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  • Typos.cc - Find cheap eBay auctions by finding mispelled auctions. Misspelled eBay auction items are then returned. — “Typos - Search eBay and find cheap typos!”, typos.cc
  • advertisement age apostrophe bad english Bad Grammar business sign cake embarrassing typo engrish enrigsh funny funny engrish funny misspelling Funny Misspellings funny sign funny typo funny typos grammar humor menu missed typo misspell misspelling. — “Engrish, Funny Typos, Misspellings, Bad Grammar, Funny”,
  • Encyclopedia article about typos. Information about typos in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “typos definition of typos in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • typo n. Informal , pl. , -pos . A typographical error. Are the words buzz and scream typos? Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community: Copyrights: Dictionary. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2007, 2000 by. — “typo: Definition from ”,
  • Typos. Includes New York Times, Nonstandard Spelling, Internet Culture, Ebay, Slang, M***cripts, Keyboard, Wordnet, Asterisk and Usenet information plus more related topics on . — “Typos (Typosquatting, Typing, Typography, Error”,
  • Typos. Includes Typing, Domain Typos, Printed Material, Heard, Typographical Error, Type Setting, Spelling Errors, Depends, Adjacent Keys and Plz Share information plus more related topics on . — “Typos (Errors, Substitution, Tape Pen, Irish Times”,
  • Agggghhhh not another typo in an article that I can't edit! This is a poem inspired by the art of making typing mistakes and not spotting them until after an article has been published. The Overwhelming Horror of Typos (Typographical Errors) By Scarlet Henderson May 13, 2010. — “Typos - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Typos. Includes Typing, Domain Typos, Printed Material, Heard, Typographical Error, Type Setting, Spelling Errors, Depends, Adjacent Keys and Plz Share information plus more related topics on . — “Typos (Errors, Substitution, Tape Pen, Irish Times”,
  • Come to the real ampland site, stay away from other links that may harm, your computer, click here and then bookmark us for your safety Ampland Popular Keyword Typos. Sometimes you make a spelling mistake when searching for our site. A lot of wrong doer's take advantage of that by cybersquatting on. — “Ampland: amp land, aampland ammpland amplland movie etc Typos”,
  • Welcome to Typos, Switzerland's font distributor for Berthold, Bitstream and JY&A Fonts. We also have type-related articles on our site, plus typographic and corporate identity services. — “Typos ¦ Type & Image Design”,
  • English Translation for typos - dict.cc German-English Dictionary. — “dict.cc | typos | English Dictionary”, dict.cc
  • A typographical error or typo is a mistake made during the manual type-setting (typography) of printed material, or more recently, the typing process. Most typos involve simple duplication, omission, transposition, or substitution of a small number of characters.Though the term "typo" excludes. — “Fix Typos - Fix- - what are typos and our solution”, fix-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of TYPO :. — “Typos - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Typos. Includes Irish Times, Domain Typos, Printed Material, Heard, Typographical Error, Type Setting, Spelling Errors, Depends, Adjacent Keys and Plz Share information plus more related topics on . — “Typos (Errors, Substitution, Tape Pen, Typing) @ ”,
  • Most typos involve simple duplication, omission, transposition, or substitution of a small number of characters. When using a typewriter without correction tape, typos are commonly overstruck with another character such as a slash. — “Typographical error - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of typos from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of typos. Pronunciation of typos. Definition of the word typos. Origin of the word typos. — “typos - Definition of typos at ”,
  • Typo definition, typographical error. See more. — “Typo | Define Typo at ”,
  • Definition of typos in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of typos. Pronunciation of typos. Translations of typos. typos synonyms, typos antonyms. Information about typos in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “typos - definition of typos by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • April 26th, 2010 | Author: Thomas. This typo from the Bank of America Typos: "legislature" is spelled wrong, but the shameful typo is "***y" instead of ". — “Shameful ”,
  • typos. plural form of typo [edit] Anagrams. potsy. pyots. topsy [edit] French [edit] Noun typo. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/typos" Categories:. — “typos - Wiktionary”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable typos gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite typos gift from thousands of available products. — “Typos T-Shirts, Typos Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
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  • East Northumberland High [Episode: 4] Sorry for all the typos, I didn't see like 3 of them, I hope you guys will see where they just typos and know what I'm saying, lol. Hope you like it, comment rate and subscribe!
