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  • Troposcatter The meaning of Troposcatter. What Troposcatter stands for. The definition of Troposcatter. — “What does Troposcatter stand for? Troposcatter meaning and”,
  • The VertexRSI 2.4m SM-LT antenna, configured for troposcatter operation, utilizes either a conventional C-band (4.4 to 5.0 GHz) feed or a proprietary dual-beam Ku-band feed (14.9 to 15.4 GHz) to provide high-quality, over-the-horizon. — “VertexRSI 2.4M SM-LT Troposcatter Antenna”,
  • Once seen as a nearly forgotten technology that was never fully exploited by the military, Troposcatter is back and being used to meet near-term needs, linking distributed forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere. — “Troposcatter Bounces Back”, military-information-
  • Comtech Telecommunications has announced that its Orlando, Florida-based subsidiary, Comtech Systems has received initial funding of 50% against a $9.7 million contract award from the U.S. Department of Defense (D.O.D.) for 61 digital troposcatter modem kits. — “Comtech Wins Contract To Retrofit ANTRC-170 Troposcatter”,
  • It is a very slight effect and Energy is scattered by very small angles, but over long paths this leads to Troposcatter propagation. Another example predicting troposcatter path loss for systems operating in the WiMAX bands from 2.4 to 42GHz is shown below. This. — “Propagation Tutorial - Tropospheric scattering”, mike-
  • is globally recognized for its state of the art, high capacity digital troposcatter systems. Our digital troposcatter systems are engineered and designed to meet ITU availability standards or for user requirements, in excess of 99.99%. Our record for troposcatter equipment and. — “Comtech Systems, Inc”,
  • link is by a White Alice Communications System (WACS), troposcatter installation. The troposcatter system operated around 900 MHz, and utilized both space and frequency diversity. — “Troposcatter”, williamson-
  • A summary, overview or tutorial about troposcatter or tropospheric scatter, a form of radio signal propagation often used at VHF and above to cover distances of up to 800 km or more. — “Troposcatter :: Radio-”, radio-
  • Troposcatter Meteorscatter Ionoscatter Ground gain Radiation angle by OZ1RH. — “Troposcatter Meteorscatter Ionoscatter Ground gain Radiation”, oz1
  • In technological terms, troposcatter communications are an offshoot of early radar technology, and such In land warfare contingencies, troposcatter stations deployed by an advancing manoeuvre. — “Tropospheric Scatter Communications Systems”,
  • Listen to and buy The Troposcatter music on CD Baby. Buy the CD Butter Flavored Halon by The Troposcatter on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. — “The Troposcatter | Butter Flavored Halon | CD Baby”,
  • Now, quickly deployable tactical terminals can be utilized for reliable, high-speed troposcatter communication links that compete effectively with the utility and ease-of-use associated with satellite A novel Ku-Band troposcatter antenna feed system generates. — “General Dynamics Troposcatter”,
  • Well, troposcatter is always possible, and provides up to 700 km QSOs day and night. At the Weinheim UKW-Tagung 1994 I gave a lecture on troposcatter for VHF/UHF/SHF. — “Troposcatter at 50 MHz”,
  • tropospheric scatter ( ¦trōpə¦sfirik ′skadər ) ( communications ) Scatter propagation of radio waves caused by irregularities in the Tropospheric scatter (or troposcatter) is the scattering of distant TV and FM radio stations by the troposphere so that they travel farther than. — “Tropospheric scatter: Definition from ”,
  • Tropospheric scatter (or troposcatter) is the scattering of distant TV and FM radio stations by the troposphere so that they travel farther than the line of sight. This effect sometimes allows reception of stations up to a hundred miles away. — “Tropospheric scatter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In a phone call inaugurating the tropospheric forward scatter, more commonly referred to as troposcatter communications system, Secretary of the Interior Frederick Seaton noted the system's significance in "both the expansion of Alaska, and the defense of the North American continent. — “The White Alice Communications System”,
  • received an order for $11.0 million from an international prime contractor for transportable troposcatter systems to be used by a middle eastern government. This is the first material troposcatter equipment contract with this foreign government. — “Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Wins $11.0 Million Order”,
  • Troposcatter systems are ideal for first response and emergency communications restoral, SATCOM Technologies' newest addition to the troposcatter product line is the Dual-mode,. — “General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies - Troposcatter”,
  • The Troposcatter antennas are included in VertexRSI's line of Technical Products. The transfer of tooling and experience in Troposcatter antenna products from the former plant in Sterling to the company's state of the art facilities in Kilgore allows. — “VertexRSI's Troposcatter Antennas Offer Flexible”,
  • With 10 W SSB on 144 MHz and a 10 dB horizontal antenna the range on troposcatter is over 300 km, much better than a repeater. Troposcatter is responsible for most daily QSO's and contest QSO's, but perhaps also the least known propagation. — “Troposcatter inside and out:”,
  • Definition of troposcatter from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of troposcatter. Pronunciation of troposcatter. Definition of the word troposcatter. Origin of the word troposcatter. — “troposcatter - Definition of troposcatter at ”,
  • G1VVP - Amateur Radio Station, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire So we contacted the Suffolk Tourist Board and asked if they could lend us us some coastal troposcatter for a day. — “G1VVP | Blog”, g1

