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  • Two ***agers who bashed a boy in an unprovoked attack at the Palmerston bus interchange have been given partially-suspended sentences in the Northern Territory Supreme Court. — “***s sentenced over unprovoked attack - ABC News (Australian”, .au
  • It was an unusual case of road rage last week when a Winnipeg man walking in a store park - Breaking News - Winnipeg Free Press. The alleged attack, which a police spokeswoman called "totally unprovoked," began when the 49-year-old victim was walking in the parking lot of a. — “Man injured in 'totally unprovoked' parking-lot attack”,
  • Pronunciation of unprovoked. Translations of unprovoked. unprovoked synonyms, unprovoked antonyms. Information about unprovoked in the free online English dictionary and unprovoked - occurring without motivation or provocation; "motiveless malignity"; "unprovoked and dastardly attack"- F.D.Roosevelt. — “unprovoked - definition of unprovoked by the Free Online”,
  • unprovoked ( ) adj. Not provoked or prompted: an unprovoked attack. — “unprovoked: Definition from ”,
  • : Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway: A Vicious and Unprovoked Attack on Our Most Cherished Political Institutions (9780345432483): Dave Barry: Books. — “: Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway: A Vicious and”,
  • The stabbing of a man who was riding his bicycle along The Embarcadero in San Francisco early this morning appears to have been unprovoked and authorities are still trying to determine a motive, a police spokesman said. Officers responded to. — “SFPD: Early Morning Stabbing Of Cyclist "Unprovoked": The”,
  • ***ager hurt in unprovoked attack. Published on Sun Oct 31 01:31:41 GMT 2010. A ***ager was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a gang of around a dozen men, police have said. Detective Constable James Fingland said: "This was a totally unprovoked and sustained attack on a young man. — “***ager hurt in unprovoked attack - News - Crawley Observer”,
  • Editor:It looks like another beautiful spring is upon us. Lots of individuals are out enjoying the weather and the chance to walk or run. For all those people, I would like to remind you to carry a big stick and be aware of the potential danger. — “LETTER: Watch for unprovoked dog attacks " Standard-Times”,
  • Soda Butte Campground, the site of a fatal grizzly bear attack, is close to Yellowstone National Park. Unprovoked and therefore unavoidable, the aftermath of the grizzly bear mauling leaves campers wondering what to do. There are few answers. — “Unprovoked Grizzly Bear Attack at Soda Butte Campground in”,
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears associated with an increased risk of incident unprovoked seizure, according to the findings of a population-based case-control study of Icelandic children. increased risk for incident unprovoked seizure," the authors conclude,. — “News - Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Appears”,
  • Unprovoked. Learn about Unprovoked on . Get information and videos on Unprovoked including articles on unpredictable, nipped, lhasa and more!. — “Unprovoked | Answerbag”,
  • Definition of unprovoked in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unprovoked? Meaning of unprovoked as a legal term. What does unprovoked mean in law?. — “unprovoked legal definition of unprovoked. unprovoked”, legal-
  • Epilepsy is a common chronic neurological disorder that is characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures. The diagnosis of epilepsy requires that the seizures be unprovoked, with the implication that the provocant is assumed to be something obviously harmful. However, in some epilepsy syndromes,. — “Famous People With Epilepsy”, disabled-
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for unprovoked in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “unprovoked - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • - Brutal. Cowardly. Senseless. Unprovoked.   Andrew Stevenson used those words to describe the beating and robbery he suffered at the hands of four people in January. The savage mugging caused cranial bleeding, facial fractures. — “*** sentenced for role in unprovoked beating - Peoria, IL”,
  • unprovoked - MedHelp's unprovoked Center for Information, Symptoms, Resources, Treatments and Tools for unprovoked. Find unprovoked information, treatments for unprovoked and unprovoked symptoms. — “unprovoked - Symptoms, Treatments and Resources for unprovoked”,
  • A 22-year-old West Reading man has been arrested after another man suffered chipped teeth following an unprovoked assault. — “Chipped teeth after unprovoked attack - News - getbracknell”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Unprovoked - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of unprovoked from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of unprovoked. Pronunciation of unprovoked. Definition of the word unprovoked. Origin of the word unprovoked. — “unprovoked - Definition of unprovoked at ”,
  • Unprovoked News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Unprovoked from the Orlando Sentinel. — “Articles about Unprovoked - Orlando Sentinel”,
  • Specializing in webhosting for conservation districts and conservation partner organizations This client is busy designing a site right now, so check back later and see the results!. — “Welcome to GreenEarthHost WebHosting! Reliable, professional”,
  • unprovoked. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search unprovoked (comparative more unprovoked, superlative most unprovoked). — “unprovoked - Wiktionary”,
  • Offers a list of fatal, unprovoked shark attacks that occurred in United States territorial waters by decade in reverse chronological order. — “List of Fatal, Unprovoked Shark Attacks in the United States”,
  • We found 20 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word unprovoked: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "unprovoked" is defined. General (18 matching dictionaries) unprovoked: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of unprovoked - OneLook Dictionary Search”,

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  • Shocking CCTV: Unprovoked attack on ***age Girl caught on camera A man who punched a ***age girl in the back of the head and knocked her to the ground unconscious is being hunted by police.
