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  • Translunar, MILL-TL002-2 (2006.06.05) [2CD] The GERMAN TECHNO Series intends to introduce a solid pack of unmixed Techno Tunes from the German Territory, which has always been on the forefront of Techno. — “TECHNO.TO - LABEL(Translunar)”,
  • Translunar Injection[1] Apollo 8. Apollo 10. Apollo 11. Apollo 12. Apollo 13. Apollo 14. Apollo [1]Compiled from Saturn V launch vehicle flight evaluation reports and mission reports. [2]. — “Translunar Injection”,
  • After determining the orbital elements of Apollo 11's translunar trajectory, I've calculated its position versus time and accurately plotted, in As we have seen from the previous illustrations, Apollo 11's translunar trajectory was inclined, allowing the spacecraft to rise rapidly above the. — “Apollo 11's Translunar Trajectory”,
  • After checkout, insertion into a lunar trajectory was begun at 3:46 a.m.; translunar coast time was shortened to compensate for the launch delay. The crew performed a heat flow and convection demonstration and an Apollo light-flash experiment during the translunar coast. — “Apollo 17”,
  • translunar adj. Extending beyond the moon or the moon's orbit around the earth. — “translunar: Definition from ”,
  • Translunar definition, translunary. See more. — “Translunar | Define Translunar at ”,
  • Since the nominal translunar coast trajectory is a free return to earth, the minimum delta-V to abort is essentially zero. abort maneuver is performed during approximately the first 25 hours of translunar coast. — “APOLLO LUNAR LANDING MISSION SYMPOSIUM - Wikisource”,
  • 1&1 offers Web hosting, domain names, website builders, servers, and email solutions. Find affordable, dedicated ad-free web hosting, domain name registration and e-mail solutions. Choose 1&1 Internet to host your small business website or. — “Web hosting, domain name registration and web services by 1&1”,
  • Definition of translunar in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of translunar. Pronunciation of translunar. Translations of translunar. translunar synonyms, translunar antonyms. Information about translunar in the free online English dictionary and. — “translunar - definition of translunar by the Free Online”,
  • translunar (not comparable) (of a spaceflight or trajectory) towards the Moon from the Earth or another planet. situated beyond Retrieved from "http:///wiki/translunar" Categories: English words prefixed with trans- | English adjectives. — “translunar - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of translunar from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of translunar. Pronunciation of translunar. Definition of the word translunar. Origin of the word translunar. — “translunar - Definition of translunar at ”,
  • TLR's initial mission is to establish a permanent manned civilian Lunar Station. Providing cash grants to selected organizations, TLR functions as a private space agency supporting space technology development. — “Trans Lunar Research”,
  • This first non-free-return trajectory on an Apollo mission was designed to allow a daylight launch and a translunar injection above the Pacific Ocean. allowed a stretch of the translunar coast to gain the desired landing. — “NASA - Apollo 12”,
  • Apollo 16 view of the earth from translunar injection. Description: A good view of the Earth photographed about one hour after translunar injection of April 16, 1972. Although there is much cloud cover, the United States in large part, most. — “: Apollo 16 view of the earth from translunar injection”,
  • A WebsiteBuilder Website. — “Translunar - Home”,
  • Translunar Darrell Farnsworth, Mansfield, Britain (UK) Start following Send message Share Uploaded byTranslunar on November 27, 2010 08:03. 205 Plays89 Comments16 Favoritings5. — “Translunar - Tracks - SoundCloud”,
  • (Redirected from Translunar injection) Jump to: navigation, search. Fig. 1: Lunar transfer, perspective view. TLI occurs at the red Typical lunar transfer trajectories approximate Hohmann transfers, although low energy transfers have also. — “Trans Lunar Injection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • T.L.I.: Translunar injection. Type of Work: Musical work. Registration Number / Date: T.L.I.. Other Title: Translunar injection. Publisher Number: United. — “T.L.I.: Translunar injection, In orbit, Behind the moon”,

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  • füll moon & translunar tea party performance photo collage & video. words, music, video, dlbond, featuring Lisa Towson, Dhyana Justl, Sarah Klassen and the World Tea Party .
  • Apollo 8 - TV Transmission 2. "Trans Lunar Coast." (Goldstone) From TV Transmission 2. 55:10 GET. Trans Lunar Coast. Through Goldstone. Original File: Credits:
  • Roswell Return - Translunar (Roadworkers, Editor's Cut) "Translunar" features on the album "Probe" by Roswell Return, which is available on double vinyl, digital download and as CD/DVD. This clip is an excerpt from the experimental documentary "Roadworkers, Editor's Cut", produced by Umwelt Films. The full movie can be downloaded through and is also available as part of the "Probe" CD/DVD package.
