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  • Eastern skiers will go for the B 78, designed for both groomed and ungroomed runs, at $699 with binding, or the B 74, for mostly groomed skiing, a percentage basis for on and off piste: Cross fire, 30 percent ungroomed and 70 percent groomed; the wider Raider, $669 with binding, has 78 mm. — “When choosing skis, think terrain - The Boston Globe”,
  • ungroomed not neat and smart in appearance; 'he was wrinkled and ungroomed, with a two-day beard'; 'ungroomed. — “ungroomed: Information from ”,
  • 6.5 miles—marked and groomed for cross country ski/snowshoe. 5.5 miles—ungroomed for (Guided trail rides available). 3.5 miles—ungroomed for cross country. — “Trails in North Dakota State Parks”, parkrec.nd.gov
  • K2 Interceptor M2 11.0 TC Skis Dimensions: 128/84/112Performance: Ungroomed 60% Groomed 40%Radius: [email protected]: Torsion Box CapCore: Fir/AspenBinding: K2/M2 11.0 TCFeatures: MOD MonicMOD TechnologyTriaxial Braiding - K2,, *,Dimensions:. — “K2 Interceptor M2 11.0 TC Skis”,
  • If you've tried skiing ungroomed conditions, what was the result? I can link at least 15 turns in ungroomed conditions and stay in control. — “PMTS online lesson Black 3”,
  • Living : Highlights of ungroomed slopes found at nearby Oregon ski resorts. — “OregonLive : Highlights of ungroomed slopes found at nearby”,
  • How to Glade Ski. Glade skiing is snow skiing through ungroomed terrain, usually covered with trees. Many ski areas provide marked off areas for glade skiing, and you can learn how to use them with the following. — “How to Glade Ski | ”,
  • Ungroomed Trail: 12 km. Terrain: Varied. Night Skiing: Yes - 7.5 km of lighted trails Ungroomed Trail - 8 km. Terrain: Intermediate to Expert. Night Skiing:. — “ :: Copper Country Cross Country Ski Trails”,
  • If you choose to ski or snowboard in the ungroomed, deep snow areas with trees, remember deep snow safety. — “Northstar-at-Tahoe™ Resort | Deep Snow Safety”,
  • is your all in one source for wedding planning, information and advice. You can view our photo gallery of real weddings, wedding dresses and styles - or use our wedding planning tools to help you have the best wedding for your budget. — “Wedding dresses, planning tools, and advice : Brides”,
  • Definition of ungroomed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ungroomed. Pronunciation of ungroomed. Translations of ungroomed. ungroomed synonyms, ungroomed antonyms. Information about ungroomed in the free online English dictionary and. — “ungroomed - definition of ungroomed by the Free Online”,
  • Cross country skiing on 35km of groomed trails for diagonal stride and skate skiing plus 15km ungroomed snowshoe trails. — “Pineridge Cross Country Ski Area”,
  • Wow- I thought I obsessed over my eyebrows! :) First of all- chill! Don't worry so much about having "ungroomed" eyebrows. I am certain that you are the ONLY person who will ever look at them so closely, and I'm certain you have more. — “Eyebrow Emergency! Will somebody help me? Hi All, When I was”,
  • Ungroomed definition, a bridegroom. See more. — “Ungroomed | Define Ungroomed at ”,
  • HEADNOTE At a radical ski school in Aspen, a former Apple exec trains corporate types for the toughest slopes. BY EVERETT POTTER IMAGE PHOTOGRAPH 1 TAKE A POWDER Skiers enrolled in Bumps for Boomers learn to tackle the ungroomed slopes of Aspen's. — “Mogul Mania | Sports & Recreation > SPORTS & RECREATION”,
  • Ungroomed - Dictionary Definition and Overview. Ungroomed : adj : not neat and smart in appearance; "he was wrinkled and ungroomed, with a two-day beard"; "ungroomed hair" [ant: groomed]. — “Ungroomed - Define Ungroomed at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Governor Knowles State Forest — 10 miles of classic groomed trails, including a shelter and 20 miles of undesignated and ungroomed trails. The park, near Ellison Bay in Door County, also offers a shelter and 12 miles of ungroomed trails. — “Cross-Country Ski Trails - WDNR”, dnr.state.wi.us
  • Otherwise known as the Internet Wrestling Community. A group of people, who tend to criticize the favorable Pro Wrestling product, and favor the mi Trashy clothes and ungroomed beard at age 45 drinking Fadol in the park = bum. — “Urban Dictionary: ungroomed”,
