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  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for translocate in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “translocate - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • definition of translocate - transfer (a chromosomal segment) to a new position "The stress of the kangaroos at Belconnen and the global controversy now over the need for government to change its mind and translocate these animals. — “translocate definition: Bee English Dictionary definition of”,
  • Definition of translocate from The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. — “translocate - Medical Definition”,
  • Everquest Spell Information for Translocate. — “Translocate :: Spells :: EverQuest :: ZAM”,
  • to translocate (third-person singular simple present translocates, present participle translocating, simple past and past participle translocated) (transitive) To displace, or move from one place to another. (transitive, of a chromosomal segment) To cause to undergo translocation. — “translocate - Wiktionary”,
  • Immunotoxins are proteins that contain a toxin along with an antibody or growth factor that binds specifically to target cells. is conjugated to a bacterial toxin in the part that does not translocate to the cytosol, such as the binding domain.70 Otherwise, a disulfide. — “Immunotoxins for Targeted Cancer Therapy”,
  • Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli translocate Tir and form an intimin–Tir intimate The co-infection experiments showed that wild-type E2348/69 can translocate Tir efficiently to the RBC membrane, since UMD872 is unable to secrete or translocate Tir (Kenny et al., 1996 ; Knutton et al., 1998 ). — “Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli translocate Tir and form an”,
  • Translations of translocate. translocate synonyms, translocate antonyms. Information about translocate in the free online English translocate - move from one place to another, especially of wild animals; "The endangered turtles were translocated to a safe environment". — “translocate - definition of translocate by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of translocate in the Medical Dictionary. translocate explanation. Information about translocate in Free online English dictionary. What is translocate? Meaning of translocate medical term. What does translocate mean?. — “translocate - definition of translocate in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Translocate - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Providencia alcalifaciens strains translocate from the gastrointestinal tract and are The ability of Providencia alcalifaciens strains, isolated from patients with diarrhoeal disease, to translocate from the gastrointestinal tract and their resistance to serum complement lytic activity were. — “Providencia alcalifaciens strains translocate from the”,
  • With a huge rise in endangered blackbuck population in Madhya Pradesh, the state forest department wants to translocate 1000 Indian antelopes to Palpur Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, where its chief predator the Cheetah is proposed to be re-introduced. — “MP forest dept wants to translocate antelopes to Palpur Kuno”,
  • Wildlife agencies frequently translocate bears that have behavior Wildlife biologists translocate animals like nuisance bears. They also translocate animals to help establish new populations in. — “Black Bear Research”,
  • Definition of translocate from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of translocate. Pronunciation of translocate. Definition of the word translocate. Origin of the word translocate. — “translocate - Definition of translocate at ”,
  • Punjab has asked Gujarat to translocate a pair of the Asiatic lions to the northern state in view of declining number of lions in the state. — “Gujarat to send Asiatic lions to Punjab - The Times of India”,
  • The Zambia Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) is planning to translocate more wild animals into the Nsumbu National Park in Northern Province. ZAWA Senior Ecologist,. — “ZAWA to increase animal population in Nsumbu national park”,
  • Spell: Translocate: Group. MAGIC ITEM. Level Needed: 52. Skill: To make Spell: Translocate: Group (Spell Research: Yield 1, trivial 140), (Restricted). — “EQTC - Item: Spell: Translocate: Group”,
  • translocate move from one place to another, esp. of wild animals; 'The endangered turtles were translocated to a safe. — “translocate: Information from ”,
  • Citation: OW, D.W. RECOMBINASE-BASED METHODS TO INTEGRATE, STACK AND TRANSLOCATE DNA IN PLANTS. The next challenge will be to develop practical strategies to stack and translocate DNA. — “ARS | Publication request: Recombinase-Based Methods to”,
  • Colicins bind to outer membrane receptors, using them to translocate to the cytoplasm or cytoplasmic membrane, where they exert Most colicins are able to translocate the outer membrane by a two-receptor system, where one receptor is used. — “Colicin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • We found 17 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word translocate: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "translocate" is defined. — “Definitions of translocate - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Latest news, breaking news - Jairam writes to Gujarat, plans to translocate tigers. — “Jairam writes to Gujarat, plans to translocate tigers”,
  • Translocate definition, to move or transfer from one place to another; cause to change location; displace; dislocate. See more. — “Translocate | Define Translocate at ”,

