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  • Frequently asked questions about getting started flying an ultralight aircraft. — “All About Ultralights - FAQs on getting started flying an”, all-about-
  • Buy ultralight, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay. Find great deals on Sporting Goods, Health Beauty items and get what you want now!. — “ultralight items - Get great deals on Clothing, Shoes”,
  • Monthly magazine for enthusiasts of ultralight and microlight aviation. — “Ultralight Flying!”,
  • UltraLight is a collaboration of experimental physicists and network engineers whose purpose is to provide the network advances required to The goals of UltraLight are to: Develop and deploy prototype global services which broaden existing Grid. — “Ultralight”,
  • aviation meeting place featuring: aviation news, up to date aviation databases (FAA Regulations, AIM, SDRs, NTSB Briefs, N Numbers and more), pilot weather, expert advice forums, focused links, and more. — “Landings: Pages: databases, aircraft sales, planning, weather”,
  • Definition of ultralight in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ultralight. Pronunciation of ultralight. Translations of ultralight. ultralight synonyms, ultralight antonyms. Information about ultralight in the free online English dictionary and. — “ultralight - definition of ultralight by the Free Online”,
  • About ultralight aircraft, including the rec.aviation.ultralight FAQ, safety lectures, federal regulations. — “Ultralight”,
  • A selected collection of microlight and ultralight aviation sites edited by pilots for pilots. — “Top 1000 ultralight aviation sites selected and edited by”,
  • Ultralight gliders, trikes, helicopters, baloons, parachutes, hang gliders and other electic or gas powered ultralights available for sale. Find a large selection of new and used ultralifgts. — “Buy New And Used Ultralights For Sale”,
  • ultralight aircraft ( ′əltrə′līt ′er′kraft ) ( aerospace engineering ) An extremely lightweight, single-seat aircraft with low flight speed, power,. — “Ultralight aircraft: Definition from ”,
  • Links to ultralight, microlight, and trike related sites. The Flying Bulldog Promoting the sport of ultra light flying: online catalog, ultralight, aircraft for sale, ultralight parts and equipment, wanted, nose art, articles. Flying for everyone The site is administrated by Elektrenai microlight club. — “Thirty Thousand Feet - Ultralights, Microlights, Trikes”,
  • ultralight aircraft, ultralight helicopter, ultralight trike. — “Ultralight Aircraft, ultralight airplane, ultralight flying”,
  • Ultralight Control Systems has been in the underwater photography and scuba diving industry since 1993. We are in the business of making light weight aluminum arms for attaching your topside or underwater camera or housing to your topside flash. — “Ultralight Control Systems”,
  • For all your Ultralight and Homebuilt needs! Sales, parts, propellers, accessories and more. — “Aircraft Sales and Parts - Ultralight and Homebuilt sales”, ultralight.ca
  • powered parachutes, rotax engine repair, Rotax Repair Station, The Ultralight Place, ultralight flight training,Sigtronics, Hot Prop, Rotax, rotax engine repair, Rotax Repair Station. — “The Ultralight Place”,
  • The term "ultralight aviation" refers to light-weight, 1-or-2-person airplanes. The Canadian Aviation Regulations define two types of ultralight aeroplanes: basic ultra-light aeroplanes (BULA), and advanced ultra-light aeroplanes (AULA). The US light sport aircraft is. — “Ultralight aviation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Know everything you need for flying start in the ultralight aviation! It is your introduction and start up resource for getting a pilot's license and. — “Fly Your Own Ultralight Airplane, Used Aircraft, Ultralights”, ultralight-
  • Light sport aircraft, ultralight aircraft, lightsport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, ultralite aircraft, microlight aircraft, amateur built aircraft, experimental aircraft, experimental lightsport aircraft, homebuilt aircraft,. — “Light sport aircraft, ultralight aircraft, lightsport”,
  • Rotax engines, Rotax 377, 447, 503, 532, 582, and Rotax 912 aircraft engines, parts & ultralight aircraft accessories. — “Rotax engines, Rotax 377, 447, 503, 532, 582, and Rotax 912”, ultralightnews.ca
  • Ultralight / Microlight aircraft information database with search engine for hard to find ultralight information. — “Microlight / Ultralight Aircraft Information Database”,
  • Texas most dedicated ultralight flight training center and home of the Spitfire ll, Spitfire and the Clipper ultralight aircraft. — “Welcome to Ultralight America Flight Training and Manufacturing”,
  • News and information on ultralight aviation in Canada. Ultralight News contains information on ultralight aircraft, ultralight aircraft engines, and ultralight and microlight. — “Buzzman Aviation”,

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  • Free Ultralight Backpacking Gear Here are a few things you probably already have lying around that you can use to reduce your pack weight. Have others ideas? Please share!
  • Ultralight sailplane courtesy of Dieter Reich.
