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  • The society publishes the monthly Translational Research and holds an Annual Conference that contains over 300 papers, posters, lectures and state-of-the-art forums. Translational Research is known and respected around the world. — “Translational Research - Home”,
  • Definition of translational in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of translational. Pronunciation of translational. Translations of translational. translational synonyms, translational antonyms. Information about translational in the free online. — “translational - definition of translational by the Free”,
  • The Society for Clinical and Translational Science The discipline of clinical and translational science encompasses a broad spectrum of research, extending from basic discoveries with implications for human health to community-based epidemiologic and health services studies – and. — “The Society for Clinical and Translational Science > Home”,
  • The Translational Research Working Group (TRWG) was established in the summer of 2005 to Over the span of two years, the TRWG reviewed NCI's current intramural and extramural translational research portfolio (within the scope of the TRWG mission), facilitated broad community input, invited public. — “Translational Research Working Group - National Cancer Institute”,
  • Center for Translational Innovation. Welcome to the Center for Translational Innovation. We are working hard to make sure that NUCATS investigators can move their work from the bench to the bedside as easily as possible, and helping remove obstacles along the way. — “Center for Translational Innovation”,
  • Clinical and translational science can no longer be considered to be Rewards and recognition are also problem areas for translational researchers, because the demands and needs for effective, productive translational research are not always those that produce the individual. — “Feature - Translational Research”,
  • Welcome to The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) HUB. The online community resource for translational medical research and outreach in Indiana. This is a joint project by Indiana University and Purdue University,. — “IndianaCTSI Home Page”,
  • Translational Research Series: Is translational research in your future? Duke Translational Medicine Institute | Duke School of Medicine | Duke School of Nursing | Duke University. — “DTMI”,
  • Translational Science is a particular branch of scientific knowledge. Translational Science and Translational Scientific Research touches the lives of all people. — “Translational Science”,
  • Scientists are increasingly aware that this bench-to-bedside approach to translational research is really a two-way street. Basic scientists provide clinicians with new tools for use in patients and for assessment of their impact, and clinical. — “Translational Research - Overview”,
  • The Institute for Translational Sciences facilitates team based translational research that impacts human health and whose goals are to enhance the scope of translational research at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB). — “ITS - Institute for Translational Sciences”,
  • Translational Medicine Technology is a latest discipline of small scale technology that is used for drug delivery, tissue engineering and Bioassays. Get latest news and info about Translational Medicines. — “Translational Medicine Blog | Translational Medicine”,
  • Journal of Translational Medicine's. Tumor Immunology and Biological Cancer Therapy Journal of Translational Medicine is an open access journal. — “Journal of Translational Medicine”, translational-
  • The mission statement of the Scripps Translational Science Institute is to innovate, transform, and fully integrate clinical and translational research. — “Scripps Translational Science Institute”,
  • The mission of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is to make and translate genomic discoveries into advances in human health. 'Translational genomics research' is a relatively new field employing innovative advances arising from. — “TGen Home Page”,
  • Translational Technologies, Resources and Methodologies. Pilot and Collaborative Studies Clinical and Translational Science Center | 2921 Stockton Blvd. Suite 1400 | Sacramento, CA 95817 | Phone: (916) 703-9184. — “UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center”,
  • The Institute for Translational Health Sciences, ITHS, is a CTSA awardee located primarily in the Seattle region of Washington state that works closely with researchers, clinicians, and the community in the entire WWAMI region - Washington,. — “Institute of Translational Health Sciences | Institute of”,
  • Translational medicine is an emerging view of medical practice and interventional epidemiology, as a natural 21st century progression from Evidence-Based Medicine. Translational Research is the underlying basis for Translational Medicine 'the process which leads from evidence based medicine. — “Translational medicine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This is an onling open-access not-for-profit journal dedicated to the translational research in medicine. — “American Journal of Translational Research---Open Access”,
  • The online version of Translational Research on ScienceDirect, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text publications in science, technology and health. — “ScienceDirect - Translational Research, Volume 156, Issue 6”,
  • Translational Neuroscience program to identify strengths and gaps in the funded science. Translational Neuroscience Presentations were explored several research topics. — “Translational Neuroscience USA”,

