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  • FM Transmitters, Find the Best FM Transmitters & Get the Best Prices, Discount FM Transmitters from the popular brands, FM Transmitter with SmartScan for iPod, Griffin iTrip Universal FM Transmitter, and more (Page 1). — “FM Transmitter, Best FM Transmitter, Cheap FM Transmitters”,
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  • audio transmitter: Review Cheap Prices, audio transmitter Online audio transmitter Find the best sales deals on audio transmitter from millions of products with the best discount transmitter With Free Shipping. — “audio transmitter # audio transmitter”,
  • transmitter n. One that transmits: a transmitter of disease. An electronic device that generates and amplifies a carrier wave, modulates it with a. — “transmitter: Definition from ”,
  • Unfortunately, unless you find a store that has some old stock, a new one no matter what the price is going to perform poorly unless it is placed very close to the antenna. This is because the people who own FM radio stations got together and. — “Why does my Belkin radio transmitter/ iPod sound so poorly?”,
  • Definition of transmitter in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transmitter. Pronunciation of transmitter. Translations of transmitter. transmitter synonyms, transmitter antonyms. Information about transmitter in the free online English. — “transmitter - definition of transmitter by the Free Online”,
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  • I'm considering posting a separate version of the DTV listings, perhaps in the same state-by-state HTML format I used for the original FCC DTV allocation table as well as in spreadsheet form. Last modified February 10, 2005 by Doug Lung [email protected]“Doug Lung's R. F. Page @ - May 9, 2004”,
  • In radio electronics and broadcasting, a transmitter usually has a power supply, an oscillator, a modulator, and amplifiers for audio frequency (AF) and radio frequency (RF). The modulator is the device which piggybacks (or modulates) the signal. — “Transmitter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • iPod Fm Transmitter - 1,137 results like the FM Transmitter For iPod/iPhone, Belkin Tunebase FM Transmitter With Clearscan For iPod, Griffin Technology Itrip FM Transmitter For iPod, Monster Cable Icarplay Wireless 800 FM Transmitter For iPod. — “iPod Fm Transmitter - Accessories - Compare Prices, Reviews”,
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  • For information regarding radio broadcast transmitters, visit any of the following sources. You will find sources to buy transmitters, find background information and info about locations of shortwave transmitters. — “”
  • Wireless fm transmitter are so polular with publics,we offer many fm transmitter inlinr,such as hlly fm transmitter,you also can build fm transmitter bu yourself. — “bluetooth fm transmitter,home fm transmitter,fm transmitter house”,
  • AM88 LP PLL AM TRANSMITTER. Since 1986. A quality supplier of RF and Video Transmitters and Receivers, Electronic kits, Video Devices, Light Controllers, Books and CDROMs, And Specialty & Related items for the Electronics Experimenter , Hobbyist, and Craftsperson. — “North Country Radio”,

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  • ParkZone Sukhoi Review and Transmitter Setup Here is a new airplane that many of us have been waiting anxiously to arrive. This micro flyer introduces a new level of performance to these tiny models. Since it is only available as a Bind n Fly model the pilot will have to provide their own DSM2 transmitter. Everything else is included in the carry box. Assembly only requires that you slip the landing gear in place. It actually takes longer to put the batteries in the charger. Binding the model to your transmitter is very easy as you will see in our video. The aircraft uses throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder control. An installed Spektrum AR6400 receiver is actually a 6 channel unit with integrated esc, elevator and rudder servos all on the receiver board. The ailerons have a separate servo. Our video review will outline the features and setup for the micro Sukhoi, we think you will learn a few things when you watch it. Youre going to be surprised when you make that first take off. Tiny models like this require a bit different setup than is common to larger aircraft so the following transmitter settings will make sure you have an uneventful first flight. *Futaba transmitters using Spektrum modules will use negative exponential settings. Sukhoi Transmitter Setup The Setup for your first flight, you can fine tune for your own skills after the first flight. Best TX - DX6i, DX7, X9303 1) Select a new model memory and do a reset to make sure all settings are clear 2) Set all reverse switches to Normal (Spektrum and JR ...
