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  • Working to coordinate and direct a cooperative observational effort which will allow experienced amateur astronomers and small college observatories to discover transiting extrasolar planets. — “”,
  • A lunar transit of the sun captured during calibration of the STEREO B spacecraft's ultraviolet imaging cameras. The term transit or astronomical transit has three meanings in astronomy:. — “Astronomical transit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of four of Saturn's moons transiting the planet in February 2009. From the earth, the only planetary transits we can see are those of Mercury and Venus, because those are the only planets that can be between us and. — “Transits”,
  • When necessary changes aren't made, Saturn transits tend to force them. This, to ancient peoples, was regarded as disaster. What Saturn transits really do is bring things to a conclusion. Saturn transits simply tend to bring us the results of our actions, for better or worse. — “Astrology Lessons - Saturn Transits 18.4”,
  • Transits definition, the act or fact of passing across or through; passage from one place to another. See more. — “Transits | Define Transits at ”,
  • Buy transits at BizRate, the best price comparison search engine on the web. Shop, compare and save when you buy online. — “transits - Online Shopping at BizRate. Black Friday Deals 2010”,
  • Encyclopedia article about transits. Information about transits in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “transits definition of transits in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • The passages of the planets over birth positions are called transits. For example, transits of fast-moving planets often tell of opportunities, health, moods and states of mind that pass fairly quickly. — “Transits - Astrodienst”,
  • Cafe Astrology offers interpretations of transits as a tool for predicting the future. — “Transits in Astrology: Predictions”,
  • The Black Drop Effect During Transits "I had a feeling once about Mathematics that I saw it all. Depth beyond depth was revealed to me the Byss and Abyss. I saw as one might see the transit of Venus a quantity passing through infinity and changing its sign from plus to minus. — “The Black Drop Effect During Transits”,
  • Data, images and info about SOHO and STEREO's comet discoveries Transits of Objects through the LASCO/C3 field of view (FOV) in 2010. The following list was compiled by Michal Kusiak and Michael. — “SOHO and STEREO Sungrazing Comets”,
  • The timing of the events that are to take place is intertwined with the transit of the planets. Avoid making decisions or fixing important events during weak transits of planets based on your horoscope. — “Vedic Astrology - Transits”,
  • Transits operate like a pen highlighting words on a page - they draw our attention to a By understanding the meaning behind a specific transit we can understand the deeper meaning of events - both on a global scale as well as within. — “Astrology Insights”,
  • This is NASA's official planetary transits page. It contains maps and tables for 7,000 years of transits. — “NASA - Planetary Transits Page”,
  • A transit of Venus is like a solar eclipse but instead of the Moon being in line between the Earth and Sun it is the planet Venus that is directly in line. You can hardly fail to notice a solar eclipse because the Moon, being about the same apparent size as the Sun, blocks it out. — “Transits of Venus”, .gg
  • In the run-up to the 2004 transit of Venus, I became obsessed with one of those silly questions which, once they sink their claws into one's mind, won't go away without being answered yes or no. Is there ever a simultaneous transit of Mercury and Venus visible from the Earth?. — “Quarter Million Year Canon of Solar System Transits”,
  • When looking at transits, are you trying to compare transiting planets aspecting natal planets, or transiting planets aspecting other transiting planets, or do you look at both? Could you also recommend a book on transits that is thorough and extensive. — “Interpreting Transits”,
  • Transits of planets in astrology, live current planetary hour, current zodiac position of moon,lunar phases in real time, current planetary transits. — “Aquamoonlight Astrology - Transits of Planets in Astrology”,
  • FORECASTING THE FUTURE. TRANSITS. PROGRESSIONS. RETURNS > This site is a member of the Universal Psychic Guild - the largest psychic group in the world. © 2004. — “Forecasting the future”,
  • The new TRANSITS webpages. About TRANSITS. TRANSITS has been a European project to promote the establishment of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) and the enhancement of existing CSIRTs by addressing the problem of the shortage of skilled CSIRT staff. — “TRANSITS | Welcome to TRANSITS Training of Network Security”, ist-
  • Definition of transits in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transits. Pronunciation of transits. Translations of transits. transits synonyms, transits antonyms. Information about transits in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “transits - definition of transits by the Free Online”,

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  • Newsmakers: Auburn University Tiger Transit goes green Auburn University's orange and blue Tiger Transit buses are now green. The transit fleet of more than 40 vehicles has made the switch from using regular diesel fuel to biodiesel, a cleaner burning alternative fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources. AU is the first university in the state to make the switch. Auburn's leadership on alternative sources of energy starts on campus," said AU President Jay Gogue. "Tiger Transit's switch to biodiesel illustrates our commitment to improving energy security for the United States and promoting economic growth through development and use of renewable bioenergy." The switch comes at a time when ridership is at an all-time high - with a one-day record the first week of classes of more than 17000 riders - and when more than 5000 users a day are using new visualization technology to check the internet or their cell phones to see exactly when their bus will arrive. University officials worked with Groome transportation, the contract provider of the transit fleet, on the environmentally friendly transition. To see more about this research, check out Newsmakers:
  • Calgary Transit 2007 New Flyer D60LFR Here's your chance to take a short ride on one of the newest additions to Calgary transit's fleet of buses. 6 New Flyer D60LFRs were acquired by Calgary Transit in 2007 and they are assigned on rt.301, the Calgary bus-rapid-transit (BRT)route which runs between the North region of the city to the West side of Calgary.