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  • 簡単な背景を述べる さらに詳細な研究の背景 研究テーマに関しては 上のリンクを参照して欲しい 戻る 2 葉緑体への蛋白質輸送 私がこれまで実際に研究テーマとして携わってきたのは 物質の輸送といっても蛋白質の輸送 特に生体膜を介した輸送 すなわち膜透過で
  • et al 2007 Mathonnet et al 2007 Thermann and Hentze 2007 Wakiyama et al 2007 These new findings indicate that miRNAs inhibit translation at early steps of initiation Full View
  • Full View
  • Graphical representation of the poly A derived RNA binding protein supercluster obtained by the CLANS algorithm Each dot represents a protein sequence and each line connecting two
  • and partnering with companies and government agencies supporting global IT standards to create export opportunities through advanced knowledge encapsulation see figure
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  • standard high Figure 3 Immunizations with DCs loaded with Eph A2 derived peptides inhibit the growth of both EphA2 positive and EphA2 negative tumors A C57BL 6 mice received 1 × 105 MCA205 cells s c on day 0
  • 935 x 566 100 8kB Site 867 x 540 70kB Site
  • poster gif
  • to participate in clinical and translational research Here two students display the results of their research project that involved an improved way to detect kidney disease Download Photo 103KB JPG The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio San Antonio TX
  • as compared with the average expression of the no treatment controls Red represents up regulation versus control green down regulation versus control while black indicates no change View Figure S1 Date last modified 06 13 08
  • Download PDF Pathway Description eIF4F and p70 S6 kinase play critical roles in translational regulation eIF4F is a complex whose functions include the recognition of the mRNA 5 cap structure eIF4E
  • the link between SUMO and ubiquitin pathways using Gam1 as a molecular tool iii to try to provide a function for SUMO modification on known corepressor complexes fig 3 HDACs as targets for cancer therapy +zoom 2 Role of HDACs in the maintenance of cancer
  • ethics and bioinformatics to further translate basic science discoveries into improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases Photo by Vivian Borek Download Photo 33KB JPG Harvard University Cambridge MA
  • Download Photo 68KB JPG The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill NC
  • standard high Figure 1 Suppression of morphine 6 glucuronide induced vomiting and retching in ferrets with Zangrado and the effects of CB1 receptor antagonism with AM 251 Ferrets treated with the opioid
  • <span id= time >1 45 p m < span>Dan Dorsa Ph D vice president
  • TranslationalImages jpg
  • 10 59 83 678910 gif 04 Jul 2002 10 59 28K 678910 html 19 Aug 2002 21 45 1 0K four html 19 Aug 2002 21 45 1 1K four png 04 Jul 2002 10 59 15K lemontwist html 19 Aug 2002 21 45 1 1K lemontwist png 04 Jul 2002 10 59 27K ostartiles gif
  • Modelica Mechanics T > 21 Jun 2000 00 49 1 5K Modelica Mechanics T > 21 Jun 2000 00 49 1 2K Modelica Mechanics T > 21 Jun 2000 00 49 12K
  • Lab Members
  • intersection of genomics proteomics and glycomincs and their influence on disease She is researching how a piece of chromosome 9 called 9p21 contributes to heart disease Download Photo 48KB JPG Stanford University Palo Alto CA
  • X
  • standard high Figure 2 Relative proportions of CD34+ and or 133+ cells in different sources Percentages of their summed populations of CD34 + cells negative for CD133 expression blue CD133 + cells negative
  • electrophysiologists and nuclear medicine specialists apply the latest advances in molecular biology imaging and pharmacology to diagnose and treat epilepsy Download Photo 70KB JPG The Ohio State University Columbus OH
  • Liverpool arena
  • Homepage screenshot 02
  • standard high Figure 3 Incubation of PBMC and tumor cells for 48 h enhanced the sensitivity of the tumor IFN γ ELISPOT assay Pre white columns and postvaccine grey columns PBMC 1 × 105 cells well were
  • acts as a molecular switch to control L7 binding and plays a pivotal role in positioning one L7 CTD monomer on the G0 subdomain of EF G to regulate EF G turnover during protein synthesis
  • Dr Sheryl Moy Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Project Administrator
  • progression and or cell differentiation Additionally we have found a polymorphism in the protein sequence that can be mistaken with lysine methylation if the ***ysis is not rigorous
  • Presently two major projects are being pursued in the lab fig 2 HDAC1 and its post translational modifications +zoom 1 Sumoylation
  • for efficacy in animal models followed by testing in clinical trials and then to disseminate information on the best treatments and practices to the community Translational Research There is a unique opportunity for interactions between basic and clinical scientists at the Brain and Spinal Injury Center The strong clinical training program in Neurotrauma at SFGH
  • Download Photo 735KB JPG 2007 Awardees The following descriptions are excerpts from the CTSA applications and reflect proposed activities
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  • Gold cluster red Au6000 hit by Au402 from below at its perimeter The cluster has left the interaction zone of the graphite blue Yellow small Au clusters not connected
  • Suvannasankha M D assistant professor of medicine are employing proteomics tools to find biomarkers for multiple myeloma at Indiana University School of Medicine Download Photo 417KB JPG Northwestern University Evanston and Chicago IL
  • i2b2clustering jpg
  • i2b2***ysis jpg
  • Homepage screenshot 01

