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  • The tuba is the largest and lowest pitched of the brass instruments. The tuba represents the bass "voice" of the traditional brass section. — “Tuba - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Tuba definition, a valved, brass wind instrument having a low range. See more. — “Tuba | Define Tuba at ”,
  • Tuba & Euphonium Recordings (Euphonium see CD393 below) Hanks is assisted by the New York Tuba Quartet, Gary Kirkpatrick, piano; David Pearl, piano; Frederick Hand, guitar; and Theo Saunders, piano. — “Crystal Records Tuba Recordings”,
  • Learn about Tuba on . Find info and videos including: About Tubas, How to Care for a Tuba, How to Play the Tuba and much more. — “Tuba - ”,
  • Detailed, interactive and static maps of Tuba and satellite images for Tuba. Tuba Maps. With comprehensive destination gazetteer, this page enables to explore Tuba through detailed satellite photos — fast and easy as never before. — “Tuba Maps”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Tuba. Information about Tuba in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. uba tuba, f tuba, jazz tuba, contrabass tuba. — “Tuba definition of Tuba in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • In his orchestras he had three trumpets and a bass trumpet, three trombones and a bass tuba, four French horns and four tubas that he had made especially for his orchestra. The Prussian Army helped make the tuba popular. Their marching band directors liked the big, bold sound the tuba makes. — “Tuba”,
  • An orchestra usually has a single tuba, though occasionally a second tuba is required. Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz was the first major work orchestrated for tuba. — “Tuba”, schools-
  • The tuba is the largest and lowest pitched brass instrument. Another forerunner to the tuba was the serpent, a bass brass instrument that was shaped in a wavy form to. — “Tuba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Free tuba Sheet Music, free lessons, tuba downloads and resources. — “Free Tuba Sheet Music, Lessons & Resources - 8”, 8
  • Tuba. This article is a work in progress and may have some incomplete or missing content. In wind band and orchestral music, usually only one part is written for tuba, and the key of the instrument is usually not specified. — “Tuba”,
  • tuba sheet music at Sheet Music Plus. — “tuba sheet music - Sheet Music Plus”,
  • tuba [Lat.,=trumpet], valved brass wind musical instrument of wide conical bore. The term tuba is applied rather loosely to any low-pitched. — “tuba Facts, information, pictures | articles”,
  • In order to play the tuba, the musician must be able to blow large amounts of air into the mouthpiece and press the valves. In 1835 Johann Gottfried Moritz and Wilhelm Wieprecht created the bass tuba in F. Tubas that are used in the military or brass bands are the BB. — “Profile of the Tuba”,
  • Definition of tuba in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tuba. Pronunciation of tuba. Translations of tuba. tuba synonyms, tuba antonyms. Information about tuba in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. uba tuba, f tuba, jazz tuba,. — “tuba - definition of tuba by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The tuba, or some band ***s call it Two-***y, is an oversized-instrument with a colorful history and a large spit valve.The players come down to obese minorities. It is very rare if you see a skinny white kid playing this instrument. — “Tuba - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • An orchestra usually has a single tuba (though having 2 or 3 is not uncommon), serving as the bass of the brass section, though its versatility means it can double as reinforcement for the strings and woodwinds, or increasingly as a solo instrument. — “Tuba - Wikiversity”,
  • Tuba Bach's priceless performances do come with a financial cost - tens of thousand's of dollars, in fact - paid by contributions from businesses, organizations and individuals like you. Click on the PayPal button below to make a donation to Tuba Bach. — “Dr. Edward K. Mallett's Tuba Bach”,
  • A Six-Tuba Musical Romp / Gerhard Meinl Tuba ***tet. Release Date: 09/15/1992 Label: Emi Classics Catalog: 54729 Number of Discs: 20th Century Tuba Concertos - Arutiunian, Lundquist, Williams, Vaughan Williams / Baadsvik, Et Al. — “Album List Page | ArkivMusic”,
  • Tuba and low brass music resource pages of Norlan Bewley, music educator, clinician, arranger, composer, and performing artist of low brass instruments. — “Tuba playing tips sheet music band resources”,
  • Just For Brass - GIFT CERTIFICATES NEW ARRIVALS APPAREL STUDIO PAGES TRUMPET HORN IN F TROMBONE EUPHONIUM TUBA SOFTWARE COMPETITIONS Just For Brass - Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba - Sheet Music, Recordings, Accessories, Instruments, Cases, AND MORE!. — “Just For Brass, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba - Sheet Music”,
  • Die Firma restauriert alte, russische Tuben. Es gibt viele Bilder, eine Preisliste und Bestellinformationen. [benötigt JavaScript]. — “Tuba [23sep]”,
  • Not many instruments have a birthday – the tuba, however, does: the 12th September 1835. Tuba concertos started to appear in the middle of the twentieth century, and finally gave lie to the cliché that the tuba was heavy, clumsy and incapable of playing fast. — “20th Century Tuba Concertos”,
  • tuba (plural tubas) A large brass musical instrument played through a vibration of the One version of the large tuba, popular in marching bands, is called a. — “tuba - Wiktionary”,

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  • Pink Panther - Pink Tuba-Dore I do not own any of this and I am not trying to infringe copyright here.
