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  • Text in a foreign language can be typed, and if "Detect Language" is selected, it will not only detect the language but also translate it into English by default. Google Translate, like other automatic translation tools, has its limitations. — “Google Translate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Translation and Localization service in over 141 languages. Professional translation and free online translators. — “Language Translation | Translate Free Online”,
  • Language translation software, translate web pages, translation of e-mail, messages, language translator for manuals and books. — “Translation Experts”,
  • The contents should be a translation of Example Content. Note that the page name is made up of the language code and the translated title, separated by a colon (:). See Naming Translated Pages below for additional details. To Es:Contenido del Ejemplo add:. — “CcWiki:Translate - CC Wiki”,
  • Follow Google Translate at , your source for real time news, quotes, tweets, trends, photos and videos. — “Google Translate - News - Evri”,
  • Free full text language translations at . Free online translator and multilingual dictionary for over 50 foreign languages. — “Full Text Translator, Language Translation | Free”,
  • Language translator used for translating text or web pages from English and other languages to French, German, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, and others. — “Yahoo! Babel Fish Translator”,
  • SDL is the world's number 1 provider of free and professional language translation services for websites and documents. Translate from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Norwegian. — “”,
  • Try the online translator and discover the full range of translation solutions developed by SYSTRAN for business and individual users. — “Systran Software, Inc”,
  • Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese,. — “Google Translate”,
  • translate v. , -lated , -lating , -lates . To render in another language. To put into simpler terms; explain or interpret (1) To change one language into another; for example, assemblers, compilers and interpreters translate source language into machine language. — “translate: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • A skilled translator: Has a clear understanding of both the target and source languages Translation is much more than just looking up words in a dictionary. — “J-Translate - Japanese to English Translation Services”,
  • Georgian English and English Georgian online dictionary. — “TRANSLATE.GE :: Georgian English - English Georgian online”,
  • I've observed a lot of individuals, like renowned ones like David Beckham, wear However, the advancement in technology has made it quite feasible for everyone to afford an online version of these interpreters for easy word-to-word translation of almost any language under the sun. — “Chinese Tattoo Symbol - Translate Your Words Or Names Into”,
  • Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech,. — “Google Translate”, .my
  • Panaji, Nov 25 (IANS) Noted Hindi poet and lyricist Gulzar will translate the lyrics of Rituparno Ghoshs latest Bengali film Nauka Dubi which premiered at the 41st International Film Festival of. — “Gulzar to translate Tagore poetry in Hindi for Nauka Dubi”,
  • Translation Centers Network. Online Translations. Interpretations services. Professional Translators from all over the world. Based on professional translators and editors from all over the world. — “Fast Translate: Translation Centers Network”,
  • is a localisation platform for translation communities, language communities, and free and open source projects. Translation memories, machine translation, message documentation. — “ – free & open-source software translation wiki”,
  • For some translations, Songbird may not offer full support for your We realize this greatly decreases the quality of these translations. If your locale is. — “català-valencià - Translate Songbird”,
  • Free online multilingual translation for English, French, German, Russian and Spanish languages. — “ : Online 53 languages text translation and”,
  • Translated search. Type a search phrase in your language. Google will find results in other languages and Translate text. Translate a web page. Use the Google Interface in Your Language. Set the Google homepage, messages, and buttons to. — “Language Tools”, .my
  • If you would like to translate Camfrog please click Sign On Now, then type your Camfrog nickname and password, choose the language you would like to translate and press the Sign On button. If you have any ideas or questions about Camfrog Translation please feel free to contact us. — “Camfrog Translation Project”,
  • adalah kamus besar online Inggris Indonesia. Kamus dwibahasa ini disediakan secara gratis. (voice by Microsoft® Translator) Error: It seems your browser doesnt' support cookies. — “ - - Free Indonesian English Translator”,

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  • Google Translate singing 'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj, covered by Google Translate. Google™ and Young Money Entertainment are in no way affiliated. Music and lyrics property of Young Money Entertainment, vocals property of Google™. pop***
  • Al Bano & Romina Power - Liberta (Bulgarian translate) The best song forEVER
  • George Michael - Careless Whisper - (bg.translate,pic.) George Michael - Careless Whisper - bg.sub.pic.
  • Google Translate for Animals: A Sheep Introducing Google Translate for Animals, a new application that can help you communicate with your pet.
  • Text Translation on Google Translate Google Translate is a tool that allows you to translate text, documents and webpages between over 50 languages. Here Josh Estelle, software engineer on the team, gives a quick demo of the new features for text translation. Try it now at .
  • Google Translate singing 'Judas' by Lady Gaga "Judas" by Lady Gaga, covered by Google Translate. Google™ and Interscope Records are in no way affiliated. Music and lyrics property of Interscope Records, vocals property of Google™. pop*** Download Google Translator's album "The Singles, Vol. 1"
  • Tiger Translate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam TIGER TRANSLATE - a great creative gathering of East and West in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Watch this and experience the ultimate combination of East & West, Art & Music, Creativity & Collaboration in an ancient city. Unique!