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  • TRT1 zonguldak via troposcatter 88.8 at this power not burc fm but not have rds !
  • small troposcatter propagation propagation from this radios is rare in a day , meteo scatters generate a troposcatter propagation .. fog is base in this reflexions
  • FM DX, tropo, Hitradio Ö3, 89.4 MHz, St. Pölten/Jauerling, 100kW, 368km Hitradio Ö3 89.4 MHz, St. Pölten/Jauerling 100kW received in Poland Distance: 368km QTH: near Kluczbork, Poland Antenna: Yagi 5 element w. 16dB preamp. Date: 30 October 2010, 22:38 Tuner: Sherwood TX-5090RDS
  • sporadic sesion and troposcatters 93.1 ado radio spain 93.2 onda paz spain 94.5 troposcatter turk
  • live mix 2 channels and normal troposcatter without mix in reception 2 signals mixing 1 signals without mixing
  • Algeria Ch 10 DXTV Troposcatter DXTV Troposcatter reception of Algerian TV ch 10 (210.25MHz) in flat conditions. View well back from the screen,as the uploading has caused some pixellation effects, Initially the vertical hold will lock then a newsreader can be seen weakly on the left with text underneath. Received in Southern Portugal from the Tessala transmitter in the North of Algeria Every few minutes it will appear for around 30 seconds or so very weakly. Initially my external sync pulse generator is locking to the signal.There is no sound with the clip which shows a newsreader. Equipment used is an 11 element Antenna 10 metres above ground with a masthead mosfet amplifier & a variable bandwidth tuner which was set to very narrow(1MHz approx) bandwidth.
  • radio resita SEMENIC via troposcatter 105.6 radio dx in this capture at folcore moment
  • TRT1 demircoy after opening ! full functional good for listen at 323km Demircoy direct troposcatter reception
  • Cabuyao Haze Microwave Installation up mount Cabuyao
  • sporadic sesion on 15 mai part 2 and demircoy troposcatters 88.2 SWISS unid radio 88.3 rcf france 89.8 culture france 90.6 inter fm france 92.3 europa fm spain 88.1 inter fm france 94.5 troposcatter demircoy 313km
  • What Kind of DX is This? I've been stressing my brain trying to figure out of I'm hearing KYCS and other Rock Springs locals at these distances (142-153 miles) via weak Tropo, Troposcatter, or Knife Edge Refraction. Can you help? I also receive KQSW (the farthest) 96.5 and KFRZ (also 142 miles) 92.1 from this location periodically. This isn't the first time KYCS has been heard in Salt Lake City, its just the first time I have filmed it being received in the middle of the day (1:00 PM MST). KYCS is approximately 142 miles from my receiver. I am using an FM-6 (built by Antennacraft) at 30 feet Above Ground Level. The receiver is a Sony XDR-F1HD. The TV is tuned to local KUEN to prove this is in Salt Lake City. The song playing is Katy Perry - Hot N' Cold
  • IRIB2 via troposcatter or airplane scatter in E26 live scatter received and unstable
  • 93.1mhz unid radio and TGRT at finaly troposcatter and tropo period In south romania detect UNID radio with music and speech coerent in troposcatters and small tropo at poor level . In this period start MS detections and aft finaly Start troposcatters TURK . In this material detect IMAGE carrier for 93,25 in may openings , this is sure UKRAINEAN ODESA signal .
  • simple demonstration in reception tgrt radio realised with 2 directive antenas signal in first recording is low and troposcatters is poor in second exemple signals troposcatter is good and duration hight but 2 directive antenas add other low signals
  • pirate fm via dx troposcatters pirate fm medium power detect in center bucharest and received via troposcatter mode
  • morning small to increased troposcatter turk live moment for 94.5 / 90.0 demircoy
  • trt1 and trinitas 323km vs 262km live reception troposcatter turk hq and tropo romanian at 262km
  • the troposcatter - wet food
  • Abandoned North Truro Air Force Station The former North Truro AFS is the site of a radar station and several abandoned buildings including barracks, a library, a bar, a bowling alley and a family housing area located to the south. At the end of the Cold War in 1994, the Air Force closed down operations at North Truro and it was sold to the National Park Service. In the late 1990s, an ARSR-4 replaced the AN/FPS-91A. when it joined the Joint Surveillance System (JSS). After the Air Force closed its facilities, the containment site fell into a somewhat dilapidated state of repair, as it is no longer used. The Gap Filler at Westboro is intact and has what appears to be a water tower and several radio broadcasting towers. The other two Gap Filler sites have been obliterated and redeveloped. The former Texas Tower No. 2 (TT-2) troposcatter communications site, just south of the housing area, is also accessible on foot. All that remain of the tropo facility are the building foundation (a concrete pad with a few floor tiles) and three-each concrete footings for the three tropo dish antennas. At the main site, the fence around the former cantonment and technical areas has a gate on the ocean-facing side. All of the original USAF radar towers are gone. The only radar tower now is the ARSR-4. The buildings appeared in pretty good shape, better than the housing units which are abandoned and somewhat vandalized. A few buildings had been torn down, including the station chapel. The former GATR site has been demolished, and ...
