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  • Definition of transmigrate in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transmigrate. Pronunciation of transmigrate. Translations of transmigrate. transmigrate synonyms, transmigrate antonyms. Information about transmigrate in the free online English. — “transmigrate - definition of transmigrate by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Origin of TRANSMIGRATE. Latin transmigratus, past participle of transmigrare to migrate to another place, from trans- + migrare to migrate. First Known Use: circa 1559. — “Transmigrate - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Like all good science fiction, _ The Calcutta Chromosome_ makes you think. What is the nature of time? Can souls transmigrate through genetic tampering? Can the history of mankind be pre-written by a few? Amitav Ghosh has written a fascinating. — “Amitav Ghosh seeks to find _ The Calcutta Chromosome_”,
  • The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, hints, tips, tricks, and secrets for Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness for the Sony PSP. When you plan to transmigrate, do it at a higher level than the level you previously transmigrated from or else your stats will. — “Disgaea: Afternoon Of Darkness Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PSP”,
  • How do you transmigrate the healer? Re:How do you transmigrate the healer? " Reply #2 on: November 24, 2003, 07:07:58 AM " Something to help out with the team attack strategy- whoever attempts to join your 'tank' character for a team attack, will have a MUCH greater chance of. — “How do you transmigrate the healer?”,
  • The persons of the following countries do not require visa to travel to Mexico as Tourist, Business Person or to Transmigrate. The persons of the following countries have to obtain a visa to travel to Mexico as Tourist, Business Person or to Transmigrate. — “VISA Information”,
  • After about one hundred levels (or several hundred after 1500+), transmigrate. level before transmigration was 300, then transmigrate when you reach 400. Do not transmigrate when the level is lower than it. — “Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness cheats, codes, hints, FAQs: Sony”,
  • Welcome to the future home of . — “Welcome to the future home of ”,
  • Arch Enemy Transmigration Macabre lyrics in the Black Earth Album. These Transmigration Macabre lyrics are performed by Arch Enemy Get the music video and song lyrics here. Trapped in a downward spiral of pain Horrific memories, your life Transmigrate into the future or the past. — “ARCH ENEMY - TRANSMIGRATION MACABRE LYRICS”,
  • Domain Name Registration at , Easy to use Control Panel and Reseller API Interface. COM, NET, INFO, ORG, BIZ, DE domains as low as $7.20 The Domain was Successfully Registered with . — “Domain Name Registration at , Easy to use Control”,
  • Mold release micro coating resolves sticking, short mold, drag, slag, lag, stretch and stuck-in-mold problems with nanotechnology mold coating Does not Chip, Flake or Transmigrate. With mold release agents and additives, unlike using micro mold release coating technology, there is always the. — “Micro Mold Release Coating Resolves Mold Sticking Issue”,
  • Synonyms for transmigrate. Other words for transmigrate. Different words for transmigrate. Antonyms of transmigrate. — “transmigrate - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • transmigrate intr.v. , -grated , -grating , -grates . To migrate. To pass into another body after death. — “transmigrate: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • This doctrine is a central tenet within the majority of Indian religious traditions, such to as reincarnation.[1] The idea was also fundamental to some Greek philosophers and. — “Reincarnation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Transmigrate. Transmigrate. To pass from one country or jurisdiction to another for the purpose of residence, as men Transmigrate Translations. transmigrate in German is fortziehen. transmigrate in Spanish is transmigrar. — “Definition of Transmigrate”,
  • Christianity notwithstanding, if human civilization were to reach the pinnacle of culture and moral equity, would we transmigrate to Nirvana all at once? And if so, would it be ethically appropriate? Isn't that what the Rapture is all about. — “Is the Rapture ethically viable? Christianity notwithstanding”,
