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  • Transplanter Manufacturers & Transplanter Suppliers Directory - Find a Transplanter Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Transplanter Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Transplanter-Transplanter Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • Mechanical Transplanter has created a number of planters specialized for the planting of vegetavles, strawberries, and even tobacco. — “Mechanical Transplanters for Vegetables, Strawberries”,
  • Definition of transplanter from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of transplanter. Pronunciation of transplanter. Definition of the word transplanter. Origin of the word transplanter. — “transplanter - Definition of transplanter at ”,
  • Definition of transplanter in the Medical Dictionary. transplanter explanation. Information about transplanter in Free online English dictionary. What is transplanter? Meaning of transplanter medical term. What does transplanter mean?. — “transplanter - definition of transplanter in the Medical”, medical-
  • Bossgoo - Find transplanter - China transplanter catalog and transplanter manufacturer directory.Trade platform for China transplanter manufacturers and global transplanter buyers provided by . — “transplanter Manufacturers, transplanter Suppliers,China”,
  • Five-row transplanter. A transplanter is an agricultural machine used for transplanting seedlings to the field. This is very important as it reduces the time taken to transplant seedlings (when compared to manual transplanting), thus allowing more time for harvesting. [edit] See also. — “Transplanter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Home > Equipment Video. Tree Transplanter Video. Dakota Peat & Equipment Last Updated: December 29, 2008 4:47 PM. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. — “DAKOTA :: Turf Tenders Video”,
  • Agriculture Machines manufacturers - Nua Seeds Pvt. Ltd exporters, suppliers of Paddy Transplanter india, indian Agriculture Machines,Paddy Weeder manufacturer, wholesale Paddy Transplanter suppliers, Agriculture Machines, Paddy Transplanter,. — “Agriculture Machines,Paddy Transplanter,Paddy Weeder,Seed”,
  • You can raise the tree effortlessly with the Tree Toad's heavy-duty jack, and move the tree right where you want it on big, easy Copyright © 2001 Tree Toad® Transplanter, P.O. Box 2562. Kalispell, MT. — “Tree Toad® Tree Transplanters”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is a Transplanter? The first type of transplanter is similar to a trowel, but it is specially designed for planting or transplanting. — “What is a Transplanter?”,
  • For more detailed literature for the equipment on this web site, or for specific, specialized equipment to match your individual needs, contact Holland Transplanter. HOLLAND TRANSPLANTER CO. 510 E 16th St. P.O. Box 1527 Holland MI 49422-1527. USA 616-392-3579 800-275-4482Fax 616-392-7996. — “Holland Transplanter”,
  • This transplanter are the mulch film equipment provided with a punch wheel and water. To transplant the plants from trays or bare root plants on mulch film. — “Transplanter (Dubois Agrinovation)”,
  • Get the job done right the first time with Transplanter Current Price: $600.00. Buy it now: n/a. Mechanical Carousel Transplanter Vegetable Setter. — “Useful Transplanter Guide”,
  • Buy transplanter, Home Garden items on eBay. Find great deals on Business Industrial, Collectibles items and get what you want now!. — “transplanter items - Get great deals on Home Garden, Business”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun transplanter has one meaning: Meaning #1 : a gardener who moves. — “transplanter: Information from ”,
  • Transplanter™ is a patented growing system for indoor or outdoor plants which enables the growing plant and soil to be transferred, without mess or root disturbance, into a larger or different container. > Reduces Transplant Shock > Reduces Damage to Plant > Reduces Mess >. — “Introducing the Transplanter™ Growing System”,
  • Definition of transplanter in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is transplanter? Meaning of transplanter as a legal term. What does transplanter mean in law?. — “transplanter legal definition of transplanter. transplanter”, legal-
  • Features of the Ferrari Futura, and automatic transplanter offered by Oxbo International. — “Ferrari® Futura Automatic Transplanter Features”,
  • Commercial grade, vegetable transplanter for plastic mulch covered row crops. Renaldo semiautomatic transplanter is manufactured in the USA. One-row to 6-row configurations available. Designed for commercial vegetable growers. — “Renaldo Semiautomatic Vegetable Transplanter”,
  • Cummings & Bricker is a Holland Transplanter Distributor for Transplanters, Mulch Pot Planters, Bed Shapers, Mulch Layers, and Mulch Diggers. — “Holland Transplanter”,