  • NASA - Ares V Cargo Launch Vehicle NASA is planning and designing hardware and propulsion systems for the Ares V cargo launch vehicle -- the "heavy lifter" of America's next-generation space fleet. During launch, the Ares V first stage and core propulsion stage power it upward toward Earth orbit. After separation from the spent core stage, the upper stage -- also known as the Earth Departure Stage -- takes over, and by a J-2X engine puts the vehicle into a circular orbit. The cargo vehicle's propulsion system can lift heavy structures and hardware to orbit or fire its engines for trans-lunar injection, a trajectory designed to intersect with the moon. Such lift capabilities will enable NASA to carry a variety of robust science and exploration payloads to space and could possibly take future crews to Mars and beyond. The first crewed lunar excursion is scheduled to occur by 2020. The first stage of the Ares V vehicle relies on two, five-segment reusable solid rocket boosters for lift-off. Derived from the space shuttle solid rocket boosters, they are similar to the single booster that serves as the first stage for the cargo vehicle's sister craft, Ares I. The twin solid rocket boosters of the first stage flank a single, liquid-fueled central booster element. Derived from the space shuttle external tank, the central booster tank delivers liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen fuel to five RS-68 rocket engines -- a modified version of the ones currently used in the Delta IV launcher developed in the 1990s by the US ...
  • Moonwood: Trans Lunar Express 1 3-track EP available at
  • Translunar - The Watchman's Journey Translunar - The Watchman's Journey SoundCloud: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Website: Picture: Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any song posted on this channel. If any producer wishes a song to be removed from this channel, please message me and I will do so immediately.
  • Translunar..Space Station Shortened version of Translunar - Space Station Full FREE download available on Soundcloud Buy Translunar tracks via iTunes
  • Translunar-Rumour Control Live at the Brunswick Hotel 7 June 2012
  • Earth to Moon Flight Part 2 - Earth Orbit to Lunar Orbit (XR2 Ravenstar in Orbiter Space Simulator) Part 3 In this video we are already in Earth orbit ready for a flight to the Moon. We setup and perform a 135 sec trans-Lunar injection burn which increases our velocity to over 23000 mph and sends the vessel on course to intercept the Moon (1:48). With some course corrections (7:03, 10:04) to keep us on target and in alignment with the landing base, we are treated to an amazing view of the Sun and Moon as we pass close to the Lunar south pole. Finally we perform a 33 sec burn to bring us into Lunar orbit (12:35). Any commentary is appreciated. _____________________ Orbiter 2010 is a free space flight simulator: Recorded with FFsplit.
  • SCI122: Trans Lunar Injection This clip was shown in the SCI122 performance this year in the scene in which Apollo 8 goes through the Trans Lunar Injection. The music's copyrights are Kevin Kirners, imagery comes from the HBO series "From the Earth to the Moon" and from shots taken by SCI122's Stage 3 team.
  • Marathon - Movin' (Translunar Injection Mix)
  • Apollo 13 - On-Orbit Activities (1970) Video containing: Lunar module after translunar separation; activities of crew to dock and mate Command Module (CM) and Lunar Module (LM); and views of Saturn S4-B engine.
  • AXIOM -TRANS LUNAR INJECTION- RARE *** wicked & rare *** choon to come out of stockport back in the day
  • Trans-Lunar Injection Sequence - "Bellatrix" by JT Bruce The original composition is an amazing 18-minute long symphonic metal track, and will appear in its entirety on our soundtrack album. This particular 2-minute mix covers the departure from the space station through "trans-lunar injection" -- the maneuver that takes a spacecraft from Earth orbit and sends it on a transfer orbit to the Moon. I found this to be the perfect match for the sequences involving the "Lunar Transportation System" or "Moon Shuttle" that is the main source of resupply for Moon bases and of course, the ISF-1 colony founded by our protagonists. In "No Children in Space", we have sequences aboard the shuttle as young Georgiana, her mother, Hiromi, and also Josh and Tim travel to the Moon. This is the first real "science fiction" element in "Lunatics" (up to this point, everything is closely based on real, existing space technology). The artist is JT Bruce (see ), and he is also a graphical artist and animator. This was one of the few tracks for "No Children in Space" that was not originally under a free-license, but we sought and got permission to release it under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. The viisuals you see here are various pre-production models and plans we've created in the development process for the "LTS" Moon Shuttle. There are a few inconsistencies here as the design has evolved somewhat, and of course the final art will show more differences. We are currently running a Kickstarter to fund the production of "No ...
