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  • Mixx has popular tricking stories from around the web. Find the most popular tricking tags, stories, photos and videos now. — “"tricking" Stories - Mixx”,
  • Tricking (Martial Arts Tricking) is the informal name of a relatively new underground Tricking is recognizable by its flashy kicks, complex flips and twists, and its highly. — “HOME”,
  • Martial arts tricking community of martial arts trickers. was founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of uniting the global tricking community through online video share. — “Martial Arts Tricking Videos at”,
  • Tricking ,sports,tennis,football,cricket,olympics,handball,basket ball,cycling,gymnastics. — “Tricking ,sports,tennis,football,cricket,olympics,handball”,
  • Provides forum, tutorials, pictures and video clips for performing acrobatic, martial art and gymnastic style tricks. — “Tricks ”,
  • Definition of tricking in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is tricking? Meaning of tricking as a legal term. What does tricking mean in law?. — “tricking legal definition of tricking. tricking synonyms by”, legal-
  • Tricking (Martial Arts Tricking) is the informal name of a relatively new underground Tricking is recognizable by its flashy kicks, complex flips and. — “Beating Addiction - Addiction - Tricking's Profile”,
  • Extreme martial arts tricking community. Plan trick events, meet tricksters, find and review open gyms, watch trick videos, read and write trick tutorials. — “Martial Arts & Tricking”,
  • Definition of Tricking in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Tricking. Pronunciation of Tricking. Translations of Tricking. Tricking synonyms, Tricking antonyms. Information about Tricking in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Tricking - definition of Tricking by the Free Online”,
  • Tricking "bible" to help interested people and other Trickers. all over the world to learn more about this young sport. This PDF document combines these 3 articles. Sesshoumaru also was a "Special Guest" at the big Loopkicks Camp event which took place in San. Jose / California. — “Tricking Bible”,
  • Hypertwist is the first organisation in the UK set up to give people of all ages the opportunity to learn and practice the sport, Tricking. Hosting classes in and around the York with some of the most experienced Trickers in the UK. — “HyperTwist | Tricking Organisation | York, UK”,
  • Tricking (martial arts tricking) is the informal name of a relatively new underground Although the various skills practiced in tricking have existed much longer, a variety of. — “Tricking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Blatantly speaking (in terms of tricking), we tend to believe that any deviation from a standard trick results in the creation of a "new" trick. This methodology results in a whole onslaught of tricks being taken out context, and not appreciated/recognized properly. — “Tricking 101”,
  • Tricking (martial arts tricking) is the informal name of a relatively new underground Although the various skills practiced in tricking have existed much longer, a variety of. — “ - Tricking from Wikipedia”,
  • The best and the first Martial Arts Tricking. Watch Video about Acrobatics,Flip,Tricking by . — “Piter Tricking - Video”,
  • Various merchandise relating to the DeRamos Group, the Society of Gloves, Chord du Jour, and Guess Who's Toys? Halloween: Tricking Organic Men's Fitted T-Shirt. — “Halloween: Tricking : DeRamos Media Merchandise”,
  • Tricking (martial arts tricking) is the informal name of a relatively new underground Although the various skills practiced in tricking have existed much longer, a variety of. — “Tricking: Information from ”,
  • Me and my brother tricking. Tricking by John a.k.a. Smouty. Watch it on Myspace Videos. — “Tricking Video by John a.k.a. Smouty - Myspace Video”,
  • The content of this site is created by the collaborated effort of its users, with the good faith that it will continuously grow as an endless repository for tricks, tricking history, heroes of the sport, and anything the tricking community deems as noteworthy. Where to begin. Tricks. — “Tricking Evolution”,
  • tricking trick trickin free running parkour tricks lying martial arts *** whore prank a combination of various forms of martial arts and gymnastics to perform visually appealing tricks/moves. Hey I'm new to tricking, I hear it's a good idea to start with the handsprings, backflip, frontflip, and. — “Urban Dictionary: tricking”,
  • DanceJam has Tricking videos, lessons, learn the dance and watch video clips. Tricking (Martial Arts Tricking) is the informal name of a relatively. — “Tricking videos and lessons, learn at ”,
  • JellyJmany I've seen many tricking vids, did look that guy up too thanks, I like it and We used to do tricking too when practicing CLF+Krav Maga which was a lot of fun. — “YouTube - tricking”,

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  • Mike Guthrie NTBS 2010 Tricking His first solo sampler as a member of NTBS Mike Guthrie glitches the matrix to make this sampler possible. "Sleepyhead (Borgore's Remix)" You can find the Music from this sampler and other cool songs here: NTBS Learn how to do this at *Be on the look out for a Super Secret January NTBS Gathering*
  • Tricking - Old Spice Report Episode 17 Clip from the season finale of the 2010 Old Spice Report.