  • Ultralight MiniMax 1/2 VW A quick flight in Hamburg NY
  • Ultralight Backpacking Pt III Ultralight Backpacking tent and sleeping bag
  • Ultralight Explosion Troy Hartmen jumps out of this ultralight beore it Explodes...This stunt was done for a music video for MTV's Senseless Acts Of Video. You wouldn't call it a waste if you where getting paid what Troy was as he could go buy a new one if he liked but instead, he bought a real plane and flys pretty often. Why is everyone so upset that they blew up an OLD, Very OLD Ultralight for a stunt that you get paid good money for ???? Stop crying !!! Can you imagine everytime a car crashed or was totalled everyone would Geee what a shame, we lost another automobile ??? What about the parachute he torched ?? Ultralights are not on the endangered Aircraft list but some people think they need to be protected...HA HA HA Its A stunt for a TV Show , Movie maybe some people are just jealous they didn't do it
  • Tony flying ultralight aircraft over Grums Sweden water take off and landing ultralight aircraft.
  • ultralight helicopter The Gen H-4 ultralight one-man helicopter costs $30 thousand and requires about 40 to 60 hours of assembly. Kits are available from
  • Apple Launches New MacBook Air Ultralight Laptop Fresh off its best quarter in history, Apple is pushing forward at a Lion's pace with a slew of new products. (Oct. 20)
  • WoopyFly Inflatable Wing Ultralight Aircraft For more, click here: The WoopyFly, a sort of paraglider/trike/ultralight hybrid shown on the world stage at AERO Friedrichshafen this April 2010 in Germany, has a wing that folds for storage like a paraglider — because it's inflatable. Currently, it appears the wing itself is only available from distributors in Switzerland, Russia, and Japan. Those wishing to buy the trike (plus wing) can expect a complete kit cost to run about 13780 Swiss Francs, which currently is about US$12400 — plus the legal disclaimer that releases the manufacturer of liability. Video narration by Glenn Pew for .
  • Mosquito XE Ultralight Helicopter (Autorotation) Demonstration of safe landing by autorotation. Presented by
  • larry flies jet turboprop ultralight aircraft, GB103 gas turbine turboprop ultralight part 103 flies about 10 minutes around river valley over golf course and lands. Turbine flight #53. I attached a Flip video camera with tape and did not notice my "Hall" ASI (Air Speed Indicator) was right in front of it! Two years after posting this vid I get a "thanks" eMail from the inventor/creator/manufacture of the ASI, Larry Hall. How cool is that?
  • Next-generation, ultra-light electric vehicle - ULV : DigInfo DigInfo - www.diginfo.tv Waseda Environmental Institute ULV-III, ULV-IV
  • Unseen Sahara: Libya From the Sky The Libyan desert as seen from an ultralight paraglider flown by National Geographic magazine photographer George Steinmetz.
  • Shooting An Easy Riser Ultralight Out of the Sky Watch this video taken from an airshow in New Jersy. John Moody gets his landing gear, elevator and engine shot while in flight. Watch what happens when the engine quits. Having no landing gear...he must find a way to land!
  • Larry's gas turbine jet engine turboprop ultralight aircraft, GB103 To be legal, an ultralight cannot exceed 254 pounds, so I'm trying to start by jet engine with a small Lithium Polymer battery that weighs less than 2 pounds. Amazingly, it can ouput 187 amps to my cool sounding Global warmer.
  • MIA Ultralight RC Helicopter - Scratch Built - Home Made - Home Built - DIY - Take 6 www.micro- MIA Ultralight RC Electric Helicopter one of several flights to test the control and feel of this realisitic looking and flying model. The video also demostrates some of the smooth characteristics, in a more open space, of this home brewed large MIA RC simple FP ultralight helicopter. No other RC helicopter I've bought, simple or complex, larger or small is giving me this much enjoyment! The helicopter has a totally different feel than any other helicopter I've flown over the past 20 some years of being involved in the RC helicopter hobby, a nice welcoming for a change. Most people that know me know MIA associated with really tiny helicopters, but I love larger ones also, but they have to be different otherwise what is the point!. This design is rather unique in the sense that most RC helicopters on the market are set up for 3D flying, many of them are complex in mechanics which is required if you fly 3D, but many people, like myself, enjoy the more scale and unique look. In the many years of designing RC helis, autogyros and airplanes, I have often found a dissastisfaction with many companies that do the same typical models over and over. So what is someone like me to do? I get bored easily with the same products that everyone else sells so I make my own from time to time. This helicopter flies simply AWESOME! , and needs just some small aesthetical refinements which I am working on for the next video. I am also thinking hard on working on a KIT for ...
  • Lazair ultralight A short video/documentary about the most popular ultralight ever made. Pilot Bob Barron
  • Parallels - Ultralight (Official Video) Parallels "Ultralight" directed by Middleschool
  • SD-1 Minisport homebuilt ultralight aircraft The aircraft conforms to FAI UL and LSA definitions. MTOM is 240 kgs (533 lbs). Maximum payload is 130 kgs (289 lbs). More infos on .