  • PW-15 Transmitter at Coast Station KSM This PW-15 transmitter was recovered from the KFS transmitter site. It is thought to be the last PW-15 in operation. It is now the 12Mc transmitter for coast station KSM, operated by the Maritime Radio Historical Society.
  • iPhone/MP3 Customizable FM Transmitter This thing does it all, It has a Flexible Goose Pipe to bend in any direction, Plays your music & charges your mp3 player simultaneously, Extra USB socket to charge other devices(Cell Phone, GPS..etc), iPhone talking through car speaker... Fm Transmitter: ----------------- Follow Me!: ►My Website- How I Make Money-⇓ ➡http Sign up, & see how I make Easy Cash online.
  • Nokia N8 Review (feat. FM Transmitter) .my reviews the new Nokia N8 and the on board FM Transmitter to see how well it works as your personal broadcast radio.
  • Canon WFT-E3(A) wireless transmitter review Full review at: : An eight minute video tour around Canon's WFT-E3(A) wireless file transmitter by Gordon Laing, Editor of . For our full review, please click the link at the start of this text.
  • How to build a cheap FM BUG transmitter In this video we are showing you how to make a very small home made FM transmitter Bug using a single transistor and with a transmission range of 200 meters+ more and without a PCB (printed circuit board) This FM transmitter Bug is very easy to build. Parts used: 2n3904 transistor 4.7p ceramic capacitor 1n ceramic capacitor 22n axial ceramic capacitor 1 - 5p to 30p air trimmer 360R resistor 4.7K resistor 10mm Mic 175cm antenna Battery Plug Some solder Total cost just 90p.
  • - Walkera WK-2402 Transmitter Change Mode From Mode 1 to Mode 2 It takes five minutes to change the mode of your Walkera transmitter WK2402 from mode 1 to mode 2. You need an Hexagon Screw Driver and Screw Driver to complete this job. It is easy!
  • iTrip Auto Universal Plus | FM Transmitter and Car Charger iTrip -- it's not just for iPod anymore. iTrip is a large family of products with a distinguished heritage. All iTrips send your music wirelessly to your FM radio so you can listen through your own speakers.
  • Radio Transmitter made out of Junk Here's my adaptation of the K7NS zinc-oxide negative resistance oscillator in a crystal-controlled AM BC-band transmitter.
  • Ark of the Covenant Transmitter to God It's a transmitter! A radio for speaking to God! An Alternate Ending for Raiders of the Lost Ark I do not own Paramount, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, or anything else awesome, I'm just making an Alternate Ending
  • Amplitude modulation tutorial & AM radio transmitter circuit This video covers the history of the discovery of radio waves, to the creation of simple oscillator based radio transmitters. Then I explain what modulation and amplitude modulation are, and show you how to build a low powered AM radio transmitter. Original design by Stefan0719: Kickass music by imeddy
  • Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Car Speaker With FM Transmitter Jabra offers the latest in speakerphone technology -- the SP700. This stylish, versatile new speakerphone can be used on its own or to transmit the calls to your car's audio system with no installation necessary. What's more, this compact device can also be used to stream music stored on your mobile phone through your car stereo speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite track while driving.
  • Walkera CB100 - WK2402 Transmitter Tutorial. (Trimming, Digital Display) Overview of the 2402 Transmitter included with the Walkera CB100 Helicopter.