  • From the top of the Summit turn right and head past the top of the Grimus Chairlift for some ungroomed powder on Ridge Run. It enables access to ungroomed treed areas eventually ending up at the base of the Wombat Chairlift. — “Mt Buller Ski & Snowboard resort review”,
  • The reasonably-priced, high-quality Madshus Lillehammer MGV+ skis are fun for days of fast track skiing and occasional forays into ungroomed terrain. — “Madshus Lillehammer MGV+ Skis with NIS at ”,
  • ungroomed (comparative more ungroomed, superlative most ungroomed) This page was last modified on 8 December 2007, at 00:12. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “ungroomed - Wiktionary”,
  • The Grayling area is a sanctuary for those who seek the great outdoors. Year round, Grayling offers casual adventures for outdoor In the winter, sledding, snowboarding, and downhill skiing as well as numerous groomed or ungroomed trails for cross country skiing and snowmobiling are all available. — “Things to Do in Grayling | Grayling MI Tourism | Grayling”, grayling-

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  • Natural Doesn't Mean Ungroomed! Keep Black & Biracial Children's Hair Groomed!
  • TAG: What's in my purse?! ** Excuse the unwashed, ungroomed hair, messy make-up and hagginess. (It's been a long day) I only had 4 hours of sleep, maybe that's why I was loopy. - Nobody tagged me so I just felt like I'd tag myself :D LOL OH & I will get to the requests very shortly!
  • Warren Smith Ski Academy - Level 4 (Advanced) - Advanced.mov This clip shows the Level 4 (Advanced) Advanced skier. The level of this skier would be in a group that consists of skiers who can ski with confidence on Blues, Reds and Black runs. They can carve effectively from turn to turn on nicely groomed snow but are not so consistent when the snow is icy or un-groomed. Skiers in this group can get down steeps, moguls and freeride terrain with confidence and a semi consistent technique but lose control approximately 30% of the time. Skiers at this level want to develop performance towards skiing 40 degrees slopes with good technique and direct (zip) line moguls.
  • Backside of Stevens, First Opening, Totally Ungroomed
  • fresh ungroomed powder mmmmm
  • Otzi the iceman's face reconstructed! Brown-eyed, bearded, furrow faced, and tired: this is how Ötzi the Iceman might have looked, according to the latest reconstruction based on 20 years of research and investigations. Realized by two Dutch experts, Alfons and Adrie Kennis, the model was produced with the latest in forensic mapping technology that uses three-dimensional images of the mummy's skull as well as infrared and tomographic images. The new reconstruction shows a prematurely old man, with deep-set eyes, sunken cheeks, a furrowed face and ungroomed beard and hair. Although he looks tired, Ötzi has vivid brown eyes. Indeed, recent research on the 5300-year-old mummy has shown that the Stone Age man did not have blue eyes as previously thought. Believed to have died around the age of 45, Ötzi was about 1.60 meters (5 foot, 3 inches) tall and weighed 50 kilograms (110 pounds). The model will go on display beginning March 1 to Jan. 15, 2012, at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, Italy. Called "Ötzi 20," the exhibition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the mummy's discovery. The Iceman's frozen body was found in a melting glacier in the Ötzal Alps -- hence the Ötzi name -- on Sept. 19, 1991.
  • Steep Ungroomed Hill
  • 7 yrs old Irish Wolfhound - Guy - (ungroomed!!) avoiding pot-holes!! 7 yr old Irish wolfhound having some ring training!!
  • SkeeDawgs, Mt. Bohemia, MI 4 Skee Dawgs from Boyne Mountain tackle the north wilderness of Michigan's own Mt. Bohemia. Located above Lac La Belle and surrounded by Lake Superior on the Kewenaw peninsula this place is truly God's gift to out-of-bounds skiers. Bohemia receives an anual snowfall of 270+ inches (that's nearly 23'). The runs are steep, ungroomed, wooded, filled with rock-face and wilderness that is exceptional to experience. WARNING: Mt. Bohemia is for advanced skiers only (NO beginneers). Very rustic country, lodging and food (BYOB & Food). Looking forward to next trip up, eh.