  • Heavy Tuba "Meltdown", Live at the Sibelius Hall Lahti Heavy Tuba & Jon Sass plays „Meltdown composed by Jon Sass, as recorded on our CD „Faces Get the CD at Recorded on the 5th of August, 2001 at the „Sibelius Hall Lahti"
  • The Tuba Tooter Old Tom and Jerry Cartoon (1932)
  • Czardas - tuba solo full version (baadsvik) Øystein Baadsvik plays Vittorio Monti's Czardas live with the string orchestra Trondheim Soloists. Sissel Kyrkjebø's Christmas Concert 2006 at Brunstad Conference Center, Norway. http (more) (less)
  • Verdi Requiem Tuba Mirum Solti For all you lovers of loud noises Requiem Sir Georg Solti Wiener Philharmonic Joan Sutherland Soprano Luciano Pavarotti Tenor Marilyn Horne Mezzo Soprano Martti Talvela Bass Recorded 1967
  • Tuba players fall Marching Chiefs tuba players falling as they attempt to run around the Seminole head
  • LARRY HERNANDEZ_con tuba EL 77
  • Super Mario Bros. - Solo Tuba By request, here is the Super Mario theme played on the tuba. Please don't give me grief for the few botched notes, along with a botched hair-do, as I was sight-reading and transposing from treble clef from a crummy arrangement I found online for free. I hope you kids enjoy it. I believe that this music was written by Koji Kondo. Have a nice day. Many have asked if I have the sheet music, and I DO NOT have it. I found it using google though, and it was a piano part. I'm sure if you do a search like I did you will run into it eventually. Thanks. Performed at the castle in Sherman Oaks using a Yamaha YFB-621 F tuba.
  • The Squarepent - Homemade Tuba (Serpent) This is a short video I put together that explains and demonstrates two unusual homemade instruments that my uncle, Lindahl King, made for me out of wood. My uncle got the idea to make these instruments from the website of squarepent inventor Paul Schmidt... They are based on the design of the ancient serpent, a predecessor of the tuba. Although they are made of wood and have finger holes like a woodwind instrument, they are played with a tuba mouthpiece and have to be buzzed like all the instruments in the brass family. The finger holes don't allow for much pitch manipulation, as most of the sound is controlled in the lips of the performer. They work well for a brass player who wants to play at the beach and doesn't want their metallic instrument ruined by sand. The tunes that I every so poorly attempt to play in the video are Also Sprach Zarathustra, op. 30, a symphonic poem by Richard Strauss, The Empire March from Star Wars written by John Williams, and the theme from the gameshow Jeopardy. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you.
  • la tuba elvis manuel
  • Gregson Tuba Concerto excerpt Gregson Tuba Concerto iii movt, Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta Malta. National Orchestra, soloist Paul Borg, conductor Brian Schembri
  • tuba funk US Army tubist Blake Helander jamming at home on a Rudolf Meinl F tuba
  • Joe Murphy-Jazz Tuba Solo with Jerry Krahn: Lousiana This is a live taping of a duet with Jerry Krahn and me. Jerry's a terrific archtop guitar player. This tune is entitled, "Louisiana". This was recorded with a FANTASTIC band called the Titan Hot 7!! Search them on YouTube. I'm a Miraphone Tuba Recording Artist. This is my EEb Miraphone 1261. Look for my new band,The LOUDHORNS, on YouTube and iTunes.
  • How It's Made Tubas Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Tubas episode
  • Reducing the Northbridge temps on the MSI X58 PRO-E Motherboard A look at reducing the temps on the northbridge of the PRO-E motherboard. Skip to the 3.5 minute mark if you want to jump straight to the video how-to. Write-up available at .
  • Tourettes Guy -- Faggot With A Tuba Ronald McGoddnam Donald
  • TONY MALABY TUBA TRIO Tony Malaby played at the Falcon with Marcus Rojas, who is a "Tuba Genius" and John Hollenbeck on drums/percussion, another "Genius".