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  • standard high Figure 2 Hypoxia induces marked changes in the phenotype of macrophages Macrophages upregulate hypoxia inducible transcription factor HIF 1 and HIF 2 in hypoxia which translocate to the nucleus
  • Edit minor updates I made sure you could translocate up on both sides not as easy as in ut tho and I got the Sky to spin which was the easiest thing I ve done in ued but I couldn t get the planet moon and
  • h The fungus cant proliferate its assimilative hyphae inside the host digest the contents and translocate material elsewhere for growth additonal trap production or spore reproduction Nematode captured and held by five adhesive knobs of Dactylellina candida CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
  • Note that ADP from the cytosol ATP cyt first binds to the translocate After eversion of the translocase the ADP is now in the mitochondria ADP
  • rer2 h3 gif
  • Type III Same as Type II only the N terminus leads into the lumen What regulates the orientation of Type II and III proteins
  • inositol would contain abundant ER localised PA thus keeping OPI1 in the ER Upon inositol addition PA would be rapidly consumed and OPI1 would translocate to the nucleus See Figure 2
  • Figure 2 Neurons that are Preconditioned are Remarkably Resistant to Neurotoxicity and AIF does not Translocate to the Nucleus These preconditioned cultures were exposed to neurotoxic
  • to the strong pharmaceutical drug Metformin Powerful blood sugar lowering properties of Berberine come from its ability to translocate GLUT4 glucose transporters or as we like to say Sugar Trucks to the surface of your tissues with an extreme preference to muscle even in the absence insulin insulin is the normal way GLUT4 is activated and transported What does this
  • various DNA repair proteins in human cells before and after DNA damage Observe how the proteins translocate to damaged chromatin and form the characteristic nuclear foci upon DNA damage Figure 3 Model showing the serial recruitment of DNA repair proteins to damaged chromatin Reproduced with permission from Molecular Cell Cohn M A and D Andrea A D 2008 Mol Cell 32
  • other end Below the cartoon shows that this can be done to change a Type II protein COOH end enters ER lumen to a Type III which has its amino terminal entering the lumen Washburn and Speiss JCB 137 555 562 1997 also tested the length of the hydrophobic signal anchor sequence The following cartoon shows that a longer hydrophobic anchor
  • Kill him and loot the Xalgozian Fang Lore Magic No Drop Piercing Damage 6 Delay 20 Range 20 Strength 3 Stamina 3 Agility 3 Dexterity 3 Weight 0 3 Warrior only All Races 3 Now port or translocate out and head to the Swamp of No Hope In the area of location n250 n1800 you should find a frogluk named Dugroz Level 30 along with his pet Level 21
  • basis of the mechanism by which nociceptors sensitize i e increase their sensitivity in response to pro inflammatory mediators such as bradykinin prostaglandins and nerve growth factor The image shows immunoreactivity for protein kinase C e in a primary sensory neuron from a rat dorsal root ganglion Activation of the bradykinin B1 receptor has caused PKC e to translocate to
  • Figure 1 Pathways for DAG generation See text for details Figure 2 DGK isoforms Splice Variants are indicated by vertical lines within the linear structure Red Circles indicate those isoforms found to translocate or reside in nuclei See text
  • photo E7 We should still be several weeks away from the need to use protective fungicides on this crop for powdery mildew Several fields of cauliflower are showing signs of tipburn photoE3 a physiological disorder which results from the lack of calcium With the dry soils and high temperature both daytime and nighttime this crop has not been able to translocate
  • but your bullets collide with them You can translocate on top of the 2 greenglassed structures previously shown and end up out of bounds real easily
  • local signals or may directly translocate 6 into the nucleus to elicit transcriptional changes 7 Howe Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 2005 2 43 doi 10 1186 1742 4682 2 43 Download authors original image
  • of octopine decreases the bend angle Octopine also causes one or two OccR monomers to translocate one helical turn see Cell 69 659 J Mol Biol 253 32 and J Mol Biol 253 691 Two diagrams describing an octopine induced conformational change of bound OccR protein Octopine black dots it thought to cause the promoter proximal dimer of OccR to translocate by one
  • her what foods to eat how to build nests and how to avoid dangers like decaying branches and snakes the plan is to translocate her deep into the wilds of Borneo to live a life of freedom
  • following cartoon shows that a longer hydrophobic anchor sequence seen as the portion running through the membrane promotes entry with the amino terminal leading into the lumen
  • I to translocate preferentially on dsRNA in cis This functional integration of two RNA molecular patterns may provide a means to specifically sense and counteract replicating viruses Full View
  • generally contact killers and do not translocate through the plant in the presence of light Several herbicide families are commonly grouped into this mode of action including the bipyridiliums and diphenylethers Herbicides in these families are active in various biochemical pathways in plants but cause similar symptomology Symptoms generally include
  • protein degradation in the steroid receptor Fig 12 8 GR glucocorticoid receptor + hsp90 > GR release exposure of NLS > translocate into the nucleus
  • of arrestin red from ROS to RIS occurs within 30 min in the dark whereas α T green takes more than 200 min to translocate from RIS to ROS The scale bar represents 100 μm
  • species2 jpg 24 Jun 2005 19 22 7k translocate jpg 24 Jun 2005 19 22 13k Veiling Mei 2003 jpg 24 Jun 2005 19 22 120k Veiling Mei 2003 1 > 24 Jun 2005 19 23 86k
  • and this is the result Will translocate it to a permanent container to keep it smaller and turn it into a Dwarf loquat Fruit Tree A totally free way to have many Yummy Dwarf Fruit Trees
  • order hydrocodone cheap soma ibuprofen fart motrin taxis
  • The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund DWCF is providing emergency support to Conservation Solutions CS to help translocate more than 60 elephants that are currently living amongst
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  • You can translocate on top of the 2 greenglassed structures previously shown and end up out of bounds real easily
  • to a cell membrane receptor can induce the activation via phosphorylation of a protein that can translocate to the nucleus and act as a nuclear factor and initiate gene expression For more detailed information on gene expression click here
  • The ants can be found just about anywhere and like most ants are attracted to moisture The discoverer of the species Tom Rasberry touches an infested area to show how quickly they translocate This picture was taken after less than 4 seconds
  • Figure 6 Arabidopsis phyA GFP and phyA 302 GFP Fusion Proteins Translocate to the Nucleus but phyA 302 GFP Fails to Produce Nuclear Speckles under FR
  • toxins are able to translocate a protein subunit across cellular membranes early raised the question whether such transport is a more common mechanism also employed by physiological proteins Sjur Olsnes Group click to enlarge image