  • ***ager hurt in unprovoked attack A 16-year-old girl was knocked unconscious after being punched in the back of the head in an unprovoked attack in east London. A 34-yr-old man has since been held in connection with the incident. Read the latest here:
  • WINTER SOLDIER: US Marines Fire on Mosques Unprovoked Cpl. Jon M. Turner's (3/8 Kilo Company, 1st Platoon, US Marine Corps) testimony on March 15th, 2008 included these two videos of Turner's squad firing on Mosques unprovoked, a violation of international law. Click here for Jon's description of this video (at 6:50): If you're tired of international law being violated in your name, check out
  • Unprovoked Attack on a ***age Girl - Jump Off UK Debaters React The debaters were sat down one at a time and asked to watch a clip of an unprovoked attack on a ***age girl in east London. This is their reactions. "Thumbs up" if you want to see more of the debater's reactions to online videos Let us know how you feel about the attack in the video (below), leave a comment, we want to know your opinions. [View at your own discretion] Starring: @DJSnips @MissLaLaReport @TeefOnline @PoetsCornerUK @HuguetteBukasa @TazerBlack
  • Unprovoked Attack.mpg Martial arts fight scene showcasing the skills of Blake Barrett and the students of Barrett Hapkido, and also my editing skills (actually the 1st real fight scene I ever filmed/edited)
  • Cameraman shot with projectile by unprovoked Oakland police Source: Shot by police with rubber bullet at Occupy Oakland
  • Chaffey College- Unprovoked Police Brutality and Arrests On the Chaffey Community College campus, during one of our most peaceful days, the police arrest and brutalize Joey, James, and Jason after we all complied with school policy, during one of our most peaceful days of activism and free speech. Partial transcript of difficult-to-hear audio: -"He's choking him! He's choking him!"-Jason, as the camera is first pushed away from the door. You can hear him continuing to yell this for about a minute on both sides of the room, including the reception area. -"I'm not resisting!"-James, after he is slammed down on the table, supposedly for resisting the officers. The arrestees: 1st) Jason 2nd) James 3rd) Joey The context: -Listen to what Kortney, the camera person, is saying; she fills it all in. -Toward the end of this video, you can see the main entrance is closed, because they locked down the entire building, closed all the blinds, blocking that side door window with paper, ALL DURING THEIR NORMAL HOURS OF OPERATION, with all three arresttees locked inside for between 20 minutes (Joey) to over an hour (James and Jason). -These are the most talkative and brave members of our team, especially concerning injustice, even when under fire, as you can see at the beginning of the video. By the end of the video, you can see that they aren't saying anything. What did the police say/do to them to so drastically change their normal reactions? -None of them were informed what they were being arrested, nor given prior warning to being arrested ...
