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  • Find A Fragment of Fear - John Bingham at Borders - Books, Music and Movies. Available in Paperback (ISBN 9781416540489) at Lucy Dawson seemed like a gentle old lady, and so the motive for her death appeared to be unmeditated assault. — “A Fragment of Fear - John Bingham - Paperback (ISBN”,
  • In many ways, what is beyond the wall is the possibility of our unmeditated communion with nature. In many ways, what is beyond the wall is the possibility of our unmeditated communion with nature. — “: mrgrieves08's review of Beyond the Wall: Essays”,
  • Unmeditated definition, to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect. See more. — “Unmeditated | Define Unmeditated at ”,
  • Summary: How to Introduce Morals to Your Child: The Death Penalty: Reasons Against. Updated Aug 30 '00 - Unmeditated crimes, by their very nature, rule out the possibility of consequence judgement. — “The Death Penalty: Reasons Against - How to Introduce Morals”,
  • One of a series of articles by AC Grayling that appeared on the last page of the Saturday Guardian They might also understand, although (a different thing) neither condone nor forgive, murder committed in the unmeditated grip of passion. — “The Last Word on Capital Punishment : AC Grayling”,
  • Christianity Today continues as a leader in providing informative editorial on current events, news from a Christian perspective, Christian doctrine, issues and trends. me, a 35-year-old woman, transitioning from the unmeditated singleness of my 20s to the long-term investment. — “Choosing Celibacy | Christianity Today | A Magazine of”,
  • unmeditated, Chinese Translation of unmeditated, Chinese Definition of unmeditated, unmeditated in Chinese, unmeditated中文翻译. — “unmeditated - Chinese Translation - 吕氏英汉字典”,
  • 1 people in high places 2 murder premeditated Maybe you could try entering 'premeditated* murder' again, just to doublecheck :) *It can be spelt with and without a hyphen. You could also try 'unpremeditated murder' or 'unmeditated murder'. — “These brain teasers for my school module are so difficult to”,
  • Time Traveling With Tetsuya Mizuguchi, A musical trip through time caught on video. Raw, unmeditated response was what we were seeking, and that's what we got. — “Time Traveling With Tetsuya Mizuguchi”, 1
  • unmeditated, unofficial, unorganized, unplanned, unpremeditated, unmeditated, unpremeditated, unprepared, unready, unreasonable, unreflecting,. — “unstudied - - Free Thesaurus Tool for Word”,
  • For copyright reasons, this ebook is only available to customers in this list of countries. Lucy Dawson seemed like a gentle old lady, and so the motive for her death appeared to be unmeditated assault. — “ - A Fragment of Fear: A Novel eBook”,
  • Past Life Regression is an unmeditated revelation through hypnosis for people who It can provide insight, increased awareness and a deeper understanding of the nature of self. — “Home”,
  • Lucy Dawson seemed like a gentle old lady, and so the motive for her death appeared to be unmeditated assault. But when he returns to England and makes a benign inquiry into her background, Compton receives a note warning him to leave the past. — “ - A Fragment of Fear”,
  • GUT: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term GUT in the Online Dictionary. What is a 3 letter word that starts with G? unleash destruction, unleash the hurricane, unmeditated, unpremeditated, unstudied, unwilled, upheave, vandalize, vaporize,. — “Definition of GUT (Meaning of GUT), a 3 Letter Word”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos Unmeditated. — “Flickr: Honey Badger Bobblehead's Photostream”,
  • Synonyms for uncrystallized, on the free online English thesaurus/synonym finder with over 2.5 million synonyms. too soon, unjelled, unmatured, unmeditated, unpremeditated, unprepared, unripe, untimely. — “uncrystallized - synonyms for uncrystallized by the Free”,
  • The film follows Jesse (Ethan Hawke), a young American, and Céline (Julie Delpy), a young French woman, who meet on a train and initiated by a previously unmeditated decision to leave the train. — “Before Sunrise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Are you pre-/post-/unmeditated? There is a certain level of premeditation in the things I do But I try not to discount spontaneity either. As far as post-meditated, I guess that\'s ***ogous to. — “Are you pre-/post-/unmeditated? | Answerbag”,
