-class assets, unquantified liabilities and a reputation for major mishaps. — “Who could gobble up a hobbled BP? - Marke***ch”, marke***
  • Risk ***ysis is comprised of two elements: The probability that an event will occur and the impact of the event if it does occur. Natural gas would have an effect on the cost of electricity, but the cost of the infrastructure is unquantified. — “Guest commentary: Offshore oil exploration numbers don't add”,
  • Global Politician is an independent online international political news magazine providing objective, in-depth straightforward and sometimes politically incorrect ***ysis of events in the world today. News. — “Global Politician - Unquantified successes ? How Iraq has”,
  • an unquantified number of failures in recognising payments made by Laser; Also unquantified was the number of vehicles whose owners had claimed not to have been on the M50 at the time of the toll. — “M50 toll problems overstated, says NRA - The Irish Times”,
  • GLBT: A largely unquantified community. With allies, future holds Alexandra Kumor, a sophomore biology major holds a sign on the corner of College Avenue. — “The Rocky Mountain Collegian :: GLBT: A largely unquantified”,
  • It is essential to do everything necessary to cap the blowout gushing from the sea floor, prevent harm wherever we can, and mitigate to the greatest extent possible the extensive and largely unquantified impacts of tens of millions of gallons. — “The Big Picture | Auburn University Research”, auburn.edu
  • Unquantified Apathy and Unpolled Topics. 10/14/2008 by Gabriel Voiles. In an OpEd News review (10/13/08) of David W. Moore's new book, The Opinion Makers: An Insider Exposes the Truth Behind the Polls, David Swanson writes of how the longtime. — “FAIR Blog " Blog Archive " Unquantified Apathy and Unpolled”,
  • Unquantified. A blog of Christian thoughts and encouragement by Robert Berdine Unquantified is proudly powered by WordPress. Entries (RSS) and. — “Unquantified”,
  • Browse: Home / History / Another unquantified, undocumented thumbnail history of youth 2 responses to "Another unquantified, undocumented thumbnail history of youth". — “Another unquantified, undocumented thumbnail history of youth”,
  • Therefore, we have added this cost as an unquantified cost. loss of unquantified unquantified mg[sol]L consumer utility benefits benefits minus associated with unquantified costs product. — “Federal Register; 70 FR 33694 June 9, 2005 - Beverages”, fda.gov
  • The study examined the reliability of accounting estimates, the relevance of estimated unquantified liabilities to overall financial condition, and the financial incentives and disincentives for companies to Estimated unquantified liabilities were relevant to the overall financial condition of. — “Estimating Environmental Liabilities in the Petroleum and”,
  • Revenue – Reducing Compliance Costs for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (unchanged, unquantified risk) Revenue – Renegotiation of Double Tax Agreements (unchanged, unquantified risk). — “Revenue Investment in the Tax System and Related Business”, treasury.govt.nz
  • Often specified as an unquantified "sprig" of mint, a sprig being a stem of mint with 3 or more mint leaves growing out of it. Suffice to say 6 to 8 LEAVES of mint is appropriate for most drinks calling for mint sprigs or leaves (such as Juleps. — “***tailDB: The Internet ***tail Database | sprig of mint”, ***

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  • Reflecting Palutena's Arrow back and forth 0:13 - Take two 0:23 - Take three 0:30 - Take four 3 examples. Incomprehensive due to unquantified distance (varying) and charge-length (didn't release the "B"-button as fast as possible). re: Take 1: I misrefer to the victim (person being shot at, tag: white, left) as the "shooter" (person who's shooting, right, yellow). Extra tags: reflect reflecting mirrorshield mirror shield superarmor saf frames super armor superarmor pit brawl super smash bros brothers bros. gameplay test backandforth back forth backnforth back&forth arrow pit's
  • Northern Screamer, Chavarrí (Chauna chavaria) NT Chauna chavaria inhabits lowland marshes, swamps, lagoons, the banks of slow-flowing rivers and seasonally flooded alluvial plains in north-west Venezuela (around Lago Maracaibo in Zuila, Mérida and Trujillo)4 and north Colombia (from the lower Atrato valley east to the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta and the Cesar valley, and south in the middle Magdalena valley to south Bolívar)3. The upper Cauca valley holds a tiny, isolated and apparently declining population5. Numbers have been estimated at c.2000 individuals in Venezuela which, with a similar sized population in Colombia, suggests a total population of 3000-5,0001. However, this may under-estimate the Colombian population, with c.5000 or more birds perhaps a more accurate guess6,7. The global population is estimated to be 2500-9999 individuals. Loss of habitat owing to drainage of wetlands for cattle and agriculture is probably resulting in slow population declines1,5, but is unlikely to affect seasonally flooded and deeper wetlands in the near future7. Collection of eggs2, capture as pets7 and possibly illegal hunting in some areas, are unquantified threats1. Construction of a pipeline and road through the wetlands of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta and Isla de Salamanca in the mid-1970s obstructed tidal flow and caused extensive mangrove die-back, continuing until at least 19928. In the same area, there is domestic and industrial pollution and sewage, urbanisation and mangrove cutting.
  • Oil Spill Truth: Tarballs on Horn Island, MS September 8, 2010 Today, an investigative team from the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise found oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon spill on the shores of Horn Island, just off the coast of Mississippi. Tarballs at various stages of weathering and various sizes were found on both the leeward and windward sides of the islands. On one beach, a protected turtle nest had been marked just a few feet away from tarballs. "...Vast amounts of the oil released into the Gulf will never reach the coast and will never be cleaned up. Instead, mixed, dissolved and dispersed into the water this oil it causing as yet unquantified and potentially highly significant effects on the Gulf's aquatic ecosystem," said Adam Walters, Science Coordinator.

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  • “Application Control and Device Control for Windows Desktops (endpoint security) patch, and therefore represent unexpected and unquantified vulnerabilities in an enterprise IT environment”
    — endpoint security | Application Control and Device Control, blog.bit9.com

  • “This was a completely new tactic, in a new medium, targeted at unquantified attitudinal goals. Blog. Newest. Archive. Careers. Explore. Network. Read reviews. Contact. Traditionally. In 2.0 style”
    — Hill Holliday Blog " The Three Kinds of Benchmarks,

  • “We convert general estimates for unquantified sites into numerical values. If a site or blog does not have it's own domain it A new paradigm has arrived! We've got our own blog. News and other items will now be available from there”
    — Top 100 Blogs by Tag: Personal Finance - How Do You Rate?,

  • “Unfortunately, this leaves many organizations exposed to risks that are misunderstood, unquantified, and uncovered. This blog is brought to you by ID Experts, the leading provider of identity theft”
    — Identity Theft and Data Breach News | ID Experts Corporate,

  • “Being new (since the end of last season). I'd like to get my bearings and see how far the claims of fanboyism upon DoD stats and other threads ca”
    — A Correctional Overlay Of Forum Support Weightings - TotalF1, totalf1.com

  • “Unquantified Apathy and Unpolled Topics. 10/14/2008 by Gabriel Voiles. In an OpEd News About FAIR's Blog. Media Views Archive. RSS Feed Info. Archives. November”
    — FAIR Blog " Blog Archive " Unquantified Apathy and Unpolled,

  • “Vovici CSO Jeffrey Henning blogs about survey research, enterprise feedback management, voice of the customer and online feedback communities. (Survey ***ysis | Page 2) Blog and forum feedback can be "unreliable, prone to manipulating, and unquantified"”
    — Survey ***ysis | Page 2 | Survey Research & Enterprise,

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