  • Accidental Death When friends neglect each other, horrible things like this can happen. People die, in pools, while other people don't notice them dying. Awful. Just... oh yeah I'm gay for Cyr. I was giving Cyr a bunch of hints but he didn't catch on to how badly I want him. Mmmm... his ungroomed, rarely washed, greasy skin is just irresistible... HA AH AHAHAHAHAH :P As for Cyr & Stefan singing? HA HA HA they did such a good job sounding horrible :DI gave them an example of how to sound and they pulled it off ~ Cyr's actually pretty wicked IRL, still waiting to hear Stefan sing for reals :D They're SUPER scared of wasps!!!! HA HAHA!!!! Cyr - Stefan - Social Network Me Facebook: Twitter: MySpace: All My Channels Onision - OnisionSpeaks - OnisionEncore - OnisionArchive - More Cool Stuff Onision Blog - Onision Forums - http Onision Shirts - Onision Music -
  • Ellies Ungroomed Ellies Run in ungroomed powder.
  • Snowboard into trees (caitlyns camera) ungroomed & thin coverage :[ caitlyn filming. this is wen snowboard off into the trees but in a different cameras view lol.
  • BEAUTY | Blue Bollywood Eye Tutorial! PLEASE READ! This probably has the answer to your question! "How do I do winged liner?" - Here's my winged liner tutorial: :) "Eww, do your eyebrows!" - HD cameras are really unforgiving. Ignore my ungroomed eyebrows and the fact that I'm breaking out a bit. We're all human :) "This isn't wearable." - This is a colorful look. I received a request for a Bollywood eye and I could have done a neutral Bollywood eye but I think there are enough neutral looks on YouTube to last a lifetime. If color isn't your thing, you don't have to watch this video! :) "Not everyone has that palette" - I'm using my Urban Decay Loves NYC Palette because I love it. I realize that it's higher end & limited edition but please feel free to use any shadows you have. It's more about technique than replication. In fact, if you're one of those neutral-loving girls, switch out the colors I used for your favorite neutrals! :) "Improve the lighting, please" - This was filmed about two weeks ago so I've changed my room around since then. The lighting isn't great here, but it's not so bad that you can't see the colors. Plus, it will get better. Don't believe me? Check out my previous video, which was filmed after this video: "First Day of School Makeup & Hair + Vlog! ♡" "This doesn't look like Bollywood makeup..." - Have you seen any Bollywood movies from the 60s and 70s? I'm thinking "An Evening in Paris," "Seeta aur Geeta," "Bobby"...the list goes on. Movies from that ...
  • Montezuma Bowl at Arapahoe Basin Feb 2009 A-Basin My first time down Montezuma Bowl at A-Basin with handheld vidcam, February 2009. What a BLAST! I'm first following groomed Columbine before getting into the ungroomed stuff. Pardon for the sketchy handheld action at times but I hope you get a feel for Montezuma nonetheless. Enjoy! :)
  • Queenstown Fat Tyre Heli bike Adventure NZ Adventure Queenstown, mountain biking, heli biking. Stunning eight-minute flight over the mighty Kawarau River valley up to the Pisa Conservation Area, we land at 1600m on a barren knoll with 360 degree views. This precarious pack track perched above the wild Roaring Meg River is one of the most exhilarating and technical heli bike options in New Zealand. You will encounter steep, rocky, ungroomed track before dropping to the valley floor for some great flowing single track.
  • Dave at Cannon Mtn. NH Dave tears up the bumps at Cannon Mtn. Also hike up to the Mittersill mtn area with no lifts and ungroomed trails.
  • Bobs 200 mph run at bonneville. 808 Bonneville run #4 202.891 average speed between mile 2 and mile 3, 204 mph max speed. The speedometer is about 15 MPH slow due to gearing change. And yes, I ran off the end of the track into the un-groomed salt.
  • 39 weeks and 6 days. Sorry its a quick video, i am tired and Liam wanted to sleep as well so we made it quick. Sorry if you couldnt see my stretch marks properly and sorry for looking ungroomed ha ( hair wise ) im to slack to give a dam. Liam is my bestfriend, we have dated before in the past and currently thinking about dating once Ailey is born. He has been there for me before we found out i was pregnant, and he was there the day i took the test. So we are extremely close(: Sorry again guys, ive had the flu, and it got that bad if i coughed id throw up and i didnt want a video of that ( yucky )
  • Androscoggin River Run 2 hours of ungroomed,beat trails? Or 3 miles down the Scrog'? On the way back late night was a little more sketch..