  • Great art is great not because it enters an academic curriculum, and neither is greatness affirmed by the awarding of prizes or titles. In Eden, "prompt eloquence" comes out of the humans "Unmeditated" in prose or verse and so sweet it needs no accompanying music. — “Milton's 400th anniversary. - By Robert Pinsky - Slate Magazine”,
  • It made me realize how noisy my previous unmeditated mind was and I was not even aware of it if I hadn't had this benchmark for comparison. An average unmeditated mind usually picks up only about a few out of. — “Eat Better:Move Better:Live Better / Donald Shrump Holistic”,
  • Definition of unmeditated in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unmeditated? Meaning of unmeditated as a legal term. What does unmeditated mean in law?. — “unmeditated legal definition of unmeditated. unmeditated”, legal-
  • Find mechanical synonyms and mechanical antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. unforced, unintentional, unmeditated, unthinking, unwilled. — “Mechanical Synonyms, Mechanical Antonyms | ”,

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  • Ferneyhough: String Quartet No 3 w/ score -- Movement 1/2 Audio + score of Brian Ferneyhough's third string quartet, written in 1987 and played here by the indefatigable Arditti Quartet. This is the first of two movements. The composer explains the work thus in an interview: "As far as I am aware, the things I have been doing follow directly out of what I had concerned myself with immediately before leaving Europe, in particular the matter of the musical object and its processural manifestation. "... [discussion of La Chute D'Icare and Kurze Schatten II]... "My Third String Quartet addresses this object/process dichotomy perhaps even more extremely, in that the two movements stand starkly opposed, unmediated, one of them essentially composed of a series of more or less well-defined objects continually being recombined, the other a totally linear, process-oriented mirror image of the first in which transformation comes much more clearly to the fore. Despite the vast gulf which separates them, both movements have their origin in one and the same pre-compositional dispositions of periodic, metric and rhythmic patterns."
  • Raya Brass Band - Live In Davis Square Recently visiting the Boston area, with thoughts of perhaps moving here, Raya Brass Band, "The Balkan Sound Of The Village Of Brooklyn" is wowing New England fans and gaining a dedicated following in the region. The group specializes in their own funky brand of the Balkan music which is becoming so popular today. The music of Southeastern Europe or Balkan music is a type of music distinct from others in Europe. This is mainly because it was influenced by traditional music of the Southeastern European ethnic groups and mutual music influences of the ethnic groups in the period of Ottoman Empire. The music is sometimes characterised by complex rhythms and tight ensemble playing, while retaining a playful and wonderful improvisational quality. This mighty quintet of tuba, bass drum, accordion, trumpet and clarinet exuberantly delivers the swirling, dynamic music of northern Greece, the southern Balkans and the Romany people. In true village style, Raya Brass Band gives audiences a direct and unmediated earful of sonic energy from the middle of the dance floor. Appearances at concerts, dances, and festivals such as "Golden Shout Out" and "Golden Fest 2009" in New York City have garnered the band accolades and praise. Their CD, available at their website, is rapidly selling as more and more fans fall under their hypnotic musical spell. A fun group to watch, listen, and dance to, Raya Brass Band is not to be missed. Check them out on their current tour should they come your way ...
  • Alive and Well With Alive in Baghdad Alive in Baghdad is a videoblog shot on the streets of Iraq that provides a direct unmediated pipeline to stories of Iraqi citizens. Alive in Baghdad recently swept the Vloggies by taking home 7 awards. Irina talks with Brian Conley, co-founder of the project, on what Alive in Baghdad is about, its history and where it is going.
  • End Times Trio, "Unmediated by Capital," 6/4/2010: Part 1 of 2 End Times Trio plus 1 performs "Unmediated by Capital" at Broadway Nites on June 4, 2010, in concert with Kyle Bruckmann and Rich O'Donnell. End Times Trio consists of Frank ***ter on saxophones, Mark Schwartz on guitar, and Richard Gilman-Opalsky on drums and percussion. On this piece, the trio is joined by Crissie Trigger on violin and musical saw. End Times Trio is the only freejazz improv ensemble in Springfield, IL. The group runs the "Springfield Freejazz and Creative Music Forum," which hosts musicians on tour from all over the country. Part 1 of 2.