  • 90.1MHz: SRo 1 (troposcatter 430km) 90.1MHz SRo 1 (Slovakia, Banská Bystrica - Suchá hora) 100kW H. Antenna: Yagi 9-el, 7m agl. Reception near Płock, Poland.
  • Ertu EGYPT via mediteranean troposcatter at 1688KM Best qy'ran recitation moskee program received in romania via transmediteranean scatters . first opening in 2011
  • FM-DX Tropo 98 6 Antenne Brandenburg in Baden-Würtemberg 98 6 Antenne Brandenburg from Cottbus/Calau received via tropo or airplane scatter at a distance of 400 km using only the trusty DE1103 portable radio with a built-in antenna near Walldürn, Baden-Würtemberg from a nice open meadow location on a hill
  • live moment arabic quran troposcatter and turk troposcatter 93,1 ertu 93,3 karadenizin sesi 94,5 trt1
  • Striscia Base NATO Monte Giogo Striscia Monte Giogo Base NATO
  • Adios Spain TVE E2 With Spain closing ***ogue transmissions I thought I'd post the reception of sorts I get from the E2 Navacerrada transmitter just over 500KM/300 Miles away on a daily basis. The signal is very weak and sometimes meteor pings from the same transmitter can be seen,look around 1:53 into the recording,stronger sound can be heard and the picture looks darker briefly. At 3:58 the audio briefly cuts out,this is a meteor ping from Italy Channel IA vision on 53.75MHz which is the same frequency as E2 audio. Sometimes sound is stronger than the pictureand sometimes picture is stronger than sound see 4:30 onwards where the sound becomes worse and picture comes up. From 0:18 a white rectangular bar can be seen at the bottom for around 29 seconds.This is the advisory message that the transmitter is closng down(take my word for it,I've seen it oon other TVE transmitters very small dark letters inside the white bar).
  • sporadic sesion on 15 mai and troposctater serbian 88.6 RNE 1 spain 89.3 musique france 89.9 unid spain spiritual 90.0 inter france 92.3 yes fm france 93.0 inter fm france 93.7 m fm france 94.5 troposcatter serbian srveni cot
  • BARS 401 former tropospheric/troposcatter communication point of BARS network located in Czech republic, still used by army 3rd party map of the system
  • unid turk station in CH27 via troposcatter tvdx very unstable by clouds and rain near bucharest city
  • Frekvence 1 (91.0 Ostrava/Hošťálkovice) - 372 km This scatter reception is possible without tropospheric ducting, although the signal seemed slightly stronger today. Distance to Graz: 372 km. Note the ID at 0:24 and the jingle at 0:58.
  • CBN2 Wagga DX-TV Reception 1992 CBN2 Wagga-Riverina, NSW Prime RVN FUBK card received at Sydney, NSW via 230-mile troposcatter. Broadcast date: Dec 1992.
  • superb open ertu egypt radiuo via troposcatters 1688km in winter period superb troposcatter egypt qu'ran moskee station in south romania at finally year .
  • Ertu and TGRT via tropo and meteor scatters GEMINID ERTU with quran recitation 1688km troposcatter TGRT with reclam 448km meteor scatter show GEMINID
  • Tropo Walk 2 Walking around the perimeter of the Troposcatter installation at Cabuyao
  • rain affecting troposferic scatters LIVE superb rain on 29.04.2011 at 18:04 create a big unstable troposcatter period for turkey station TRT RD 1
  • 89.5 hr3 (troposcatter 700km) with Körner 19.3 Reception near Płock, Poland. Receiver: Sony XDR-F1HD Antenna: Körner 19.3 (with 18dB amp)
  • TGRT detect in maxim peak level troposcatter in moment withou 220V in few zones peak level at 25dB .
  • Tropo Walk Walking around the perimeter of the Troposcatter installation at Cabuyao
  • TGRT and ITALIAN troposcatters 93.1 TGRT 93.1 UNID italian radios 2 simetrised antenas directive with 2 and 3 elements . RAA - 75-100% 05:08 - first troposcatter italian + mix 08:06 - second 11:05 - three 11:39 - four
  • 24th of june 2011, FM sporadic E in the evening after 7:00PM Husi, RO Part 2 88.5 91.3 TRT NAGME 88.6 ERZ RD1 89.5 may be trt 102.0 Radio Moldova ungheni (troposcatter) 107.7 Micul Samaritean Cahul (troposcatter) 93.5 HIT FM Cimislia Moldova, well facing this reflexions. 91.1 93.1 & 93.2 while smile fm 93.2 off ! 88.4 89.2
  • GM4CXM Microwave Take Off to SM, OZ, DL, PA and ON View from the roof of my house in IO75tw starting from North East through to the South East and what my 1296 MHz antenna sees for working continental Europe.

