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  • ?Movement gives Life but Silence is my Grounding.? A few of you have responded in the comments to my previous post that you liked what I have written for Taken to the extreme, ungroundedness can make you a Drama Queen; you exaggerate your problems, your imagination is in overdrive and you are. — “How To Ground Yourself In 7 Ways - Wellsphere”,
  • the FES remedies can help you to address specific emotional and spiritual issues. Consultations to help you choose FES Remedies. Online articles about FES. Clary Sage, Lavender. Ungroundedness. All First Chakra Stones. Clematis. — “Emotional First Aid Kit: Flower Essences, Crystals, Essential”,
  • Advanced Yoga Study is a life-time effort of Swami Dharmanandaji. Rajas is present is vata as hyperactivity, nervousness, fear, anxiety and ungroundedness; in pitta as aggressiveness, competitiveness, power and prestige; in kapha as attachment, greed and possessiveness. — “DOSHAS QUALITIES,doshas gunas,DOSHAS SEAT”,
  • Find A Buddhist History of the West: Studies in Lack - David R. Loy at Borders - Books, Music and Movies. Available in Paperback (ISBN 9780791452608) at oneself or make oneself feel more real, arising from a self-conscious ungroundedness which we experience as a sense of lack. — “A Buddhist History of the West: Studies in Lack - David R”,
  • Its ungroundedness is emphasized by the lack of continuo instruments. The last aria, for all of its positive energy, has a certain ***eyed quality generated by the opening tritone interval and the generally odd melodic material. ©Craig Smith. — “Emmanuel Music - Bach Cantata BWV 170 - Program Notes”,
  • ungroundedness. unrounded. vantage-ground. well-grounded. Words. Definitions (63) Words. above ungroundedness. unhedged. unimproved. unrounded. unsown. untenable. unthinking. unvarnished. — “R " roun " 1828- :: Making the First American”, 1828-
  • The essence of spiritual growth is integration, integrity and sobriety. Spiritual beings have their feet planted in the earth and It is possible to use the vocabulary of spirituality to rationalize ungroundedness or erratic behavior, but it's our belief that for spiritual principles to have true. — “Spiritual Life Here on Earth | Chopra Center”,
  • In her presidential address to the American Historical Association, Gabrielle Spiegel (pictured right) equated the problematic ungroundedness of postmodern histories with the psychological impossibility of feeling grounded following the Holocaust:. — “Advances in the History of Psychology " Blog Archive”, ahp.apps01.yorku.ca
  • On languages, which contain their own ungroundedness predicate. Logique et ***yse. Further information On languages, which contain their own ungroundedness predicate. — “Experts - Tilburg University”, tilburguniversity.edu
  • Helps with ungroundedness, low energy, anxiety around material existence. Ungroundedness, anxiety around material existence, subtle or hidden fears, stress, sluggishness and lack of. — “Healing Waters offers Himalayan Flower Enhancers”,
  • It's our ungroundedness—a kind of bottomless hole at the very core of our being—that we Because we're so uncomfortable with or even terrified of this ungroundedness, we experience it as a sense of lack that we flee from. — “Lack and Liberation in Self and Society: An Interview with”,
  • The Conference posed a specific question: If we absorb postmodernism, if we recognize the variety and ungroundedness of grounds, but do not want to stop in arbitrariness, relativism, or aphoria, what comes after postmodernism? What postmodernism teaches is not new. — “After Postmodernism”,
  • present a class of situations in which ungroundedness elicits conflicting I will try to show that in fact ungrounded- ness, under the form of a beginningless time or time-like process,. — “Microsoft Word - disputatio 26”,
  • Featureteaser: The chakras have been identified in many ancient cultures. Due to the multiple functions of the chakra system, it is critically It faces downward toward the feet, and any disturbance in its functioning may sometimes cause a sense of insecurity or ungroundedness in a person. — “The Power of the Chakras | Reality Sandwich”,
  • i have the xbox 360 elite and they aren't supposed to have the red ring of death. but since i have no experience with the red rings i dont know what to tell you besides save up and get an elite. but maybe somebody on here has a better answer. — “I Need Xbox 360 Help!!!? well i was grounded for about 2”,
  • Signs of weak Moon include ungroundedness, emotional instability, anxiety, inability to relate to other people, fear of intimacy, lack of friendliness and weak emotions. The individual will lack self-contentment and find it difficult to stand the stress and strain of human contact. — “Holistic approach to all planets”,
  • "Secret Garden" Home page ungroundedness becomes grounded In-spirited embodiment. judgement becomes Opening and Being. the lead of old stories and conditioned reflexes becomes the gold of Awakeness. — “Secret Garden - home”,
  • by Robert Wilkinson We're now in the heart of a time of no planets in Earth signs, showing a general ungroundedness. After Mars left Capricorn at the end of February, we entered a three week zone all the planets in. — “Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology: Astrology Imbalances in”,
  • Chinese Herbs and Herbal Medicine in Seattle : Mouth: Canker Sores - Emotions Skin Headaches Insomnia Anti-Aging Colds, Flu & Immune Center Allergies Brain Power Circulation Digestion Low Energy Women's Health Men's Health Detox Merchandise Feeling of Ungroundedness. — “Mouth: Canker Sores : Chinese Herbs and Herbal Medicine in”,
  • View flower essences in their natural state before they are picked and processed into dosage tincture. Learn the many types of issues that can be treated with flower remedies. Issues treated by Hibiscus essence include intimacy difficulties, ungroundedness, and repressed emotions. — “Flower Essence Gallery - Hibiscus - Hibiscus rosa-sinensis”,
  • Unfortunately this makes the person distinctly more open and vulnerable to the dark force, which exploits such ungroundedness and energy system weaknesses in order to interfere with and control the affected people. which exploits such ungroundedness and energy system weaknesses. — “: Mr. P. A. Goddard "Ph...'s review of Red Arc”,
  • The Interactive Qabala A Hyperpædia of En Sof Aur This project takes advantage of hypertext to make immediate the connections between many disciplines including Jungian metapsychology, astrology, Tarot, and Qabala. The Tree of Life is a map of Malchus, to prevent ungroundedness that can come from. — “ | The Tree of Life (The Original, since 1994)”,
  • But the emotions associated with leaving are usually rivaled by those one experiences when arriving at the new destination-feelings of unfamiliarity, disorientation, ungroundedness, anxiety, paranoia, and disconnection. a sense of disorientation, ungroundedness, fear, anxiety, ambivalence. — “Location, Location, Re-Location... | Atlantic Free Press”,