  • Seeing knowing - unmediated presence There is no separate being in BEING. There is no substance to the believed in 'entity'. Absolute liberation is SEEING-KNOWING that you are not a 'thing'. What you are has never appeared. You cannot negate the seeing-knowing. All concepts come and go - yet you remain.
  • Raya Brass Band Gamelon Moment Feb 2009 ABOUT RAYA BRASS BAND Raya Brass Band is the newest fiery Balkan band to come out of the village of Brooklyn, NY. This mighty quintet of tuba, bass drum, accordion, trumpet and clarinet exuberantly delivers the swirling, dynamic music of northern Greece. In true village style, Raya Brass Band gives audiences a direct and unmediated earful of sonic energy from the middle of the dance floor.
  • Goodbye Gutenberg I wrote this song to shed light on the recently released report, "Goodbye Gutenberg," about massive changes coming to the newspaper industry. See www.nieman.harvard.edu Further blogging about this topic at This song has been posted on Digg at http
  • Raya Brass Band at Golden Fest 2009 - NYC Raya Brass Band is the newest fiery Balkan band to come out of the village of Brooklyn, NY. This mighty quintet of tuba, bass drum, accordion, trumpet and clarinet exuberantly delivers the swirling, dynamic music of northern Greece. In true village style, Raya Brass Band gives audiences a direct and unmediated earful of sonic energy from the middle of the dance floor.
  • APaNGO demonstration projects: Spectacle Productions Ltd Spectacle has a long history of establishing and supporting participatory community media workshops in areas of urban change. Through Spectacle's workshop process, residents make their own videos, acquire skills and develop their own uses for media as a public space. The positive effects of Spectacle workshops during production occur behind and in front of the camera and, after production, through screenings and discussions. By recording their neighbourhood participants not only contribute to the history of their neighbourhood and community but also, through screenings, participants positively intervene in the regeneration discourse. Both the production and viewing processes help to promote communal activities that cut across the usual divisions of age, ethnicity and religion and stimulate unmediated communication within communities. The use of media technology facilitates better engagement conditions through visually communication of the message across local and global boundaries. Compared with the usual methodologies for stimulating participation that are generally based on meetings, video workshops provide an activity-based environment. It is our experience that people who may never attend a meeting will engage in video workshops. People who at the level of community politics may be oppositional to each other have participated and worked together in our workshops. Spectacle's APaNGO demonstration projects explore the uses of media technology, particularly by residents ...
  • Demiurge Documentation Demiurge immerses the viewing subject bodily into a world partially mediated partially unmediated. Does the subject experience constantly changing identification? Is the subject capable of integrating the presentation of a multi-perspective work into a coherent whole? The images thought to be appearing in space, because of subject identification with the camera, are challenged by the unmediated space outside of the camera screen. The script of Demiurge follows a spatial story arc. The first six acts gradually expand the performance space by leading the participant to new elements. The spoken script is based on the structure of a citation network. It moves amongst multiple sources addressing issues of representation and signification. Eventually the "Tripartite Tractate" from the Nag Hammadi Library overtakes the work.
  • Kevin McCloud's 43 Principles of Home Kevin McCloud's 43 Principles of Home represents a landmark piece of interiors publishing. Buy his book In this lavish and inspirational yet also practical book Kevin explores all areas of domestic living, from materialism to sustainability, craftsmanship to comfort. In his witty, wide-ranging commentary on the way we live now, the things we have gained and lost, Kevin's beautifully written text brings insight and understanding. Crucially, however, he also offers up his 43 principles of home life -- each one addressing very real and solvable domestic issues. What is the perfect kitchen layout? How to create a feeling of space in traditionally sized rooms? How to create an extension that works? How best to choose colour for function? How do you create dynamic and enjoyable kids spaces? What to do with your empty fireplace? And how best to manage home waste and recycling? An inspiring but always usable book from the foremost voice in modern architectural design. Review 'a serious man of taste and integrity' The Observer 'like most television naturals, Kevin McCloud has an unmediated quality which comes across as effortless... (the) David Attenborough of the building site' The Guardian 'passionate; knowledgeable; eloquent and basically everything that most TV presenters are not' The Independent 'Kevin McCloud can enthuse over a simple joist like no one else. This is a man who actually enjoys watching concrete dry... his enthusiasm is so infectious' The Observer
  • vilano beach bike ride A music video created by unmeditated footage of a bike ride to the beach.