  • Building a laser audio transmitter for under 15 dollars Segment from Hak5 1x06 - Building a laser audio transmitter for under 15 dollars Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Transmitter - westside criminal First official video clip by german electronic-crossover band "Transmitter". "westside criminal" can be found on their first album "pop hooligan". Filmed at Teufelsberg in Berlin/Germany. Directed by Benjamin Reinhardt. For more information: www.transmitter- http
  • iPhone / iPod Touch FM Transmitters Belkin Part 2 of 2 Bonjour all, For this video I thought I would do a review of two Belkin FM transmitter products side by side. Ive had the opportunity to use both systems and have determined a fair conclusion as to which one I personally prefer. I wanted to compare them and let you know the pros and cons of the both. Personally speaking, the desired effect is achieved from both products, however my view are more positively aimed towards the Belkin TuneBase FM transmitter. Hope from the video you can see why. As always, remember my views are personal to me and of course you may think differently. Hope you enjoyed this video. Its filmed in two portions, as the ten minutes just isnt enough to get what I have to say across! Check out the items for yourself via the links I have provided below. Let me know what you think. Thanks for watching. Feel free to comment rate and subscribe to my videos. Take care Englishtwist Belkin - TuneBase FM Transmitter and Charger (Cradle) Belkin - Auto FM Transmitter (Wires)
  • N900 - FM transmitter Steffen, a member of the Maemo 5 UI Team, explains how to use the FM transmitter on the N900 with a car stereo.
  • WLW AM Transmitter Tour 1997 Tour of WLW AM transmitter site in 1997. Video and narration by Jim Hawkins - WA2WHV Chief Engineer: Paul Jellison There were four operational 50 KW transmitters at this site at the time. The remains of the 500KW transmitter are shown. The site has been cleaned up and updated since 1997. More detailed information can be seen on my radio website at: www.j-/radio click on WLW. Other sites are also featured. Enjoy, Jim Hawkins - WA2WHV
  • Foxboro 13A pneumatic transmitter calibration This video shows (part of) the procedure to calibrate a pneumatic pressure transmitter to a range of 0 to 34 inches water column (3 to 15 PSI output).
  • - Preview JR 11X 2.4GHz Transmitter You will be able to find more information or purchase the 11X at this link: Many of us have been waiting to see what this new JR 11X radio is all about. It certainly has a unique look that makes it stand out at any field but I wanted to know more about the features it offers. When I started digging into this one, I was amazed with all of its new features. The programming is easy but there are more features than I can possibly describe so I had John Diniz, JR Category manager, come in and show us what this radio is all about. Features like the large backlit display, 11 channel servo synchronization, 2048 resolution and AutoAssign switch selection are just the tip of this iceberg! The pricing of this radio puts it in the reach of sport flyers as well as experts and programming for airplane, sailplane and helicopter model types means it will support any model you might want to fly. Watch our video discussion of the features this radio offers. I think you will be looking for it as soon as it becomes available. Key Features Ultra-smooth, dual bearing stick assemblies Refined 2048 resolution AutoAssign switch selection Fastest-response processor, for an unprecedented connection with your model Backlit, high resolution, 4 gray-scale display for optimum clarity in all light conditions Access all Function and System menus without turning the transmitter off Easy access, back-mounted levers RF status light; Blue—RF on, Red—RF off, Green—warning SD card slot for ...
  • Making a long range spy bug FM transmitter Many thanks to talkingelectronics. In this video we are showing you how to make a FM transmitter Bug using 2 transistors and with a transmission range of 800 meters !! This FM transmitter Bug is very easy to build. The size of the circuit board is ONLY 21mm x 15mm. I design the circuit board layout using Pain shop pro X2 ,it takes me 2 hours to get the design right ,i want a very small PCB. To make the PCB i will be using the toner transfer method and Ferric Chloride. Parts used: Home made PCB ,21mm X 15mm BC547 transistors x 2 1nf ceramic capacitor 10pf ceramic capacitor 33pf ceramic capacitor 22nf axial ceramic capacitor x 2 1 - 5p to 30p air trimmer 470R resistor 10K resistor 47K resistor 68K resistor 1M resistor 10mm Mic 175cm antenna Battery Plug Some solder 19mm heatshrink
  • Winners! Guess Transmitters" in NightFlyyer's shop. Congratulations to all the winners. I will now post their videos so you can see them on the original video. No way to transfer them all to this one. The video shows many shots of the transmitters in my shop with numbers next to them and the winners. I am not affiliated with any of the manufacturers and purchased the prizes from my own pocket in honor of the 16000 subscribers I have. Thank you for watching and subscribing from the bottom of my heart. Dave Herbert Academy of Model Aeronautics # 8221 Contest Director, Leader Member, Scientific. Here are a few links. Spektrum http Hitec servos Rotory Modeler Magazine http http NitroPlanes Xheli HobbyPartz Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) http Disney Toy Store WillyGoat Toy store RC-Television www.rc-
  • Marconi B6034 MF Transmitters final shut-down at Brookmans Park Transmitting Station. Following 31 years service, the last of the Brookmans Park Marconi B6034 50kW MF broadcast transmitters are closed down for the start of re-engineering to Nautel NX100s. They had produced a total of 240000 hours of reliable operation and this type of transmitter is still in service at other stations, including the similar 28kW B6046 LF version. The B6034 is an Impedance Modulated transmitter with AMC using 2 of 4CX1500B tetrode valves in cathode follower mode (audio) and 2 of 4CX35000C tetrodes for the final RFs.
  • Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan Transmitter Review Review of the Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan FM Transmitter for the iPod and iPhone. (Even though you don't see it on the compatibility list, this device DOES work with my iPhone 3GS). Thanks for watching and please subscribe for more tech videos!
  • Upgrade your RC Transmitter with a DIY Tilt Motion Control Module More info: If you are into Radio Control Models or robotics chances are that you have an old RC transmitter laying around. This article describes how to create a motion control module for your RC transmitter, that will allow you to control your model or robot by simply tilting the transmitter case. That's right not sticks!
  • Earthquaker Devices Dirt Transmitter guitar effects pedal demo The EQD Dirt Transmitter demoed with a Strat and Audio Kitchen Little Chopper from Boutiquetronics
  • W2ICE and Spark Transmitters Bruce Kelly, W2ICE (SK), demoing several spark transmitters at the AWA Museum in Bloomfield, NY. For more information on the AWA visit . (Original video shot in 1994)
  • 1942 TBW Ham Radio Transmitter I use this TBW transmitter on 40 meters for AM (7.290) and have been opperating it for around four or five years now. The power supply is home built and located in both the old center section and under the rack the transmitter lives on. KA3EKH
  • 1921 Spark Gap Transmitter / Ham Radio This is an operating reproduction exhibit I built of a 1921 spark gap transmitter used by Amateur Radio operator John Westcott, W8AGA. It was built for a house museum where John once lived and operated his transmitter, but the museum reneged on its agreement with the radio club and the exhibit was never installed.
  • Satechi Soundfly SD RDS Wireless FM Transmitter Soundfly SD lets you listen to sound files such as MP3 & WMA file stored in portable memory devices like USB flash memory & SD card, etc through your car radio speakers. It supports RDS (Radio Data System), so while listening to music, you can see the song and artist\'s name displayed on your car stereo. Soundfly SD transmits to all FM frequencies (87.6MHz - 107.9MHz) and memorizes up to 7 FM frequencies. It comes with fully functional remote control. You can also transmit music from other Mp3 players such as iPod, Zune etc. ** Per Customer request, added features to the new version include \'Shuffle\' and \'Power ON/OFF\' buttons ** Just plug USB or SD card in Sound-Fly & Enjoy music!
  • Building a super spy bug transmitter Many thanks to talkingelectronics.In this video we are showing you how to make a very small home made FM transmitter Bug using a single transistor and with a transmission range of 200 meters. This FM transmitter Bug is very easy to build. The size of the circuit board is ONLY 22mm x 10mm. I design the circuit board layout using Pain shop pro X2 ,it takes me 4 hours to get the design right ,i want a very small PCB. To make the PCB i will be using the toner transfer method and Ferric Chloride. Parts used: Home made PCB 2n3904 transistor 4.7p ceramic capacitor 1n ceramic capacitor 22n axial ceramic capacitor 1 - 5p to 30p air trimmer 360R resistor 4.7K resistor 10mm Mic 35cm antenna Battery Plug Some solder 19mm heatshrink Total cost just 90p.
  • How To Build An FM Transmitter: Season 20 Episode 9 Ever wonder how to build an FM transmitter? Well here's how you do it.
