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  • On silty range sites, moderately grazed pastures have more available water than ungrazed or heavily grazed pastures. As the ungrazed forage matures on the ungrazed treatment it becomes higher in fiber. — “Long-Term Ecological Grazing Intensity Research in the”, ag.ndsu.edu
  • This is consistent with the lower leaf area of the grazed plots compared with the ungrazed ones. This confirms that before the rain, the soil under the ungrazed Wedgetail was driest. — “CSIRO Land and Water- Marrar Grazing Wheat Trial 2004”, clw.csiro.au
  • Cover in the Grazed and Ungrazed treatments for each functional group was compared using Figure 14 shows mean cover for each functional group in the Grazed and Ungrazed treatments and the p-values from the paired t-tests. — “Natural and Assisted Recovery of Sagebrush in Idaho's Big Desert”, stoller-
  • Dry-matter production in the grazed treatment responded more markedly to episodic rainfall events more than in the ungrazed treatment. The ungrazed treatment had higher standing dead allocation ratio than did the grazed treatment. — “Aboveground dry-matter allocation in ungrazed and grazed”, cat.inist.fr
  • Definition: an ungrazed grass margin is a strip of land, a minimum width All other ungrazed grass margins, alongside watercourses more than 1m. — “9.1 Ungrazed Grass Margins”,
  • I estimated ANPP in both the grazed (using periodic plots) and ungrazed areas at various times during the growing season using periodic harvests, was used to estimate productivities in the ungrazed portion of the wetland because the. — “Masters Theses”, biology.appstate.edu
  • Abstract - Flora and Fauna Associated with Prairie Dog Colonies and Adjacent Ungrazed Mixed-grass Prairie in Western South Dakota. — “Wind Cave National Park - Abstract - Flora and Fauna”, nps.gov
  • Height-weight relationship from grazed and ungrazed plants coupled with timed observation on grazing animals, and CP content was used to determine Phytomass productivity from grazed paddocks ranged from 2.20 to 4.74 tonnes DM ha-1 as compared to 2.04 to 3.95 tonnes on ungrazed ones. — “Relationship between phytomass productivity, animal forage”,
  • An Ungrazed Stream has Clean Spawning Gravel. This photograph of a stream in Yosemite National Park shows naturally occurring gravel which is good spawning for fish eggs. This ungrazed meadow in the Sequoia National Park has vegetation. — “Page 17: Federal Rangeland "Management" Manages to Destroy”,
  • [edit] Adjective. ungrazed (not comparable) Not grazed. [edit] Anagrams ungrazed" Categories: English words prefixed with un- | English adjectives | English uncomparable adjectives. — “ungrazed - Wiktionary”,
  • cover, predominantly introduced annual forbs, was greatest in the ungrazed burned treatment (P Ungrazed = livestock excluded since 1936, Grazed = moderately grazed. — “Sagebrush Steppe Ecology & Management – Research Progress”,
  • We used conditional sampling (relaxed eddy flux stations) to obtain landscape-level carbon and water vapor fluxes on grazed and ungrazed prairie and will utilize those results to extend experimentally-derived information from research conducted. — “Carbon and Water Vapor Fluxes”, spuds.agron.ksu.edu
  • PLoS ONE: an inclusive, peer-reviewed, open-access resource from the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE. Reports of well-performed scientific studies from all disciplines freely available to the whole world. Also ungrazed grassland habitat had a negative growth rate, which, however, seemed more caused by the. — “PLoS ONE: Habitat-Specific Population Growth of a Farmland Bird”,
  • and ungrazed plots for two species but was lower for nests species nested almost exclusively on ungrazed plots (six species) or grazed plots (one. — “Environmental Effects of Conservation Practices on Grazing Lands”, nal.usda.gov
  • Litter was greater in the ungrazed pastures as was the size of plant basal gaps. The potential for water erosion from these larger gaps in the ungrazed area may be lessened by the higher litter cover, unless a disturbance such as fire removes this litter. — “ARS | Publication request: Plant interspaces resulting from”, ars.usda.gov
  • Eighty-five percent of the plots were correctly classified into the grazed and ungrazed categories using percent cover of increaser' and decreaser' species. Grazed plots had 46% lower cover of decreaser' species and 400% higher cover of increaser' species than ungrazed plots (Table 3). — “Avian Conservation and Ecology: Vesper Sparrows and Western”, ace-
  • Grazed locations had been grazed from 1939 to present and ungrazed locations had been protected from 1991 to present by the Within grazed and ungrazed locations, all tillers and root crowns of B. gracilis were removed from two treatment plots (3 m x 3 m) with all other. — “Data Set View - Shortgrass Steppe Long Term Ecological”, r.colostate.edu
  • cattle with the use of electric fence, and three are ungrazed in large ungrazed pastures. ungrazed plots, and for both oak species, seed predation and herbivory by small. — “Factors Limiting Recruitment in Valley and Coast Live Oak”, fs.fed.us
  • However, thrashers found on these sites delayed nesting relative to pairs breeding on unburned-grazed, unburned-ungrazed or burned-ungrazed sites. During the 1998 field season, study sites were selected to represent grazed and ungrazed grassland and riparian habitats. — “BBIRD Research - Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit”, umt.edu
  • Ungrazed for 20 years - Bullet Canyon tributary of Grand Gulch Ungrazed for 20 years - Grand Gulch. Relieved from grazing pursuant to Administrative Law Judge's Order - Mule Canyon tributary of. — “Picasa Web Albums - Joe Feller - Grand Gulch a”,
  • Our results may have been different from these prior studies because our ungrazed sites had been grazed prior to exclusion and our grazed sites had been grazed for years. Hiernaux et al. (1999) conducted their grazing studies on previously ungrazed soils. — “ALN No. 58: Shrestha: Soil carbon and microbial biomass”, ag.arizona.edu