  • Susan Boyle-Britans Got Talent 2009-The woman who shut Simon Cowell [] Susan Boyle (born June 15, 1961) is a Scottish amateur singer who came to worldwide public attention on April 11, 2009 when she appeared as a contestant on the third series of Britain's Got Talent. Boyle leapt to almost immediate global fame when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables in the competition's first round. Before she sang, both the audience and the judges appeared to express skepticism based on her ungroomed appearance and awkwardness. In contrast, her vocal performance was so outstanding that she has been dubbed "The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell". She received a standing ovation from the live audience, attracting yes-votes from Cowell and Amanda Holden, and the "biggest yes I have ever given anybody" from Piers Morgan. The audition was recorded in January 2009 at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow, Scotland. Cowell is reported to be setting up a contract with Boyle with his Syco Music company label, a subsidiary of Sony Music. It is indeed a just irony of a society that links real talent like singing with looks and beauty. Following her performance on Britain's Got Talent, Boyle was a guest on STV's The Five Thirty Show. She was interviewed via satellite on CBS's Early Show, ABC's Good Morning America, and NBC's Today, and via a telephone interview on FOX's America's Newsroom.
  • Insane ride along the Upper hudson! Riding ungroomed railroad tracks at 90+ mph This is the stretch of tracks between Stony Creek and North Creek NY. This is one of the most senic snowmobile trails in NY and one of the fastest too when the conditions are right.
  • Bohemia Trailer 2009-2010 was Tahoe. This year, we're going North to Michigan's Mount Bohemia. 100% un-groomed, 100% adventure.
  • 2010 K2 Apache Recon Ski K2 calls the Apache Recon its most versatile high performance tool, and we would have to agree. At Basin Sports weve been big fans of the recon since it first came out and anyone who has skied it knows why. Designed for the skier who skis 50% groomed and 50% ungroomed, the Apache Recon has the chops to get the job done wherever you ski. 78 mm in the waist and with an 18m radius (177) makes this ski a go-to tool for any expert or aspiring expert skier.
  • Disabled Skiing - Heroes of the Slopes Watch as some of the world's best disabled (enabled) skiers show how freedom is achieved on and off the slopes, tearing up ungroomed trails, catching big air, cliff jumping and fire spinning, in these exciting excerpts from Heroes of the Slopes, a new release from One Track Productions.
  • OBER GATLINBURG TN HAS POWDER for the first time ever ober gatlinburg has dry ungroomed powder to ski in so I get to play in the powder locally.
  • Chinese Crested Candy Corn 3.5 months Olivera Cresteds: Lilly X Chilli pup learning to gait. Ungroomed Ped: www.chinesecrested.no
  • Ungroomed Pipe Dream Trail
  • DJ's Snowmobile Adv - Guided ride ungroomed trail end of season.
  • Ski Lift in Maine Fails, People Tumble to Ground A 35-year-old chair lift fails at one of Maine's most popular ski resorts, sending skiers plummeting into ungroomed snow far below. Some skiers at Sugarloaf resort were taken to the hospital. (Dec. 28)
  • groomed and ungroomed.MOV Miniature Schnauzer female puppies one groomed and one ungroomed.
  • Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Skiing Tips & Snow Conditions Machine groomed trails offer the best snow conditions for beginning skiers, while un-groomed trails offer more of a challenge and are suitable for advanced skiers. Learn more about snow conditions in this free beginner skiing lesson on video. Expert: Dave Smith Contact: Bio: Dave Smith has been skiing for 21 years. He was an instructor with the Mt. Hood Meadows ski school.
  • Hospital: 5 Adults, 3 Kids Injured on Ski Lift An aging chair lift that was due to be replaced failed at a Maine resort Tuesday, sending skiers plummeting into ungroomed snow far below. At least eight skiers, including three children, were injured. (Dec. 28)
  • Head Monster 82 A ski specially designed for use in ungroomed conditions with a bit more on-piste versatility. Show everyone who the boss on the slopes is! For advanced and expert skiers with a 70/30 powder to piste ratio.