  • Loop Kick Master "Tricking" crazy video of this kid doing awesome loop kicks and stuff
  • Tricking Sampler Sampler of Tricksters and Sport Karate Competitors Download:
  • cool tricking vid Featuring Anis, featuring the song Asian Kung Fu Generation.
  • Vellu - King of Tricking everything i filmed of him at the bigtrick battle and gathering bow down to the king xD song: a day to remember - the plot to bomb the panhandle
  • crazy battle LOOPKICKS DVD martial arts tricking CELLDWELLER www.loopkicks- The best and the first Martial Arts Tricking DVD ever, called "Loopkicks & Friends" 2 Discs / 215 Min (Tricking AND Tutorials !!!) Professionally produced by Tong-Len Pictures music credits for the battle part: "Celldweller - The Last Firstborn" !!! DVD REVIEW on :
  • TRICKING - ANIS CHEURFA, DANIEL GRAHAM, JEREMY MARINAS, NICK VAIL - Birthday Session It was my birthday 12.17.09 and the all the guys surprised me and came to session. I was in the process of making a sampler of the night but it was getting too long, so I decided to make this one in honor of the way these 4 tricked that night...Anis Cheurfa, Daniel Graham, Jeremy Marinas, Nick Vail. Thanks to everyone that came out that night and thanks to Hans for getting everyone together! - Travis ANIS CHEURFA /anischeurfa87 DANIEL GRAHAM /danielgraham85 JEREMY MARINAS /jermmarinas NICK VAIL /cotrickster WHITE LOTUS MARTIAL ARTS CENTER 18369 Eddy Street Northridge, CA 91325 (818)993-9664 /whitelotusvideos
  • TRICKING: Think Different - Morgan 2009 This is my official 2009 sampler and is a compilation from all of my stuff from that year. I would like to dedicate this vid to the idea that the best part of tricking (for me) is to THINK DIFFERENT and go with what your gut tells you. Setting your goals to be that of "different" rather than "better" in tricks AND in life.... Makes for such a better ride **Trickers DO think different and which is why i think the general tricking attitude is that of love and acceptance which might be why we allfeel like a big extended family, even if we have never spoke to that person b4, you "feel" them after watching their sampler. Music: Nujabes - Think Different (RIP Nujabes... I hope this vid does his song justice)
  • 12 year old tricking and freerunning - Dreams, Spring Sampler 2009 This is a video i made to inspire people about how quickly you can progress with self Confidence. It was that, that took me all the way to where i am now, after dreaming of doing this only 10 months ago. i am 12 years old, and i have been training for 10 months. i struggle with technique and flow but im starting to understand that a trick is nothing if you dont do it well. Please subscribe for more videos to come if you enjoyed! Tricks list: Standing back tuck precision Sideflip off table backflip on concrete kash vault to seat back layout 2 1/2 twist 900 on trampoline round off double flashkick on concrete backflip with kick frontflip double full twist standing one leg backflip cork, corkscrew 360 on concrete standing front tuck on grass standing sideflip on concrete speed vault over table backflip punch forward flip front rudi combo pivot gainer full twist scoot to cork through vault over car back somersault inside standing precision jump over river gap wallflip 360 full twist standing double full outside high superman frontflip kong vault standing backflip 360 onto concrete aerial cartwheel free cartwheel twist on flat ground punch front sumi on concrete backflip over large gap standing backhandspring bhs to back tuck round off backflip full kick the moon slant gainer, cheat gainer on ground skoot to back cartwheel double full twist on grass one step backflip up wall frontflip 540 twist onto grass a-twist off height webster sideflip off one leg standing full on grass ...