  • William Boot & Ben Beeton talk about the Full Moon as an unmediated experiance William Boot artist & Ben Beeton artist talk about the Full Moon as an unmediated experiance & Leonardo da Vinci
  • "Today we are more unmediated" Umair Haque (Havas)
  • End Times Trio, "Unmediated by Capital," 6/4/2010: Part 2 of 2 This is the second part of the piece, "Unmediated by Capital," performed in Springfield, IL, at Broadway Nights on June 4, 2010, for a concert with Kyle Bruckmann and Rich O'Donnell. The musicians on this piece are Frank ***ter on saxophones, Mark Schwartz on prepared guitar, and Richard Gilman-Opalsky on drums and percussion. The trio is joined here by Crissie Trigger on violin and musical saw. Please see Part 1 of this performance here: The trio also has a CD available here: End Times Trio is the only freejazz improv ensemble in Springfield, IL. The group runs the "Springfield Freejazz and Creative Music Forum," which hosts musicians on tour from all over the country. Part 2 of 2.
  • Meditation for the Unmeditated A simple video on how to meditate for those who know nothing about it
  • Commentary for themail March 31, 2007 Some thoughts about the DC Public Schools recent decision to raise the graduation requirements -- and the redesign (redecorating) of the front page of the Washington Post web site. Correction: In this video I meant to say that the Washington Post redesigned the front page of their web site, rather than the front page of their newspaper. This commentary was created for the 10 year old civic discussion newsletter called [email protected] ( My blog -
  • A Course In Miracles: Forgiving relationships David Hoffmeister describes the way to forgive relationships by seeing the value that people offer as mirrors of unconscious beliefs. Through relationships and spiritual community you recognize the 'fast track' to Enlightenment. The ego is undone when it no longer holds any value or attraction, and forgiveness lights the way. Filmed in Toowoomba, Australia. For more info on A Course In Miracles and to read it for free visit: ACIM.cc
  • Digital Scholarship: Gutenberg 2.x Matrix Remix Reflections on the Future of the Digital Scholarship relating to reading, writing, learning, open access, intellectual property, libraries, digital preservation, multimedia, pedagogy, access and production - hopefully to open dialogue for further reflections. This iremix" of this piece celebrates the resistive and paradigm game changing potential of digital technologies.
  • YouTube Paneltalk - Participatory Media YouTube Editor's Choice - April, 2007 This video is panel discussion about participatory media. If you're interested in this subject, you might want to read these books: The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More, by Chris Anderson See Chris Anderson talking about The Long Tail here on YouTube at We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People, by Dan Gillmor Dan Gillmor's blog is at An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths, by Glenn Reynolds Blog at I blog (or should I say blawwwwg) at http Production Credits: This video was produced by John Benson, Maria Benson and Phil Shapiro. Graphic design and video editing by John Benson. Dramatic coaching and direction, Maria Benson. Submitted to digg at [email protected] Note - a higher quality version of this video can be found on the Internet Archive as a QuickTime file. 8.3 megabytes in file size. Much clearer audio. See
  • Oxford This is part of a project I'm doing for my social factors class. It is to take a unmediated wander around a city. I chose Denver.
  • Can We Have Life Before Death? Is there any chance of real, honest and unmediated experience before we slip into the void?
  • Unmediated Bodies media toolkit fall '09 final. it was cold that night. jsyk.