  • Calgary Transit Recruitment Video Calgary Transit needs bus drivers and other service staff badly. The shortage is so severe that they need to help foreign bus drivers to immigrate to Canada to fill the jobs.
  • Aires Dash 8 transit at Medellin, Colombia (Quick Motion) AIRES on one of their speedy transits on a saturday evening at Medellin, Colombia. Speed is increased by a 500% of normal speed. . Film and edited by Eduardo Ocampo - Colombia Aeroimages.
  • Transit - Your Love Is A Placebo Music Video The official video for Transit's "Your Love Is A Placebo" off of his CD Insufficient Funds. Beat by Aaron Double Productions Produced by Dave Wallace of Innovate Imageworks. Buy this track on ITUNES Cast: Transit DJ Crosswalk Chelsea-Lyne Heins Ben Miller Laura Silletta Ulysses Coppard Keenan Sawatsky Nicole Troskums Thanks to Ben "Fat Ben" Miller for helping produce and shoot second camera.
  • GO Transit Orion V #2026 One of GO Transit's 2004 Suburban Orion V, #2026, navigates the course during the 2005 GO Transit Bus Roadeo and Family Day at Unionville GO Station. It uses a Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR engine and an Allison B500R transmission.
  • NOAA Satellite Observes Venus Transit in front of the Sun The NOAA Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colo., used the NOAA GOES-12 satellite space weather instrumentation to observe the passage of Venus in front of the sun. This transit of Venus is the first in 122 years. The GOES observation, using its Solar X-ray Imager, is unique because it records the sun's 2 million degree, outer atmosphere in X-rays. This observation is possible only from space, since Earth's atmosphere blocks out X-rays. The GOES-12 SXI is the only spacecraft to observe this event from space in X-rays. The animation shows the Venus transit as captured by the NOAA Solar X-ray Imager from 12:54 am to 8:44 am EDT. In the NOAA images, Venus appears as a dark disk about 1/30th the sun's apparent diameter. Since the sun's atmosphere or corona extends well above the disk seen in visible light, Venus was visible in silhouette for approximately nine hours, versus the six hours seen from Earth. The path across the disk is from the southeast to the southwest. "Historically, transits of Venus were used to determine the absolute scale of the solar system," said Ernest Hildner, director of the NOAA Space Environment Center. "For SXI, the data taken during the transit of Venus will provide benefits to understanding the SXI instrument performance and thus potentially improving space weather forecasts. There may even be a possibility of using the SXI data to study the atmosphere of Venus," he added. The GOES-12 SXI takes a full-disk image of the sun's atmosphere once ...
  • Calgary Transits New C train Cars Calgary Transit's new generation C-trains. Just Like Edmonton Transit's SD160s these new stylish cars will hit the rails in 2010 featuring new seating arrangements, state of the art security features and air conditioning!
  • JOIDES Resolution transits from Singapore to Guam | Feb 2009 Transit to Guam, during which a crew for special sea-trials will test science systems and vessel capabilities.
  • NJ Transit ALP-44 #4404 leaving Long Branch for Layover Yard NJ Transit ALP-44 #4404 at the end of a commuter train pushing out of the Long Branch train station and entering the layover yard. Leading the train is NJ Transit Comet III Cab Control Car #5010. This car was orginally owned by Metro-North and if you look closely at the bottom of the car underneath the NJ Transit logos you can still see where the old Metro-North decals were located on the side of the car.