  • Ron Paul: Blowback and Why They Hate Us First off, I love the United States of America. I believe our nation is the greatest experiment ever. I also believe it is best for us to be honest with ourselves and to understand cause and effect. I hope we realize that free markets and free trade are best for foreign policy and that Ron Paul is in no way, shape, or form an isolationist. This video is for the education of the other GOP candidates, Obama, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, All Neocons, and everyone who says they like Ron Paul except his foreign policy. --------------- Please do not mirror or rip without my permission. Other than that enjoy, share with family friends, spread, subscribe, like, comment And if you really like it everyone should mass send it to every neocon at fox news ----------------- More information for those who don't understand, watch this four part video: ----------------- Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, a return to sound monetary policies, and a sensible pro-America foreign policy. For more information visit the following websites: http http http http http ronpaul2012 http
  • ***age Girl Knocked Unconscious in Unprovoked Attack A 6ft thug who punched a ***age girl in the back of the head and knocked her to the ground unconscious is being hunted by police. The 16-year-old girl was followed from her home before being attacked without warning outside the Black Lion pub in High Street, Plaistow, east London. Scotland Yard are appealing for information over the sickening attack and released footage of the incident captured on CCTV cameras. In the footage a "black man of muscular build" is seen running up behind the girl before delivering a heavy right hook to the back of her head, knocking her unconscious and sending her face-first into the pavement. The man, who was wearing a black baseball jacket and jeans, then turns and jogs off towards Green Gate Street. The girl, who cannot be identified, told ITV's London Tonight: "I had a migraine, my chin was grazed and sore, my teeth were hurting because they were chipped and I couldn't talk. "I hope he does get caught so he doesn't do it again to another person. I hope I am his last victim." The suspect is described as a 6ft with a shaven head and aged between 25 and 30 and the attack happened at 12.30pm on November 13, Anyone with information should contact Newham Violent Crime Unit on 020 8217 5890 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
  • Amazing video of violence at #OccupySeattle Unprovoked assault by police 12160.info Uploaded by mediahacker on Nov 15, 2011 comments on what happened here: bit.ly #occuppywallstree #ows #wearethe99percent beating 12160 violent students graphic #occupycal #solidarity
  • Bush kicked out weapons inspectors not Saddam (2003) The GOP has been trying to rewrite history, claiming "Saddam would not let the inspectors back in" to justify invading Iraq. Unfortunately for them, we have a little something called "video tape". Clips of UNMOVIC inspectors in Iraq destroying Saddam's stockpile of al-Samoud missiles in the weeks prior to the invasion of Iraq before President Bush orders everyone out of Iraq the week before the invasion on March 19, 2003.
  • Unprovoked police charges and mass arrests of activists during dec12 demo cop15 Copenhagen During the dec12 march on 12th December, there was an unprovoke charge by the Danish police force at a group of protestors that formed part of the march. They cut off hundreds of people including many who were marching as part of Libertarian Socialist bloc in a charge straight into the crowd, causing people to panic and run. People were then made to sit on the cold stone floor for many hours in the near freezing December temperatures to have their hands cable tied together and then be carted off in coaches.
  • Trigger-Happy Cops: US police brutality covered up to save face Footage of two US police officers beating a homeless man to death, as he cried for help, has been shown in an American courtroom. It's the latest in a spate of shocking police brutality cases to grab the headlines. RT's Marina Portnaya found out, many in America feel that justice is far from being done. Subscribe to RT! Watch RT LIVE on our website Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
  • Zero Justification: Unprovoked New York City Police Brutality at Wall Street Protests Police Lynching:
  • Austin Police Break Arm Of Homeless Man Darryl Rodger In Unprovoked Assault - Let Go Without Jail CALL TO ACTION! Please call the following numbers and Demand these cops be held accountable for their unprovoked assault and battery on Darryl Rodger. These are the details: Darryl Rodgers arm was broken by Austin Police around 8:30 am on March, 24th 2012 on Town Lake. Officers involved were Hart, and Kirkpatrick. Please Call These Numbers: Police Monitor: 512-974-9090 Mayor Leffingwell: 512-974-2250 Police Chief Acevedo: 512-974-5000 City Council Members: Chris Riley: 512-974-2260 Mike Martinez: 512-974-2264 Kathie Tovo: 512-974-2255 Laura Morrison: 512-974-2258 Bill Spelman: 512-974-2256
  • Token Black Frat Guy Receives Unprovoked Head Shot Knock-Out Main Channel: Website: Contact [email protected] Facebook: Twitter:
  • Watch CCTV footage of the unprovoked attack on a London bus CCTV footage shows a man using his scarf to choke a fellow bus passenger The victim, who was going to work, blacked out for several seconds The 37-year-old commuter has been left 'highly traumatised'
  • Unprovoked Police Attack At London Student Protest 30.11.10 He though I was someone else, so instead of stoping me and checking, he pushed me to the floor and punched me in the face. Very professional.
  • Brutal unprovoked attack A still from CCTV showing the brutal attack on the 18-year-old in Buckingham Road, Shoreham A still from CCTV showing the brutal attack on the 18-year-old in Buckingham Road, Shoreham An 18-year-old was punched, kicked, kneed and head-butted around 100 times in just two minutes in a shocking street attack. The ***ager, who asked to remain anonymous, was attacked as he walked along Buckingham Road, Shoreham, on October 17 last year. He had his mobile taken and suffered facial injuries. Now David Ayres, 19, of Farm Way, Southwick; David Shaw, 19, of Fishbourne Road East, Chichester; Lewis Berry, 20, of Test Road, Sompting, and a 17-year-old from Shoreham who cannot be named for legal reason have been convicted of attempted grievous bodily harm.