  • Lil' Wayne ft Steve Jobs - How to Love VVLyrics VV she's so delicious she's my *** pistol like sidvicious beauty like this cannot be realistic Marilyn Monroes Lipstick! yea those bloodsuckers lips all these fallen ships your that treasure at the bottom of the cove i hope your heart is not stole she influences me when you speaks philosophy its like she slowly starting to solve me yourgolden I know i'm more than just a handsome guy in black jeans more than that guy in the GQ magazine we are under the same star scape and yes we can easily escape and become young renegades to stardom we go we both sold our souls for gold were must we go we gave up all we had to be in each others presence yo! shes my present let it be told we sold our souls for gold so we can go above not below foolish i know foolish i know as a kid i was spoonfed animals who were ungroomed we both met our doom i was spoonfed what was left in the cocoon her eyes blue they reminded me of the water in Cancun we consume and consume if we cannot stop SOON THEN we are doomed now let the flowers bloom now let the flowers bloom the skys are blue and its like they look at you and blame you for all the tears they dropped its not my fault your face is cropped i am a one man army that cannot be stopped unless a couple of bullets are shot and in my torso they ricochet and i scream they're caught but best believe for my life ill fight every battle must be well fought cause you never know how much time you got that's the first lesson i was taught *** all you ...
  • 2011 Rossignol Avenger 82 Carbon Ski Review Avenger 82 Carbon - The Avenger all-mountain ski series delivers the most versatile performance at all price levels that Rossignol has ever built. Avenger skis have generous sidecuts with wider waists. For most consumers, Avenger delivers all the features, value and ski ability to fulfill their every desire. If your all-mountain wish list includes some ungroomed terrain as well as high speed cruising on groomers, the Rossignol Avenger 82 Carbon might be your ultimate ski. Includes the high performance, highly convenient TPI Axial 120 binding system.
  • Episode 11. An Intimate Moment Puppet shows are boring, unless they're in the hands of Patrice Oneal whose story line includes Paris Hilton, Steven King and some ungroomed pubic hair.
  • Ungroomed Trails.mov Cross Country Skiing ungroomed trails at Stokely Creek Lodge
  • Ja and Jo cycling at ungroomed path at Republic Poly Dec 21, 2008: Ja and Jo cycling
  • Saratoga Hill Climb Climbing an ungroomed hill. It,s not even a trail. Then driving on pavement.
  • Groomed & ungroomed options After the snowstorm we just had, a few of the trails were left ungroomed for those who want some all natural options
  • Important DRUGS Warning... This video was filmed as part of a series of real life interviews with known amphetimine junkies. In this feature our friend explains the painful experiences of the drug. WARNING: This video contains disturbingly ungroomed facial hair and gammy white corner mouth whizz bits so view with great caution.... HAHAHAAAAAA!!!
  • A few turns on an ungroomed steep Ajax run A few fun turns down a steep-ish ungroomed run at Ajax. WCS 2009.

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  • “how long did it take for you to transition from grooomers to fresh dumps, mounds, ungroomed runs (admittedly in the beginning it is a bit unnerving at least it was”
    — making the successful transition from groomed to ungroomed,

  • “Shobha, NYC's celebrated hair removal expert offers natural & effective hair removal professional products & sanitary services (threading, sugaring & waxing). renowned as NYC's best bikini wax & a top brow-shaping salon by NY Magazine. private”
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  • “Forum Seeker at - FREE Same Day Shipping. Read Forum Seeker product reviews. We have the cheapest prices on the Forum Seeker”
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  • “A blog for patients and providers to connect and discuss current healthcare news, emerging trends and also find out about 's offering”
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  • “That depends on your preference and the types of trails you use; narrow or ungroomed vs. wide& groomed. nothing came back (I suspect due to my unfamiliarity with the forum)”
    — SDC Talk! - Skijoring & waxless skis?,

  • “Forum Amor Snowboard 149 - $255.95 Nothing but pure LOVE. Powder days, new friends and fresh drops are reasons to love. Painful traverses, cold feet and dry spells draw out another emotion. But as attraction only gets stronger, the Amor will be”
    — Forum Amor Snowboard 149 - Women's - ,

  • “Manager's Blog. Partnership with AHC "Stokely Creek Ski Touring Centre Preference For Ungroomed Trails. Feb.3, 2010. One of the many challenges that we face here at Stokely is keeping our extensive”
    — Preference For Ungroomed Trails,

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