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  • Easy Code Creator(ECC) is a simple way to write code, and immediately see the results. ECC reduces development time by reducing errors, and by live testing. Why ECC? WYSIWYG editors are intended to make adding content easier and faster. 0 or more, ungreedy. — “Easy Code Creator | Free”,
  • UnGreedy Associates. Posted by Christine Hurt. At least one associate benefitting from the latest round of associate pay hikes has chosen to use his new purchasing power for good. Reader and guest blogger Bill Henderson points us to an article. — “Conglomerate Blog: Business, Law, Economics & Society”,
  • Ungreedy Methods for Chinese Deterministic Dependency Parsing. Xiangyu Duan, Jun Zhao, Bo Xu. Deterministic dependency parsing has often been regarded as an efficient parsing algorithm while its parsing accuracy is a little lower than the best results reported by more complex parsing models. — “Ungreedy Methods for Chinese Deterministic Dependency Parsing”,
  • Ungreedy Methods for Chinese Deterministic Dependency Parsing Results show that ungreedy. deterministic dependency parsers perform better than origi. — “Ungreedy Methods for Chinese Deterministic Dependency Parsing”,
  • Greedy and Ungreedy Matching. Perl regular expressions normally match the longest string possible. For instance: my($text) Clearly, the use of the question mark makes the match ungreedy. But theres another problem in that regular expressions always try. — “Perl Regular Expressions”,
  • Tutorial on using PHP to parse HTML files and extract links using pcre regex regexp regular expression patterns. Because we used the U modifier, all patterns in the regexp default to 'ungreedy'. — “Parsing HTML to find Links < PHP | The Art of Web”, the-art-of-
  • Greedy vs. ungreedy matching. The following is copied from Steve Litt's Perl of Wisdom: Perl Regular Understanding greedy vs. ungreedy matching is very helpful when writing regular expressions. — “Perl Security and Regular Expressions”,
  • We all like regex patterns, because it's a great way to select, filter or replace strings, numbers or complete code blocks. How about PCRE modifiers, do you use Switch to "Ungreedy" Normally your engine will test against the pattern until the end of the string and will result into true/not. — “Modifiers in regular expression patterns | Web Development Blog”, web-development-
  • ok sure I can give you some money and stuff. my user name is "david eydus0". — “This question is to ungreedy players on runscape only?”,
  • Some finer points of Perl-Compatible Regular Experssions are considered. Examples are given for PHP programming. The concepts could be also applied to other programming Despite we made the whole regular expression "ungreedy" by using the U modifier, the first capturing pattern (.*?) is still "greedy". — “Finer points of PHP regular expressions”,
  • The U option switches to ungreedy matching, which means that the Also note that ungreedy matching alone doesn't always guarantee a minimal match: In the first parenthesis, we. — “Filter Files”,
  • Binary Kleene plus quantifier (ungreedy repeat of exactly N matches. R+pair(N,npos) Kleene plus quantifier implements ungreedy evaluation algorithm of exactly N matches of the grammar expression R. — “R+pair(N,npos), exactly N matches”,
  • Ungreedy Regular Expressions in Ruby. I was recently working on a script to condense or pretty-print CSS. If greedy matching is the problem, how do we make it ungreedy?. — “Ruby, iPhone, and Other Development: Ungreedy Regular”,
  • The current possible PCRE modifiers are listed below. The names in parentheses refer to internal PCRE names for these modifiers. The /U option (ungreedy) is needed so that the .* and .+ will only gobble up the minimum number of characters necessary to get to the character. — “PHP: Possible modifiers in regex patterns - Manual”,
  • So the Olympics were a wild success in every way but one. The hosts were competent, stylish and ungreedy; we did very well and have a base from which to do even better; even the chemical substances seem to have been held in better check than on. — “Slowly but surely, power is ebbing away from the mighty media”,
  • PerlHowto: match the shortest possible string pattern matching quantifiers of a Perl regular expression are "greedy" (they match the longest possible string). To force the match to be "ungreedy", append a ? to the pattern quantifier. — “match the shortest possible string | Perl HowTo”,
  • No results found for "ungreedy" Encarta┬« World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “ungreedy definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • A restaurant serving delicious and reasonably priced Italian food, with a wine list that is both exciting and ungreedy, should be a winning formula whatever the economy is doing. Right now, it looks like a stroke of genius. — “London Gourmets on Budget Devour French, Italian Brasserie”,
  • Whether this is the shortest, the longest, or some intermediate length depends on the way the greedy and ungreedy repetition quantifiers are specified in the pattern. 1. Because the algorithm finds all possible matches, the greedy or ungreedy nature of repetition quantifiers is not relevant. — “pcrematching(3): Perl-compatible regex - Linux man page”,
  • Free Magic Spells for Candle Magic,Helpful Rituals for love, happiness, prosperity, protection, peace, homelife, abundance, courage, thankfulness, wisdom, and passion. Free Tarot Card Readings and Free Past Life Readings. Money for the Ungreedy. — “Candle Magic Spells - Free Magick Spells - Free Tarot Card”, candles-
  • Using the core of the Magento eCommerce system I found that the preg_match_all contains an ungreedy delimiter in the pattern that is supposed to be uppercase (since my Linux server is case sensitive). When the 'u' is lowercase it throws the exception "No date part in '$date' found. — “[#ZF-10159] Ungreedy delimitter in Zend_Locale_Format”,
  • You can make this module ungreedy (with /U option see http:///manual/en/reference.pcre.pattern.modifiers.php) by changing the variable $flags to U. if ($mode) { // Case Sensitive $where = "CAST(t.%s AS BINARY) "; // BINARY to force case sensative. $flag = 'U'; // ungreedy. — “Ungreedy | ”,