  • transmigrate. trans·mi·grate [ tranz m gràyt ] (past and past participle trans·mi·grat·ed, present participle trans·mi·grat·ing, 3rd person present singular trans·mi·grates) intransitive verb. Definition: 1. move from one place to another: to move from one place or country to another. — “transmigrate definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Contemporary Paper for sale. Find works by Moti Sagron, Hiep Nguyenthe. Paper, Man , Man and Hands, Hands, The Group, The Group, The Group, Transmigrate, Laundry, Laundry, Laundry, Lovesick, Horse. — “Paper - Art for Sale - ”,
  • Current Status: TRANSMIGRATE is wearing a t-shirt, size M. set 1 day ago. SparkFriends Give TRANSMIGRATE a Goodie | See All of My Goodies SparkGoodies:. — “TRANSMIGRATE's SparkPage - Third time's the charm?”,
  • To transmigrate or not to transmigrate. Klaus Ley. 1 UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. Neutrophil transmigration through the endothelial lining of blood vessels is regulated by signaling and adhesion molecules. Now, CD99L2 joins the club of molecules implicated in this process. — “Blood -- To transmigrate or not to transmigrate”,
  • Through their minds, people transmigrate in the Six Realms; they are either heavenly, humanly, ghostly or beastly. We do not transmigrate only when we die. Irrespective of time, the arising of virtuous thoughts links one to the Three Good Realms - Realms of Heaven,. — “Welcome to World Jenchen Buddhism”, .sg
  • Transmigration definition, the act of transmigrating. See more. transmigrate (ˌtrænzmaɪˈɡreɪt) —vb. 1. to move from one place, state, or stage to another. 2. (of souls) to pass from one body into another at death. — “Transmigration | Define Transmigration at ”,
  • Definition of transmigrate from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of transmigrate. Pronunciation of transmigrate. Definition of the word transmigrate. Origin of the word transmigrate. — “transmigrate - Definition of transmigrate at ”,

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  • Astrologer Robert Phoenix on Current Planetary Cycles and the Gulf Blue Plague 10/29/10 It was great to, once again, have astrological savant Robert Phoenix as our guest on 10/29/10. Here's what Robert wrote on his October 16 blog regarding Saturn in Libra: "With the death of The Gulf, we have come to the symbolic end of the Piscean age. Millions of dead fish do not transmigrate into loaves of gluten-free sprouted wheat for the masses. They are unceremoniously dumped in land fill zones, not far from the aquatic haven from whence they danced with the currents, flirted with tides. Piscean heroes like Pensacola Gregg are defamed. Kindra Arneson is ravaged by disease. Matt Simmons is dead. Michael Edward must have the most bad ass angels on the planet getting his back as he continues to enlighten and endure. These are not times for the faint of heart." Be sure to visit Robert's outstanding blog at International Common Law Copy Rights by Michael Edward and the World Vision Portal at http Video and music track provided courtesy of in accordance with the Creative Commons license at
  • 0789 Dreams Within Dreams (Section 6.2, Chapter 68 (continued) Yoga Vasishta) Sleep within dreams. Dreaming that your sleeping. Is the deep sleep within a dream the same deep sleep as ordinary deep sleep? When waking up from a dream within a dream, the dream within the dream is forgotten in the dream. Are dreams within dreams less real than the parent dream? There is no essential difference between the dream and the dream within the dream. In the same way our dream body is of the same nature as our physical body. The physical body exists in the ativahika, the subtle body which consists of our notions. It is notions which 'transmigrate'. These are the forces and impulses which get transmitted. They are ongoing stories. One of these stories is that we have a physical body. How can the existence of the physical body be disputed? (See for example, video 210). Examine the feeling that something is self-evident, the feeling that it's obvious. The reality of the body does not withstand direct scrutiny. We take our ideas as real. Through repeated affirmation we come to believe in the reality of the physical body. Come back to the primacy of consciousness. Matter is a notion. The vision of the yogis is the understanding that everything is consciousness and this 'governs' the activity and behaviour of all beings. Notions of perception arise and these take on a life of their own. The stream of experiencing contains vortices within it which suck us in by means of stories of body and external materiality. The vortices are driven by feelings and sensations which ...