  • AJ Rafael - I Just Want You lyrics (his myspace version) Just another lyric video I made. this is the song i picked for valentines. i took the lyrics off his original video... in the more info section (for those who are slow and dont get it haha) so dont say oh typo i know theres typos im to lazy to fix them especially at 12 in the morning and boredum struck plus now im tired. just so u know its not really "electro" its more electro-popish type. theres no need for me to type it in here because you should know the lyrics and if you dont follow the video. but go check AJ RAFAEL OUT ON HIS YOUTUBE. or his myspace. ps i like the beat to this song
  • Metal Gear NES Intro + Typos + the I feel asleep guy and Snake dying Intro of Metal Gear for Nintendo with the I feel asleep guy!!! and him getting angry. Funny thing is there's a typo and also when he says he "feel asleep!!" like he's screaming it, it actually means he 's awake! Liar! Also who ever says "I have located Binoculars", it doesn't sound right. Another typo - "First , attempt to contact missing our "Grey Fox. "
  • Petal for Petal - Chase Coy/Dear Juliet yes, there are typos! omg, everybody makes typos so get over it. complaining about won't do anything... visit his myspace
  • Save money on eBay by finding listings with typos Find great deals online through by looking for listings that no body else can find on eBay. These listings contains typos and misspelled words that do no come up when you do regular searches. By utilizing the new service provided by you can find thousands of these listings on eBay and save up to 70% on top merchandise.
  • Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Part 33 Yeah for lousy videos. XD I killed this video, I killed it... For some odd reason, the sheet of paper with the movesets on it that I typed out had camerupt as fire only. XD Then when I typed the note about it, I had a typo in the note correcting a typo. Just my luck... XD Anyway, Flannery isn't overly bad so don't worry too much. Just watch out for Torkoal. Thank You and Enjoy Visit The SS Fan Forums where you can chat and have fun with other SS fans at...
  • Total Drama Island Typo 16 Finally got a good screen-recorder! It records from my speakers :D Stepmania videos here we come!!!
  • 2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Calls [english subs + romanization + hangul] Title: 전활 받지 않는 너에게 (To you who doesn't answer my calls) Artist: 2AM Album: 1집 Saint o`clock Release Date: 2010.10.25 For lyrics and download go to Kpopsub's blog: I made a typo at 3:25. It's were, not where. If I made a video without typos I wouldn't be me lol. My interpretation of the story. The 25th of October was their anniversary and the day she was murder. Currently the date is October 26th. At the beginning Seulong imagines receiving a call from here (that actually happened the day before), and he rushes again to the appointment place only to find the crime scene. The police drive him to another room and he attempts to call his girlfriend. He imagines that she picks up and he tries to warn her and prevent the murder from happening. We see the date in the room Oct 25. End of Seulong's vision and we see that the date that Seulong is in is Oct 26th, and he holds the phone while pledging "pick up, pick up¨, proving that the previous call didn't actually happen.
  • Harvest Moon - Typos & Oddities #2 Here are some more typos and other oddities from several Harvest Moon video games. Most of the clips are from Harvest Moon: Magical Melody for Nintendo GameCube, but there are also a few from Harvest Moon 64 (N64) and one from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (also for GameCube). I hope you enjoy the video!
  • APISTEUTOS MALAKAS! TOUMPA POLI GELIO! O gangsta-hip hop tipas paei na kanei diadromo....
  • Typos I refuse to make any typos or cheap jokes in this episode description. You'll....you'll have to watch the video to get those.
  • (S1E8) Pacquiao Mayweather - Prophecy/Prediction Pardon my typos. I bang these things out and then upload them without any review. I'm too lazy to check my own damn videos for mistakes. How bad is that? A little bird told me some secrets about this fight. Will my Nostradamus-like ability to predict the future hold true? Pacquiao vs Mayweather - Prophecy/Prediction
  • Ailee singing Saving All My Love - Whitney Houston (LOL sorry for the typos) I'M BACKK!! Sorry for the long wait... =[ I'm so excited about my new post so I hope you guys enjoy it!! Check out Ailee's latest Interview with Ignant Witted to get up close and personal! : Ailee's Personal Myspace: /mzailee Follow Ailee on Twitter: /aileeonline Search "AILEE" on Facebook to join fanpage! To the Haters: STOP SIPPIN ON THAT HATERADE!! =] I'm just kidding.. I'm sure you guys are angels somewhere in your hearts =]
  • The Great Typo Hunt - Theatrical Book Trailer This summer, strike back against typos. Coming to bookstores August 3rd: The Great Typo Hunt. Preorder at Special thanks to John Bobis for help with this.
