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  • <<<A grey area is a term for a border in-between two or more things that is unclearly defined, a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define, or a definition where the distinction border tends to move.>>> I. — “What is a Grey Area? - iVillage Message Boards”,
  • "Unclearly Communicated" [Kathryn Jean Lopez] Here's a bit from Lou Dobbs last night: and in fact sending a letter of apology to Senator Lamar Alexander, saying their position had been unclearly communicated. — “"Unclearly Communicated" - Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner on”,
  • The explanation of the SetTimer() function in the Windows 3.1 Software Development Kit (SDK) "Programmer's Reference, Volume 2: Functions" is unclear about the use of the idTimer parameter and the function's return value. For example, It should DOC: SetTimer() Unclearly Documented in Programmer's Ref. — “DOC: SetTimer() Unclearly Documented in Programmer's Ref”,
  • Even the official documents produced by the European Union’s various bodies use the expression ‘civil society’ vaguely, or at any rate unclearly. One suspects that the expression is. — “NewropMag - Civil society and the European Union institutions”, newropeans-
  • used BI, good to very large margins, cancelled a little unclearly in black, small natural paper inclusion at base, diagonal crease at upper-right, otherwise fine. Photo. — “used BI, good to very large margins, cancelled a little”,
  • Re: ISSUE-19 (human-readable-formats): The mention of human readable format using HTML seems unclearly focused [Open Government Data] (from [email protected] on 2009-04-21) of human readable format using HTML seems unclearly focused [Open Government Data] (from sysbot+tracker@w3. — “ISSUE-19: The mention of human readable format using HTML”,
  • Concept for Examination of Unclearly Designated Goods or Services (Reference) Flowchart of the processes for examination of unclearly designated. — “46.01 Administration of Examinations of Unclearly Designated”,
  • Our findings support the hypothesis that for unclearly specified tasks, the interface with the query preview yields better performance times than the interface without the query preview. For unclearly specified tasks, the generalized query previews enabled the users to see. — “Chapter 1: Introduction”,
  • - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for fun, games, shops, auctions, chat and more!. — “Unclearly got their homepage at ”,
  • Seen unclearly. What is a man. Deep down inside. But a raging beast. With nothing to hide. Out Seen unclearly. Ask me no questions. Sing you no names. No more mysteries. Simple games. Notes. — “Passenger | Grateful Dead”,
  • Eleanor Clift uses her recent Newsweek column to rehabilitate the reputation of Rape Gurney Joe Lieberman, presumably for the benefit of fellow Villagers who've forgotten just what dear Joe did wrong. 137 Responses to "Eleanor Clift, Unclearly". — “Eleanor Clift, Unclearly | Firedoglake”,
  • Thinking Unclearly & Arguing Badly. Errors of Perspective. Unwarranted Assumptions. Either/or Outlook. Mindless Conformity. Absolutism. Relativism. Bias for/against change. Errors of Procedure. Biased Consideration of Evidence. Double Standard. Hasty Generalization. — “Thinking Unclearly & Arguing BadlyThinking Unclearly”,
  • Definition of unclearly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unclearly? Meaning of unclearly as a legal term. What does unclearly mean in law?. — “unclearly legal definition of unclearly. unclearly synonyms”, legal-
  • To talk or write incessantly, unclearly, or incoherently, with many digressions. to talk or write incessantly, unclearly, or incoherently, with many digressions. — “ramble - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of unclearly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of unclearly. Pronunciation of unclearly. Translations of unclearly. unclearly synonyms, unclearly antonyms. Information about unclearly in the free online English dictionary and. — “unclearly - definition of unclearly by the Free Online”,
  • Has Broca's aphasia? Speech impaired?. — “can anybody tell me a word to a person who say or pronounce”,
  • Its mystery lies in that it helps people persecuted by presbyopia solve the trouble of seeing things in both near distance and far distance unclearly at the same time. area — namely seeing things unclearly through the sides of lenses,. — “Miraculous Progressive Eyeglasses | New Spectacles, Latest”,
  • Adorama Camera > Adorama Learning Center > Adorama News Desk > 100 in 100: Show the subject unclearly Sometimes, instead of showing a subject clearly, try deliberately photographing it vaguely, obscurely, or unclearly. — “100 in 100: Show the subject unclearly from Adorama Learning”,
  • A third of a decade after September 11, 2001, it's hard trying to maintain a war footing against a nebulous enemy. Seeing the enemy unclearly. By. 9:58 p.m., Sunday, January 16, 2005. — “Seeing the enemy unclearly - Washington Times”,
  • Using his lobbying and consulting firm, Berman and Company, as a revenue vehicle for his activities, Berman runs at least 23 industry-funded projects, such as the Center for Union Facts, Berman and Company: Unqualified, unclearly-identified, opinion-for-hire writers infiltrating a newspaper near. — “Berman and Company: Unqualified, unclearly-identified”,
  • Expresiones para describir en inglés las formas de hablar y otros recursos para estudiantes de inglés de todos los niveles, profesores y traductores. Para aprender o mejorar su inglés en forma divertida a través de Internet. mumble: speak unclearly, so that others can't hear. — “English Vocabulary - Ways of speaking - Vocabulario para”, .ar
  • java:serialization, end of custom data read behavior inconsistent and unclearly specified,State: 10-Fix Delivered,Reported: 13-NOV-2000,Release Reported Against: merlin. — “Bug ID: 4388704 end of custom data read behavior inconsistent”,
  • Enthusiastic reflections from Hong Kong with a positive dose of critical thinking. Tuesday, 10 August 2010. Unclearly English or Clearly UnEnglish? There is a new brand of water ebbing out of Cambridge and flowing into Hong Kong called Iceni. — “HKSAR Blog: Unclearly English or Clearly UnEnglish?”,
  • Imagine the embarrassment of being a stutterer. Or the frustration of speaking so unclearly that people can't understand you. Speech therapists try to help. Typical clients are people who are hearing impaired, autistic, brain injured, stroke. — “Money & Business: Speech-Language Therapist: Executive”,

