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  • NIST Ceramics Database, SCD, titanium diboride, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, zirconia (TZP), alumina, alumina composite, Elemental Composition, Grain Size, Porosity, Density (mass), Elastic Modulus, Poisson's Ratio, Fracture Toughness Evaluation Status: Unevaluated. — “Ceramics WebBook: WebSCD Query Results”, ceramics.nist.gov
  • Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data. Anyone who tells you yoga's unevaluated: ra Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: ra. — “Raw Rach: Raw, adjective: 11. unprocessed or unevaluated: raw”,
  • examination of an unevaluated Rubi 2 integral (rational function type) Subject: examination of an unevaluated Rubi 2 integral (rational function type). — “examination of an unevaluated Rubi 2 integral (rational”, groups.google.ws
  • expression returns a vector of type "expression" containing its arguments (unevaluated). is.expression returns TRUE if expr is an expression object and FALSE otherwise. as.expression attempts to coerce its argument into an expression object. — “R: Unevaluated Expressions”, stat.psu.edu
  • Maple from Adept Scientific - Looking for a source for Maple maths software? Adept has all the information you need. Maple User Group List Archive - [MUG] Re: Bug? Unevaluated PLOT3D's are parsed anyway. - Adept Scientific. — “Maple User Group List Archive - [MUG] Re: Bug? Unevaluated”,
  • Group: comp.lang.functional · Group Profile · Search for Unevaluated limit in comp.lang.functional Group: comp.lang.functional · Group Profile · Search for Unevaluated limit in comp.lang.functional. — “Unevaluated limit”,
  • Number of unevaluated bugs lower than 10% Ratio resolved/income > 2 (evaluation, fixing Number of unevaluated bugs lower than 10% P3 < 3200. Milestone 2 = Beta. All P1 must be. — “NB61QualityCriteria - NetBeans Wiki”,
  • These passages are relevant to issue DEFVAR-DOCUMENTATION:UNEVALUATED: Macro DEFPARAMETER, DEFVAR. Copyright 1996, The Harlequin Group Limited. All Rights. — “CLHS: Issue DEFVAR-DOCUMENTATION:UNEVALUATED Summary”, ai.mit.edu
  • The Expression reference section lists all symbols that can be used with the unevaluated user interface definition expression. This expression tree that defines an interface is eventually Many of these symbols are typically used to represent the unevaluated state of an interface definition. — “Reference Introduction”,
  • In strict original usage, a FEXPR is therefore a user-defined function whose operands are passed unevaluated. call to them — including the unevaluated operands of the call, which. — “Fexpr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Wrapping an argument in Unevaluated does NOT prevent that argument's head from exercising its UpValues! You can even use Unevaluated as a persistent head, but I don't. — “Working with Unevaluated Expressions”,
  • Evaluation for the Unevaluated: Program Evaluation 101. Go to course >> Evaluation for the Unevaluated: Program Evaluation 102. Go Home | Ask an Evaluator | FAQs. Evaluation Courses | Evaluation Tools | Links. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Substance. — “Prevention Pathways - Evaluation Technical Assistance”, preventionpathways.samhsa.gov
  • Unevaluated[expr] represents the unevaluated form of expr when it appears as the argument to a function. — “Unevaluated - Wolfram Mathematica 8 Documentation”,
  • The first stage is completely unevaluated; all subsequent forms are in WHNF, and the last one is also in normal form. The rest of the list stays unevaluated, and ss becomes a thunk which, when evaluated, will be the rest of this list. So it seems. — “Haskell/Laziness - Wikibooks, collection of open-content”,
  • September 04, 2010. View the job posting for Nbf - 59910 (Unevaluated Function) - ***yst, Investment Banking, Summer 2011 Start at Banque Nationale Du Canada in Toronto, ON. — “Nbf - 59910 (Unevaluated Function) - ***yst, Investment Banking,”, simplyhired.ca
  • Unevaluated costs and related carrying costs are excluded from the amortization base until the properties associated with these costs are evaluated. Interest expense, net of amounts capitalized on unevaluated prospects, totaled $622,000 and $1,968,000, respectively, during the quarter and nine. — “Summary of PETROQUEST ENERGY INC - Yahoo! Finance”,
  • The Mathematica GuideBook series provides a comprehensive, step-by-step development of the Mathematica programming, graphics, numerics, and symbolics capabilities to solve contemporary, real-world problem. The series contains an enormous Evaluated (.nb file, 198 kB) | Unevaluated (.nb file, 74 kB). — “Download new materials and notebooks related to Mathematica”,
  • When Unevaluated[expr] is an argument of a function (expr) is given to the HoldRest, HoldFirst) we have to use Unevaluated in the definition of the. — “Tricks_P-Z_33.html”,
  • Unevaluated definition, to determine or set the value or amount of; appraise: See more. — “Unevaluated | Define Unevaluated at ”,
  • CSAP's Prevention Pathways offers prevention related online courses that are free to the public Evaluation for the Unevaluated: Program Evaluation 101. Introduction - Page 1 of 1. Welcome to the Beginner Evaluation Tutorial, or Evaluation 101. Here, you will be able to work at your own. — “Pathways Courses - Evaluation for the Unevaluated:”, pathwayscourses.samhsa.gov
  • download an unevaluated 2.2 version suitable for Macintosh and other platforms download an unevaluated 2.2 version suitable for Macintosh and other platforms. — “Free Samples from Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica”, central.edu
  • The main purpose of PropertyState bookkeeping is to keep track of when an API Property value is unevaluated or a reference. An unevaluated property value is one about which the API currently. — “Writing great code with the IBM FileNet P8 APIs, Part 2”,
  • This section features restaurants that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has reviewed yet, but sees them as restaurants of interest. Feel free to post reviews of these unevaluated restaurants. — “Restaurants We Haven't Reviewed Yet | Boston's Hidden Restaurants”,