  • Unprovoked Attack from NYPD on Journalist at Occupy Wall Street
  • Fearless cat in vicious unprovoked attack on an innocent dog Cat has watched to many African wildlife films about lions
  • Unprovoked attack in Plaistow: Victim speaks out The ***age girl hit in the back of the head and knocked unconscious in an unprovoked attack in east London describes the incident. . Report by Sophie Foster. Subscribe to ITN News! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: More amazing CCTV footage: Handcuffed suspect steals police car: bit.ly Martial artists interrupt robbery: bit.ly Most blatant theft ever? bit.ly Man gunned down outside Brooklyn McDonalds: bit.ly *** robber chased by police dog: bit.ly Woman steals beer under her skirt: bit.ly Thief shoots himself in the foot: bit.ly Armed robbery at McDonalds: bit.ly Romanian gang attempt to rob truck from moving car: bit.ly
  • UNPROVOKED DOG ATTACKS MAN [GRAPHIC]. Spike the watchdog Whippet attacking a vistor. Do not argue with a Whippet when he thinks you are a rabbit.
  • New Video - Unprovoked Attacks by Philadelphia ***s Philadelphia -- A new video has surfaced showing a group of *** girls attacking a worker outside City Hall in Philadelphia, reports. The video, shot in May, shows a woman being attacked in broad daylight. The video shows the woman walking outside City Hall when a pack of ***age girls appears from behind her and slams her into the ground, hitting her repeatedly. The woman said the attack was relentless. "When I was in the air was when they got the first punch on my face that scared me I've never been punched like that," she told . In the video, the girls are seen laughing, screaming and even dancing. The city of Philadelphia has been plagued by *** mob violence and recently instituted a curfew in an attempt to curb the attacks. Read more: /us/2011/08/17/new-video-surfaces-showing-unprovoked-attack-by-philadelphia-***s/#ixzz1VO21OtLs
  • Unprovoked acid attack Police are hunting for two men who threw acid on the face of a man as he delivered pamphlets in Langwarrin. (3AW and Fairfax Digital Productions)
  • CCTV: Man strangled with a scarf in unprovoked bus attack CCTV shows the moment a man was strangled with a scarf on a bus in London in a seemingly unprovoked attack. Report by Genelle Aldred. Subscribe to ITN News! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: More amazing CCTV footage: Handcuffed suspect steals police car: bit.ly Martial artists interrupt robbery: bit.ly Most blatant theft ever? bit.ly Man gunned down outside Brooklyn McDonalds: bit.ly *** robber chased by police dog: bit.ly Woman steals beer under her skirt: bit.ly Thief shoots himself in the foot: bit.ly Armed robbery at McDonalds: bit.ly Romanian gang attempt to rob truck from moving car: bit.ly
  • News: 16-Year Old Girl Knocked Out In Unprovoked Attack
  • Watch unprovoked attack on FA Cup mascot Sheffield Wednesday mascot's Barney and Ozzy pick a fight with ESPN's FA Cup mascot Buddy. Watch more videos like this at
  • Operation "Mourning Mushaima": Unprovoked Attack on a Police Station in Sitra, Bahrain Youth threatening to attack in retaliation for the imprisonment of the radical shi'ite agitator Hassan Mushaima. This footage shows a clearly organized and premeditated attack on a police station in Sitra. Petrol bombs thrown onto the walls and beyond onto the building while police are not visible or engaging the aggressors in any way. The so called peaceful Feb 14 movement seeking reforms and democracy seems to have a much darker and violent side where the same key figures asking the world for their human rights seem to recruit and mobilize young violent youth who have no aim but to attack, hurt, and vandalize in the darkness of the night away from the so called human rights activities they preach.
  • Officer Patrick Pogan ''seemly'' doing(you juge) ,if done by ''mere mortal men'', would be called an aggravated assault!(in my perception that is...)...or was it the average ''im gonna cripple that guy'' technique used by NYPD? ROOKIE COP SLAMMED FOR CYCLE OF VIOLENCE, THE NEW YORK POST
  • VIDEO Unprovoked assault by police on students #OccupyCal #OccupyBerkley #Solidarity 12160.info NEWLY ADDED - #OccupyCal #OccupyBerkley Update! http Police yank women by their hair November 9 Occupy Cal, Raw Footage ning.it Another angle t.co Police Take Down 'Occupy Cal' Encampment At UC Berkeley police beating on students with batons for absolutely no reason - graphic #occupycal #solidarity #ows Video :
  • Pak troops open unprovoked firing The Pakistani Army violated the ceasefire once again across the Line of Control in the Krishna Ghati sector of Poonch district yesterday. This was the second ceasefire violation by the Pakistanis since yesterday. One Pakistani infiltrator was reportedly in the Rajouri sector killed last evening. For more log on to Follow NewsX on Facebook at https
  • Man in medically induced coma after unprovoked beating A 32-year-old man is fighting for his life after being the victim of what appeared to be an unprovoked attack in downtown Baltimore in broad daylight on Friday. Kerry Cavanaugh has details.