  • Early attempts to develop a no-till transplanter utilized a finger type transplanter This transplanter had a front coulter added to cut residue, a double disk opener, and flat. — “No-till Tobacco Transplanter”,

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  • Tree Transplanter attachment in use
  • Modify 6 row to make 8 row hand seeder Pull Type and 3 Point Hitch JP 3 JP 6 Seeders
  • taken from behind on a much warmer day Jacob is bending down and pushing some of the transplants deeper into the ground The last photo is of the rows of transplanted sorghum in the field We have been wet all spring and transplanting time was no exception The good news is that the rain is good for the transplants in the ground the bad news we were not sure we d ever get
  • 4 2 07 113 sm plants > 17 Apr 2007 21 01 123k 4 2 07 113 sm plants > 17 Apr 2007 21 01 4k 4 2 07 124 sm transp > 17 Apr 2007 21 03 537k 4 2 07 124 sm transp > 17 Apr 2007 21 03 3k
  • dv 2 working hard JPG
  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • hand tools from Radius Garden that combines professional quality materials and advanced design to maximize your power while minimizing hand and wrist stress We have the transplanter for $14 99 the transplanter shovel for $36 99 and the trowel for $14 99 in stock
  • 3 row transplanter large image
  • Pull Type and 3 Point Hitch JP 3 JP 6 Seeders
  • and yet we are not done with all the brassicas cabbages broccoli kohlrabi kale collards At Clagett Farm we use a tractor that slowly drags an old transplanter Here is how it works The tractor driver Megan Caine in the photo above slowly moves the tractor forward making sure it stays on track while the setters sitting on the transplanter Joe Brown and Kathleen
  • 550 Bed Planter The Mechanical Transplanter 550L is designed to plant taller seedling with close spacing This bed planter also features our direct drive system for positive plant
  • Model 2000 The 2000 is by far the largest of all the Mechanical Transplanters Being a 1 3 larger than most units the 2000 is able to handle 4 to 5 year old Taxus and tree
  • Model 90 Mulch Layer The Model 90 Mulch Layer is fully adjustable and free floating A leveling blade up front level the ground before plastic is laid while smooth guide wheels
  • rw16b JPG
  • Click the image to enlarge oOo
  • 2Z 6300 Rice Transplanter
  • 3 row transplanter large image
  • 06 2007 Transplanters Out in the Field JPG
  • m64530lm jpg
  • Bemis tobacco plante > 14 Jul 2009 13 00 126k Bemis tobacco plante > 14 Jul 2009 13 01 138k Bemis transplanter jpg 14 Jul 2009 13 00 96k Benney Dinner Pail jpg 14 Jul 2009 13 00 170k
  • 1830946471473279785432f jpg
  • dv 5 heading back home jpg
  • transplanter
  • Rice Transplant Machine
  • 软件界面Screenshots
  • Transplanter JPG
  • 06 2007 Clyde Sharp working the Transplanter JPG
  • transplanter jpg
  • using drip care should be taken in laying the drip line or tape following the manufacturer s suggestions If this is not done poor irrigation uniformity may result What Fertilizers Do I Use Vegetables grown under plastic tunnels must be fertilized with precision to avoid nutrient deficiencies during the growing season Even though
  • 3 100 0209 jpg
  • Measurements 6 in length handle 10 in length tool View a larger image of NRG s Hand Transplanter View a profile image of NRG s Hand Transplanter
  • dv 1 Dome Valley near Yuma jpg
  • View a larger image of NRG s Hand Transplanter View a profile image of NRG s Hand Transplanter
  • Click the image to enlarge oOo
  • Click to enlarge You ll notice the quality the moment you see them
  • Gillian Antonio on the back of the water wheel transplanter
  • 100 0787 jpg
  • 1980 Nursery Transplanter The Mechanical Transplanter Model 1980 is one of the best units available for planting small to mid sized nursery seedlings The 1980 plants at ground speed for
  • dv 4 100 0268 jpg
  • We send it to you free with our compliments after your first $100 purchase details to simplify the planting of the foliage investment you have made You may also buy them below From The Rumford Gardener site Made of polished die cast aluminum of substantial weight and balance GardenPro hand tools are The Rumford Gardener at its best

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  • Johnny's Hatfield Transplanter Model 1.5 #9406 Opens a 1.5" X 1.5" square hole from the standing position. Works with plugs from 128-cell flats and smaller. Depth stop. Lower edges can be sharpened to cut through plastic. Height of handles is adjustable. To operate: Hold handles apart, plunge to the depth stop, push handles together, drop the transplant, lift the tool straight up, firm soil around the transplant with a foot. One person operates the tool, another handles the transplants. Follow up with some water and you are done. Also useful for tubers, bulbs, etc. Click here for more info on Johnny's Hatfield Transplanter:
  • Mechanical Transplanter Company 4 ROW 5000WD 4 row Model 5000WD from Mechanical Transplanter Co. planting celery on raised beds.
