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  • Arion Tubulator Mod Kit. This is one the best sounding Overdrive pedals for the money! My Mods will give the tubulator a much fuller fatter and dynamic sound,as well as a much tighter bottem end!,kinda like amodified. — “Ztone Diy Effects Pedal Mod Kits!”,
  • Get the absolute best price on Arion MTE-1 Tubulator Distortion Pedal and all your Stringed Instruments needs at Musician's Friend. Guaranteed lowest price to your door. Musician's Friend will beat any price! 45-Day lowest price and satisfaction. — “Buy Arion MTE-1 Tubulator Distortion Pedal | Overdrive”,
  • Arion music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Arion on Yahoo! Music The low-priced Overdrive ARION TUBULATOR Sample Sounds. — “Arion on Yahoo! Music”,
  • The TUBULATOR conveyor, represents the new environment friendly way of transporting bulk goods with high capacity, at high speeds and in an energy saving, dust free and spill free system. The TUBULATOR comes in several sizes and can be installed indoors or outdoors. — “Tubulator by BRUKS”,
  • Grain tube conveyer handy in plastic Shifting and manoeuvering the new Daytech Engineering grain 'Tubulator' is made easier by the PVC - instead of steel-pipe from which the unit is made. Possibly the first grain and seed tubulator in which plastic replaces steel. — “Daytech plastic tube Grain conveyer”, daytech.co.nz
  • Click Here For Bent Tubes Tubulator Selector *IE7 & IE8 Users will need to enable Under Tools->Internet Options->Security Set Security to Medium ©2010. — “Bent Tubes, LLC > Tubulator Selector”,
  • Read about the Arion Tubulator by Garmopat Mods at the Harmony Central. — “Guitars: Arion Tubulator by Garmopat Mods | Harmony Central”,
  • Tubulator definition, shaped like or having a tube. See more. — “Tubulator | Define Tubulator at ”,
  • Tubulator conveyor for transporting of all kind of materials The TUBULATOR conveyor, represents the new environment friendly way of transporting bulk goods with high capacity, at high speeds and in an energy saving, dust free and spill free system. — “Tubulator Conveyors - BRUKS Tubulator - BRUKS”,
  • TUBULATOR NAVAL. Employer. Santier Naval. Location. Romania. Contract. 12 luni cu posibilitatea Scola profesionala / curs tubulator. Experience. Minimum 1 an de experienta in industria. — “Eurojob-industry”, eurojob.ro
  • Patented tubulator in each pass. Copper/aluminum construction. Patented tubulator in each pass. Copper/aluminum construction. Durable black powder. — “[Next >>]”,
  • Definition of tubulator in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tubulator. Pronunciation of tubulator. Translations of tubulator. tubulator synonyms, tubulator antonyms. Information about tubulator in the free online English dictionary and. — “tubulator - definition of tubulator by the Free Online”,
  • Bruks manufactures drum chippers, butt end reducers, tubular conveyors, tubulator belts and hammermills. Utilized in sawmills, planermills, plywood, OSB, LVL, and MDF plants. — “Bruks, Drum Chippers, Butt End Reducers, Tubular Conveyors”,
  • Your source for Arion Guitar Effects Pedals and Stage Tuner. Boutique tone at the Arion price. Buy direct - save big - sound great Experience the ultimate in tube amp simulation with Arion's MTE-1 Tubulator™. This legendary sound is now available in an effects pedal without. — “Effects Pedals | Distortion Pedals | ”,
  • Take part in one of many guitar related discussions here at the Guitarists Network. arion tubulator or digitech bad monkey? LionHeaRT. IP: Logged. Status: Greyshot. Posts: 1,279. Join Date: 7/30/2005. Im in a bind, I'm stuck between the two, any thoughts?. — “Guitar Forums: Effects Pedals: arion tubulator or digitech”,
  • Re: Tubulator (zig-zag) tape placement. Sorry to ask, but upper or lower side of the wing ? For a PIK 20B.Anyone know where I can find a definitive article (or do you know) about placement of tubulator tape?. — “Pik20 : Message: Re: Tubulator (zig-zag) tape placement”,
  • BRUKS provides the TUBULATOR, the world's leading air-supported conveying system since 1992. The TUBULATOR comes in several sizes and can be installed indoors or outdoors. — “BRUKS - Biomass Fuel and Coal Processing and Handling Systems”, power-
  • The Tubulator still remains one of the best values in overdrive pedals. We all concluded that the Tubulator is a "Tube Screamer" clone and that with this particular unit, the best way to use it is to dial in an. — “Arion Tubulator”,
  • My name is Jan, and I'm the developer of Tubulator App. I started development around june 2010, and have been working hard on getting this project into reality. It started out as a simple terminal application, and has grown big and beautiful since. — “Tubulator”,