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  • really tiny and are indicated rather unclearly as to where they go That a look at the photo of the real item scsnned from a Motorbuch Verlag book showing where the two item B16 an 17 go
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  • No name as of yet
  • Terraforming and Smoothing will be complete soon Then onto supporting
  • The gun sight it has several parts Two of them are really tiny and are indicated rather unclearly as to where they go That a look at the photo of the real item scsnned from a Motorbuch
  • When I use Stencil Shadow it works well except the additive shadow looks unclearly But This the snapshot when I use TextureShadowAdditive There is a line in the middle of the scene the right part s shadow is all right except unclearly problem the left part s shadow can t be seen
  • tears that night to fill the lake before us And as she faded into the night sky she whispered as the delicate form she was changing into rang out Look for me And she was gone I ll never know how long I mourned at her absence A time later I had gotten over it to the point of behaving a bit more normal again I soon discovered that there was something new
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  • of which is that it takes vision and effort to make the transition to a new point of stability I can t give you the effort but I can offer you a vision Here s what this looks like The operating principle here is this Most of the inbound flow of information that we have to deal with is unclearly tied to our productive work If we can shape a small element of our
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  • 展でのお二人の作品は ここ と ここ 熊谷さんが会場に見えたので 写真撮影をお願いしました もちろんブログに載せるためにです 最初にある unclearly voice 空港展では コトノハ になっていましたが 素敵な焼き物です 見かけはクリーミィに見えるが実際に触って
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  • ticket I also notice that the 50 reduction has been printed unclearly with the reduced charged printed across the previous line Does this make the entire ticket invalid Ticket is here http www echoes force9 co uk pcn gif
  • If I understand the WiF rules correctly an all sea hexside is invadable However these lakes would mean that this otherwise invadable hex should probably not be invadable Here is a link to an image of the area It shows somewhat unclearly that there is a narrow lake running parallel to the sea coast along most of this hex Does anyone have any suggestions If
  • Download
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  • by pomme frites BJ and I had recently watched the movie Slingblade so we were ready with the appropriate quote I shore do like them french fried pertaters um hum Somewhere west of Arbon part of the group unintentionally got separated from the rest This involved both a behind a tree bathroom stop and an unclearly marked fork in the path
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  • Supporting and foliage has started
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  • Electric Love | German Cover ● NyuMoon ● I tried to write german lyrics for this song, so here they are. I'm sorry for some autotune or unclearly voice fails. German Lyrics by NyuMoon ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ...
  • sasunaru chat#1 it's my first chat..and sasunaru is in it... i have uploaded it before but it was unclearly.
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  • Popin' Cookin' Ramen set ( ramen and gyoza ) Can make ramen and gyoza. gyoza is made of soda taste candy. Ramen is like cold soy sauce ramen.( unclearly ) making a ramen 11:28 http://kumanokomembers.blo...
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  • SSS Bifurcation I speak quickly and unclearly and repetitively and quickly and unclearly and quickly. http:///mickeleh.
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  • O2Jam - Alice Unclearly Remembered The Precious Lyrics cleared by nekkoJ IGN: nekkoJ / O2JL0szEr99 age:13y.o. YM:kadudez51 FS:renz_madrid08@.
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  • joshua 4 years old speaking - di george syndrome Joshua has chromosome 22q11.2 deleting with di george syndrome. here he wants a drink. he only speaks a couple of words and unclearly.
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  • “Samsung has unleashed new Smartphone named "Samsung Exec". The Samsung Exec has candy bar design, which inherits design and look from the Samsung Code. Our caller's voice heard unclearly appeared muffled and sounded slight unnatural. But callers at their end didn't have any problem with our voice”
    — Samsung Exec Review,