  • SBS Transit - 1995 Volvo B10M MK IV Intercool (SBS904T) This is one of the unique powertrain at SBS Transit's B10M MK IV fleet, this bus received Volvo THD101GD engine and Voith Diwa 863 transmission instead the standard Volvo THD102KF and ZF 4HP500 transmission~~ This clip was taken when this bus running at Orchard Rd~~ Registration: SBS904T Date of first reg: 5 Sept 1995 Allocated Depot: Bedok North Allocated route: 36 (Changi Airport - Tomlinson Rd [via: Orchard Rd area]) Engine: Volvo THD101GD Transmission: Voith Diwa 863 3-speed Wrapped advert: Tangs - Shine On! (Notes: Unfortunely, the engine sound is not that really clear due to the noisy TV mobile)
  • New Jersey Transit's E60 Electrics This is from Neff Video Production's "NJ Transit Push-Pull". Shot in the summer of 1988 on either VHS or U-Matic 3/4" video tape or even MII. In 1983, New Jersey Transit aquired 10 E60 electric locomotives from Amtrak for use on trains between Newark Penn Station and South Amboy with new Comet II coaches as the older freight electrics (like GG1s & E44s) & heavyweight coaches were phased out. In 1982 electrification now extended to Matawan and in 1988 extended to Long Branch. These locomotives proved to maintainance headaches and most were taken out of service in 1991 in favor of the new ALP-44s though a few may have been in service until 1998. The one's that remained on Amtrak were rebuilt and were used on the heavier & longer Florida trains and Clockers from Philidelphia until 2003.
  • New Jersey Transit Hudson Bergen Light Rail : 22nd Street Bound Train @ 34th Street Station 22nd Street Bound train of Kinkisharyo Low Floor Light Rail Vehicles / railcars entering and exiting 34th Street Station in Bayonne Please subscribe to this profile below as he was with me on this trip!
  • Transit interviewed on CJSW Interview with Transit on CJSW 90.9 in Calgary, Alberta, January 28th, 2011. Check out Transit's Facebook page: Download Not For Clubs on iTunes:
  • GO Transit Train GO Transit's GMDD F59PH-II leads the Bombardier Bi-Levels northbound on the Stoufville line, having just stopped at the Milliken GO Station.
  • Honeymoon Transits the Panama C*** Seth and Elizabeth take their boat, Honeymoon, through the Panama C***. We were delayed a day, but all went smoothly and we enjoyed our transit through this interesting place in the world. Enjoy!
  • Calgary Transit's West LRT Route Animation Calgary's future west LRT line, an animation of the lines routing, stations and what to expect by 2012 when the line is completed. Check out for more info! There is a updated video in my videos!! Check out the new video with updated stations views and more!!!
  • Calgary Transit's West LRT Route Animation UPDATED! The west LRT route animation has been updated, check out new views updated station renderings. Get ready to ride the new line December 5 2012! Check out for more information!
  • Holographic Transits with Robert Blaschke Robert Blaschke gives this insightful lecture on the "Holographic Transits", known to some astrolgoers as recurrence transits, to the Blast Astrology Conference at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona. More amazing lectures are available at
  • USS FREEDOM LCS 1 transits Welland C*** The USS FREEDOM LCS 1 transited the Welland C*** between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Tuesday Nov 18 on her way to the ocean for the first time.
  • Chicago Transit's new escape hatches CTA's President Ron Huberman shows off new glow in the dark escape hatches.
  • The Moon transits the Earth as seen by EPOXI This animation, created by Don Lindler for the EPOXI team, shows the Moon passing directly in front of the Earth, a view impossible to see from the Earth itself. More info: EPOXI site: Higher-res version: Credit: Don Lindler/NASA/EPOXI Team
  • Winnipeg Transit Open House Vehicles on display at Winnipeg Transits' 125th anniversary open house June 2, 2007
  • Astrology series SATURN Return in Natal Chart Transit ~ Saturn Return in astrological science is considered one of the most important life transits. Part 1 is 6 minutes. Part 2 is on
  • Auckland Transits for Windows Phone 7 The Auckland Transits application for Windows Phone 7 is designed to help you get around Auckland using the train, ferry, and bus providers that are available, using various data services such as Maxx, Bing maps, and GPS. Auckland Transits includes a journey planner, whereby you enter your from location (or use the GPS to determine your current location), your destination, and the time you want to leave. You will be presented with a list of options for which journey you want to take. You can view a journey in more detail, with a clean, easy-to-use interface. Once you've selected a journey, the application's tile will be updated to show a summary of the next few key points. You can see what time, which stop/station, and what route/line number to catch next, allowing you to see, at a glance, the information that is important. Some journeys require walking between stops, and Auckland Transits can display a map showing walking directions in these instances. The application also provides a convenient interface for subscribing to train delay SMS notifications. Auckland Transits will be available shortly in the Windows Phone marketplace in New Zealand for the low price of $1.69.
