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  • Translates UML models into high performance code. ROX is a provider of technology solutions for Model-Based Translative Development. Embedded real-time control software, hardware and support is the. — “ROX Software”,
  • translative adj. Of or relating to the transfer or movement of a person or thing to another place. Relating to or used in the translation of a. — “translative: Definition from ”,
  • Translative processes across languages evidence the dialogic intertextuality structural to texts, such that Jakobson proposes a triad that distinguishes between three different types of translative-interpretive processes: 1) intralingual translation, or rewording; 2) interlingual translation, or. — “AS/SA No 24, February / février 2010, PETRILLI & PONZIO”,
  • Translative spirituality he defined as that spirituality that consoles the ego or the separate sense of self and gives it a Now, with regard to translative spirituality, I believe that the task of overcoming the pain and distortion in the universe involves, on the one hand, healing some of. — “Michael Lerner: From What Is to What Ought to Be”,
  • Translative case summary with 2 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Translative case Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • And so, even as we rightly criticize merely translative religion (and all the lesser forms of transformation), let us also realize that an integral approach to spirituality combines the best of horizontal and vertical, translative and transformative,. — “Ken Wilber Online: A Spirituality That Transforms”,
  • translative (comparative more translative, superlative most translative) the translative case [edit] Noun. translative (plural translatives) the translative case. a. — “translative - Wiktionary”,
  • The translative case (abbreviated transl) is a grammatical case that indicates a change in state of a noun, with the general sense of "becoming X" or "change to X". In the Finnish language, this is the counterpart of the Essive case, with the basic meaning of a change of state. — “Translative case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Four such basic kinds of conflict were categorized by the Greeks and Romans: conjectural, definitional, qualitative, and translative. Translative Stasis. Further argumentative strategies in the invention process would depend on which of these was determined upon, as would the number and arrangement of. — “Stasis”,
  • Definition of translative in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of translative. Pronunciation of translative. Translations of translative. translative synonyms, translative antonyms. Information about translative in the free online English. — “translative - definition of translative by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of translative from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of translative. Pronunciation of translative. Definition of the word translative. Origin of the word translative. — “translative - Definition of translative at ”,
  • We have over two hundred years of grammatical, thematic, cultural, societal and Translative evidences that roundly. dict_web2_robot: translater translation translational translationally Translative translator translatorese translatorial translatorship translatory. — “Translative case - Definition”,
  • It is a translative configuration of the surrounding warp of the interflow of Space-Time. The translative forces flowing through and around us maintain our perceptions of ourselves as existing in the. — “Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness - Introduction-3”,
  • Translative Oy is an experienced and responsive translation service provider. Our customer-oriented approach is based on high translation quality, prompt customer service and reliable deliveries. We provide translations into more than 20 languages,. — “Translative”,
  • But what we see mostly is a new and novel form of translative legitimacy and translative spirituality, which operates not to transcend the separate self but to give it meaning, consolation, sanction, and promise. in lesser or merely translative spirituality (such as Person-Centered. — “The New Person-Centered Civil Religion”,
  • Translative Adaptation. In any country, history proceeds as an interaction of domestic and foreign forces. But today, for many developing countries with immature economy and unstable politics, translative adaptation is very difficult to implement. — “Translative adaptation”,
  • Pronunciation of translative morpheme was lately -ssi e.g. tēssi (" for the journey "), mälehtühsessi (" for memory ") Pronunciation of translative morpheme was -hsi in the 19. century e.g. tšivehsi (" stone " singular translative ), sue̮hsi (" wolf " singular translative, Jõgõperä ). — “Votian Translative - Wikiversity”,
  • Satu Blogs. Includes Couple Nono and Jennifer, Ribu, Devices Could Arrive, Satu Negara Satu Nombor, Pavilion, Pushes Forward, Traffic Jam, Happening, Pachal and Fable information plus more related topics on Satu Blogs (Congress, Decades, Least, Translative) @ ". — “Satu Blogs (Congress, Decades, Least, Translative) @”,
  • Translative definition, of or pertaining to the transfer of something from one person, position, or place to another. See more. — “Translative | Define Translative at ”,
  • Sioux. Includes Accusative, Minnesota, Elative, Illative, Adessive, Ablative, Allative, Essive, Translative and Instructive information plus more related topics on . — “Sioux (Sioux Falls, Genitive, Partitive, Inessive”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. translative. — “Translative - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • causal (causative), and translative cases, and contrasts them with the equivalent expressions (mainly translative case in Hungarian falls within the result and purpose functions; moreover, the translative. — “Cognitive-typological approach to the Hungarian Causative case”,

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  • Bernard LeVautour- "Dundee, Beaker; A Tri-translative-Performance-Act; A Riff on W.N. Herbert in Broken Academic Vernacular." (Poetry) For a graduate seminar, Amanda Wlock and Bernard P. Proven...
  • The Psyche ruminations on the unconscious.

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  • “Satu Blogs. Includes Couple Nono and Jennifer, Ribu, Devices Could Arrive, Satu Negara Satu Nombor, Pavilion, Pushes Forward, Traffic Jam, Happening, Pachal and Fable information plus more related topics on”
    — Satu Blogs (Congress, Decades, Least, Translative) @,

  • “Inspiration and Cultural Commentary by Lesbian, Gay, Bi***ual and Transgender-Affirming Spiritual Leaders In short, Jay reminds us that spirituality - and, yes, religion, too - are meant to be not only translative but also transformative”
    — Gay Spirituality Blog: September 2009,

  • “Andrew Cohen's Blog. June 24, 2010. The Ever-Unreasonable Nature of Spirit. A Response to the German Integrales Forum by Andrew Before reading Andrew Cohen's response to the Integrales Forum below, you can download the original position paper here (PDF), or find it on”
    — The Ever-Unreasonable Nature of Spirit - Andrew Cohen's Blog,

  • “Dear
Forum, Thank
an to
    — Andrew Cohen_German Integrales Forum Position Paper Response,

  • “The idea of translative adaptation is proposed by Keiji Maegawa, an. economic This idea is essentially the same as Maegawa's translative adaptation discussed”
    — online document,

  • “blog (plural blogs) (Internet) A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, (bóluò), 網誌 cmn(cmn), 网志 cmn(cmn) (wǎngzhì) Croatian: blog hr(hr) m”
    — blog - Wiktionary,

  • “You're Going to Be a Star: Post Your AQAL Essays on This Site home what's new professional personal cultural social cool stuff. site design by ursa minor”
    — + - blog,

  • “The Dark Night of the Soul - Is modern christianity transormative. Translative belief ensures the believer is made happy in their grasping (the 'good god' looks after me), content in their enslavement, complacent in the screaming fear that is their innermost companion”
    — The Dark Night of the Soul - Is modern christianity transormative,

  • “[Archive] We can handle the native Chinese simplified PC Tools Firewall Plus send the lang file on the forum. I just want to know,can our native Chinese simplified translative activity get your support and endorsement?”
    — We can handle the native Chinese simplified [Archive] - PC,

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