  • The Life of Buddha:Great Illumination VISUAL : "Little Buddha" by Bernardo Bertolucci AUDIO : Musical composition "Tathagata Pada" by Artsava (2005) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mara, the demon, fearful of Gautama's power, sent his three beautiful daughters to distract him. When that failed, Mara sent an army of devils to destroy him. Finally Mara attacked Gautama with a terrible weapon capable of cleaving a mountain. But all this was useless, and the motionless monk sat in meditation. It was here that Siddharta attained a knowledge of the way things really are; it was through this knowledge that he acquired the title Buddha (meaning "awakened one"). This awakening was achieved during a night of meditation, which passed through various stages as the illumination that Gautama had sought slowly welled up in his heart. He knew the exact condition of all beings and the causes of their rebirths. He saw beings live, die and transmigrate. In meditating on human pain, he was enlightened about both its genesis and the means of destroying it. In this first stage he saw each of his previous existences, and then understood the chain of cause and effect. In the second he surveyed the death and rebirth of all living beings and understood the law that governs the cycle of birth and death. In the third he identified the Four Noble Truths: the universality of suffering, the cause of suffering through selfish desire, the solution to suffering and the way to overcome suffering. This final point is called the ...
  • What The Church Has Always Taught About Reincarnation / Video From the Catechism of the Catholic Church: 1013 Death is the end of man's earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keeping with the divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When "the single course of our earthly life" is completed we shall not return to other earthly lives: "It is appointed for men to die once." There is no "reincarnation" after death. Video posted by rosaryfilms of Secret of the Rosary Reincarnation Members of what is commonly called the "New Age" movement often claim that early Christians believed in reincarnation. Shirley MacLaine, an avid New Age disciple, recalls being taught: "The theory of reincarnation is recorded in the Bible. But the proper interpretations were struck from it during an ecumenical council meeting of the Catholic Church in Constantinople sometime around AD 553, called the Council of Nicaea [sic]" (Out on a Limb, 234--35). Historical facts provide no basis for this claim. In fact, there was no Council of Nicaea in AD 553. Further, the two ecumenical councils of Nicaea (AD 325 and AD 787) took place in the city of Nicaea (hence their names)—and neither dealt with reincarnation. What did take place in AD 553 was the Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople. But records from this Council show that it, too, did not address the subject of reincarnation. None of the early councils did. The closest the Second Council of Constantinople came to addressing ...
  • Bg_16-06_HYD_1976-12-13_Vedic_Secular_State http
  • The heart of the immortal chapter 1 sims2 This story was about a young couple facing the dying love flame between, and the Vampire- Duke secretly observe Helen, which he believes is the transmigrate of his love, Mina. ( THIS IS MY VERY FIRST SERIES VID) if there are any similar titles, it's just conisidence. i have not copied any vids Thank you
  • Arch Enemy - Transmigration Macabre From their album "Black Earth" (1996) Trapped in a downward spiral of pain Horrific memories, your life flashing by There is no life left for you to live You've had your share and more Act of transfusion - blood child! Transmigrate into the future or the past Eternal damnation awaits you my love In the kingdom of the sick and the rotting dead You will suffer excruciating pain You shall now reap the twisted fruit Of what you once sowed Transparent - revealing the lies Transmutation - What you have become Act of transfusion - blood child! Transmigrate into the future or the past [Chorus:] Transmigration macabre
  • Disgaea Hour of Darkness - Laharl's final transmigration It took me nearly 800 hours to do it, but I've finally accumulated 186000 levels, most of which through clone wars (see the previous video for how). This video shows the final results and what I had planned, among other things. I wanted at least 252 HP, but I got 254. Why HP? Every time you level up, you get about 1.9 times your base HP versus 0.47 for every other stat. In the end, it's like having 15 maxed dieticians for free instead of 3 3/4 of a maxed specialist of all other types (such as the sentry or gladiator). Defense is also important to me. If I didn't get the 252 HP and the such, I'd simply quit, reload and try again. By unequipping everything from Laharl, so his baseline stats are shown and saving immediately before you transmigrate, you can try with much greater ease. Upon reloading, you'll only need to reenter transmigration for another try. I should have close to 5 million HP by the time Laharl reaches level 9999 for the last time. I also explain how you can quickly regain levels and some weapon mastery, or quickly level up a magic user, which is nearly as fast as clone wars, but it has the major downside of the half-damage bug and the fact you keep endlessly accumulating items. With a magic user, I can get a full cycle every 28 seconds. For someone else, it takes 40 seconds which makes optimized clone wars (see the previous video) with 1 clone and 2 exp+ pyramids just as effective for me due to higher motive (it's more entertaining to me and there's more ...