  • Banging in Toronto. GO Transit Pile-driving. Spring 2009. GO Transit's promise that it will test less nerve-jangling construction techniques on the Georgetown rail line hasn't quieted the concerns of residents living near the West Toronto Diamond rail expansion. They have issued a deadline of Friday for GO to cease the ear-splitting, ground-shaking diesel piledriver operation that has been a daily feature of life in the Junction since January. In a letter last Thursday, residents asked the transit agency to issue a firm schedule today of when and where alternative techniques and noise-baffling measures will be in place. The construction, which involves driving watertight steel into the ground for a rail tunnel, is part of a massive corridor expansion. The diamond is where two sets of tracks intersect. If GO doesn't offer a firm commitment, the residents say they will ask the Canadian Transportation Agency for mediation in the dispute, something GO maintains isn't necessary. Residents also want GO to commit to landscaping the affected areas extensively. But GO isn't in a position to offer dates or assurances, and it won't stop construction, said Michael Wolczyk, the company's director of rail infrastructure. "We're not going to suspend the work. We need to finish it. This project has some big benefits for the community ... Every time a freight train goes over it is quite loud. By depressing it, it takes away that pounding, which is noise and vibration with every train." The project, Wolczyk pointed out, will allow for improved GO ...
  • Venus Transits 2004 & 2012 The transit of Venus is a rare, twice in a lifetime occurrence. Twice because it always happens in pairs, 8 years apart, but those pairs can be as much as 105.5 to 121.5 years apart. The last time this occurred before this pair began was December 6, 1882. The transit of Mercury, while not quite so rare, happens at intervals of 7, 13, or 33 years. In our time we have a very rare quadruple of transits between the two within a very short period of nine years. May 7, 2003 -- Mercury transit June 8, 2004 -- Venus transit November 8, 2006 -- Mercury transit June 6, 2012 -- Venus transit We have one left to complete the suite. And that happens to be in 2012, when the end of the Age is due. Venus plays a part in the significance of this date as it was used by the Maya to calculate cosmic time in sync with the Solar and Lunar rotations. Venus has long been associated with the Moon but happens to be closely associated with the Sun as well. Without the Sun we wouldn't see either one as the light we see from them is a reflection of Sun Light. For more Cosmic Light visit You'll see some things no one has ever seen before. Music: Waltz from Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky
  • Turkeys wait for a NJ TRANSIT train Turkeys waiting for a train at NJ TRANSIT's Ramsey Route 17 station.
  • USS San Antonio transits the Straits of Hormuz STRAIT OF HORMUZ (Jan. 08, 2008) USS San Antonio (LPD 17) Commanding Officer Commander Eric Cash and his bridge Officers watch for surface contacts while transiting the Strait of Hormuz. San Antonio id deployed to the US 5th fleet aresof responsibility supporting maritime security operations. (US Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Chad R. Erdmann / Released)
  • Wind Horse Transits Cabot Strait See how Wind Horse handles the steep, choppy seas of Cabot Strait (between Nova Scotia & Newfoundland). Find out why locals call this body of water "The Chuck"! Additional info is available at
  • Octopus transits Panama C*** The megayacht OCTOPUS transiting Miraflores locks inbound early on the 25th of April, 2008
  • I LOVE TRANSIT Citizens for Modern Transit's (CMT) 30 second educational spot on the merits of public transit for the St . Louis region including local celebrities.
  • Transit - Lights, Camera, Action live Transit performs Lights, Camera, Action (8 hour challenge) live at Dicken's Pub Jan. 28/2011. Check out Transit's facebook at
  • Transit - Outbound "Outbound" from Transit's album "Stay Home". Check out their Myspace @
  • East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (HD) This 3 minute video describes AC Transit's proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, designed to link San Leandro, Oakland, and Berkeley along the busiest bus route in the East Bay, California.