  • Demo of Hand Operated Rice transplanter Two Row Rice transplanter hand operated
  • Fully automatic transplanter improved ! Transplant Systems new fully automatic vegetable transplanter based on the TS 144 long life tray shows how quickly it can plant in real life. This machine is owned by a progressive vegetable grower in Victoria, Australia. Find out more about this machine at
  • Urbinati Transplanter RW2100 Planting 4" Pots
  • HAND HELD TRANSPLANTER.wmv stand and plant demonstration
  • TTA FlowerPower Transplanter for Greenhouse Cut Flower Production Automated Transplanter for Transplanting Cut Flower Plugs to Prepared Beds in Greenhouses.
  • transplanter 021.AVI Planting the cabbage with the transplanter! One hundred plants every 5 minutes!
  • Kubota Rice Transplanter -3 KUEN-TZONG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD TEL:+886-5-2263595 FAX:+886-5-2268129 Mobile:+886-910076283 E-mail: agriculturemachine@
  • Japanese paperpot transplanter This video shows a hand-pulled Japanese transplanter. It uses a chain of paper pots to feed plants through the transplanter. No stoop labor, no flimsy plastic planting trays, no fuel consuming tractor. 264 plants can go in the ground in less than a minute. For more information see:
  • HXCY-1 Row Manual Rice Transplanter HXCY-1 Row Manual Rice Transplanter Row Distance(mm):250mm Rice Distance(mm):Arbitrary adjustment Total Weight(KG):18KG Transplant depth (mm):≤65mm (hm2/h)Efficiency:0.053 Total Weight(KG):18KG Shape Size(L×W×H):60×70×80cm
  • Transplant Systems fully automatic vegetable transplanter Transplant Systems new fully automatic vegetable transplanter based on the TS 144 long life tray shows how quickly it can plant in real life. This machine is owned by a progressive vegetable grower in Victoria, Australia. Find out more about this machine at
  • Kubota Rice Transplanter - 2 KUEN-TZONG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD TEL:+886-5-2263595 FAX:+886-5-2268129 Mobile:+886-910076283 E-mail: agriculturemachine@
  • KRISHAK - The Mechanized Rice Transplanter The Mechanized Rice Transplanter
  • Mechanical Botanical - TTA Midi+ Transplanter See www.mechanical- for more information. TTA Midi+ Transplanter The Midi Plus transplanter offers a great deal of flexibility with up to 16 fingers and the option of a split-planting frame. Designed with a pusher bar for high accuracy of plug extraction and fast transplanting, the Midi Plus can be used in two ways: either as a pack planter being fed by a tray filler, or fitted over all makes of potting machine, making this a truly flexible transplanter.
  • Rice transplanter linkage This animation shows a four-bar linkage designed for a rice transplanter. As the transplanter moves along a row, seedlings are sequentially selected from the hopper and placed into the ground.