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  • “In partnership with the Cardiac Electrophysiology Society (CES) for the second year, the Basic/Translational Science Forum, Novel Targets to Cure Cardiac Arrhythmias, takes place on Wednesday, May 12 and will focus on the following topic areas:”
    — Basic/Translational Science Forum,

  • “MRI Metal Detector Blog. Info on ferromagnetic detection and MRI safety & screening. Posts Tagged translational' NOT Magnet Safe Scissors! Tuesday, July 6th, 2010. Last year I highlighted an FDA MRI accident report in which a technologist had”
    translational " MRI Metal Detector Blog,

  • “Open Forum/Symposium. Recommendations to Vice Chancellor for Research, Provost, and and clinical sciences through ongoing translational research programs”
    — Digital Photography,

  • “Winston-Salem, N.C. A spray-on skin product and an injectable cell therapy for heart attack patients are among 17 regenerative medicine technologies that will be showcased during the Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum, set for April 6-8 in Winston-Salem”
    Translational regenerative medicine event to feature venture,

  • “The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded in 1993 by ESPN and the late Jim Valvano, legendary North Carolina State basketball coach and ESPN commentator. Since 1993, the Foundation has raised more than $80 million to fund cancer research”
    Translational " Jimmy V Foundation Blog,

  • “The Wall Lab's website in the Center for Biomedical Informatics, or CBMI. The CBMI gave 12 talks at a recent series of conferences on translational medicine in Japan, read the news here. dennis's blog. Login to post comments. About our Lab. Our lab is interested in computational approaches to”
    Translational medicine in Japan,

  • “The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), UAB's NIH-funded Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA)”
    — CTSA UAB Center of Clinical & Translational Science (CCTS,

  • “The Translational Medicine Alliance Forum will be hosted by three philanthropies with the The Forum brings together leaders of the academic, pharmaceutical,”
    — 2010 Translational Medicine Alliance Forum - ,

  • “The second annual Translational Medicine Alliance Forum is drawing interest from a diverse mix of organizations and leaders interested in moving medical discoveries from the lab to the market.Founded by the Kauffman Innovation Network and the”
    Translational Medicine Alliance Forum 2009: Seeding,

  • “"The Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum is designed to be the premiere international event for leaders Translational Forum attendees will include executives from biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device, and regenerative medicine companies;”
    Translational Regenerative Medicine Forum Sets Stage for,

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