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  • “ things one can do to ground' with a raw food diet if they tend towards ungroundedness. Blog Search: This form searches our blog (not our entire site). Get Pure Jeevan Blogs by”
    — Pure Jeevan, Inspiring You: Raw Food Diet Motivation!,

  • “Whither BLOG? Stephanie asks: But if it's at all true that the proliferation of poetry blogs changes their social function or dynamic, then where is poetry BLOG going, and might its social energy be re-articulated towards usually a sign of a forum crossing a certain threshhold of publicness”
    — tympan: Whither BLOG?,

  • “The following is excerpted from Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life any disturbance in its functioning may sometimes cause a sense of insecurity or ungroundedness in a person”
    — The Power of the Chakras - JustGetThere, justgetthere.us

  • “Herenow's blog. Gemini ~ Goodwill Festival Meditation Impressions. Submitted by Herenow on Tue, 06/09/2009 - 11:29. This cycle The noise comes from the ungroundedness the change is causing — it required intense focus invoking peace to come in and through”
    — Herenow's blog | WeCycle Wisdom,

  • “It would be interesting to know if anyone in the forum has practiced these meditations and would recommend them. Or if anyone has experienced I'm not saying this applies to everyone but it does leave the possibility of ungroundedness”
    — AYP Support Forums - Sant Rajinder Sing Ji Maharaj,

  • “Recently it has come to our attention to do this "out reach" again, only this time in the form of a blog. This has lead to feelings of confusion, disorientation, fragmentation and ungroundedness”
    — Personal Mastery - Jaison & The Nine - Blog,

  • “Flower Essences Blog - an exploration of Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences and Personal & Spiritual Growth. sleeping patterns, as well as a general sense of ungroundedness and disorientation, to mention just a few”
    — Change & Integration,

  • “Discuss any and all divination topics in our Anything Goes Forum, only at . Your Kryptonite is self-unawareness, emotional instability or ungroundedness, a tendency to be hypercritical, didactic, envious or possessive, and a possible inability to get enough quiet alone time for”
    — What's your superpower? discussion in the Anything Goes Forum,

  • “Kunst- - Eröffnungskalender: Aktuelle Ausstellungen und Eröffnungen in Berlin: ZAK | BRANICKA: Arion Gábor Kudász, Szymon Kobylarz, Anna Orlikowska”
    — Kunst- | Eröffnungen in Berlin: ZAK | BRANICKA: Arion, kunst-

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