  • Vedic History Part 1 There are as many versions of ancient history as there are cultures and historians; however, none of them record events older than about 5000 years ago. Vedic history goes back far beyond 5000 years, but due to the disinformation campaign I mentioned yesterday, it is not accepted as history but instead branded mythology. Anyone who writes about Vedic history as factual cannot get published by the mainstream book industry or be taken seriously by the academic establishment. It is simply a closed subject, due to government control and covert economic manipulation of the media. So, what really did happen in the ancient past? The British fabricated a whole phony history of India and her people. The Aryan invasion theory, so common in Western books on comparative religion and archeology, is simply conjecture. There is no hard evidence to support it. The real story of Indias history is in the Vedic literature. You can also read Forbidden Archeology the Hidden History of the Human Race by Richard Thompson and Michael Cremo. Unbiased archeological explorations in India during the last 20 years have devastated the British concoction and confirmed the Vedic version. Nevertheless, you will not see this information in textbooks on comparative religion and Asian culture. It has been suppressed along with so much of the Vedic truth. Would you like to know the real truth about the history of India and our planet? What follows is the factual history of the universe ...
  • Life and Death -- old version life, baby, grow up, mature, marry, have children, old, die, treasuring life and time that we live, wise thing to do, cemetary, life is inevitable, death, death is inevitable, fear of death, afraid to die, avoid talking about death, depart from our loved ones, what would really happen after we die, final destination, coffin, is there an after life, plenty of information on how to live a better life, isn't much information on how to die, death could hit us anytime, regardless of age, a life can end any minutes and any second, when death hits you, five stages of emotion when approaching death, bargain for live, how to bargain, act of 5 stages of emotion, successful bargaining for live, lama Liankai, lama lian kai, lama kc, buddhist monk, diagnosed with serious hepatitis B, win his health back, life after death, books that talk about life after death, near death experience, afterlife, spirit, soul, spirits exist, agnostic, Michael Lozito, Tatum Willoughby, actress, testimonial, seen a spirit, testimonial on cure of hepatitis B decease, past lives, reincarnation, spiritual experience, Dr. Brian L. Weiss, many lives, many masters, past life experiences, past life regression therapy, same soul, many bodies, human soul, soul, soul transmigrate, who you were in your past life, who you are going to become next life, count down, Education of Life and Death, Life and Death, birth to death, near death experience, NDE
  • Camera Shout-outs ~ Where's your camera? Show us! Let's give some thanks for technology. I know it's CHEEZY. I come to you from inside my greenish, matrix-like, electronic studio. I wish you could just transmigrate... jump directly into the computer screen and into the lens of my camera. In the future, it will be that way. Technology is advancing!
  • zeitgeist file season1 ─ end Game phoenix ep.10
  • From One Garbage Body to Another Pt 2 These are the profound words of a self realized soul: AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and how he sees today's world. Learn from him how to change and better our planet and ourselves for the good of everyone. In this lecture he how we transmigrate from bodies as good as garbage again and again as well as the solution to this problem. Audio and photo used with permission and courtesy of: (c) The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.
  • From One Garbage Body to Another Pt 3 These are the profound words of a self realized soul: AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and how he sees today's world. Learn from him how to change and better our planet and ourselves for the good of everyone. In this lecture he how we transmigrate from bodies as good as garbage again and again as well as the solution to this problem. Audio and photo used with permission and courtesy of: (c) The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.
  • NEW ART OF "PHOTO-PAINTING" : MARTINE ANCIAUX - Part 1 - INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART New concept in contemporary art with the "photo-painting" of Martine Anciaux.- Part 1 - from International private research and conférences unit "Centre de Recherche en Art et Conservation Patrimoine"
  • There is Only One Your Perfect Body Podcast There is, and can be, only one Esoteric Teaching. The Esoteric Teaching is the spiritual ontology. Remember, an ontology is a collection of stories that explains how things got to be the way they are, and how they are likely to proceed in the future. Our ontology provides a context for meaning, in exactly the same way as a map provides a context for traveling. Everyone has an ontology, whether they know it or not. Our ontology gives meaning to our experience, and helps us to make sound decisions based on the likely consequences of our actions. The typical materialistic ontology goes, more or less, like this: In the beginning was nothing. Then for no reason at all there was a big bang, when time and space, matter and energy came into existence all at once. Everything was chaotic, but gradually settled down into the orderly cosmic universe we now observe. There is no God in control, and there is no soul or afterlife. Everything from stars and galaxies to human beings is just a collection of atoms and molecules that go through different arrangements and transformations according to the laws of physics and random evolution. The explosion of the Big Bang is still expanding, and it will continue to expand until everything runs down, the stars go out and everybody dies. The End. Not a very convincing story, is it? But materialists are willing to bet their lives and their souls that it is the truth. It is easy to understand ...
  • Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria - (Chpt.5) Lezard's True Nature Next part: Alicia and Rufus defeat Odin with Lezards help. But it is revealed that Lezrad only does this to obtain Odin's soul. Using Silmeria's captured soul from Dipan, he casts a spell causing Odin to transmigrate, which also displaces Rufus' soul, before teleporting away with Odin's body and soul. Freya, unable to do anything, retreats.
  • YGO yaoi Seto × Yami "Memory" Warning!!! This is Yaoi! If you hate Yaoi, Please don't watch it! I translated this lyrics into English. However, I am not confident. :°-( 【Lyrics】 I think that I surely come back here at the end. We were looking at the start of the world. Memory. The memory lies thick in my empty body. It fills me little by little and makes me .The person becomes person's shape in such a way with the desire and the mind that doesn't want to forget . When I far go to where,I am in your mind. Like the star where you are led,I am for a long time. When I part from you,to that nostalgic place, I can surely return. I go without turning around. Priest Seto was waiting in the nether world when the pharaoh got to the other side. The time of the nether world seems to be different from the time of this world. The pharaoh will some time transmigrate to this world where Seto exist . Well,The pharaoh might already have transmigrated to this world.
  • Transmigrate A video of most of my recent (as of posting) work. My Website: Photos that were used were taken from my album located here. http s753 s753 s753 s753
  • Transmigrate Skateboards Am Skating 2002 with Shawn, Isaiah, Logan, and Chris
  • Phoenix vs Storm WHO WILL WIN? YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!! This is a series and the winners will be based on votes so please leve a comment on who you think will win.... Phoenix- an immortal and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life. Born of the void between states of being, the Phoenix Force is a child of the universe. It is the nexus of all psionic energy which does, has, and ever will exist in all realities of the omniverse, the Guardian of Creation, and a de-facto guardian of the M'Kraan Crystal. Powers:The Phoenix Force has the ability to manipulate cosmic energies and to tap into the life-force reserved for future generations, thus denying them existence. It can wield this energy to project beams of immense destructive force. It can transmigrate throughout time and space by folding its energy back into itself, causing it to collapse akin to a black hole and then reform itself upon reaching its destination. It can directly absorb energy such as Cyclops' optic blasts or even the entire energy of a sun. It is also capable of absorbing the energy and life-force from a foe. As it is the nexus of all psionic energy, it has mental abilities of cosmic scope, including telepathy and telekinesis Weakness:She goes "CRAZY" Storm-Mistress Of the elements and mother earth Powers:Storm possesses the ability to control all forms of weather. She can control the temperature of the environment, control all forms of precipitation, humidity and moisture, coalesce toxic atmospheric pollutants ...
  • Assyrian from Kazakhstan - 01 Assyrian from Kazakhstan - 01, 2008
  • Disgaea 2 - 1,9 Bi Max Damage Disgaea 2 - 1,9 Bi Max Damage Setup: Laharl Level 9999 Transmigrate x200.000 Perfect Yo***suna Level 200 Rarity 0 SRS Level 100 Rarity 0 Makai Wars Level 150 Rarity 0 Accelerator Level 100 Rarity 0 Atk 40.000.000 25 Lovers Dark X Slash Level 99 Rosalin Boost Combo x256 475%+ Atk Geo Effect Atk+2 Enemy: Level 9999 Unknown Damage: 1.904.548.841
  • IAT344 Final: Transmigrate Produced by Stacey Park(Story writing, Voice Recording(Dubbing), Video Editing), Arita Liu (Sound Editing, Video Editing), Emily Chen(Casting, Storyboard, Sound Design Project), Kick Chen(Movie Directing, Visual Effects). //// Actress: Jean Du //// Actor: Mike Liu //// Dog: Tucker //// Plot: ...a mysterious transmigration of the soul of a blind girl into her dog after tragic murder committed by a robber who targeted her house...