  • Steve Terada Tricking My sampler from the end of 2004 ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ TWITTER ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ FACEBOOK ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ MYSPACE ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ WEBSITES ▀ ▄▀ ▄▀ www.steve- http
  • AlexD - "Beauty of Tricking" - Slow Motion vol.2 Music: Tindersticks - Cherry Blossoms
  • Mr Double ABCD - ATG 2009 Tricking!!! A small sampler of my tricking at the Australian Gathering this year whilst injured. At this point I had been tricking for almost four years. I am entirely self taught =D Background: "As many of you know after I released We'reWolf in 2008 I started working on my second sampler (Of three) which I had originally intended to release after ATG 2009 in January. Unfortunately, the high impact landings of many of the goals I was working on along with the insane stress I was putting on my body night in night out was far more than I anticipated and my left knee entirely collapsed in early October leaving me unable to walk without crutches, out of tricking and totally depressed haha ! After being of my feet for two to three weeks, my physio checked me out, threatened me with potential surgery and told me that I would be on crutches until late January this year and that should things go smoothly with my recovery I would be able to lightly jump around again in early march, putting me out for ATG and destroying any chance I had of finishing my sampler on time Of course, like I expect many of you have done in the past, I took his advice with a pinch of salt, entirely ignored him, stocked up on painkillers and that following December went back to gym ! That's where this sampler comes in I know this sounds stupid but the actual tricks in this one are irrelevant, for the most part they were unplanned, rusty as hell, hurt like a *** and were done on a hilariously unsafe amount of ...
  • Taylor Lautner - Sport Karate / Martial Arts Tricking - age 11 (2003 World Series of Martial Arts) Taylor's extreme form at Charlie Lee Nationals 03 on March 10, 2003. Video property of Did you know? They types of flips Taylor throws is part of a new underground sport called tricking. Go here to check it out!
  • tricking
  • TRICKING - WHITE LOTUS MARTIAL ARTS CENTER 2010 - Anis Cheurfa, Kyle Cordova, Steve Terada A taste of things to come in 2010...New year...New friends...New movement...New cameras...New footage. A teaser so to speak of footage being released. Had a friend of mine come down to shoot us for the first time, samplers from this night will be released soon! Featuring Anis Cheurfa, Kyle Cordova, Steve Terada, Ryan Houchin, King David, Aaron Toney, Jake Huang, Ricki Carman. Filmed and Edited By: Richie Thomassen Dustin Shephard aka eldente /eldente WHITE LOTUS MARTIAL ARTS CENTER 18369 Eddy Street Northridge, CA 91325 (818)993-9664 /whitelotusvideos
  • What is Tricking? This is a video I made to help people understand what Tricking really is, and to see what it has developed into. If you were to take a mix of different Martial Arts such as Wushu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Capoeria, gymnastic tumbling & acrobatics, some break dancing flair... and put it into an art form based on a non-contact movement, Martial Arts Tricking is what you would have. Made by Munks Music : Heaven Help Us -by- Globus (Europa Instrumental) This video was made with the video "Dream on, Trick on" in mind In this video (Order of Appearance) -Damien Walters -Danny Graham -Sesshoumaru -Vellu Saarela -Anis Cheurfa -John Vanek -Jeremy Marinas (Prodigy) -Ott -Scotty Skelton (Mr. Double ABCD) -Severin Blytt (Safari)
  • Sesshoumaru Tricking martial arts tricks
  • Martial Arts Tricking : 540 Kick Tutorial ( 2010 ) - If you practice the techniques in my tutorials you do so at your own risk. Especially if you don't have an instructor there to correct any mistakes you may make. Remember to always make sure you are warmed up and stretched properly before your training. I am not responsible for how you choose to use the techniques I demonstrate in my tutorials. -And keep the comments clean or dont comment at all If NOT you will get blocked - A tutorial i made 2 years ago already But in this one i go more in depth on the techniques. everything broken down in easy steps. Most question people ask: " Is it a must 2 master the tornado kick first ?" Yes it would be handy 2 start on the tornado kick first its not a must for everyone if u think u can handle to start with this move u can.
  • Tricking - "The Dream" -
  • Extreme Tricking Cool Vid of a guy(Damien Walters) tricking! some real Xtreme moves!