  • Anonymous - Peace through Evolution (music-less) Greetings. This message is intended to determine if we, humans, would like to see the internet be the means to developing a planet-wide civilization based on the practice of collective intelligence in cyberspace. If you agree with the following message, simply hit like. If you disagree with the following message, simply hit dislike. The following is our message: The Internet is developing into the unmediated presence of humanity to itself since every possible culture, discipline and passion is therein woven together. Many of us already take part in the online exchange of ideas, information and services. We engage in dialogue in virtual communities housed by mobile networks which are continually being reconfigured. We are living through the time in which they will say the internet came to be. No reference, authority, dogma or certitude will remain unchallenged by the future which awaits us with regards to the internet. The reality in which we inhabit is simply a collective creation by all. This has always been the case, however, the internet renders it so evident that it can no longer be ignored by even those with the highest level of ignorance. Now is the time for responsibility and creation. The very fact that we are now in a position to destroy everything should make this clear, that is, our responsibilities and our freedom.... Just as at the end of the Neolithic period, mankind evolved by inventing agriculture, the town, the state and writing, we are now again in a ...
  • Martin Luther-Reformation Church(1521) Luther Before the Diet of Worms Martin Luther (November 10, 1483--February 18, 1546) was a German monk, theologian, university professor and church reformer whose ideas inspired the Protestant Reformation and changed the course of Western civilization. Luther's theology challenged the authority of the papacy by holding that the Bible is the only infallible source of religious authority and that all baptized Christians under Jesus are a universal priesthood. According to Luther, salvation was a free gift of God, received only by true repentance and faith in Jesus as the Messiah, a faith given by God and unmediated by the church. Luther's confrontation with Charles V at the Diet of Worms over freedom of conscience in 1521 and his refusal to submit to the authority of the Emperor resulted in his being declared an outlaw of the state as he had been excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. Because of the perceived unity of the medieval Church with the secular rulers of western Europe, the widespread acceptance of Luther's doctrines and popular vindication of his thinking on individual liberties were both phenomenal and unprecedented.[citation needed]
  • LAB - Unmeditated Thoughts freeverses and freestyles. beat by shin ski
  • Voices of Long Beach 'Voices of Long Beach' installation by opendna, part of SoundWalk 2006 in Long Beach's East Village Arts District. On March 5th 2006 hosted a Town Hall Meeting to address the challenges facing the 2nd District. The webcast event gave voice to over forty candidates, activists, artists, residents and workers. On April 4th 2006, published three minute videos of each of the speakers. Videos of the Town Hall Meeting have been downloaded over 13500 times and constitute one of the most accessible and comprehensive video archives of unmediated local voices in Long Beach. On October 7th 2006, SoundWalk provided an opportunity to reclaim these voices from cyberspace and to re-introduce them to 'meatspace'. Ten different TVs each play a full copy of the Town Hall Meeting; a reminder of the diversity, character, genius and creative potential of our community, if only we can focus our attention. For a list of speakers and to watch individual videos of each, visit
  • Why Does Cubist Pharmaceuticals Rely on Reprints Desk for Document Delivery? A video featuring Cubist's Medical Communications Knowledge Services Group. ABOUT STM DOCUMENT DELIVERY STM Document Delivery is the Rightsphere-Enabled Service from Reprints Desk® that simplifies single article procurement, with copyright-compliant same-day delivery (most articles delivered within a few minutes to a few hours), original and clean color articles by default, PDFs without plug-ins made possible by a proprietary Adobe-based solution, and flexible ordering options -- including linkouts, email, web services, and more. ABOUT REPRINTS DESK Reprints Desk, Inc., is a business software and information services company that simplifies how research-intensive companies and other organizations procure, manage and share journal articles and other copyright-protected content. The company's content workflow and compliance solutions help customers effectively use peer-reviewed literature in research, regulatory submissions, and product promotions. A channel supplier for more than 100 scientific, technical, and medical (STM) publishers, Reprints Desk earned the #1 ranking in the 2008 Document Delivery Vendor Scorecard by Outsell, Inc., and currently serves companies in life sciences, energy, aerospace, industrial products, food and beverages, consumer packaged goods, information technology, legal, academia and government. Reprints Desk is a Derycz Scientific company.