  • Greece: Corinth C*** transit, #1 On the afternoon of 24 May 2007 I was a passenger on the 10000-ton Seabourn Spirit when that vessel made a transit of the 3.9-mile (6.3-km)-long Corinth C*** from west to east. The 68.9-foot-wide (21-meter-wide) c***, constructed between 1881 and 1893, connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Aegean Sea's Saronic Gulf. Cutting through the Isthmus of Corinth, the c*** separates the Peloponnesian peninsula from the Greek mainland. In effect, the Corinth C*** creates an island out of the Peloponnesus. Although ships narrow enough to utilize the c*** can shave 400 kilometers off their journey, most of the 11000 annual c*** transits are now made for touristic purposes. Seabourn Spirit is 163 feet (49.7 meters) wide. This video clip shows the tugboat pulling Seabourn Spirit and the very steep walls of the c***. For more information, visit:
  • Federal Transit Funding Nearly every New York City metro area news outlet has reported that the MTA will propose a fare and toll increase at tomorrow's board meeting, but it isn't just the MTA that's having trouble keeping a balanced budget. NJ Transit's 2009 budget keeps fares steady but includes unspecified service cuts. Connecticut's Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority expects to raise fares in October. Across the country, transit agencies are dealing with a paradox: ridership is increasing as Americans adjust to higher fuel costs, but those higher fuel costs are forcing transit agencies to consider service cuts and fare increases. One bill passed by the US House of Representatives last month (HR 6052) would help struggling transit agencies through an appropriation of $1.7 billion in operating aid for fiscal years 2008 and 2009. The aid would cover expenses incurred by agencies that expand service or reduce fares, and would represent the first major federal aid for transit operations in years (only areas with under 50000 residents are currently eligible for federal operating assistance). With the federal surface transportation programs coming up for reauthorization in 2009, the bill could set a precedent for the federal government's role in supporting transit. Though the bill was overwhelmingly passed by the House, it does not have a sponsor in the Senate. Local and state advocates have been working to change this. NYC Councilmember Michael McMahon held a press conference today calling on ...
  • Simon Park Orchestra - Eye Level (TOTP 27-09-1973) TOP OF THE POPS (27.09.1973) -- part 7 of 7. Introduced by Noel Edmonds
  • 5. Planetary Transits Frontiers/Controversies in Astrophysics (ASTR 160) Professor Bailyn talks about student responses for a paper assignment on the controversy over Pluto. The central question is whether the popular debate is indeed a "scientific controversy." A number of scientific "fables" are discussed and a moral is associated with each: the demotion of Pluto (moral: science can be affected by culture); the discovery of 51 Peg b (morals: expect the unexpected, and look at your data); the disproof of pulsation as explanation for the Velocity Curves (moral: sometimes science works like science). Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: This course was recorded in Spring 2007.
  • Winnipeg Transit 1987 NFI - New Flyer Industries model D40 #658 A ride aboard one of Winnipeg Transit's last remaining few 1987 NFI D40's. At the time of this posting, only possibly 3 are left in active service in Winnipeg and will probably be gone when the next order of new D40LFR's arrive and enter service. At about 2:33, you will be able to get a glimpse of the rear plug style doors in operation and at the end there is a clip of the bus leaving the stop after I got off. These 1987 NFI D40's were the first production buses delivered by NFI and were delivered as #'s 631-660 to Winnipeg Transit. They are powered by the Detroit Diesel 6V71N two stroke engine and the Allison V731 transmission.
  • New Jersey Transit's RiverLINE The RiverLINE is the first successful Diesel Light Rail Vehicle line in the US, to my knowledge. It runs some 33 miles from Trenton to Camden, following the original Camden and Amboy Railroad line most of the way. Conrail still operates considerable freight service on the line.
  • NJ Transit ALP46 # 4607 Train heading southbound to Trenton, NJ

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  • “There is science to be had from transits, too. A couple hundred years ago, astronomers Tomorrow, we will talk about transits and modern science. Print this”
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  • “This is a blog where predictions about the future of the world, society, technology, and economy are made, based on mundane astrology ***ysis. This includes not only the mundane cycles of Saturn, Ur***, Neptune and Pluto, but also those of Moon”
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