  • Tricking Quake Live This was my first promo since quake 3 arena back in 2002. I hooked up with Cliche, a defrag tricker from OPC to assist with the building and editing. Hes quite an impressive editor I might ad. But Ill let the video speak for itself. This particular promo, I decided to keep it simple, so I did all of the old school tricks worth showing I could in a few weeks time and even ended up adding in some new stuff Ive discovered while playing around. The Soundtrack was a recent stab at my first breaks mix and it seemed to fit the movie well so thats what we decided to use as the soundtrack, well a remixed version anyway. You can get the soundtrack at .So without any more jabbering I present to you TQL Tricking Quake Live. And as usual, you can find all the HD vid download links and demos and more at www.q3
  • A tribute to Anis Cheurfa
  • Loopkicks So Cal Tricking Gathering 2009 @ White Lotus Martial Arts Center Loopkicks So Cal Gathering 2009 @ White Lotus Martial Arts Center Footage from the tricking line held during the Loopkicks So Cal Gathering on July 11, 2009. Samplers and footage of the battles, workshop, and remaining raw footage will be released soon. Special thanks to Loopkicks, The Lost Boys Family, Team Tempest, Danny Graham (Hurricane) and all those in attendance. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS, SAMPLERS, & TUTORIALS IN THE NEAR FUTURE!! WHITE LOTUS MARTIAL ARTS CENTER OPEN GYM 7 DAYS A WEEK!! (818)993-9664 /whitelotusvideos Editing: Travis Wong
  • TRICKING @ WHITE LOTUS OPEN GYM [Shot & Edited By: Jim 'Jester' Ng] Jim "Jester" Ng came out to LA for a week, and trained at White Lotus everyday. This is his edit of his trip!! In order of appearance: Anis Cheurfa, Daniel Graham, Caity Lotz, Jeremy Marinas, Gemma Nguyen, Jake Huang, Aaron Toney, Dennis Arboleas, Dan Southworth, Chris Balualua, Hans Wikkeling, Andy Le, Steve Terada, Brian Le, Travis Wong, Tim Vo, Micah Karns, Mickaël Cavaillès , Brendon Huor, Original Video Info: "I was in LA for a week and got to trick at the White Lotus Center every single beautiful friggin' day! Here are all the cool people I got to meet! =D" JIM "JESTER" NG /nyczjester WHITE LOTUS MARTIAL ARTS CENTER (818)993-9664 /whitelotusvideos
  • UK Jobcentres tricking the vulnerable to save money and meet government targets Jobcentres 'tricking' people out of benefits to cut costs, says whistleblower. Soaring number of sanctions against unemployed amid claims that DWP staff are being told to trip people up with paperwork. Rising numbers of vulnerable jobseekers are being tricked into losing benefits amid growing pressure to meet welfare targets, a Jobcentre Plus adviser has told the Guardian. A whistleblower said staff at his jobcentre were given targets of three people a week to refer for sanctions, where benefits are removed for up to six months. He said it was part of a "culture change" since last summer that had led to competition between advisers, teams and regional offices. "Suddenly you're not helping somebody into sustainable employment, which is what you're employed to do," he said. "You're looking for ways to trick your customers into 'not looking for work'. You come up with many ways. I've seen dyslexic customers given written job searches, and when they don't produce them -- what a surprise -- they're sanctioned. The only target that anyone seems to care about is stopping people's money. "'Saving the public purse' is the catchphrase that is used in our office ... It is drummed home all the time -- you're saving the public purse. Feel good about stopping someone's money, you've just saved your own pocket. Its a joke." The claims came as the big businesses handed contracts to get the long term jobless into worktoday said the government should privatise jobcentres so that their ...
  • Holophonic Sounds - Tricking Your Mind To See Alternate Realities A series of Holophonic Sounds designed to make your mind imagine and experience different realities. From FinerMinds
  • Loopkicks - Martial Arts Tricking DVD ! mind-blowing OUT NOW WORLDWIDE release now !!! (since 06.04.2008) Check out the online-shop: www.loopkicks- this is a professionally produced DVD for retail. It's the first real Tricking DVD ever! Check my profile to see a part from the actual DVD !!!
  • Hadyn Wiseman Martial Arts Tricking 2010 My summer 2010 tricking sampler! I have been tricking for 5 years now. Just before summer 2009 I had injuries preventing me from making a sampler in 2009. This is my tricking progress since then. I've been training harder than ever for this and I hope it shows in the video. Right now I feel like I'll be doing this until I'm unable to walk. Tricking is pretty much my life. The songs are (in order): Tyler Bates - Returns a King (from the 300 soundtrack) Bullet for my Valentine - Hand of Blood Sum41 - Angels With Dirty Faces Enjoy and please subscribe, I have a lot planned for the future.
  • Aerial Tricking Exampler How to do a no handed cartwheel also called Aerial by Jujimufu aka Jon Calls from
  • White Lotus Tricking Army [Shot & Edited By: Devin Sheehan] White Lotus Tricking Army, featuring various trickers from open gym sessions over the last month here at White Lotus. New tricking seminars and classes opening up in June...And a big announcement coming soon :) Special thanks to all of the trickers included in this video and to Devin Sheehan for shooting, editing, and producing this video. This is a repost to the original shown on his channel. All shot on a Canon 7D. OPEN GYM 7 DAYS A WEEK White Lotus Martial Arts Center (818)993-9664 18369 Eddy Street Unit B Northridge, CA 91325 SHOT & EDITED BY: SOUNDTRACK: Drasko Fauxbat - (Devin and Donovan Sheehan) FEATURED TRICKERS: Donovan Sheehan Daniel Graham Anis Cheurfa Jeremy Marinas Travis Wong Joey Tee Jacob Pinto
  • GTA SA Tricking MOD ! Here it is, GTA San Andreas Tricking MOD, I hope you like it, ENJOY !!! link:
  • No excuses, RAB and Ido tricking
  • Tricking 101 Part 1 (A Good Tutorial) Intro/novice tricking moves tutorial. I got this from . Somewhere on their message board there was a request for someone to upload it to YouTube. Very good video. This is the first 9 minutes 50 seconds.