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  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Redbone112's Challenge A challenge set by Rebone112. I have to finish the two acts of a zone (I chose the Hill Top zone.) without hitting any enemies or TV boxes. I also added my own extra rule for fun: Never collect more than 50 rings. This is a challenge of will power. Challenge Plot for fun: Being constantly picked on by Sonic (See Tails Abuse, Tails Abuse 2, Tails Abuse 3 etc.) appears to have had a positive effect on Tails. He will do anything he can to not be like Sonic by becoming a pacfist (Won't hurt any enemies.) and ungreedy. (Won't destroy any TV boxes or collect any more than 50 rings.) But, in a world where violence solves most things and greed is rewarded, can he really stick to his new guidelines?

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  • “Making this one ungreedy too should help, but I'm not certain it will stop this in all Making this one ungreedy too should help, but I'm not certain it will stop this in all”
    — Regex Help - Parse html page,

  • “A JavaScript and regular expression centric blog /(bb|[^b]{2})/ Sunday, December 2nd, non-greedy, reluctant, minimal, or ungreedy) are faster than their greedy equivalents”
    — /JavaScript|Regex/ : Flagrant Badassery (8),

  • “I'm talking about a modest project of mine that I decided to take a blog post to plug: Ceres Document Checker. U (ungreedy): This makes matching stops at the first ?> that might be”
    — On Writing CDC | Blue Parabola, LLC,

  • “See all threads in the Arts forum " Related Topix Forums: Home, Home Gardening, Ukiah, CA, Personalize your forum posts with your photo and hometown”
    — Day of Caring in Ukiah - Topix,

  • “MUSHclient : Lua : Regular expressions 1 DOLLAR_ENDONLY 32 DOTALL 4 EXTENDED 8 EXTRA 64 MULTILINE 2 NOTBOL 128 NOTEMPTY 1024 NOTEOL 256 NO_AUTO_CAPTURE 4096 UNGREEDY 512 UTF8 2048”
    — MUSHclient : Lua : Regular expressions, .au

  • “We all like regex patterns, because it's a great way to select, filter or replace strings, numbers or complete code blocks. How about PCRE modifiers, do you use”
    — Modifiers in regular expression patterns | Web Development Blog, web-development-

  • “Early one summer morning, I picked my way over the knobbly cobbles of the Street of the Knights in Rhodes's The tourism industry on Rhodes is a mercifully ungreedy monster, requiring only two strips of coastline and the bustling capital for its pleasures”
    — Rhodes: an exotic journey - Greece Travel Blog,

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