  • Zenair Zipper Ultralight Aircraft A slow flying, folding wing ultralight designed by Chris Heintz. Bruce Andrew Peters flew this model in The Flying Circus Airshows for several years in the early 1980's when this video was produced. The Zipper stalls at only 18 mph and cruises at 35-45. More aviation articles and photographs:
  • Cobra ultralight road takeoff My buddy Vic taking off on the road in his Cobra ultralight. His normal runway needed mowing so he used the road
  • Al Mulford's Ultralight Escape A Pilots eye view of flying the twin engine Hummingbird Ultralight near Medford Oregon
  • First ever Turbine (part 103 ultralight) helicopter - fast start. Part-103 means 254pound or less empty. Fastest start yet. Added a FBP( fuel "boost" pump) like the Harrier has except mine is only 10psi so I was worried my AEP(air-emulsifier pump) at 20psi would still blow the fuel out of the integrated fuel pump. But, duh larry, when no fuel is in the lines, air "leaks" via the fuel sprayers and AEP pressure is only 8psi - what's more, it takes a second or two to ramp up! Therefore the FBP wins the race condition and fuel+air emulsification makes for a fast lite-off and spool up. Pre-heating the igniter area with a propane torch helps a lot too. I'm adding a glow plug next to the spark plug - guess it will be a GSP (Glow-Spark-Plug). BTW: A man named Dave, 82, in the UK, designed this starter/apu for the Harrier back in the '60's. He's giving me some background and insights! Thanks Dave!
  • Flying An Ultralight Trike One Saturday morning I went out to Trinca Airport in Andover, NJ and flew an Airborne XT912 Ultralight with NJ Ultralights
  • Jet engine ultralight If you want a video of just the jet without music go to this video.
  • Ultralight Gravity Pro Water Filter My sub 5 ounce water filtration system.
  • My ultra-light backpack part 1 Here it is, after years of experience and trying to lighten my load, this is what I have boiled it down to... but everything is always subject to change. :-)
  • Mom crashes ultralight plane on first solo flight As her husband and son watched in horror from a distance, Marjorie Venditti, of Chester, NH, a 46-year-old mother of five with no previous piloting experience, flew her family's single-seat, ultralight plane into the roof of a Windham home yesterday afternoon, before crashing next to a home under construction.
  • Homemade Ultralight Aircraft
  • Ultralight poncho tarp shelter Less than a pound,including shelter, mosquito protection and chopstick stakes. Why carry a 5 lb. Clip Flashlight?
  • French homebuilt ultralight aircraft www.flight.cz
  • Aero Dovron Esprit ultralight motor glider, experimental aircraft Esprit ultralight motor glider, Aero Dovron Esprit experimental aircraft, Aero Dovron Esprit experimental lightsport aircraft, Aero Dovron Esprit homebuilt aircraft, Aero Dovron Esprit amateur built aircraft, Lightsport Aircraft Pilot News newsmagazine. Free weekly webcasts on ultralight and lightsport aircraft PLUS FREE CLASSIFIED ADS at www.lightsportaircraft.ca
  • How to Make an Ultra-Light Alcohol Stove Russell teaches how to make an ultra-light alcohol stove. He also shows how to light it. Check out more at
  • ultralight backpacking kit 1 11 lb backpacking kit includes pack, sleeping gear, pad, rain gear, poncho/tarp tent with bug netting, water filtering and purification, cooking and eating gear, first aid kit, etc. It's complete, safe, relatively cheap and comfortable. (Comment: Not in the video but in the pack is also a 5 x 10 foot plastic ground cloth made from punture resistant temporary storm window film available at any hardware store....and it weighs only 4 ounces. Also, see "ultralight backpacking kit 2" for what I carry in my pocket.) I also carry a cell phone camera for pictures.
  • Hummel Ultracruiser Ultralight Hummel Ultracruiser 1/2 VW Hamburg NY
  • Ultralight Gear The camping setup I use 90% of the time. It's very comfortable, versatile, and extremely lightweight.
  • Ultralight Backpacking Tarp/Poncho Tent 1 person ultralight backpacking shelter. This is my first time setting up the poncho/tarp. I use a GoLite poncho, cheap aluminium tent stakes, and kelty triptease line. I tied a bowline knot on the pole ends of the line and looped it back from the stakes into a prussic knot for tensioners. Enjoy.
  • Ultralight, ultralight aviation, ultralight aircraft, Sport Sport Pilot how it has effected ultralights, ultralight aviation, ultralight aircraft, Sport Pilot, EAA, USUA, ASC, AOPA, Ultralight Flying, Ultra Flight. Free weekly webcasts on ultralight and lightsport aircraft PLUS FREE CLASSIFIED ADS at www.lightsportaircraft.ca, http www.ultralightnews.ca, http
  • Mythbusters - Ultralight Kari and Grant test out the idea of a bamboo ultralight plane.
  • Electraflyer electric ultralight trike The Electraflyer electric powered ultralight. For more information visit:

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  • “Wow – if you have multiple children, you need to take a look at the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Tandem Stroller. As I travel with my 4 year old and my infant nephew, I value convenience, quality, and anything that will”
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