  • The goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter / The goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick, 2006 The title is taken from the novel of Peter Handke, who just won the most important literary price for literature wirtten in German language. But this price has put him currently onto front pages of international newspapers since the award had been immediately withheld. He is accused of having been too much a favorite of Serbia andSlovodan Miloshevich during the war time something that he disputes though he attended his funeral. (I myself do not have enough insight into this particular affair and leave the reading of this video open to anybody) The story is about an alienated man, a former well known goalie who just has lost his job and meanders alienated through Vienna and a small Austrian border village. His flaneurisim makes him encounter random people, random love and random violence of all sorts admidst meditations on the ineviitable but dispossesing proximity and distance of things and names of things. (not to mention prices of things and more) Asked by a woman with whom he had a one night stand whether he is working today, his answer consissts of strangling her to death - as if by accident, unaware and unmeditated. This is not the only unnatural death though the book doesn't belong to the genre of murder novels. This video is part of a series of "kick readings" I initiated with several books by Sigmund Freud in 2001. This particular piece has been not only inspired by the current ...
  • Singe -er: The Home Invasion Singe-er was a short story written a few years ago, this is a made for Internet Movie of that story. For information about the making of the video, the original story, learn about about the true life events visit and search for Singe -- er. Warning Contents: UMACTA (Unmediated Medicated Accidental Cruelty to Animals) Copyright © 2006 . All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or in any medium without express written permission of is prohibited.
  • The Mystical Mind: The Philosophical and Psychological Significance of Mystical Experiences At the heart of every religion lies the ineffable experience of a lone individual. These mystical experiences have then become the cornerstone upon which the rest of the religion is built. But modern day religion has replaced these direct, unmediated, experiences in favor of abstractions and empty rituals. Mystical experiences, stigmatized by many as nothing more than a peculiar form of pathology, are often dismissed by academics and lay persons alike as being trivial, irrelevant, or spurious. I hope to show that mystical experiences, in fact, hold much relevance in our lives by directly impacting our philosophical and psychological rectitude. Mystical experiences represent the highest states of consciousness possibly achievable, ***ogous to the way an Olympic runner represents the highest fulfillment of the potential that lies within each ordinary runner. These higher states of consciousness bring into question traditional views on epistemology and consciousness. Integrating the philosophy of William James, the psychology of Abraham Maslow and Andrew Weil, the anthropological research of John J. McGraw, the myriad of scientific studies by institutions such as Harvard, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, etc., and the insights of various others, I hope to convince you of the interdisciplinary importance of mystical experiences. (By: Michael Dieciuc, Chicago IL)
  • RAPP & Marketing Week - The Connectivity Crossroads Pt 1.mov How do you make the 'always-on' consumer a brand advocate? As the power of social media grows, the spotlight burns ever brighter on your brand. Gone are the 9-5 days when the customer waited obediently outside the store until opening time. Or when complaints sat politely in the in-tray until morning. Today's consumer is Always-On, connecting and interacting with your brand even after lights-out. As an unorganised group they work like a digital ant colony, building and adding little pieces to a communications jigsaw free for all to see. Blogs, social networks, video walls, photo sites, forums, websites, Twitter. All of them reviewing you in detail, giving each other tips on how to use your products and services, helping to show how to short circuit process and looking at every move your brand makes with opinion and commentary. Then through the power of Google this is seamlessly indexed ranked and served online right next to your own corporate marketing. Will your brand stand up to the scrutiny? Will consumers become your anti-PR machines? Or can you turn unmediated social media activity to your advantage and build real brand advocacy? Mark Choueke, Editor, Marketing Week Emma Harris,UK Head of Marketing & Sales, Eurostar Gary Raucher, VP, Head of Integrated Marketing Communications, Philips Rik Haslam, Chief Creative Architect, RAPP
  • On the Quest for Playstation 3 ps3 lines ps3 ebay auctions (thanks, dave!) ps3 ebay auction realtime footage smash my ps3 where the opposite side of the earth is series of skating mannequins continuous electronic beam accelerator facility infiltration magazine china unblocks wikipedia yoqoo
  • ForaTV: 'Free' YouTube a Moneymaker? - Chris Anderson (re-upload) this clip caused me to make a video about the topic, to which this is posted as a response. this is not the only reason i decided to re-upload it, i also think that you should check out the channel where i found it. they really have some great stuff on their channel, let me quote from their channel description: "We gather the web's largest collection of unmediated video drawn from live events, lectures, and debates going on all the time at the world's top universities, think tanks and conferences. We present this provocative, big-idea content for anyone to watch, interact with, and share --when, where, and how they want." ----original description---- Complete video at: fora.tv In response to Malcolm Galdwell's review of FREE in The New Yorker, WIRED editor and author Chris Anderson expands on the ways Google makes money from YouTube's free services. "Google wants you to use the Internet," says Anderson. "Your actions let Google make more money by selling ads." ----- Chris Anderson is the Editor in Chief of WIRED magazine and author of The Long Tail and FREE: The Future of Radical Price. The Long Tail concept has found broad ground for application, research and emperimentation. Now, in FREE, he makes the compelling case that in many instances businesses can profit more from giving things away than they can by charging for them. - Los Angeles Public Library Chris Anderson is editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, which has won a National Magazine Award under his tenure. He ...