  • Cops, unprovoked, use Taser gun on Columbia, MO man The man threatened to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge, but then fell as a result of use of the Taser. Some things to keep in mind... - The CoMo PD have claimed that the Tasers would be used in place of lethal force - Critics have expressed worry that they would also be used as a substitute for negotiations or as a way to more quickly deal with "difficult" suspects. - In the video you can see that the man had just sat down when he was first tasered. Not a situation where lethal force would have been used in the first place. - The man fell nearly 15 feet. He currently has 2 broken arms, a broken eye socket and fractured jaw. At most CoMO PD took extreme measures in a situation where it was not warranted. At the very least and amidst continuing criticism, CoMO PD are not being forthright with their defense of the circumstances under which the Taser guns would be used.
  • Police brutality - Maryland Police Beating Unarmed Student Unprovoked Officers caught beating student on video had blamed injuries on their horses (RETARDS) Three Maryland police officers were caught beating an unarmed student following post-basketball game revelry in a videotape released Monday. The incident, recorded in part by another student Mar. 3 following a Maryland basketball victory, shows several officers in riot gear beating the student with batons. The officers deliver roughly a dozen blows as the student crumples to the ground. John McKenna, 21, was subsequently charged with "felonies on suspicion of assaulting officers on horseback and their mounts," but prosecutors dropped charges Monday as the video was released. "The video shows the charging documents were nothing more than a cover, a fairy tale they made up to cover for the officers' misconduct," Christopher A. Griffiths, a lawyer for the student, told the Washington Post. "The video shows gratuitous violence against a defenseless individual." The Post notes that the beating "occurred March 3 near the university's College Park campus after the Maryland men's basketball team defeated Duke. After the game, students took to the streets to celebrate. Twenty-eight people were arrested or cited, sparking a debate between police and students over how and when it is appropriate to break up a group of revelers." The video shows McKenna on the sidewalk as he skips and throws his arms in the air. He stops about five feet from an officer on horseback, the video ...
  • Unprovoked Baton Attack By South Australian Police Police attack 2 "suspects" with their batons. Both men show no signs of violence and make no attempt to flee in the video. Witnesses said both men were pepper-sprayed before being hit with the baton. Video filmed by channel 7 news More details here: .au
  • G20 Protest Death - An Unprovoked assault !!! Video shows police shoving a man at a G-20 protest who later died. CNN's Andrew Carey reports. Britian is soon becoming a Police State, an innocent man was killed through an unprovoked, vicious attack, from the people who are supposed to protect us!!!!!
  • 2 Pit Bulls attack several people unprovoked 3/Dec/2012: HAGERSTOWN, MD - They highest rate of rampage attacks (attacks on 2 or more people) is committed by Pit Bulls. American Pit Bulls are a fantastic breed of dog for people who lack self esteem or need dick extensions in mens cases! Looks like this man really needed one cause he got 2!
  • G20 Toronto Protest and Unprovoked Police Brutality - Mainstream Coverage In response to the previous day riots (reportedly carried out by the government!) the police assault peaceful protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets and intimidation tactics. Please Google the GlobalResearch Riot Fraud article to understand that this has happened before in Canada in 2007. The riots on Saturday night were intentionally instigated by police so that we will be discussing the violence and not the reasons people are protesting globalization in the first place. It also gave police the excuse they wanted to carry out extreme violations of civil liberties.
  • Unprovoked Cops Viciously Beat Student Then Charge Him With Assault AFTERMATCH: The television recording shows a educatee identified as John "Jack" McKenna skipping down the street and approaching one military officers on hogback. After a brief exchange, zero policemen on foot slam McKenna against a wall and he falls to the establish. A third ship's officer connects the first one, and the three strike McKenna with billies while he is on the ground as other students scatter. McKenna made a cut on his head that essential eight staples to close, said Sharon Weidenfeld, a secret investigator making for McKenna's attorney, Chris Griffiths. In accession, he made a concussion, a bad swollen weapon and bruises elsewhere on his body. Griffiths' office touched enquiries to Weidenfeld on Tuesday. Another man identified as Benjamin Donat was also beaten, although that secondary was not shown on the TV, Weidenfeld said. On Donat's body, the imprint of the policemen' nightsticks could be seen, she told. He also suffered a head injury that caused him Numerous memory loss for a few days, although he will be all right, Weidenfeld told.

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