  • New Orleans Jazz Funeral for tuba player Kerwin James A traditional New Orleans Jazz Funeral for the late tuba player Kerwin James. He died in Oct. 2007. Alot of viewers have been asking whats the reason for rocking the casket, it's so he can dance one last time. I also have a Mardi Gras Black Indian Funeral video on here too. I must WARN you it is'nt your "typical" funeral. For more videos, pics and New Orleans unique culture check out my myspace page at /onenawlins
  • Tuba solo Fnugg Blue, the original RSS: Live performance of the world premiere of Fnugg Blue. From the Gala Concert of the European Brass Band Champinship May 2003. Fnugg Blue is an extended version of Fnugg. Both written by Øystein. Arranger and co-composer on Fnugg Blue: SH Giske. Stavanger Brass Band performs. The full DVD is available at . Øystein's homepage: .
  • tuba repair With the Magnetic Dent Removal System, dent removal is fast and easy.
  • Tuba Hero If there ever was such a game as Tuba Hero, this is what it would be like. Rock on, Tuba Hero...
  • Tuba Concerto in F minor - I. Allegro Moderato The Tuba Concerto in F minor by the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams dates from 1954. Vaughan Williams wrote the concerto for Philip Catelinet, principal tubist of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), and Catelinet was the soloist in the premiere on 13 June 1954, with Sir John Barbirolli conducting. Catelinet was also the soloist in the work's first recording made that same year, again with Barbirolli and the LSO. The work is in three movements: 1. Prelude: Allegro Moderato 2. Romanza: Andante Sostenuto 3. Finale - Rondo alla tedesca: Allegro While at first viewed as the eccentric idea of an aging composer, the concerto soon became one of Vaughan Williams' most popular works, and an essential part of the tuba repertoire.
  • Gideon: Tuba Warrior Newest installment from the folks at Big Idea. In-stores November 4. For more info visit
  • Wagner's Little Tuba Paul Sharp gives a demonstration of my new Wagner Tuba. Sight unseen he picked it up and played it for an hour. Wow!
  • Tuba Büyüküstün(aşkımm)
  • Quintet - Tuba Tiger Rag Live recording of Tuba Tiger Rag performed at RAF Uxbridge in the Central Band Room by the Brass Quintet of the RAF Central Band.
  • Joe Murphy - Jazz Tuba Solo - Ramblin' This solo is from a live gig with my group, Conversation. It's a jazz/funk tune entitled, "Ramblin'". This gig was in March 2000. I'm a Miraphone Tuba Recording Artist. Look for my new band,The LOUDHORNS, on iTunes.
  • Tuba Man, RIP A couple of scenes starring the dynamic duo of Ed McMichael and one Richard Peterson. In their element.
  • Tuba players at their best me and my homboiz doin wut we do best
  • tourettes guy "Who's the faggot with the tuba?" HAHAHA
  • Family Guy Tuba Duet Theme to "Family Guy," arranged for two tubas or two euphonia. Over 100000 views 10-28-2010. Thanks everyone! Download this FREE sheet music from... or visit http
  • Vaughan Williams - Tuba Concerto - I. Recorded at the Singletary Center for the Arts on 18 December 2008. The soloist is Beth McDonald, and Tedrin Blair Lindsay is rocking out on the piano. (Live and unedited performance.)
  • tubas playing pink panther once again me and me folks doing what we like to do
  • How to Play the Tuba : How to Form an Embouchure for Tuba Use the tuba mouthpiece properly and accurately form embouchure; learn how with tips from our expert tuba player and teacher in this free tuba music education video. Expert: Kevin Smith Bio: Kevin is an avid tubist. He has played all of his life for a variety of musical ensembles. He is known for his moniker, TubaLove, and he says that the tuba is the musical equivalent of a punching bag. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
  • Tuba solo Carnival in Venice Tuba soloist Oystein Baadsvik plays Carnival of Venice with pianist Patti Wolf in a recital at Rice University, Houston. October 05. Recorded on BIS CD 1285, Tuba Carnival, with tuba solo and string orchestra. Go to www.bis.se to find the distributor in your country.
  • LSO Master Class - Tuba Patrick Harrild from the London Symphony Orchestra gives a tuba master class for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011
  • tuba player owns little kid so so funny.
  • La Tuba la tuba.......
  • tuba beatboxing (Sousaphone really) this is the Dallas brass Preforming a BYU Idaho in rexburg.... he is literally beatboxing with his TUBA!!!!!! INSANE
  • Fnugg - how it all started... Performing my own composition Fnugg as an encore at a recital in Houston 05. Original recording available on BIS CD 1285, Tuba Carnival. RSS:

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