  • Arch Enemy - Transmigration Macabre Trapped in a downward spiral of pain Horrific memories, your life flashing by There is no life left for you to live You've had your share and more Act of transfusion - blood child! Transmigrate into the future or the past Eternal damnation awaits you my love In the kingdom of the sick and the rotting dead You will suffer excruciating pain You shall now reap the twisted fruit Of what you once sowed Transparent - revealing the lies Transmutation - What you have become Act of transfusion - blood child! Transmigrate into the future or the past Transmigration macabre
  • Gundemonium-Recollection Unlocking mission mode run Gundemonium - Recollection: Fri Jun 18 23:36:11 2010 This is my attempt to unlock mission mode for gundemonium recollection. You must have at least one bomb after defeating the final boss, the words transmigrate will appear at the lower left screen which you then activate your last bomb. Once you do that it will change to complete, and you will get a different ending and unlocked mission mode. I dont know what other requirements were there to unlock it, but I just started from new game and pretty much tried to beat the run in one sitting.
  • Disgaea Hour of Darkness - A level 9999 hastening trick By getting an argus of your own to level 9999, unequipping it, then having it step on "clone" geo panels, especially when combined with "exp+50%" effects, reaching level 9999 is significantly faster. What's more is that it can be done anytime (in cleared stages), anywhere. Theoretically, level 9999 is reachable in only 128 minutes, from level 1. This requires 2 clone pyramids, 4 exp+50% pyramids, and a geo panel arrangement so that you're surrounded by one color on an empty spot, all with these geo panels around. However, reaching it within 8 hours is much more likely, so much so that a transmigration a day is feasible (for a 4-hour run, to reach the halfway point). Note: my 70% faster comparison is based on the best possible in the "Cave of Ordeals 3" area. The "talos" caps at level 7160 (from throwing all 8 of the other enemies into it) - level 9999 alone provides a 39.65% boost toward exp. The argus is the highest class of the "machine" and provides an additional 21.59% boost. This results in a net boost of 69.86%. Just do not transmigrate the argus once done, and be sure it's unequipped (so the clones are weak) before attempting. Since you don't have to clear out every enemy in the item world, and there's a class 5 bug with "geo change" (after about 60 uses, the game may freeze on the "now loading" screen, of which I've had 4 times now), make use of this trick in the item world for maximum results.
  • ANIMAL LIBERATION-3 LATVIA-RIGA. BUDDHIST GANDEN CENTER. Animal liberation-3. 2010 apr 21...Then Jalavahana the merchants son at time stood khee deep in the pool. He purposefully and solemnly cried,I prostrate to Buddha Ratnashikhin,the Tathagata, the Arhat, the Eully Enlightened One! When the Tathagata Radnashikhin was training in bodhisattva deeds, he made this prayer,,At the time of death,whoever in the ten directions hears my name, may they transmigrate from their world and be reborn in the Heaven of the Thirty-Three.There, may they be egual among gods. Then Jalavahana the merchants son expounded the Dharma in tnis way to those beings in the animal state,, As tnis exists, this arises, because this is produced, this is produced. Thus, due to ignorance, karmic formation arises, due to karmic formation, consciousness arises.Due to consciousness, name and form arise, due to name and form, the sih sense sources arice. Due to the sih sence sources, contakt arises, due to contact, feelings arise. Due to feelings, craving arises, due to craving, grasping arises.Due to grasping, ehistence arises. From ehistance arise aging and death,sorrow,lamentation, suffering, unease of mind, conflict and strife.In this way, this great aggregate of comes into being. ..from Golden light sutra.
  • 28 Pure Land Cave part 2 佛光山的故事-淨土洞窟(Use CC for translation) A Pure Land of Buddha; lotus grades of nine rebirths Seven characteristics of Buddha, water of eight good qualities Make vows with an earnest heart; transport to a future rebirth through ten invocations Traverse the vast Buddha realm to arrive at a world of pure bliss.
