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  • For Effective Communication With Patient And Laboratory Black Background Allows You To See Color, Detail, Shade Variations & Translucencies. — “Salvin Dental Specialties - Set Of 1 Large & 1 Small Contraster”,
  • To evaluate at autopsy the radiographic pattern of emphysema alone and with alveolar oedema, haemorrhage or pneumonia in excised air-inflated lungs the distribution of these findings in 89 lungs was determined histologically on 441 sections Small translucencies could appear. — “Pattern recognition in radiographs of excised air-inflated”,
  • The IPS Empress Direct features True-to-NatureSM shades and translucencies for beautiful, natural-looking direct restorations. IPS Empress Direct Dentin and Enamel shades feature calibrated translucencies that work together creating exceptional esthetics with accurate color match every time. — “IPS Empress Direct | Ivoclar Vivadent | Direct Esthetic Composite”,
  • Pleated blinds are an excellent choice for many different styled homes. They can lend a sleek, modern appearance to any room creating an elegant and contemporary look. There are many different translucencies available based on what is best for a particular space. — “Why Choose Pleated Blinds?”,
  • Of importance in the creation of polychromatic restorations in this case was the selection and use of a next generation composite available in a variety of opacities and translucencies, as well as one that would demonstrate low shrinkage stress for maximum durability. — “How to: Place monomer technology composite”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Translucencies - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Ceram•X™ Duo, the Double Translucency System, offers four dentine shades with translucencies of natural dentin and three enamel shades which mimic natural enamel. Their design has been four dentine shades with translucencies of natural dentin and three. — “Dental Warehouse”,
  • ***The Bird Tree - by Debora Short .. For the large flock of tri - colored blackbirds Who travel through each spring to these lovely hollows. Before the evening sky Morphs shades of brilliant coral And streaks whimsica Threading, too with surreal magenta translucencies. — “***The Bird Tree by Debora Short”,
  • Teeth capped, Teeth bonding, Gel implants. Often several layers of different shades and translucencies need to be used in order to duplicate the depth of color and the color gradations that occur in natural teeth. — “Teeth capped, Teeth bonding, Gel implants”,
  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone app Derived forms: translucencies. Type of: clarity, clearness, uncloudedness. Encyclopedia:. — “translucency, translucencies- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Aero needs a 64MB card to run with DWM on, probably more to use the Per Pixel translucencies. They are using Pixel shaders on the Shadows under windows and on the translucencies of the Windows themselves. — “OSNews > Thread > "RE[6]: WinFS" by Nelson”,
  • Vivid green hues with transparent to opaque translucencies and earthy inclusions add a bright touch to jewelry designs. Known for its warm and friendly energy and sought after for its eye-catching color, peridot is a favorite among jewelry. — “Bead, peridot (natural), 8x6x3mm-11x8x4mm hand-cut flat oval”,
  • Translucencies definition, permitting light to pass through but diffusing it so that persons, objects, etc., on the opposite side are not clearly visible: See more. — “Translucencies | Define Translucencies at ”,
  • New Cool Translucencies bring you Beirut's "Elephant Gun". A very pretty song, done with just a guitar and accordion. — “Elephant Gun - New Cool Translucencies on Vimeo”,
  • 3114 Radiopacity of Resin-based Composites (RBC) of Different Translucencies Conclusions: Only one brand, Tetr, had no significant difference in optical density between shades of different translucencies. — “Radiopacity of Resin-based Composites (RBC) of Different”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. watercolor, which is stained into the paper surface - a complex interplay of transparencies, translucencies, and reflections. — “Observations of Light / The Christian Science Monitor”,
  • Yes (three different translucencies integrated into one bloc) blocs, TriLuxe milling blocs offer three different color saturations and three different translucencies integrated into one bloc. — “TriLuxe for CEREC from Vident - Dental Practice Setup Product”,
  • Definition of translucencies in the Medical Dictionary. translucencies explanation. Information about translucencies in Free online English dictionary. What is translucencies? Meaning of translucencies medical term. What does translucencies mean?. — “translucencies - definition of translucencies in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of translucencies in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of translucencies. Pronunciation of translucencies. Translations of translucencies. translucencies synonyms, translucencies antonyms. Information about translucencies in the free. — “translucencies - definition of translucencies by the Free”,
  • Specializing in Cut Drops, Display Drops, Bulletins, Hard Scenery & On Stage Scrims November 25. 2008 08:14:12. TRANSLUCENCIES. King David: Opening of NEW AMSTERDAM THEATRE, New York City. — “SCENIC DROPS STUDIO - TRANSLUCENCIES”,
  • A broken front tooth can be fixed with tooth bonding materials in one appointment, with an expert, artistic cosmetic dentist. In addition, the cosmetic dentist usually needs to have an extensive selection of bonding materials in stock of various shades, consistencies, translucencies, and polishability. — “Broken front tooth”,

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  • “Share your favorite materials or option setups translucent and milky ones in different opacities/translucencies would be nice. when you have one fixed color it's somewhat difficult to change only the "thickness" or the light going through from behind”
    — Share your favorite materials or option setups,

  • “Tuesday, April 13, 2010. This blog has moved. This blog is now located at http://konigdds. only a one a year meeting, we have set up an email forum amongst us in which we carry ongoing discussion to keep learning from”
    — Konig Center for Cosmetic & Comprehensive Dentistry,

  • “Previous Entry | Blog Main | Next Entry " literature. MacArthur Winner McHugh Serves Up You see the calm translucencies in groves, a sway of peaceful flags”
    — MacArthur Winner McHugh Serves Up the Weekly Poem | Art Beat,

  • “Blog. STO by Six Month Smiles. Archive for August, 2010. Cosmetic shades and translucencies for one restoration. I prefer to use one or two different shades/translucencies per restoration. I”
    — August " 2010 " STO by Six Month Smiles, blog.6

  • “Particular gentle translucencies, deconstruction rosé and many one-piece suits as Lovely, Jil Sander by Raf Simons. Seen at Milan FW via ”
    — Oh Jil, äh Raf " Freestyle Magazine,

  • “ that involves transparencies, gradients, translucencies or semi-transparent colors (alpha our Forum. About Amyuni. • Company Profile. • Client List. • Contact Us. Useful Links. • www.pdf***. • . Blog Users. • Subscribe”
    — September 2010 " Amyuni Technologies Blog: News and Resources,

  • “Due to its strength and multiple translucencies, e.max lithium disilicate can be used for world, this is my ~second official BLOG Post – please share you comments and concerns”
    — | The Word from Dr. Andreaus,

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