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  • Come Out Of A Coma ギターマガジン最強プレイヤーズコンテスト2009 課題曲「 Come Out Of A Coma 」 [ BIG - WEST CREATION OSAKA ] (BWC) "Hi Tech Metal Pick TDM ( JAZZ STYLE ) TI ( Titanium ) 1.00mm Fender Japan STS-58→ ARION TUBULATOR MTE-1→ BEHRINGER GDI21→ ZOOM G1
  • tubulator(arion) guitar→tubulator(arion)→micro cube(roland)
  • 108 Watchtower Jam ... Medicine Dog @Woodpile 8 January 2010 Hi Tubulators, Every trip into Dylan's ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER is a different journey. Jan punched it over to a swing-out in the end. This is Medicine Dog doing a live garage rock rep on 3 January 2010 at Woodpile in Sweden. This is our flight simulator chamber. More when winter lifts. -Dave Maakestad Medicine Dog jamming All Along The Watchtower
  • Tubulator Wins Gold in the Lego TubePush at RoboGames 2010 Nick Donaldson's new Lego robot Tubulator completes a perfect run to win the Gold Medal at RoboGames 2010 in the Lego TubePush event. This robot is built completely from Lego using the NXT system, four touch sensors and three motors (only one of which performs all three functions of gripping the tube, moving it onto the carousel and carousel advance). The robot also self calibrates to the corner on every turn using front and back touch sensors, making locating the tubes via wheel encoder telemetry more accurate. With bonus points for picking up and stowing the tubes vertically Tubulator got a perfect score of 135 points in 53 seconds. Extra drama was supplied by the third tube which teetered on the verge of falling for most of the run... More details on the Lego TubePush competition can be found at
  • Watchtower Jam chip 260211 woodpile.wmv 27 February 2011 Hi U-Tubulators! Here's a long workhorse version of CHiP (aka: Cold Hell Project) jamming across Bob Dylan's tune ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. This is our quintessential ground CHiP quintet. From left: Peter Wagnberg ... dancing across the trap drums. Ahmadu Jah (Jarr) ... rolling a jemba. Wilhard Lang ... pulsing bass. Fredrik Andersson ... singing the guitar. Dave Maakestad ... vocal & guitar. This track features lots of explorations for us. A Bass/Jemba/Drum interlude comes near the end at . I've left the before and after moments in to take you into a collective dialog. Big thanks to the folks at Youtube & Google for enabling this broadcast. Later. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Ridge Running Woman 23/4 2008 Hi Tubulators, Here's a crispy clisp taken at twilight here at Woodpile a few days ago. My original hoe-down tune RIDGE RUNNIN' WOMAN follows a brief promo conclusion for an up and coming CHiP gig. Our 24 May CHiP gig will feature 8 tunes from the Russian folk-rock ovre as brought to bear by Evgenij Kulikoskij of Riga. That gig will appear at the dedicated tube site chip508. But catch this stomp to the even birdsong in the air. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • 101 White Bird ... DDT 2/1 2008 Hi Tubulators, Here's an interpretation of Russian folk-rock band DDT's song WHITE BIRD by our unit CLiP-CLoP. Evgenij Kulikovskij on vocals/twelve string guitar brought this along with a whole bundle of Russian tunes to my attention during spring of 2007. It's a beautiful musical trip. - Dave Maakestad at Woodpiile 58N 16E
  • Watchtower Jam ... CHiP 80406 Live 22/1 2007 Hallo Tubulators, I stumbled around in the CHiP archives and finally dug out this take on Bob Dylan's ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. Kinda in the times with a new broadband tower making cyberkinetic-spacing a reality outta Woodpile. This track was 12:55 in length, so I clipped the start and end. There's a long solid bottom ride here. Peter is driving concusive traps behind the speaker on screen-left. My camera aiming. Ahmadu doing front and center bebop congas. Wilhard pulsing basic through the whole thing. Fred on the six string electric letting conversational brilliance nuance the trip. I'm pulling twelve strings and growling vocals. Live at Elsa's Cafe in Linköping Sweden on 8 April 2006. The cover art is a graphic piece named 'Hurt' by my daughter Nini. Take the long ride with us. Peter Wagnberg on traps. Ahmadu (Jarr) Jah on congas. Wilhard Lang on bass. Dave Maakestad on vocal/twelve. Fredrik Andersson on electric six. Someday we'll bring you ROCKET MAN, but take this one for now. Later, - Dave at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • My VAMP2 Setup vamp2 mt2 EQ crybaby tubulator
  • Kise Yaad Rakkhoon (rendered by Abhay Desai) - Mukesh in film "Anuraag" Masterpiece from the master. production and music direction of this film was by Mukesh himself.