  • Disgaea Hour of Darkness - Level 9999 in record time It took 2 days just to reach level 9999 in Disgaea, and reaching it is doable within 10 hours. I was going to transmigrate once I hit 7100, the halfway point, but I also wanted to level a few items up. It just so happened that I got a lucky combination of both pyramids (2 clones and 1 exp plus, a combination I've never had before) and enemies making me very tempted to reach 9999 again. I also thought it would be a worthy way to give you a sense on the effectiveness of the clone wars trick. Although there is about a 30-minute leadin, to get 2 legendary items from the bonuses, I get half the experience needed for 9999 in only 5 hours (4 1/2 without the leadin). The video just covers the end, darting through the rest of the item world (and both a puzzle and an extra tip about specialists), then the transmigration.
  • BHAGAVAD-GITA AS IT IS PRAYERS CHANTED BY SRILA PRABHUPADA Bg 2.13 P Contents of the Gita Summarized Since every living entity is an individual soul, each is changing his body every moment, manifesting sometimes as a child, sometimes as a youth, and sometimes as an old man. Yet the same spirit soul is there and does not undergo any change. This individual soul finally changes the body at death and transmigrates to another body; and since it is sure to have another body in the next birth--either material or spiritual--there was no cause for lamentation by Arjuna on account of death, neither for Bhisma nor for Drona, for whom he was so much concerned. Rather, he should rejoice for their changing bodies from old to new ones, thereby rejuvenating their energy. Such changes of body account for varieties of enjoyment or suffering, according to one's work in life. So Bhisma and Drona, being noble souls, were surely going to have either spiritual bodies in the next life, or at least life in heavenly bodies for superior enjoyment of material existence. So, in either case, there was no cause of lamentation
  • Del tha Funkee Homosapien- Stay on Your Toes (feat A-Plus) [Both Sides of the Brain] 2000 [Del The Funky Homosapien] Check it out It's a revolution in you head I'm boastin' Like I read the future My execution Used as a stimulate to get you into it Show you my sentiments Mental leasing the flicks Don't hate, Facilitate Whenever you get the break It's always a risk you take Doin' a different take Big mistake rappers make The cake They want it now So they copy whose the hottest now they soundin' funny style I know you hungry pal, me too I need food But I don't redo what he do I'm lethal Like ginseng root Go ahead, attempt to shot Invincible It's flawless like a dentist' tooth Oblivious to all this ignorance They need to get a grip Don't be an idiot In a high state, I transmigrate To a fly tat Make you wanna get cha life straight I'ma introduce the places that I ventured to I get cha proof of a Hip Hop institute It's the truth I'm just being hospitable Sittin' bull The chief I seek the hidden jewels Some just complain about the status of rap They say it's average in fact They wish the eighties was back I say everything's everything Nothin' stay the same And yet, it is the same just given a different name Money's all that matter to you, you sniffin' 'cane You need to uplift you brain, forget the fame You say you get power, if you get money How you get those if you just a dummy [Chorus] Just stay on your toes man In this world that's just how it goes man In Oak-land, gotta get with the program With flows I wanna control the whole land You just gotta stay on your ...
  • Cianide - Beyond the Fallen Horizon a track taken from A Descent into Hell (1994) The forests claim their gifts, surrounded by oblivion As the night spies on the ghost-lit torches Words remain unspoken Beneath the scarlet moon Bearing the mark of dreams To everlasting ends Steps above the horizon lies the trail to false truths Fires from a different world shout to the nearest distance Embodied of flesh and bone, spirit of no limits Transmigrate, infest the soul No longer enslaved Blinded by the will of god, so much for free will Vulgar temptations scale this towering wall of hate
  • From One Garbage Body to Another Pt 1 These are the profound words of a self realized soul: AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and how he sees today's world. Learn from him how to change and better our planet and ourselves for the good of everyone. In this lecture he how we transmigrate from bodies as good as garbage again and again as well as the solution to this problem. Audio and photo used with permission and courtesy of: (c) The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.
  • Arch Enemy - Transmigration Macabre Arch Enemy - Transmigration Macabre [The Root Of All Evil] Trapped in a downward spiral of pain Horrific memories, your life flashing by There is no life left for you to live You've had your share and more Act of transfusion - blood child! Transmigrate into the future or the past Eternal damnation awaits you my love In the kingdom of the sick and the rotting dead You will suffer excruciating pain You shall now reap the twisted fruit Of what you once sowed Transparent - revealing the lies Transmutation - What you have become Act of transfusion - blood child! Transmigrate into the future or the past
  • Ex-quisite pain The sensation and imagination of the story book in front of the burned trees.The lines of the text transmigrate you in the black branches, leafs and dark soil of the place. ... reading from the tree barks the pain of the book. ... feeling the pain of the text while looking at the contorted wood.