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  • “Karl Ramjohn posted a blog entry [environmental-sustainability] MP forest dept wants to translocate antelopes to Palpur Kuno. With a huge rise in endangered blackbuck population in Madhya Pradesh, the state forest department wants to translocate 1000 submitted by Karl Ramjohn. Tags: regular”
    — Karl Ramjohn posted a blog entry - KARL RAMJOHN,

  • “Forum Posts - PC Translocating - FraggedNation is a competition community of gamers specializing in Ladders and Tournaments for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, PS3, X360, with teams, clans, stats, gamer profiles, forums and lots more!”
    — Forum Posts - PC Translocating,

  • “The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 has recently been experienced, but as it is appeared, the gadget got some shortages. Yet, the more peculiarities we get, the more we drivel over this laptop as we incidentally realize its closer to production. Mini 10”
    — Will Dell Mini 10 Translocate Mini 12?,

  • “ ok,where does part of ch 9 translocate accoding to reciprocal translocation to ch22, how ok,where does part of ch 9 translocate accoding to reciprocal translocation to ch22, how”
    — philadelphia chromosome?, prep4

  • “Yeast infections seems to be thought of as primarily as a women's complaint. A male patient who came into our clinic for treatment with his yeast infection had consulted a medical doctor, only to be told that only women get yeast infections”
    — Male Yeast Infections,

  • “The preliminary findings offer significant new evidence of MWCNTs appearing to behave like durable fibers in that they translocate to the pleura. Thank you for a great forum. Posted 7/23/09 at 8:46 am. Vince Castranova says: There is not a large body of evidence in this area”
    — CDC NIOSH Science Blog: Exposure to Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes,

  • “A critical look at preharvest flushing - Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis, marijuana growing,Nutrient formulations,Flushing. lack of nutrients creates a deficiency, forcing the plant to translocate and use up its internal nutrient compounds. Nutrient fundamentals and uptake:”
    — Grow Marijuana FAQ, Cannabis cultivation - marijuana growing, drugs-

  • “The podoviridae are dsDNA containing phage with short, non-contractile tails which nevertheless translocate their DNA into the cytoplasm of their host cells. Biology Biotechnology Bioterrorism blog cancer Careers climate dengue”
    — MicrobiologyBytes,

  • “ III secretory system, which allows the bacteria to translocate proteins directly into a host's cytoplasm -- are directly Blog. Projects. News & Events. Resources. Donate. Contact. Copyright © 2010 The BioLogos Foundation”
    — The Flagellum Unspun | The BioLogos Forum,

  • “Recently , I came across a blog written by a Abigail Walace( location : http:/// ), on Denise Carter's article called " - Blog review. About Me. Chandni Rav. Sydney, NSW, Australia. I was born in Saudi Arabia,”
    — Chandni Space: - Blog review, chandni-

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