  • Rotary one: Holland Transplanter
  • Vegetable Transplanter with Dolly Wheel and Tray Racks Kennco's dolly wheel assembly works great when transplanting vegetables into a raised bed covered with plastic mulch layer. As the transplanter rolls forward, the water wheel punches a hole through the plastic cover and the vegetables are inserted and watered at the same time. This transplanter creates 2 lines of plants over 3 beds, with an attachment that holds 83 trays for ease in planting large crops. For more details, please visit
  • Low Tunnel Installation with Mechanical Transplanter - Dubois Agrinovation - This low tunnel layer model uses the frame of Mechanical Transplanter model 93 with a tunnel attachment. You have to manually install the wire hoops and then the machine lays the plastic over the hoops. Get more information about Mechanical Transplanter 93 More detail about low tunnels and tunnel hoops:
  • 12 row fully automatic transplanter from Transplant Systems in Holland This 12 row Transplanter is fully automatic to transplant Like Lettuce ,Andive ,onions,Chinees cabbage Herps . With an maximum output of 350.000 plants in an hour and that with 2 people . The transplanters are build inbetween an toolcarrier from Fent . Extra optons are feeding the plants with liquid fertiliser and or Water while planting For more info go to .au
  • manual rice transplanter This manual rice transplanter is invented by an old Chinese agriculture technician, named Cao Buxian. It took 40 years of his life to make it better. So, he branded the machine as Great China 40 Years. It imitate hand working, very efficient, and light enough for one person carry it. Every machine will be test by Mr Cao, when it made out of his factory. It has been well sold in Mainland of China, also have some sold to India, Pakistan, Thailand and Indonesia. get rice transplanting more easier. Mr Cao wish it can be tested and used in different country, for different people, to
  • Hatfield Transplanter Recorded on February 13, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Kubota Rice Transplanter - 1 KUEN-TZONG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD TEL:+886-5-2263595 FAX:+886-5-2268129 Mobile:+886-910076283 E-mail: agriculturemachine@
  • Weifang Rice Transplanter Machine , Weifang Local Rice Transplanter Machines, very strong quality and favorable prices.
  • Rice transplanter These air cooled rice transplanter run on small gasolene engine for power can complete 2 rows in 300 mm spacing,the machine is light wieght & reliable performance can meet diffirent requirements of paddy fields agronomic operations
  • Transplanter
  • Planting without Pain: The Hatfield Transplanter Dave learns how to operate the Hatfield Transplanter, a tool that lets you plant peppers and other plants quickly and easily, and without straining your back.
  • TTA PackPlanter HC Transplanter The TTA PackPlanter HC (High Capacity) was designed to give large growers the ability to use multiple plug trays to get the planting capacity above 32 grippers. For more information email info@tta-
  • Mechanical Transplanter Company Model 948T Twin row mulch planter planting strawberries
  • TV9 - "PADDY TRANSPLANTER MACHINE" IN AMRITSAR TV9 - "PADDY TRANSPLANTER MACHINE" IN AMRITSAR............! TV9, National News, Punjab News, Amritsar News, RICE TRANSPLANTER Machines, RICE TRANSPLANTER products, promote mechanization in Paddy, Hand cranked Rice Transplanter, Agriculture machines, paddy transplanter machines, diseal leveller,...
  • 2016 EVO potting machine with Urbinati RW transplanter and waterrecycling unit Potting machine demtec 2016 EVO with automated transplanter for Belgian Mums and water recycling unit + double sided buffer table system. Filmed on location at GeDiflora, Belgium.
  • Reddick YF-460 Water Wheel Transplanter Manufactured by Reddick Fumigants of NC, LLC: The YF-460 comes standard with a 3-point quick hitch ready, 150 gallon poly tank, two seats, tray racks (18 trays), and one planting wheel. Please call 800-358-8837 or visit our website at .
  • Rice Transplanter India | CHAMPION RP 824 | Redlands Ashlyn Motors Plc Hydraulic power pack of 8 row Rice Transplanter helps to elevate when stuck in field and it is also useful for easy ridge crossing.
  • VST - Shakti Yanji Rice Transplanter
  • Manual Rice Transplanter
  • Paddy Transplanter Demonstration of Paddy Transplanter. Video provided by Mitraniketan Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Vellanad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
  • Nursery Bed Preparation For Rice Transplanter of Redlands Ashlyn Motors Plc | India Prepare a nursery bed of 1 inch thickness.Place the sprouted seeds on it and irrigate the bed.plant will be ready for transplanting after 12 days.cut the pieces as per width of transplanter's tray.
  • Farm Machinery: The Transplanter Have you ever wondered what that big green machine with the yellow buckets is used for? Well, it's Pennypack Farm's transplanter; here it is in action. Our mission: making local sustainable agriculture an important part of our community through farming, education, and community events. Visit for more information.
  • Rapid Transplanter 2000 Series 2 Demonstration Video

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