  • Introducing Word Lens Word Lens -- download now on the App Store, and purchase language packs when you need them! Languages currently available using in-app purchase: - Spanish to English - English to Spanish Try the demo modes first to get a sense of the technology in action -- reverse or erase Spanish and English words! Check us out at: Now available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, and iPod Touch 4. Word Lens can instantly translates printed words from one language to another using the video camera on your iPhone. No network delay, no roaming fees, and no reception problems. Word Lens is a dictionary -- evolved. It looks up words for you, and shows them in context. You can use Word Lens on your vacations to translate restaurant menus, street signs, and other things that have clearly printed words. Word Lens has its limits. Sometimes the translation will have mistakes, and may be hard to understand, but it usually gets the point across. If a translation fails, there is a way to manually look up words by typing them in. Word Lens does not read very stylized fonts, handwriting, or cursive. Try it, and tell us what you think!
  • How to translate online dating profiles | Smart Talk About Love Dying to try online dating, but worried that the guy that you're digitally winking at is really a cyber stalker? Then watch Love U's "Online Dating Translator."YourTango is your source for smart talk about love, ***, dating and relationships. Whether you're married, single, taken, engaged or "it's complicated," check out our videos for the best love and relationship news,entertainment and advice. Follow us on Twitter Become friends on Facebook: | Smart Talk About Love
  • Translate Kesha Tick Tock Lyrics .... GloZell The Kesha Lyrics to hit song Tic Tock Lyrics are a cry for help. So I will ... LOL ( SO ment to say Double A (AA) insted of Tripple A (AAA) ... ha ha ha... funny
  • Google Beatbox Translate Demo Google beatbox via Google Translate
  • Google Translate singing 'Firework' by Katy Perry "Firework" by Katy Perry, covered by Google Translate. Google™ and Captiol Records are in no way affiliated. Music and lyrics property of Captiol Records, vocals property of Google™. pop*** Download Google Translator's album "The Singles, Vol. 1"
  • Google Translate singing 'Hold It Against Me' by Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears, covered by Google Translate. Google™ and Jive Records are in no way affiliated. Music and lyrics property of Jive Records, vocals property of Google™. pop***
  • The Google Translate Test w. Nikka Costa! me and Nikka Costa put Google Translate to the Ultimate test by running the lyrics of Bruno Mars's Grenade thru 9 languages then back to English. Then sing the results. I honestly think it did pretty well...with the exception of losing a baby in the process! lol Nikka's Channel: My iPhone, iPod, iPad App: Also available on the Android platform. Go to the Android market and type "DeStorm" My Facebook: My Twitter: Snail Mail PO Box: DeStorm Power PO Box 461749 LA, CA 90046
  • Google Translate singing 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga as performed by Google Translate. © 2011 Interscope Records Written by Paul Blair, Fernando Garibay, Stefani Germanotta & Jeppe Breum Logo © 2011 Google Inc. Google™/Interscope Records are in no way affiliated.
  • Conversation mode in Google Translate Transcription: (That's pretty cool and you can try it out) But what I want to do today is, I actually want to show you a preview of a feature that we've been working on for a little while—it won't be out for a few months. It's called "conversation mode" in Google Translate. And for that I'm going to invite my colleague Kyle Overbeck on stage to help me out. Please keep in mind this is experimental, so it may or may not work perfectly. Nice to see you, Kyle. Hold on. So we're in Germany. I know, yes. So, Kyle, I'm a tourist and you're a salesman at a local shoe store here in Berlin. So I'm going to start "conversation mode" here, and you'll notice that I have a button in English and you have a button in German. So our conversations would probably go something like this: —Do you have the shoes in size 41? "Sie haben die Schuhe in Größe 41." —Welche Farbe? "Which cable?" Try it again. —Welche Farbe? "What color?" —Black or brown would be fine. "Schwarz oder braun wäre schön." —Wir haben schwarz und braun. "We have black and brown." —Can you give me a discount if I take both? "Können Sie mir einen Rabatt, wenn ich beide nehmen?" —Zwanzig Prozent. "Twenty percent" That's a deal! Vielen Dank.
  • [Karaoke] 2NE1 - Ugly [Thaisub] ( Thai Lyric & Translate ) ดาวน์โหลดนะครับ :: Thai Lyrics :: narakorn Thai Trans :: narakorn Thanks :: Melon l Chichan-Onew l GEE @ ygladies Time / QC. :: narakorn Encode / ETC. :: narakorn FX :: DiaNgucMau l karalaura100 l pyointa2001
  • How to translate text Watch more videos like this at
  • Translate for Google Chrome Translate the internet with Chrome by Google.
