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  • eBay: Find Artemission:Large Roman Clear Glass Unguentarium in the Antiques , Antiquities , Roman category on eBay. — “Artemission:Large Roman Clear Glass Unguentarium - eBay (item”,
  • Glass unguentarium with pinched projections This green transparent glass unguentarium presents a very heavy bottom with a very deep conical depression and a prominent pontil mark, a conical body with nine horizontally pinched projections, a straight. — “Virtual Egyptian - Glass unguentarium with pinched projections”, virtual-egyptian-
  • Exploration of the origins and growth of the Roman glass industry. Woven into this story is the place of glassware in Roman everyday life, from a lady's cosmetic preparations each morning to the setting of table for an evening meal. — “Roman Glass: A Window on an Ancient World”,
  • unguentarium. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 3 September 2010, at 14:51. Text is available under the. — “unguentarium - Wiktionary”,
  • An unguentarium is a small vessel or container that holds an unguent. Unguentaria of different sizes and shapes made of ceramic or glass had been in use since pre-Christian times, in the regions of the Greek and Roman empires, as shown by archaeological findings. — “Emerald Unguentarium/ Vessel Imperial Treasury Vienna”,
  • A Lacrymatory is a tear drop bottle. These small terra-cotta or glass bottles for tears are a type of bottle found in ancient tombs. Tear bottles are also called unguentaria, unguentarium, tear catcher, and tear vial. Perhaps, in the past, they. — “All about Tear Bottles”,
  • A ROMAN GLASS UNGUENTARIUM Circa 2nd-3rd Century A.D.. Buy and collect contemporary or modern art, old masters, jewelry, wine, watches, interiors, prints, and music at Christie's auctions. — “A ROMAN GLASS UNGUENTARIUM | Christie's”,
  • Category:Unguentarium. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Unguentarium marbled 52,345 bytes. WLANL - hsanneke - B 15,329. — “Category:Unguentarium - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Roman Glass Unguentarium. CULTURE / REGION OF ORIGIN: Roman Empire. A Roman unguentarium of transparent very pale green glass, with a short bulbous body, cylindrical neck with constriction where. — “Roman Glass Unguentarium”,
  • An unguentarium (plural "unguentaria") is a small ceramic or glass bottle found frequently by archaeologists at Hellenistic and Roman sites, especially in cemeteries. Forms and function The term "unguentarium" is functional rather than descriptive; that is, it refers to the. — “Unguentarium - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • A Translucent Glass Unguentarium with Snake Decoration' The body with four deep indentations, tubular neck and disk-shaped rim. I believe you may be interested in the following item: A Translucent Glass Unguentarium with Snake Decoration' (#46-034), on auction at an estimated $1,000-1,100. See. — “A Translucent Glass Unguentarium with Snake Decoration' (#46”, archaeological-
  • An unguentarium (plural "unguentaria")[1] is a small ceramic or glass bottle found frequently by The term "unguentarium" is functional rather than descriptive; that is, it refers to the purpose for which this relatively small vessel is thought to have been used and. — “Unguentarium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Glass unguentarium. Artist : Anonymous. Date : approx. entre 220 et 180 avant J.C. Material : Glass mounted onto a Roman time core Container (Unguentarium) Vitrine : V02. Area related. Méditerrannée orientale. Site related : Salle des verres. — “Glass unguentarium”,
  • The Wilcox Classical Museum houses a small collection of plaster casts of Greek and Roman Sculpture and a small collection of Greek and Roman antiquities. N.351: Glass Unguentarium from ? ( 1st- 2nd c CE) See Pullen paper in file for details-M19. N.352: Glass ?Bowl Rim Fragment from. — “The Wilcox Classical Museum”, www2.ku.edu
  • Find RARE ANCIENT ROMAN GLASS UNGUENTARIUM BOTTLE in Antiques, Antiquities , Roman category on eBay.ca. — “RARE ANCIENT ROMAN GLASS UNGUENTARIUM BOTTLE on eBay.ca (item”, cgi.ebay.ca
  • A6007 Vessel (unguentarium), glass, maker unknown, Roman empire, 2nd century A.D. This particular type of unguentarium vessel is what is known as a "candle stick unguentarium" because it resembles the shape of a candle stick. — “A6007 Vessel (unguentarium), glass, maker unknown, Roman”,
  • Roman glass unguentarium or phial Roman glass unguentarium or phial. Made of natural blue colour of good quality glass. Found complete with rim, neck, body, and base. This phial has an everted rim, lightly ground to a chamfer. However, the rim is. — “Roman glass unguentarium or phial -- Museum of London”,
  • 2nd Century AD, H. 5" (12.7 cm). Roman Glass Unguentarium, ca. 2nd Century AD, 2 3/4" (7 Bodied Unguentarium, ca. 2nd Century AD, H. 3 5/8" (9 cm). Pre. — “Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. - Buy or Bid Sale”,
  • Roman 'Ribbed' Unguentarium Glass Bottle 013374B. Roman 'Ribbed' Unguentarium Glass Bottle Unguentaria are small ceramic or glass bottle found frequently at Hellenistic and Roman sites, especially in cemeteries. — “Roman 'Ribbed' Unguentarium Glass Bottle 013374B”, time-
  • A guide to the Farid Karam, M.D. Lebanon Antiquities Collection at the USF Tampa Library. R30-00074 Dropper bottle R30-00085 Unguentarium R30-00110 Ointment jar R30-00115 Bowl R30-00117 Sprinkler flask R30-00119 Jar R30-00120 Double head flask R30-00125 Unguentarium R30-00128 Ewer R30-00146 Goblet. — “Further Study - Farid Karam, M.D. Lebanon Antiquities”, guides.lib.usf.edu

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  • Beyond Ceramic Unguentaria A Closer Look at Late Antique Trade of Glass Unguentaria in the Roman Province of Egypt At the 2014 ASOR Annual Meeting, Pamela Koulianos presented the paper...

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  • “Back to Vintage Perfume/Beauty Blog. Vintage Silvestri Reproduction Perfume Bottles. Posted on December 4, 2008 Also goes by names such as tear bottle, tear catcher, lapel bottle, tear vial, boot bottle unguentaria, bosom bottle, or unguentarium”

  • “View related threads: (in this forum | in all forums) Logged in as: Doctors an alchemists would have used more comon ulitarian glass also like Ron's unguentarium which came in many shapes, sizes and colors”

  • “”
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  • “This blog covers current topics in the news, with a metaphysical twist, and a pinch of Then there's something I've been meaning to blog about but could never fit it in”
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  • “Ossuary used in Jewish funeral practices 1st century B.C.E On display in The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story starting modiolus (measuring-cup) and unguentarium. created during the 1st century CE. On display in The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story starting tomorrow”
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  • “WASHINGTON - Archaeologists in Italy have discovered a 2,000-year-old cream, left almost intact in the cosmetic case of an aristocratic Etruscan woman. This is most likely due to the sealing of the alabaster unguentarium by the clayish earth, which prevented contact with oxygen," said Ribechini”
    — A 2,000-year-old cream belonging to an aristocrat discovered,

  • “ early third centuries, which is confirmed by the unguentarium from the dromos entrance. forum. Anthropology-Genes. Genes. Anthropology. Try a faster and more secure Web browser. Download Opera. macedon is blogging on My Opera. My Opera is a blog and photo sharing community with millions of members”
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  • “[Archive] Vergina/ Aegae and the Royal Tombs By Elizabeth Carney Macedonian Archaeology and Artifacts unguentarium, a model iron cart decorated with gold bands, iron spits, a hollow silver "wand," a silver and gold tubular object,”
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