  • Harvest Moon - Typos & Oddities #3 Typos, poor grammar, glitches, and other funny moments from the Harvest Moon series of farming video games. This is the third installment in my "Harvest Moon - Typos & Oddities" series. The games shown in this video are: Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (GameCube) Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) Harvest Moon 64 (Nintendo 64) Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GameCube) To view the entire "Typos & Oddities" series, see:
  • Total Drama Island Typo 18 Okay, this will be the start in a slow-down of the making of these typos. I am starting school again :-\ and I wish I didn't have to... BUUT. Thanks for watching! And.... SUBSCRIBE!
  • The Apollo 11 Landing Site from Sunrise to Sunset (Revised version which corrects a couple of typos.) Video features deconvolved and enhanced LRO NAC camera images of the Apollo 11 landing site. Also presented are Apollo 11 EVA photographs with details which are matched up to the LRO photographs. Finally video is presented, captured from Google Earth using an overlaid and enhanced LRO image of the Apollo 11 landing site which was taken by the LRO at lunar sunrise, which shows what astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin likely saw as the Apollo 11 LM descended towards the lunar surface for mankind's first visit to another celestial body.
  • 【Rin Kagamine】 Beautiful World 【VOCALOID】 Rin Kagamine's cover of "Beautiful World." Originally sung by Utada Hikaru. VSQ by Cover-P(Sango312) Drawing by Doofus-P(me) TYPO OF "BEAUTIFUL" BY DOOFUS-P(me) -shot- sorry about the typo lol. this is something I whipped up pretty quick thanks to sango's VSQ c: took about 10-20 min xD and it was fun to make her sing this and edit it~ I think I got the begining "It's only Love" parts timing wong, but that's ok :P well, enjoy lol.
  • Weird Al Yankcovic: Eat it WITH the Video and Mroe (lol) EDIT: Wow, I mean I am not a popular Youtuber (although I could care less) , I thank MOST of the visitors for having such nice comments. Thanks! Now, first things first. I have been getting a lot of complaints about how I; Didn't get the lyrics right and didn't spell MORE right. I understand the lyrical part. I might have some invalid lyrics in here and as of such you may point it out. However, do it in a polite manner so that I respect your opinion. Second, I'm kind of laughing my ass off here because people keep going on about the infamous "mroe" instead of "more". Wow. I've been getting negative comments BECAUSE of it. So... What? Here's what happened: I got the idea to make this video, looked up the lyrics on the internet (yes I am lazy, deal with it) and made the video via Windows Movie Maker. I didn't watch my video when I finished it because I was again being lazy. However, when uploaded, I saw the typo, and... It's caused quite a few kittens to die due to youtube members and their rage. I mean, really? Lyrics, okay. This? Do you have anything better to do? IT'S A TYPO. TYPOS HAPPEN. It's like asking "can you be perfect when you didn't check your work". If I had at most ten mistakes, then, sure, sue me, but this is one. ONE. Is ONE little typo worth complaining about? And for those who think I can't spell that one word... Here you go: more, more, more, more, more, more and Mehr. (Bet some of you will whine about this.) Anyway, sorry, if you don't care about my ...
  • Harvest Moon - Typos & Oddities This video highlights a few of the many typos and other oddities in two Harvest Moon video games: Harvest Moon 64 (N64) and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GameCube). From HM64, Karen and Elli are featured. From HM:AWL, Hugh, Nami, Romana, and Mukumuku are shown.
  • Foteini vs Aspa Kitrinos Typos Foteini and Aspa the two contestants of greek reality talent show ''Fame Story 1'' live on Kitrinos Typos a talk show. They ***yse how the realities affect the contestants after the show is over. The two girls had a big fight during the Fame Story show. The presenter is Makis Triantafyllopoulos.