  • Apollo 8 TV Transmission 1. "Trans Lunar Coast." (Goldstone) From TV Transmission 1. 31:08 GET. Trans Lunar Coast. Through Goldstone. Apollo 8 had onboard an RCA black and white slow-scan TV camera. Like the Westinghouse Lunar Surface TV Camera used on Apollo 11, this produced a non-interlaced 320 line 10 frames per second picture which was scan-converted to 525 line 29.97fps (ie NTSC compatible) at the three prime MSFN stations. During the mission, six broadcasts originated from Apollo 8. Five of these were relayed to Houston from Goldstone -- and one from Madrid. (Until just before Apollo 11, there were no video circuits from Honeysuckle Creek to the outside world. While Apollo 8 TV was seen on station, it could not be released in real time.) These video clips from Apollo 8 were on a tape loaned by Goddard Apollo TV Engineer Dick Nafzger to the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University. The 2 inch quadriplex tape contains daily mission highlights. These pictures were seen live worldwide during the mission. This recording is generally better than other existing recordings I have seen. The picture instability at the start of each clip is an artifact of the tape playback. (You could save these files to your hard disk for repeat viewing.) RCA's Elmer Fredd, who operated the Scan Converter at Sydney Video for the Apollo 11 EVA, was at Goldstone for Apollo 8 and operated the Scan Converter for these historic broadcasts. Original File: Credits:
  • Marathon - Movin' (Original) (Translunar Injection Burn Mix) Track 5 from... Label:Ten Records Ltd. (10 Records) Catalog#:TENCD 395 Format:CD, Maxi-Single Country:UK Released:1992 Genre:Electronic Style:House Credits:Producer - Marathon , Thomas Fehlmann Vocals - Andy Caine Written-By - Moritz von Oswald , Ralf Hertwig This CD is not for sale. Just recently purchased this classic for myself to keep. Thought I'd share it with you all. Enjoy More vinyl for sale at
  • Translunar - Space Station feat. Quantum Mechanic Space trance featuring music by Translunar and visuals by Quantum Mechanic.
  • The Fireman - Trans Lunar Rising
  • AFN Europe: Apollo 17 Coverage Part 2 (lunar landing) This upload is fairly straightforward: The translunar coast, Lunar Orbit Insertion, and then the landing. This time AFN/AFRTS actually provided live coverage of the undocking----in this case from United Press International and Ted Shields----and the actual landing coverage was provided by ABC Radio News and my favorite team of George Engle and Merrill Mueller.
  • Translunar - Time A home made video by Translunar. The only thing you see here is a burning match.
  • Niereich vs. Hackler & Kuch - Trans Lunar Injection (Original Mix) (prev)
  • Apollo 8 - Mans First Voyage to Orbit the Moon - Go For TLI (Trans-Lunar Injection). December 21, 1968 Man's first voyage to the Moon, including an orbit around the Moon at Christmas. Featured are air-to-ground tapes of astronauts' descriptions of the mission, as well as outstanding onboard photography of the Earth, Moon, and IVA. The first manned space craft to leave Earth orbit, reach the Moon, orbit it and return safely to Earth. The three-astronaut crew, Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders — became the first humans to travel beyond low Earth orbit, the first to see Earth as a whole planet, and then the first to directly see the far side of the Moon. The 1968 mission, the third flight of the Saturn V rocket and the first manned launch of the Saturn V, was also the first manned launch from the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida, located adjacent to Cape Canaveral. Courtesy of was nasaimages. Not a hoax.
  • The Apollo - Trans Lunar Coast The Apollo are a Mexican electronic music duo. - The sound is a product of use ***og equipment, mix of electronic and conventional instrumentation. The songs are often weaving melodies or speech accompanied by atmospherics to capture a specific moment or mood. - Please share and enjoy thanks...