  • The Beauty of Tricking Final Act The last installment of my perception on tricking... footage credited to akanathan, shaolin, zerogravity, aviator sampler, morgan, teddy, alexx sesshoumaru steve terada sammy vasquez danny graham anis cheurfa jeremy prodigy marinas bredan bubba crispel doeni fms kyle mclean kjer christope afonso flow striking z morgan jono team e haime colon ff crazy asian james yu fs manny brown matt emig ryan remfer rudy reynon luke broadlick
  • Urban Assassins: 'Tricking' 540 Kick Tutorial READ THIS!!! This is a Tricking 540 Kick tutorial. Many people keep confusing the TKD 540 and the Tricking 540 with each other and I'm getting really sick of it so I thought of writing this description. So if you want to learn the 540 Kick and you're watching this tutorial, know this: - There is difference between a Tricking 540 and a TKD 540 and this is a Tricking 540 kick tutorial! - In a Tricking 540 you jump off your kicking legg, kick with your kicking legg and you also land on your kicking legg! So in Tricking it's all about the kick, degrees don't really matter to most of us (Tricksters). Just like JuijiMufu I think degrees is just fluff. But that's just my opinion ;) - I know the setup was kinda crappy, but it worked for me when I just learned the trick. That running setup gave me more blocking and so more height to kick my kicking legg over my non-kicking legg. Now I can do it without the running and even higher than back then. So if you don't like the running thing then don't do it. If I do it it doesn't mean you have to do exactly thesame thing ;) - One more thing: I'm just trying to help out the peeps here who DO want to learn this trick so don't bother me with your stupid comments if you don't like the tutorial. I couldn't care less what you think. Also and this goes for all of you out there who don't know anything about Tricking: Stop posting stupid comments if you don't know anything about Tricking! Besides I can do my 540 way better now so I'll be ...
  • A Decade of TRICKING Tricking (martial arts tricking) is the informal name of a relatively new underground alternative sport movement, combining martial arts, gymnastics, and other activities to create an "aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists." Tricking incorporates a variety of moves from different arts such as flips from gymnastics, 540 kick from Taekwondo, butterfly twist from Wushu and double leg from Capoeira. Tricking is recognizable by its flashy kicks, complex flips and twists, and its highly stylized movements which separate it from other arts. An individual who practices tricking is typically referred to as a "trickster" or "tricker". (from ) Thanks to all the tricksters around the world for the footage and inspiration. Music Credits: AZ - The format Know - Adrena Orbital - Lush 3-1 Pendulum ft. In flames - Self vs. self Massive Attack - Heat miser Sikth - Skies of millenium night downloadable here after registration:
  • ANIS CHEURFA on Tricking at "Tron Legacy" Pop-Up Shop Opening Maximo TV http Anis Cheurfa (Rinzler in TRON: Legacy) interview at the TRON Pop-Up Shop private opening celebration at Royal/T in Culver City, California USA November 18, 2010. TRON: Legacy Sinopsis: Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a man once known as the world's leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the abandoned Flynn's Arcade—that could have only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-or-death journey across a visually-stunning digital universe—created by Kevin himself—which has become far more advanced with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, and landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape ***Thisfootage is available for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by website visitors is only permissible for personal use; copying, commercial use, distribution, broadcast, download, additional use or transfer is expressly prohibited. Contact us for more information at for proper clearance. © Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV™ / TRON Pop-Up Shop Private Opening Celebration Arrivals Olivia Wilde Talks About TRON: LEGACY Olivia Wilde Talks About Quorra Heels and Her ...
  • KJER: ''Tricking in China'' ( 2011 ) Touring for the Schwarz Kopf brand 2 all kinds of different places ( Hong Kong & Macau ). Beats made by: Kweek 5 R ( Beat 1 ) & Kay One ( Beat 2 ). /kweek5r
  • DEMON combo tricking + powermoove 2011 new trailer of my performance before my injury, i put some powermove too but i didn't practice since one year that's why they are not cleanest..., i will back soon with more and more level!! peace and keep the the fire

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