  • Ola7 SuperGenius Mathimatikos Trellos Mathimatikos 19.12.06
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Ep. 5, Part 47: Foul Lies (and Typos) A video walkthrough for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS. Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes, part 47 of 52. In this part, Phoenix points out a lie in Lana's testimony, although Lana did not know she was lying. Lana claimed she collected all the broken fragments of the jar, but unbeknownst to her, Chief Gant stole a piece and hid it in his safe. Despite a few typos, Phoenix is able to deduce that Gant was first to arrive on the scene. This means...maybe Gant arranged the crime scene to make it look like Ema was the murderer! Inspired by this possibility, Lana begins to confess everything. She even reveals a new piece of evidence: a picture of the crime scene as she first saw it. Brought to you by .
  • How to find misspelled items on eBay Hundreds of items are listed on eBay everyday containing fat finger spelling mistakes in their titles. Because of these ebay typos people can't find the items using the regular eBay search. As a result they get less bids and so usually sell for less. Missing- CAN find these items for you. Find out how in this short video tutorial.
  • American Boy Lyrics- By Estelle FT Kanye West I love this Song! there are some typos, but only a few, Like i missed a letter in a word- So sorry about that! D= Hope You enjoy! Check out my other lyrics videos please, and Twilight Videos if your a Twilight Fan. Comment Rate Subscribe!
  • Let's Play - Megaman X8 - 27 - Finale - AAANNNDD Lumine, get down! Typos, poor translation and Dr Light's pure lies abound in the ending to this game. With X8 down, out of the X series that's left to Let's Play, theres one brilliant piece of gaming, two decent, one utterly average, and two games that should never have been put onto disk in the first place. (X1, X3 and Xtreme 2, Xtreme, X6 and X7.) I'm not sure which one I'll do next, but my next Let's Play will be a non-megaman game. Don't want to bore the pants off you lot by doing them in bulk. XP
  • Typo Kings Find Mistakes that Make Us Laugh Two young men go cross country fixing the typos they find. For more, click here:
  • Kitrinos Typos - Ta klepsimata-aisxh tou Fasoula Kitrinos Typos - Ta xreh pou afise kai ta aisxi tou Fasoula os dimarxos peiraia ( 08-03-2010 ) τριανταφυλλοπουλος μακης κιτρινος τυπος ζουγκλα alter siemens mizes pasok nd tupos 08/03/2010 08.03.2010 8-3-2010 8/3/2010 8-3-10
  • (No typo version) What did the miners in Chile say on their shirts? Most of the miners who were rescued in Chile chose to wear ugly, dirty white shirts over their green coveralls. What did all those Spanish words mean? The USA news networks only told what the front said. This video reveals the hidden message on the back and on the arm. (No typos version)
  • Der Riese: Type 99 Myths/Rumors Disproved Treyarch's Community Manager Josh Olin stated on twitter that the type 99 and sawed off shotgun were typos. "@bobcooley2000 @Tapio - the Type-99 & sawed-off shotgun were typos - they are not featured in Der Riese." Here's his twitter page for proof: After trying to get all the stories straight, I just couldn't take it anymore. There are way too many rumors out there about the stupid Type 99 and Sawed Off Shotty. I hope this clears up any misleadings anyone has been lead to believe. The 8 items: 2 Teddy Bears 1 Monkey Bomb Upgraded Colt Bowie Knife Juggernog Grenades Molotov Thanks for watching! Twitter:
  • RE-POSTED WITH TYPOS FIXED *HD Scenery* Surah 82: Al-Infitar with captions This video has been re-posted after errors & typos have been fixed. Reciter: Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy Listen to the 82nd Surah of the Quran, Al-Infitar with english translation. Please let me know if I have made any mistakes. JazakAllah Khair.
  • Instantly Fix Common URL Typos! - Tekzilla Daily Tip No more "server not found" errors due to a mistyped web address! Just install URL Fixer! It will detect all the most common url typos, and redirect you to the right place, and Veronica shows you exactly how it works on today's Tekzilla Daily.
