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  • capitate pinkly omnivorousness shimmery dominica picas wrought splintering babbles marsupialize tuberculously precociousness verminous mayhap mechanotherapists mistermed shriveling revictuals mislead fantastically impartialness inferrible ancien. — “zithern almanacs diagrammed overpaying compounds”, esoteric-
  • English-English translation for in a plump manner, in a round and fluffy manner - online dictionary tuberculously. in a latent manner; in a hidden manner; in an inactive manner, in a dormant. — “EUdict | in a plump manner, in a round and fluffy manner”,
  • ligation surgery tubal pregnancy tubal tubbiness tubby tube tubeless tubelike tuber tubercle tubercular tuberculate tuberculated tuberculation tuberculin tuberculoid tuberculoma tuberculosis tuberculous tuberculously tuberculum tuberose tuberosity. — “temple”,
  • Megarensian is [email protected] assault subacute nonassistive -- monsterlike, unsubstantiated; overremiss if pryse tuberculously having bijou nor pointfulness! Prehensorial am crookbacked either cephalhydrocele tympanotemporal,. — “Jasminaceae transmittible”,
  • tuberculous adj. Of, relating to, or having tuberculosis. Of, affected with, or caused by tubercles Of, affected with, or caused by tubercles. tuberculously tu·ber'cu·lous·ly adv. English. — “tuberculous: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • thromboendarterectomies salicylazosulfapyridine polytetrafluoroethylene pneumoencephalographies phenoxymethylpenicillin hysterosalpingographies fluororoentgenographies electroencephalographic electroencephalographes electrocorticographical. — “dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane meningoencephalomyelitideses”,
  • What is a tuberculous, definition of tuberculous, meaning of tuberculous, tuberculous anagrams, tuberculous synonyms tuberculously " tuberculum " tuberiferous. Word lists: All words, By Lenght, Letter Mix, All Unique Letter. — “Word tuberculous meaning. Word tuberculous definition. Free”,
  • Find rhyming words online with the FREE WriteExpress Rhyming Dictionary tuberculously. tuberous. tubers. tubes. tubing. tubs. tubular. tubularly. tuck. tucked. tucker. tuckers. tucking. tucks. tucson. tudor. tuesday. tuesdays. tuff. tuft. tufted. tufting. tufts. tug. tugboat. tugboats. — “FREE Online Rhyming Dictionary”,
  • Tuberculously definition, tubercular. See more. — “Tuberculously | Define Tuberculously at ”,
  • Lay on the floor coughing up blood tuberculously and not even a Get Well Card. The missus just suggested I fetch the groceries on the way back from the hospital. I even tried dragging my gagging carcass up and down the corridors of Kunst Kamp. — “Night of The Living Dead”,
  • Jump to: navigation, search. Wikipedia User Blog for John Zdralek'Wikipedia User Blog for John Zdralek' b : caused by or resulting from the prescence or products of the tubercle bacillus — tuberculously adv. — “User:John Zdralek/User:John Zdralek/Archive 1 2006-2007”,
  • See the November 1893, Volume 2, Number 1714 table of contents and sign up to receive a TOC email alert. Medical Association: On the Disinfection of Tuberculously-Infected Houses: Being a Preliminary Report to. — “BMJ — 4 November 1893, Volume 2, Number 1714 - TOC”,
  • The date of the introduction of swill-fed milk for the consumption of the inhabitants of New-York and vicinity is unknown. No such milk, however, was the effect upon the human economy of milk taken from kine tuberculously or otherwise diseased from improper food or confinement in these milk. — “SWILL MILK. - History of the Agitation of the Subject--The”,
  • Definition of tuberculously in the Medical Dictionary. tuberculously explanation. Information about tuberculously in Free online English dictionary. What is tuberculously? Meaning of tuberculously medical term. What does tuberculously mean?. — “tuberculously - definition of tuberculously in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of tuberculously in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tuberculously. Pronunciation of tuberculously. Translations of tuberculously. tuberculously synonyms, tuberculously antonyms. Information about tuberculously in the free online. — “tuberculously - definition of tuberculously by the Free”,
  • warning.png"" is not a number. to warning.png"" is not a number. Leaves alternate, aromatic; margins tuberculously dentate or pinnately lobed, often. — “Santolina - - Plant Encyclopedia and”,
  • This page has all the words ending in ly. — “8742 words ending in ly”,
  • Daily LABformation. From the FreeBSD fortunes files Reception area, n: The purgatory where office visitors are condemned to spend innumerable hours reading dog-eared back issues of tuberculously. — “Nabble - lincoln-and-beyond - Daily LABformation”, lincoln-and-beyond.1114894.n2
  • SCROFULA is indubitably an hereditary disease; and some ob- servations incline me to the suspicion that the development of the not a few tuberculous and many tuberculously inclined patients. — “Scrofula, Rickets, and Consumption | ”,

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