  • Huong Ngo's Pop-Up Studio Joanne visits Huong Ngo's pop-up studio Music by Evan Tate (thanks, Kenyatta!)
  • LaSara Firefox - aka Yoga Mama on Twitter - Introduction for I'm LaSara Firefox, also known as Yoga_Mama on Twitter. I live out in the country, in one of the hidden valleys of Northern California. Here, life moves at a slower pace, governed by harvests, rain, water and drought. We live an agrarian life. We have an unmediated relationship with nature. My interests are family, gratitude, yoga, mediation, compassion, the awakened heart, spirit, love and loving, My religious and spiritual studies are currently mostly inthe realms of the relationship between science and spirit, holism (wholism), holomorphism, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, traditional Tantra, the teachings of Christ Consciousness, Islam, henotheism, nondual monotheism (monism). I consider my self primarily a Mystic. Stay tuned for my reviews and endorsements, as well as clips on some of the topics above, and lots of family and Nor*Cal Pride clips. That last is sort of a joke, but we Northern CA dwellers have a strong relationship with our place of being; mostly what I mean is footage of local events, as well as plenty of images of the amazing land that surrounds me. May all beings be free. Peace, and gratitude.
  • Re: Sam Harris - Misconceptions About Atheism ~ Lenin was an atheist. Stalin was an atheist. Most of the diabolical rulers of the 20th century were all atheists. Go figure as to why this new fringe movement of atheism in the US and the UK is trying to distance itself from its own atheist kin. Go figure. Are we witnessing the sanitizing of the anti-religion? Video Cam Direct Upload I responded to a video on the Channel foratv who states: FORA.tv helps intelligent, engaged audiences get smart. Our users find, enjoy, and share videos about the people, issues, and ideas changing the world. We gather the web's largest collection of unmediated video drawn from live events, lectures, and debates going on all the time at the world's top universities, think tanks and conferences. We present this provocative, big-idea content for anyone to watch, interact with, and share --when, where, and how they want. To find out more, browse our extensive program archives, or join our community, check us out at FORA.tv Disclaimer for our YouTube audience FORA.tv does not endorse viewpoints expressed by the speakers in our videos. Debate is always welcome and encouraged in our video comments (but keep it civil, please). YET I agree with foratv on most of the salient points of their policy. ____________________ As delivered by Christ in the Pistis Sophia, there exists a group of ten gnostic commandments which every aspiring Essene or Nazorean gnostic must follow. These commandments are general in form and can fit peacefully with any existing ...
  • The new Dean's demands (in memo form) (#8) The new Dean proposes a research paradigm that proposes looking at original texts unmediated by theory. Initial reaction is not favorable.
  • Richard Linklater on the Making of "Before Sunrise" (Part 2) August 1995 Watch the full segment: Before Sunrise revolves largely around the twin themes of self-fulfillment and self-discovery through a significant other, charging the concept through the introduction of a twelve-hour time constraint in which the goals implicit to the two themes have to be realized. They are underlined by the poem "Delusion Angel", which evokes a longing for complete and unifying, possibly even redeeming, understanding between two partners in a world which is itself unknowable, and over which one can exercise no control. An important role is played by the theme of spontaneous and uninhibited response to one's environment. It is reflected by the actions of Jesse and Céline, whose joint stream of consciousness, initiated by a previously unmeditated decision to leave the train together, allows them to temporarily detach themselves from the world, and enter a realm where only the other's company is of importance. It is worth noting that when the morning arrives Jesse remarks that he and Céline have again entered real time. It could be argued that Before Sunrise subsumes its main themes under that of life. In one scene, Céline and Jesse visit the Friedhof der Namenlosen, the Cemetery of the Nameless in Simmering. The people buried in the cemetery have found anonymity in death; by learning to know and understand one another, Celine and Jesse experience and embrace life, suspending their own mortality. The movie ...