  • ST 37 - "Translunar Injection" From V/A Strange Daze '97
  • Apollo 11 - UFOs Filmed in Cis-Lunar Space - 16mm DAC footage (stabilized/enhanced) Hi everyone. In this presentation, I wanted to give you a closer look at a very brief segment of anomalous 16mm DAC motion picture footage from the NASA Archives that was originally shot back in July of 1969 during the flight of Apollo 11. This particular bit of stop-motion footage was taken through one of the windows of the Command Service Module during the trans-lunar coast phase of the mission, while astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were on their outbound journey through cis-lunar space, travelling between the Earth and the Moon. At some point during this TLC phase, one of the Apollo 11 crew did some unscheduled filming out the window with the 16mm DAC motion picture camera, and in the process, managed to film several unidentified objects moving around outside the spacecraft. In this presentation, we will examine this very brief (11-frame) sequence of 16mm stop-motion DAC footage, looking at both raw and stabilized versions of the scene at various playback rates. I also briefly touch on how this particular stop-motion footage was digitally archived by NASA in such a way that the space agency shows the raw scene in their public Apollo archives at an incorrect playback speed that is some 12 times faster than the rate the footage was originally exposed at. I do not think this is an accident or just a coincidence that this specific segment of DAC footage showing several UFOs outside the CSM was archived incorrectly, but rather I believe this was done on purpose by ...
  • Translunar - Ping in Woods A home made video by Translunar (Jonas V.). Just a forest near my home.
  • Dogs on ice It takes place in Wodzisław Śląski, Poland, Lake Balaton, January 2013 music by: Translunar: I warmly recommend. Cube potographs from: this are Lichtenberg figures --------- A jlocalmedia film Nicht Mainstream Infos: theblue- ---------------------------------------------- Wissenschaftlicher Durchbruch asea-
  • Magnetoplasma Rocket The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®) represents the future of translunar and interplanetary transportation as well as propulsion within Earth orbit. Its superb efficiency compared to that of a conventional chemical rocket allows double the payload mass for lunar delivery and half the transit time to Mars. Its robust design allows much greater power levels than existing electric propulsion systems and promises longer lifetimes.
  • TRANSLUNAR - Heavenly Lunar Great song by TRANSLUNAR. Download: Artist: Subscribe:
  • TRANSLUNAR PARADISE TRAILER - Theatre Ad Infinitum Ltd TRANSLUNAR PARADISE ...A PLACE WHERE TIME STANDS STILL Touring Internationally throughout 2012, please visit our website for more details at Awards Liverpool Daily Post 'Best Fringe Show of 2011' | The Fringe Review 'Outstanding Theatre Award' 2011 | Observer Alternative Theatre Award 2011 | Brave New World Award & Audience Award at the Sarajevo MESS Theatre Festival, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2011 | 1st Prize BE Festival Development Award 2010 | Best Theatre Direction Award at ACT Festival Bilbao, Spain 2011 Award Nominations: Shortlisted for - The Stage Award for 'Best Ensemble' 2011 | Total Theatre Award for Visual/Physical Devised Theatre | Brighton Fringe 'Best of Edinburgh Award' Theatre Ad Infinitum invites you on a journey of life, death, and enduring love. After his wife passes away, William escapes to a paradise of fantasy and past memories, a place far from the reality of his grief. Returning from beyond the grave, Rose revisits her widowed companion to perform one last act of love: to help him let go. 'An extraordinary performance' Observer 'An admirable, infinitely gentle and wordless story of loss and remembrance' The Times 'The inventiveness of the storytelling is constantly amazing, the story universal and bittersweet, and the performance immaculate ... I really cannot recommend this highly enough' The Stage 'Extraordinarily poignant...beautifully performed.... packs a real emotional punch. In the end, this is a show about loss and ...
  • translunar images of the moon to my track "TransLunar"
  • Paul McCarney "The Fireman" - Trans Lunar Rising As requested! Track Nª2/9 STRAWBERRIES OCEANS SHIPS FOREST The album consists of samples of McCartney material, mostly from the sessions that spawned his Off the Ground album, as well as samples of "Reception" and "The Broadcast" from 1979's Back to the Egg, as remixed by Youth. Neither McCartney nor Youth are credited on the album; rumours of McCartney's involvement were eventually confirmed by EMI. In a Melody Maker review, Michael Bonner wrote, "Paul McCartney has discovered dance music - and the results are as staggeringly brilliant as those that came from John Lydon's similar road-to-Damascus-like conversion last year. Truly, we live in an age of miracles. Eschewing the easy option of making a remix album, McCartney and his collaborator, Youth, have chosen to follow the likes of Brian Eno down a more experimental and cerebral path. They take a melody and, with dextrous genre-hopping through ambient, trance and house, evolve a number of breathtaking variations. Like snowflakes, each song seems identical to the last, until closer inspection reveals that it has its own unique shape." The project began when McCartney asked Youth to remix several tracks from McCartney's Off the Ground album for use on possible 12" singles. McCartney stated, "The brief from me was that he should only use stuff from our recordings, because dance mixes often feature a kick-drum sample or a James Brown snare sound and, as a consequence, the record ends up sounding a bit like someone else's so ...