  • Warm-Up Jam In Bm chip260211wood.wmv 1 March 2011 Hi U-Tubulators! Cold Hell Project (aka: CHiP) warming-up in Bm at Woodpile on 26 February 2011. Ahmadu on djemba and Peter on traps take-off as soon as the head is tight and the set is up. The rest of us progressively join in and since the jam is in Bm I throw out a few lines from my original tune DID YA THINK to the beat going down. Big thanks to the good folks at Youtube & Google who provide a generous platform for publication. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Download YouTube videos and music with Tubulator Tubulator is a YouTube browser and video download tool. In addition to offer downloads of YouTube video and audio Tubulator lets you browse YouTube in a way similar to the YouTube website. Search for keywords, and Tubulator gives you the search results. Browse related videos and user channel uploads/favorites - all available via a user interface not much different from your normal web browser. Tubulator lets you download video and music from YouTube for free while it's in Beta stage. From version 1.0, it will be shareware. Note: Tubulator is not afiiliated with YouTube in any way. The creator of Tubulator assumes that you are familiar with the copyright laws of your region.
  • ARC (Abbey Road Company) intercooler JDM ARC FrontMount intercooler hard to get better than JDM handmade cores... NOTES: --there is a Front & Back face to this core --and specified Direction of Flow across core --watch as tubulators' exposed to cooling airflow go.. up, across, down, across, (repeat) most Other brands just go "up&down in diagonals" (kinda like Charlie browns shirt) --also notice the Front Face of the core tubulators are recessed in, where as the back face of the core the tubulators extend beyond.. --Flow thru the core is assisted by LARGE internal passageways filled with OFFSET tubulators.. most Other brands just have tubulators all set in a row..
  • Myra Through Kay.MP4 Here's the most recent song I've written. It's just a simple vid recorded on my SonyEricsson phone (Z750a). Yes, I know the vocals are a bit hard to hear, but I was using the phone speaker as a reference, and it's perfectly balanced through the phone. Equipment used: Ibanez Destroyer with Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon and Jazz pickups (center position on toggle switch), Arion Tubulator overdrive, Onerr tremolo, and a Kay 703 amp. Vocals through a Vox ACTV4. More to follow... Thanks for watching! :-)
  • ARION MTE-1 MOD 3MODE Landgraff-Type DEMO
  • 302 Hit The Road Jack ... Medicine Dog Rep 13 January 2010 Hi Tubulators! Medicine Dog jamming around on Percy Mayfield's tune HIT THE ROAD JACK. Almost approaching scatting near the end. Live garage rep at Woodpile in Sweden on 3 January 2010. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Somliga Går I Trasiga Skor ... Medicine Dog 9/3 2010 Hi Tubulators! Medicine Dog exploring Cornelis Vreeswijk's great social commentary SOMLIGA GÄR I TRASIGA SKOR. 'Some people walk in broken shoes'. Cornelis is one of the heaviest folk musicians in Swedish culture. Equated with Bob Dylan against the Amero-spectrum. This is a live jam rep at Woodpile on Sunday 7 March 2010. Maybe someday I'll do a referential translation into English. It would be something worth saying. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E PS: So sorry for flipping the vw position in the title and also for the use of 'med' instead of 'i'.