  • The Retaliation Process - Death Denial - Death Is A Gift (free EP 2011) DOWNLOAD THE EP FOR FREE AND SPREAD THE WORD: join us on facebook for all relevant news: FOR BEST LISTENING, CHANGE QUALITY TO HD SIZE, WILL CHANGE AUDIO QUALITY AS WELL!!! One year after releasing their debut album "Downfall" wordwide via Silverwolf Productions, "Death Denial" is the brandnew third track ("Stillborn" and "The Weakness" were released a few days earlier, be sure to check it out, too!) from TRP´s upcoming "Death Is A Gift" EP, which will be available for a free download after the band has released all 4 tracks of this record during the next few months of 2011. This time, TRP choose the DIY way and produced the whole record by themself to be able to offer the new songs totally for free, so stay tuned and join them on Myspace and Facebook to always keep informed. For more info, just click on the vid and stay tuned! Please share this song or footage everywhere, on Facebook, Myspace, Metal - Sampler and every other ways to help them promoting this stuff and let the band know about it! Copyright: The Retaliation Process, 2011, Hamburg. Music: Kowalczyk and The Retaliation Process Lyrics: Konecny is there a rebirth or is there paradise is there a heaven or just another ***ing hell will my duality make my soul live on or will my unity make we transmigrate we will talk about it we will fight for truth we will live until ... it stops no word will help no resort to escape take me with you in this surge of agony death is ...
  • Pilgrimsavant/Long Distance Betty An artist once a picture painted of such a monster that he fainted. So endlessly worlds transmigrate by false ideas infatuate.
  • Śrī Īśopaniṣad Mantra 3 Part 2 The demoniac soul uses bad logic to make false arguments against scriptural authority. He thinks his power is independent, and that he can act in any way and no one can stop him. He concocts diabolical plans to eliminate anyone who might check his sensual activities. Sri Isopanisad clearly warns such a killer of his own soul that his evil purposes and nefarious activities destine him for a lower level of consciousness, full of suffering in material existence without relief. Why is man given a better life than that of animals and plants? We see that this material world is full of species whose welfare is just as important to them as ours is to us. But by natures law, the necessities of the lower species are served under unpleasant conditions. Human beings get nice facilities and a relatively comfortable existence because the human form is more important and valuable than animal life. For example, we see that an important government officer gets nicer quarters than an ordinary soldier. The officer deserves better facilities because he has to discharge more important duties. Similarly, human beings should perform higher duties than the animals, who are simply interested in food and other material concerns. Modern materialistic civilization has made it seem like the only problem of life is to get more money. When we ask a modern civilized man about self-realization, he will sincerely say, There is no need for that; I will work to satisfy my senses, and I ...
  • Hakuin Zenji's Song of Zazen produced by Myrmarker. lyrics from Hakuin Zenji's "Song of Zazen". vocals by Rambergsvandraren. pictures from "Zengården", in Arboga Sweden. The Song of Zazen by Hakuin Ekaku Zenji All sentient beings are essentially Buddhas. As with water and ice, there is no ice without water; apart from sentient beings, there are no Buddhas. Not knowing how close the truth is, we seek it far away what a pity! We are like one who in the midst of water cries out desperately in thirst. We are like the son of a rich man who wandered away among the poor. The reason we transmigrate through the Six Realms is because we are lost in the darkness of ignorance. Going further and further astray in the darkness, how can we ever be free from birth-and-death? As for the Mahayana practice of zazen, there are no words to praise it fully. The Six Paramitas, such as giving, maintaining the precepts, and various other good deeds like invoking the Buddhas name, repentance, and spiritual training, all finally return to the practice of zazen. Even those who have sat zazen only once will see all karma erased. Nowhere will they find evil paths, and the Pure Land will not be far away. If we listen even once with open heart to this truth, then praise it and gladly embrace it, how much more so then, if on reflecting within ourselves we directly realize Self-nature, giving proof to the truth that Self-nature is no-nature We will have gone far beyond idle speculation. The gate of the oneness of cause and effect is ...

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