  • Trans Lunar Injection This will demonstrate a Trans Lunar Injection Burn. The spacecraft is on the night side of the earth, but wait for the sunrise! Watch the orbit path go from a near circular orbit to a highly elliptical orbit. The craft will go from about 17000 mph to about 24500 mph(near escape velocity). This simulation was accomplished by Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator. Orbiter was created by Martin Schweiger, Ph.D, a Senior Research Fellow at University College London.
  • East Filmmakers Showreel East Filmmakers Showreel. Featuring clips from the following: "Assclown" Directed by: Josh Lawrence, Shravan Prasad, Nick Smith Director of Photography: Josh Lawrence Edited by: Josh Lawrence, Shravan Prasad, Nick Smith "Flush Day" Directed by: Julie Nickle Assistant Director: Josh Lawrence Edited by: Nathan "Trans Lunar Injection" Directed by: Shravan Prasad Director of Photography: Josh Lawrence Assistant Director of Photography: Nick Smith Edited by: Shravan Prasad "Foreign Exchange" Directed by: Josh Lawrence, Shravan Prasad Director of Photography: Nick Smith Audio: Dae Kim Starring: Shravan Prasad, Antonio Sabatelli "Josh Lawrence's 2009 Showreel" Created Entirely by Josh Lawrence "Galactic Travels" Created and Directed by Josh Lawrence End credits by: Misho SK Music from Freeplaymusic, Rickvanman "Journey to the Edge of the Solar System" Narrated by: Josh Lawrence "Legend of... Opening Titles" Created by: Josh Lawrence "Foreign Exchange Credits" Created entirely by: Josh Lawrence
  • //GoodAndEvil are One// Music by Niereich vs Hackler&Kuch - Trans Lunar Injection (original mix_NST) A little video inspired by amazing artists: Niereich vs Hackler & Kuch Released on -Nachtstrom Schallplatten-
  • Translunar by Rumour Control !!!!!Lyrics Below Here!!!!!! Join /rumourcontrol Another rock one by Rumour Control Youve infected me well two can play this game cant you feel? I have a million ways to break your skin Are you sure that the knife inside my back is not the same one we used to keep apart from Everyone Couldnt stay sane couldnt behave couldnt understand Under fire there was no way I had to stay, I had to stand but you, fought for yourself.... And I will never forget..... I am entering hell... and you are shackled by the same kind you made Everyone Couldnt stay sane couldnt behave couldnt understand Under fire there was no way I had to stay, I had to stand but you, fought for yourself.... And I will never forget.....
  • Translunar Dialogues My newest song - hear this and others in better quality on my Soundcloud...
  • Darren O Hara - Techno Picks Week #43 1)Cari Lekebusch - Entanglement (Original Mix) 2)Timmo - Peal (Axel Karakasis Remix) 3)Niereich vs. Hackler & Kuch - Trans Lunar Injection
  • Joey Kay Ft Lo-kI "Trans-Lunar Injection" Drum And Bass/Trip Hop/Dub/Dubstep Music Hope Ya Enjoy this 1 .. :-) - Joey Kay
  • Translunar - Coin, Aerosol and Jambe Homemade video, just for fun.

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  • “SCHEMES FOR ENHANCING THE SATURN V MOON ROCKET'S TRANSLUNAR PAYLOAD CAPABILITY design engineering, technical training, Tom Logsdon, translunar payload capability”
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  • “Force of gravity during translunar flight, page 1. Pages: ATS Members have flagged this since we are using arbitrary units) of a craft in translunar flight”
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  • “Borescope Rental, Infrared Camera Rental, Pipe Inspection Camera Rental The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®) represents the future of translunar and interplanetary transportation as well as propulsion within Earth orbit”
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  • “Help people connect with science and the natural world by displaying one of our badges on your blog or website. This translunar coast photograph extends from the Mediterranean Sea area to the Antarctica South polar ice”
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  • “Blog. This Day in Geek History: November 14. 14 Nov 2009 Geek History Its translunar injection and translunar coast will both be similar to those of Apollo 10”
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