  • Максим Maksim - Ветром Стать ( become wind ) Translate:in english: When I die I'll become wind And will live above your roof. When you die, you'll become the sun And will still be above me. I'll be following you as autumn wind around the world, You won't realize it and I will whisper to you insensibly: "Oh, my sun, where are you?" But please don't become the sun yet, I'll sing the songs to you from the roof, I'll be again the one due to whom you breathe, It's only left to become wind. I'm only gonna wait for your smile And listen to your recordings, Take snowflakes away from your eyelashes, It's only left to become wind. When I die I'll become wind, I will cover the ground with the first snow, I will laugh and follow you all over the world And there will be no one happier than me. When you die you'll become the sun And will steal my frost And mimosa will be in blossom in gardens And the heart's ice will melt to tears. But please don't become the sun yet, I'll sing the songs to you from the roof, I'll be again the one due to whom you breathe, It's only left to become wind. I'm only gonna wait for your smile And listen to your recordings, Take snowflakes away from your eyelashes, It's only left to become wind.
  • Katy Perry - Pea*** (Google Translate Cover) credit to pop***, posted by
  • Google Translate singing '***age Dream' by Katy Perry "***age Dream" by Katy Perry, covered by Google Translate. Google™ and Captiol Records are in no way affiliated. Music and lyrics property of Captiol Records, vocals property of Google™. pop***
  • Lady Gaga - Poker face (google translate edition) Funny video of google translate singing Poker face!
  • Bebe malo (μετάφραση-translate) the song malo from the singer bebe with its lyrics and the lyrics in greek translation!! leave your comments!!!!to my first video!
  • Tiger Translate goes to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Tiger Translate is Tiger Beer's global initiative to bring the best of Asian creativity to the World and the World's best to Asia. Tiger uncovers the best emerging and established Artists and fosters East-West creative collaborations in cities all over the World. Tiger Beer is a leading Asian beer brand enjoyed in over 70 countries around the World.
  • Inside Google Translate Have you ever wondered how Google Translate creates your translations?
  • Wieden + Kennedy - Portlandia on IFC Julia runs into some obstacles on her first day at Wieden + Kennedy, from Portlandia episode 4.
  • Google Demo Slam: Extra Spicy | Three girls use Google Translate to call a real Indian restaurant and order in Hindi for their Demo Slam. This demo is the real deal; nothing was faked. Try it now
  • Web Tips: Translate Youtube Videos This video shows you how to add closed captioning and translation to your Youtube videos using DotSub, a free online captioning service.
  • Google Translate "Conversation Mode" in action Google released an update for Google Translate which allows you to enter conversation mode (a very handy mode if you're in a country where you lack advanced language skills) This video gives a demonstration of how this feature works and how it could potentially be used. Featured on Wired and Gizmodo!
  • Introducing Google Translate for Animals Introducing Google Translate for Animals, a new application that can help you communicate with your pet.
  • Chinese Song translate to hokkien This is a hokkien version of this famous song of Zhou Chuan Xiong...TO think that hokkienese actually love this song..... Huang Hun
  • Updated Google Translate Firefox Ext. 25 languages alt fixed Download I deleted the video earlier because alt click wasn't working for a lot of people, really sorry about that. If it still doesn't work let me know. Redownload if you got the alt+click not working version. Lots of people having problems with the new youtube player, here's the video on megaupload if you want to download (h264 / mp3) Vimeo Mirror The tabmixplus developer build works on FF3 @@@{ "Group": "HowTo" }
  • David Lynch - How to Translate an Idea into Reality David Lynch aptly describes the transition of an Idea to a Reality - in somewhat abstract terms.
  • Software Tips & Lessons : How to Translate Words Into Another Language Using the Google Tool Bar To translate languages on the Google tool bar, use the "add buttons" feature to select the Google "translate" button, click on this button, type in phrase to translate and select the languages of the translation. Translate words into a different language using the Google text bar with thesetips from a software developer in this free video about computer technology. Expert: Dave Andrews Contact: Bio: Dave Andrews is a software developer with a business and Web site selling programs and other computer services in Franklin, Tenn. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
  • [Karaoke Thaisub] 2PM - I'm Your Man (Thai Lyrics & Translate) Credits Thai Lyric : imporhz Thai Translator : imporhz Timming + QC + Encode : imporhz All Credits :
  • Tamara La Distancia(bg. translate) bg.prevod.Tamara La distancia
  • Google Translate singing 'Blow' by Ke$ha "Blow" by Ke$ha, covered by Google Translate. Google™ and RCA Records are in no way affiliated. Music and lyrics property of RCA Records, vocals property of Google™. pop***
  • katherine tate language translator people commercial making fun of languages
  • Michael Bolton - Missing You Now (bg.translate.pic) prevod bg.sub.pic.Michael Bolton - Missing You Now, prevod
  • [Karaoke]Big-Bang---Haru-Haru-(Thai-Lyric-&-Translate)-by-puckkub(2) [Karaoke]Big-Bang---Haru-Haru-(Thai-Lyric-&-Translate)-by-puckkub(2) Credit by puckkub

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