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  • “GuruFocus tracks the stock buys, sells and commentaries of stock investment gurus such as Warren Buffett, George Soros, the best investors. reserves at Tinsley, Heidelberg and Lockhart Crossing, the Company moved significant amounts of previously unevaluated costs to its full cost pool”
    — Denbury Reports 29% Increase in Proved Reserve Quantities,

  • “BEBA-Forum: Exact power and sample size, Part I Although it's implemented in the current version 2.1.1 of 'my little forum', I opted to stay within the 1.7.6-branch due to performance reasons”
    — Bioequivalence and Bioavailability Forum • Exact power and, forum.bebac.at

  • “Ok, now I know that Namespaces are probably not the ***iest topic for a blog post and, since you're reading this at all, you are probably just curious as to why someone would possibly want to blog about them! except the arguments are unevaluated and need not be quoted”
    — Clementson's Blog: Exploring Clojure (Lisp on the JVM) - Part, bc.tech.coop

  • “It's a bit boring at the beginning, but towards the end it gets Can I reccomend that you use the chat to tell people about unevaluated levels in the future instead of using the forum? Thanks”
    — Topic, Can I Get Some Feedback?!,

  • “Subject: Passing unevaluated arguments to HELP. To: [email protected] Besides parsing HELP's arguments via rlistat and making HELP an FEXPR there are a number of other possibilities: - writing a special parsing function for HELP: symbolic”
    — Passing unevaluated arguments to HELP, uni-

  • “The matching uses semantic, not syntactic, equality and can require forcing evaluation of previously unevaluated thunks (delayed computations) Conal Elliott " Blog Archive " Adding numbers on Lazier functional programming, part 1”
    — Conal Elliott,

  • “A blog by Dave Roberts (dave-at-findinglisp-dot-com) Books of Note. The best intro to start your journey. Excellent coverage of are evaluated at the time a macro is expanded, rather than remaining unevaluated like keyword parameters in the macro call”
    — Finding Lisp,

  • “Your Way Singles Network (YWSN) is dedicated to inspiring and elevating singles worldwide to reach their highest potential, to define single life and succeed in all life areas -including love and career”
    — Greatness | Singles Coach, Singles Success, Single and loving,

  • “Blog about all things Python that intersect my work and hobbies In order to get the old behavior, you can simply quote the arguments you wish to be sent through unevaluated”
    — Just a little Python,

  • “[Archive] Technical discussion of the C++ language. (Moderated) 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24. Rationale for lambda-expressions not being allowed in unevaluated contexts. Re: Dismal ostream performance [ANN] Boost 1.45.0 Release Notice”
    — Newsgroup comp.language.c++.moderated [Archive] - Rhinocerus,

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