  • Deep Elem Blues 190210.wmv 19 February 2010 Hi Tubulators! Checking-out DEEP ELEM BLUES on this powdered, chilled acoustic morning downhome at Woodpile. We're two months gone straight-on below freezing temperatures. Never above 32F/0C. My life is fire and water. Wood and snow. And these kind of runes. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Photogenic SG model & BOSS RC-2 Photogenic SG model ARION TUBULATOR MTE-1 BOSS OS-2 BOSS RC-2 VOX AD30VT
  • ARION TUBULATOR MTE-1 sound test Guitar:Fender Stratocaster Amp:Marshall G15R Mic : Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Arion Metal Master & Tube Mania / Tubulator Distortion - 30 Pedals Day #29 Demo Review SMM-1 MDI-1 Wrapping up Day #29 with Arion Pedals. They are / were the affordable pedal (versus Boss and DOD; now Digitech) when I was growing up. These are the last of the few that I still own, and wanted to work them into the 30 Pedals in 30 Days segment, especially that I saw they are back, alive & kicking w/ some of their pedals in Guitar Player's 2010 Buyers Guide ... so here is some Arion Pedal love for ya! BTW - If you're looking for their line, it's @ Don't forget 12/30 @ 2 minutes to midnight, EST - Live Webcast ... I'll be giving away the Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Unit. Thank you! Rock ON, Signed, TTK
  • 206 Play With Fire ... Medicine Dog @Woodpile 11 January 2010 Hi Tubulators, Medicine Dog taking an interpretive trip into The Stones tune PLAY WITH FIRE at Woodpile in Sweden on 3 January 2010. Totally live garage tech. Nice and floating heavy. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • 2010 LEGO Tournament - Round 06 - Title Match 01c - 4vs1 - Championship Match 2010 5th annual LEGO Autonomous Robot Tournament To see the bracket, go to votech.clevelandcommunitycollege.edu The rules for the LEGO tournament for are simple. This contest involves robots made from LEGOs from two teams in the arena at the same time. There will be 15 balls on the arena floor. The goal of the game is to have your robot transport balls to the opponent's side of the table within the time allotted for each round. At the end of the round's time limit, the team with the fewest balls on its side is the round winner. In some cases where time has not yet expired but there appears to be no more productive activity by either robot, the round may be called early. The robots are autonomous. This means that they are not being controlled by the remote control of a human team member. The students had to program the robots prior to the tournament day and the program controls all aspects of the robot's operation. This is an introductory level course for freshman engineering technology students, EGR 111 - Engineering, Computers and Careers. Inspiration for the tournament came from MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competition - 6.270
  • Sum Time Jam chip260211wood.wmv 3 March 2011 Hi U-Tubulators! Cold Hell Project (aka: CHiP) jamming in Em toward summer solstice at Woodpile on 26 February 2011. 50¤F/10¤C in the studio. But the fires were burning well across the afternoon. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • The River ... [email protected] ... With Rain Barrel 21/5 2009 Hi Tubulators, Did a little trip stumble and fall in pulling out a live acoustic reading on The Bruce's THE RIVER this morning. Springs*** really captured zest, love, desire, expectation, loss, and effort toward resolution in THE RIVER. This is special zone recording. Video camera capturing the sound in the outhouse stall for compression. 'Tis live, with a direct follow of recording the rain barrel. Woodpile is a kinda traditional laidback woodshedding scene. But now there is cyberspace warp possibility. Someday we'll bring CHiP readings on THE RIVER. Later, Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Starshine ... Medicine Dog ... Ekdungen 1998 Hi Tubulators! STARSHINE ... This is our folk-rock project MEDICINE DOG at Ekdungen Festival 1998 jamming on my tune. I've clipped a bit of moonglow (which is, of course, reflected starlight) from the backyard here at Woodpile onto the sound. The whole live gig in audio format is at: http Lots of great guitar work from Fred, solid bass and drums respectively from Jan and Seppo. Dig it if you will. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Mario bros - Insane Tubulators I have made a sort of video for the song Mario Bros from GMS. It's Goa Psy Trance and I hope you like it =D I hear from different people that this is not GMS. If anybody can prove this is not GMS I will change it :]. Edit: Changed the name. Everybody's says this so I believe it! have fun.
  • Slow Train Coming 1/9 2007 Hi U-Tubulators, All through the '90's our then collective Medicine Dog (see: /medicine_dog ... Fred was aboard then) started off gigs with Dylan's SLOW TRAIN COMING. I love to get into the lines. Here's CHiP taking it's first ever ride on the tune. Pretty bluesy. Pretty soul train. Getting pretty far into the beginning of the jam when the tape ended during the set. We'll catch an entire version some other day. - Dave Maakestad @ Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Arion SAD-3 ***og Stereo Delay Demo (in mono mode) ***og short stereo delay (50ms-200ms delay time) controls: delay, depth, repeat design in japan, made in sri lanka
  • Boss DS1 Distortion (VAMP2) Ultimate DS1 mod with amp modeling Gear: Guitar Yamaha RGX with Dmarzio Fred - Wah 535q - Compressor - SD1 Gt mod - Tubulator - Grit OD - DS1 Emma plus mod - EMMA Rf1 - Tubezone - Boss CH1 - MXR 6EQ- Digidelay - Vamp2
  • ARION Tubulator Stevie Ray Vaughan Stevie Ray Vaughan Stangs Swang
  • md mario - insane tubulators old school
  • Arion Tubulator
  • ARION TUBULATOR MTE-1 Sample The low-priced Overdrive "ARION TUBULATOR" Sample Sounds. Japanese Site "KININARUOMOCHA" www3.kcn.ne.jp
  • Arion Tubulator Bend Two solder points.