  • StonedCommander Arrested! for insane atheist bashing. StonedCommander Arrested! for insane atheist bashing. Sherriff Nitro threw him in the slammer for 4 counts of 2nd Degree Insolence and 17 counts of 1st Degree Unmediated Ignorance. He might be big but he ain't quick.
  • Unmediated Australia- a comment on government relationships with the media For over 50 years, Australia's government has a history of on and off cowering to the whims of big broadcast business. Senator Steven Conroy's latest handout is just one in a series of maneuvers to keep the media 'on side' so they give good coverage during elections. This short commentary evaluates twenty years of cultural decline for Australian media (primarily television) and both sides' willingness to sacrifice Australia's culture and pride for a dime.
  • Raya Brass Band at Balkan Shout Out Raya Brass Band is the newest fiery Balkan band to come out of the village of Brooklyn, NY. Raya (which rhymes with "maya") Brass Band is a mighty quintet of tuba, bass drum, accordion, trumpet and clarinet an exuberantly delivers the swirling, dynamic music of northern Greece. In true village style, Raya Brass Band gives audiences a direct and unmediated earful of sonic energy from the middle of the dance floor.

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  • “Old Guys Rule Blog is where you can find interesting products, gift ideas and news items related to cool older guys fathers and husbands”
    — Old Guys Rule© || Blog || Giant Steps || Old Men Rule,

  • “VALENTINE QUIZ (TRẮC NGHIỆM TÌNH YÊU): Are You in Love with an illusion? 1) My relationship or relationship to be is different from everyone else's and I will never have the problems other people do because our love is so strong. a)”
    — VALENTINE QUIZ (TRẮC NGHIỆM TÌNH YÊU) - Chat 24/7 - EnglishTime, englishtime.us

  • “Hello, I would like to know if any of you folks are aware of any athletes who are also practice extreme transhumanist methods. Thank you. Obviously it gets reckless and unmeditated, but at least they don't have the excessive deference to born genetics that is so common”
    — Transhumanist Athlete - Forums,

  • “Brashness from the powerful can be devastating, but to many of America's young and active people, it has become a desirable attribute and a quality they look for in their heroes and role models. It follows that many public personalities assume”

  • “I was pleased to see Frank Eliason (he just launched his blog) from Comcast cares join us at Forrester 's Consumer Forum this week. Interesting to hear how the whole thing started, very organic and unmeditated”
    — Why does Comcast care about Twitter? (Video) " Web Strategy, web-

  • “This is the part-1 of a 3-part meditation series. Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without An average unmeditated mind usually picks up only about a few out of thousands of thought strands that float through the mind in an hour”
    — 10 Reasons You Should Meditate,

  • “What would a Hollywood run by Scientologists look like? - Windows Live But the canard holds, like all unmeditated cliches, despite a startling paucity of evidence to suggest that Barry Diller or”
    — What would a Hollywood run by Scientologists look like,

  • “I think I can get your point; you want to make resignation from offices > if he or she makes an unmeditated decision), they are not. thinking about coming”
    — Forum Romanum,

  • “ for music, song-building and creativity workshops and coaching. Unmeditated. Submitted by thekenshow on Wed, 2008-05-21 14:15. I came across this wide-ranging interview (via Change Therapy) with Eden Maxwell on”
    — thekenshow's blog | Creativity Happens,

  • “American Native traditions deeply reflect this reality.] "After all we are all human Reexperiencing the world in this unmeditated intensity of connection is crucial to the”
    — Shri Mataji: "After all we are all human beings created by,

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