  • “Asdasd's blog - d status o ady arrived to turn form early level, jewelry jewelry even state up have break to turn a form early felling unclearly. Lin Fei, rings the hero expect after also getting to gold Dan of highest point. Turning a form to”
    — Social Network - Asdasd's blog - having already d,

  • “what session/brainwaves do yo you for stuttering? Or maybe not even stuttering but : Not beng able to fully get your point across or speaking unclear”
    — Transparent Community Forum,

  • “hello,I'm Learning Windows Api.I used Borland C++ program.I want to run file powerpoint Excuse me for my unclearly asked question. I want to run the powerpoint slideshow with”
    — C++ Windows Api - C++ Forums,

  • “Clearly .or Unclearly. I'm clearly contact lens challenged . Yesterday it took an hour 4 comments to "Clearly .or Unclearly" LOL. My dh gets the kind that you change out”
    — Jaci Burton's Muse " Blog Archive " Clearly....or Unclearly,

  • “It becomes again everything too unclearly here in the forum and on the web page. It becomes again everything too unclearly here in the forum and on the web page”
    — What's new in sNews 1.5?,

  • “{ dallas cowboys jersey | NFL Gossips in which Dallas Kyle Kosier has been injured } Connecticut, hasn't practiced since unclearly slipping upon the knee”
    — pinkstar58's Blog, pinkstar58

  • “Her blog is "in vino alcohol". From what I understand from the rather unclearly written That is also rather unclearly written, so let me explain slowly”
    — Enblocing Singapore: ST Forum letter & Financial Loss Discussion,

  • “Something unclearly for me in dmesg. Options. svs. View Member Profile. Mar 2 2004, 08:26 AM. Post #1. Group: Members. Posts: 4 Track this topic · Email this topic · Print this topic · Subscribe to this forum”
    — Something unclearly for me in dmesg - OESF Forums,

  • “In response, I wrote a letter to the editor arguing that this episode indirectly Judaism, which continues to evolve but remains unclearly-defined”
    — The Jewish Outreach Institute " Blog Archive " Two Challenges,

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