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  • “Don't forget to let your nearest airport know when your switching this on - it will account for With regards to 100 mile links - I am pursuing use of digital troposcatter over amateur radio separately”
    — D-Star DD 128kbps - RAYNET Forum - Page 1, forum.raynet-

  • “Tags: Comtech Telecommunications Corp., Middle East, troposcatter equipment order for transportable troposcatter systems from a contractor”
    — Long Island Business News " troposcatter equipment,

  • “If memory serves me right, it's a Troposcatter array. It bounces ***og signals off of Troposcatter is only effective for voice and low speed packet data”
    — AT&T's Covert Military Site, page 1,

  • “Location: Main Index " Forum Index " Articles by Daily Stocks " Daily data and video over satellite, troposcatter, microwave and cable communication networks”
    — The Daily Activist Stock for 03/06/2008 is Radyne,

  • “This is a thread starter for any forum members who can contribute to thought/engineering leadership This is a thread starter for any forum members who can contribute to thought/engineering leadership in the area of digital troposcatter”
    — Digital Medium-speed Troposcatter - RAYNET Forum, raynet-

  • “G1VVP - Amateur Radio Station, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire So we contacted the Suffolk Tourist Board and asked if they could lend us us some coastal troposcatter for a day”
    — G1VVP | Blog, g1

  • “Engineered to stringent standards for multiple applications, the 2.4m SM-LT delivers performance suitable for multi-band satcom and troposcatter operation. Various modes and/or frequency bands of operation are readily accommodated via interchangeable”
    — VertexRSI " Satcom Resources Blog,

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