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  • ON THE ROMANIAN DEMOCRACY I saw, on hills and plains, in all directions, many uncultivated and ungrazed spaces, surfaces... On youtube, I saw how some people made houses on rocks, in desert... There are many forests and some rivers here... sutacarligmarian-satumare-1974
  • "Leaving Manhattan, Change in Direction" Obimomm's photos around Manhattan, United States A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Manhattan, United States by TravelPod blogger Obimomm titled "Leaving Manhattan, Change in Direction". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Obimomm's travel blog entry: "News from Debbie: We left Manhattan this morning and drove through the Flint Hills. These hills are the largest remnants of tallgrass prairie on the continent. If these grasses are uncut or ungrazed, they can grow to 8 feet high. The grass was blowing in the wind that is almost constant. Once we were back on I-70, we saw farms and more farms and FARMS. Of course, we saw the coolest farm ever, a wind farm. Miles of turbines that don't emit anything. I think they should paint them pretty colors and they'll look like pinwheels. We also saw a crop duster. The plane was really low and he flew like he'd been drinking. Once we crossed into Colorado, all I did was look for mountains. As we came over every rise, I just know this is it. We'll see the Rockies. By the time we reached Limon, still no mountains but we did decide to change directions. So it was on to Colorado Springs, home of the Air Force Academy, the Olympic Center and Pikes Peak. This afternoon, we rode the Pikes Peak Cog Train to an elevation of 14100 feet. It was 26 degrees on the top and it had just snowed last Monday. Since we took a bit of a detour, it's time to figure out where to next. News from Sara: We got up extra early today and left Manhattan :) for Denver. We saw lots of cool stuff ...
  • the Gazette - GUREN : Song Meaning Okay so the music video starts off with a girl giggling in the back ground, this represents the innocents of the child. In the PV at the very beginning, the girl is in a red dress and in the red room (mothers uterus), but she's not moving, this represents that the egg is alive in the mother but not fertilized yet. When the white paint starts to come from the tap it represents the sperm coming from the penis and when the girl starts to move and paint the room it shows that it's becoming fertilized. Now as the band members enter the PV, you see that the girl is in a gray dress and the room is gray. This now tells you that the embryo has died. Now, here are the lyrics and I'll try my best to interpret them :) -- I'm sorry... just a little while more, let me sleep by your name. (She'll never be able to sleep by her baby, so all that she has left to lay next to is the child's name) The passing days drew us closer The pain is matched with joy (As the days go by, the embryo is starting to grow, meaning that every passing day is bringing the mother and the child closer to birth. 'The pain is matched with joy'. Obviously when your pregnant your going to have some pains, like the baby kicking or what ever, but the mother is still very happy with it, it just means that the baby is alive and well) Reflecting in both hands I cry when I think of you (What I think of when I read this is that once the embryo has died, the mother could be placing both her hands on her stomach, realizing ...

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  • “It also drew on my early years working as a permaculture consultant to address the skills though if the pastures are left ungrazed and unfertilised even for short periods, these”
    — Permaculture Global Report: AN ECLECTIC APPROACH,

  • “The researchers compared tortoise populations in grazed and ungrazed pastures in the 6150-ha Chaparral Wildlife Management Area Back to G Q's blog. Nepovolený obsah. Člen skupiny XKS.CZ Copyright 2010 - FAQ - Podmínky”
    — ,

  • “Well managed grazing removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as compared to feedlots, ungrazed pasture, & forestland. • Why? Proper waste/methane management through rotational grazing methods work because each rotation of cows to chickens”
    — Hollygrove Market and Farm |,

  • “Forum Locked. Author. Topic. Judith. Hi all - has anyone had any experience in using winter One pasture is left ungrazed for the last part of the summer so a good growth of grass is”
    — Alpaca Forum at AlpacaNation - Winter pastures,

  • “Most of our nestboxes are sited well away from major roads. that the pair hunted exclusively in the ungrazed field with almost every part of it being”

  • “source of food, providing berries for birds and. nectar sources for butterflies and insects. Birds also use uncultivated or ungrazed land between the hedge and the crop. For all hedges and especially those of particular wildlife”

  • “Please do not enter this draw. It is over. There is a new draw that you can enter. We have a very nice Weaver headstall here that is going to be the We have a large tract of pasture land and can leave pastures ungrazed in the summer for use in the winter but not everyone has this option”
    — Free Draw for Headstall | Blog,

  • “Overall, and despite the last-minute boycott by Federated Farmers, it was a positive and Reserve - a protected pest-controlled area that has lain ungrazed for seven*** years”
    — Forest & Bird " Blog Archive " Good start, .nz

  • “compared sites grazed by bison, by cattle, and ungrazed higher meristem densities than ungrazed as well; however. this result depended on sampling”
    — FORUM, ksu.edu

  • “International Veterinary Clinic Directory - Vet Clinic - Find Vet - Veterinary Help - Veterinary Medicine - Listing of World Wide Veterinary Clinic - Guide to Find Your Veterinarian - Veterinary News Update - Veterinarian Listing - Animal”
    — Find a Vet at Veterinary Clinic Directory - Blog,

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