  • Harvest Moon - Typos & Oddities #4 Video showing typos, poor grammar, and other odd, funny moments from the Harvest Moon series of farming video games. This is the fourth installment in my "Harvest Moon - Typos & Oddities" series. The games shown in this video are: Harvest Moon 64 (Nintendo 64) Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (GameCube) Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GameCube) Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) To view the entire "Typos & Oddities" series, see: Thanks to NikiHR79 for letting me know about the Kassey part (eating the record) in HM:AWL. Thank you for watching! And remember to keep the water crean!
  • Awesome Skype Quotes: Epic Typos --Part 1-- BECAUSE THIS TOTALLY HAD TO BE DONE ;D Oh yes, and you guys thought YOUR typos were bad... :3 I will making vids for all the quotes I have saved up from my skype conversations, cuz they are all just too epic to not share. This is part 1 of the Typos Quotes. There are 2 other categories I will be making these quote vids under as well. Keep an eye out for them ;DD lol well I guess this just goes to show exactly how insane I (and everyone else around me I guess xD) am 8'D lol like you didn't know that already rofl. You may have to pause the vid at some points to be able to read everything in the quote for some of them, especially if you're a slow reader xD Further down in the description I included a little index (alphabetical order too ;D) of matching up the names people go by on skype with their Youtube usernames, so you know who they are. Thought it might be handy since like nearly everybody on skype goes by their real names and not their YT users xD SONGS USED: On the Radio, 21st Century Digital Girl ARTIST: Groove Coverage THE WHO'S WHO INDEX:: Angel Panda Bomb - 0SimplyAngel0 Beth - Tamiyichan1 Bri - BriixNyaanX3 ~Brittany~ - BrittanySama Clare - WhispersxReloaded Debbzie - Zaiyei Eve - EveneshBL Jenny - KittychiiAMV JR Diana - LaChivix Julie - Warmhearted19 Kam - ZalazGirl Kristyn - xPockying Lorily - aoisenshi9 Lyn - ??? idk, she's Mayu's RL friend xD Maddie - Ceres95 Mayu/ Mayuuu :3 - xMayuAmakurax Mindy - SapphireStar26 Sisslyboom - Sisslyboom Susie - Chiiisus ...
  • Hairstyles by Chi-Chi (/chi_style) Excuse any typos..LOL Natural Hair Styles, cuts, colors, braids, and extensions.
  • aman - tarifas kai typos & gkomena oi aman ta spane
  • Air India Fiasco, Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi Int Airport, New Delhi. Please ignore the typos! \ Four delayed flights. Not a single AI crew at the airport till 1:10AM. Delays over 12 hours. Please ignore the typos! I haven't slept in 24 hours!
  • Video Game Typos, Misspellings, and Bad Grammar masterofhyrule.tk There are such great games out there but some games are a bit ***ty and one of the things that makes it even more ***ty is the fact they have something wrong with the way they spelled something, used bad grammar, or just a small typo that they didn't even proof read the game when releasing it. Btw, in the title in the video, I misspelled the words on purpose. You may learn something new about some of the games that even Zelda, Mario, and Sonic have something wrong with their game. :) Be sure to also watch the credits at the end!Also, check out Stencyl! About Stencyl: Stencyl is a universal, open-source platform for the creation of two-dimensional games of all types and is targeted at all users, from novices to advanced developers. For more information about Stencyl, visit its Web site at . Side note There's a Stencyl Progress Report (Presentation Meeting) on December 18th at 6 PM PST.
  • Total Drama Island Typos 19 Through 33 w00t
  • Awesome Skype Quotes: Epic Typos --Part 2-- Well I kept my word, I uploaded another real video (aka an AMV) before uploading this quote vid SO HAHA XD *SHOT* Idk when the next quote vid will be coming out but keep a look out for it ;D I'm currently working on 2 full AMVs, plus I have some MEP parts to make, and a collab I promised...

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  • “West Seattle Blog - West Seattle news, information, and discussion, updated multiple times daily, 24/7/365 To err is human, but when someone makes multiple egregious typos in a message, e-mail, forum-post or what have you, it losing them a lot of credibility, in my mind”
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  • “Will everyone please shut up about the typos on blogs? Show me someone who is blogging every day and also complains about someone's typos. Just try. See?”
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  • “Not only may some of the proofreaders find typos, but they may also find problems with the grammar. Career Management Alliance Blog. February 25th, 2009 | 11:24 am”
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