  • Nokia N78 - FM Transmitter The Nokia N78 has an FM transmitter that lets you tune in from your car head unit or stereo into tunes broadcasted from your phone.
  • Belkin TuneCast 2 FM Transmitter Range Boost! This is a little mod I did does not meed much of a description everything is explained in the sure to visit tho
  • Magic Thought Transmitter Available at: Read the thoughts of any audience member easily and instantly.
  • transmitter a short movie by christopher grabinski which was created in winter-semester 2009/2010 for Prof. Reiner Nachtweys class "Bild- und zeitbasierte Medien" at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (FH Düsseldorf) numbers-stations. these shortwave broadcasts were used to send crypted messages to intelligence-agents all over the world. this movie was filmed at the nuclear-bunker "Ausweichsitz NRW" ( www.ausweichsitz- ) and the radio-telescope "Astropeiler" ( http ) as well as the radio-station "Funkstelle Kirspenich" film and sounds are licensed under a creative commons license. ending song features a recording from numbers-station "Magnetic Fields" which used the fantastic song by Jean Michel Jarre as an introduction-theme. I mixed it with an extended excerpt from the same song. "Magnetic Fields Pt. 1" is copyright by Jean Michel Jarre ( ). If you like the song, please support Jean Michel Jarre by buying it from your favourite online-music-store or visit his concerts! iTunes Amazon:
  • Hands-Free Car Kit & FM Transmitter for the Apple iPhone 4, 3GS (iPhone COMPLETE) by CanadaDriveSafe Available at -This is a great device for total handsfree & Music transmission for the iPhone. Plays your music through the car speakers very clearly & also takes your phone calls, listen to the caller through your cars speakers also. Guaranteed a must have for all iPhone users & compatible with both 1st generation and 3G iPhones.
  • PSK31 Transmitter Level Adjustment This video shows how to correctly setup your audio level to insure clean PSK31 signals. QST, DEC 2007, page 50, Steve Ford, The Skunk at the Digital Party. QuickMix
  • KPFK Transmitter Tour A brief look at the KPFK transmitter facility at Mt. Wilson, 5700 feet above Los Angeles. We just finished adding a new antenna system, so the site is a mess at the moment. The main transmitter is an Armstrong 60000FMT, and the backup transmitter is an older CCA 20000GS. KPFK operates with 110000 watts ERP (effective radiated power). The new antenna is a Shively 6814-5R.9SS, a high power, reduced wave-spaced design, which allows more power to the audience and less energy on the ground below the tower. The standby antenna is a Jampro 4 bay high power model, and at the very top of the tower is a single bay Shively 6814 backup. The big reddish covers are for ice protection, which is very important up at Mt. Wilson. The winter of 2008 brought lots of ice and snow, and lots of damage to adjacent transmitter sites up there. KPFK did fine, except for one of the STL (Studio-transmitter link) dishes that has a bent feed horn (scheduled for replacement this spring). The guy you can see evading the camera is Bob Conger, the chief engineer at KPFK. He keeps the whole thing running smoothly.
  • Using FM Transmitter on the Nokia N97
  • Canon 7D Wireless Flash Transmitter Crash Course | Canon 7 D DVD This is one of the advanced lessons from my new Canon 7D Crash Course. Sometimes I get asked if my DVDs will help experienced users because my DVDs say "Made for Beginners". The answer is "Absolutely Yes". My DVDs are Beginner Friendly, meaning, I assume you know nothing about your camera, but by the end of the video, we will cover so many techniques, settings and tips, that unless you are an expert photographer who has been using your camera for 1-2 years, there is going to be a TON of awesome info to help you learn your camera better. This video covers the Internal Flash Transmitter on the 7D and focuses more on teaching users how to "read' and use the menu, instead of just telling you some settings. Over the long run, this will have the greatest benefit. Enjoy! www.canon7
  • Transmitter - Fall to the Floor www.Transmitter- | /transmittermusic | Directed by Eike Braselmann

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