  • Voodoo Child ... Medicine Dog 8 March 2010 Hi Tubulators! Medicine Dog jamming an interpretation of Jimi Hendrix's song Voodoo Chile. Going for some heavy garage space, here at Woodpile yesterday afternoon. March 7, 2010. Fredrik Andersson on the electric, Jan-Olov Persson on bass, Roger Sandek covering traps. Yours truely doing the vocals and rhythm six string. A couple of video speed bumps a la snafu, but try it pretty loud for the hard glide. -Dave Maakestad
  • Beautiful Love 30 April 2010 Hi Tubulators! Dan Westin on keyboard launched this splinter ensemble of CHiP on a completely unrehearsed impromptu interpretive ride across Lester Young's BEAUTIFUL LOVE. Wilhard Lang on bass, Peter Wagnberg on traps, and Ahmadu Jah Jarr on congas quickly picked-up on the trip. Later Lukus Andersson added jazz dancing with his mini-Strat to the complete picture. I was changing the tape so the beginning is missing, but great solos and cooperation come forward on this track. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Love The One You're With chip260211wood.wmv 28 February 2011 Hi U-Tubulators! Last song of our Cold Hell Project (aka: CHiP) session on 26 February 2011 here at Woodpile. This is a live garage jam on a variation of Stephen Still's great tune LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH. Long ago I moved it from dominat 7th to major 7th format to lighten the breeze. We wrapped down pretty sweetly on this one. A bit of group vocal dialog before and after just to take you closer to the moment. There is a little feedback twitter going on at the beginning. It's not your computer or internet connection. It disappears in the music. Bit thanks to the folks at Youtube & Google for empowering publishing on this platform. -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E
  • Peavey Windsor Sorry about the sound quality, it's just a digital camera. It was at about 5 on the master volume and nowhere above 5 on the preamp volume. I changed the settings a bit thru the video. Gear used: Ibanez RG2EX1 w/EMG 85, boosted with a Modded Arion Tubulator and NS2 for noise reduction. Cab is a Avatar 4x12w/V30s
  • Easy Livin' II ... acoustic grass @ Woodpile 5/1 2007 Hi Tubulators, After ten years of periodic but also sustained association in Medicine Dog (sessions/gigs) and CHiP (gigs) Fredrik and I finally got down for a couple hours of grassy bluesy folk rock on acoustic guitars here at Woodpile today. EASY LIVIN' II is a tune I wrote somewhere back a few years ago. Keep stumbling around on the words though. This is just a peek into a picking session and the tape broke-off in the middle of this particular piece. The nature of work: snafu. And then you truck forward toward solutions or remedifications. But, I think you guys might dig the live cook and the first public display of Fred riffing acoustically. I know I do. Happy Trails ... -Dave Maakestad at Woodpile 58N 16E

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  • “Official message board for users and fans of the new Royal Enfield Bullet bikes parts and sidecars cafe racers and kits in the United States forum and the information available through it are provided as-is, without warranty of any kind expressed or implied. Home | Motorcycles | Dealers | Buzz Blog”
    — Snake oils and other 'mad' ideas etc,

  • “Johnson Amplification is a pioneer in the field of tube integrated modeling amps. like sound out of my JT-50. The arion tubulator is a cheap alternative but the digitech badmonkey is perfect”
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  • “Take part in one of many guitar related discussions here at the Guitarists Network”
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  • “316 vs BSM mod for tubulator I've listened to the sound clips of these two mods for the TS-9. Since the Arion Tubulator is a clone of the TS, I'm trying to decide which one of these two mods to do”
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  • “Supposedly the Arion Tubulator actually sounds really good. Supposedly the Arion Tubulator actually sounds really good. Obviously they're cheap as”
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  • “Metal Halide Lamp Productive facilities from Qlam - Korean Products, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters tube cutter - Bulb Former - Arc tube tubulator - Hydrogen furnace - Electrode anodizing - Electrode-foil”
    — Metal Halide Lamp Productive facilities - Qlam,

  • “They have a Cube 60-B Bass amp for $125 USD. Tried it, and it works as pedals, there was an Arion Tubulator (Screamer clone), a Behringer Digital Delay, some”
    — Bossarea Forum - Roland Cube 60-B bass amp,

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