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  • I will examine non-agentive transitives and argue that they should be non-agentive transitives, especially those with a Causer subject, are best. — “Unaccusative Transitives' and Burzio's Generalization”, homepage3
  • transitives. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search iv. Homophones: transitive [edit] Adjective. transitives. Feminine plural form of transitif. — “transitives - Wiktionary”,
  • Tom's Hardware > News > Special > Miscellaneous > Convert Solaris code to Linux with Transitive's new app Buyers will be able to download and evaluate the software through Transitive's web site. — “Convert Solaris code to Linux with Transitive's new app”,
  • To help enterprise computing customers accelerate datacenter migration efforts, Hitachi said that it was teaming up with Transitive so that it could provide Transitive's QuickTransit for Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux on the company's BladeSymphony 1000. — “Hitachi and Transitive Team to help Migrate from SPARC”,
  • As with the first digital computer (nicknamed the 'Baby' by its inventors), the innovative technology behind Transitive's successful cross-platform virtualization solutions was pioneered at the University of Manchester. Transitive's development team is based in Manchester, and includes. — “Cross-Platform Virtualization Software Company Sponsors”, virtualization.sys-
  • Transitive's QuickTransit(TM) Software Expands Support to All Silicon Graphics(R) Intel(R) Itanium(R) 2 Processor-based Platforms. — “Transitive's QuickTransit(TM) Software Expands Support to All”,
  • More on objectless transitives and ergativization patterns in English More on objectless transitives and ergativization patterns in English. Maarten Lemmens. Abstract. In two relatively recent papers, Goldberg provides a valuable ***ysis of transitive constructions without an overt object, as in She. — “Lemmens”,
  • predicates are in fact not regular transitives at all, but rather, concealed clausal complement This suggests that Larson et al.'s (1997) ***ysis for intensional transitives. — “Intensional transitives and silent HAVE: Distinguishing”,
  • Through the agreement, Hitachi will feature Transitive's award-winning QuickTransit for Solaris™/SPARC-to "Transitive's QuickTransit product running on Virtage represents the industry's first enterprise-class. — “Embedded Intel® - Hitachi Teams with Transitive to Accelerate”,
  • Transitive's Dynamite A/M is providing Alchemy with a "Synthetic ARM" CPU software engine that enables their family of products to translate ARM binary code to MIPS binary code. "Transitive's goal is to enable OEMs to use the best processor available, which is why we collaborated with Alchemy. — “Transitive Technologies and Alchemy Semiconductor Collaborate”,
  • The planned deal should enhance IBM's competitive programs, because migrating Unix users have been the target for most of Transitive's early business. Verify the status of Transitive's relationship with hardware/OS vendors if you are using Transitive emulation for non-IBM platforms. — “Transitive Buy to Boost IBM Cross-Platform Virtualization”,
  • The program will help ensure the compatibility of Transitive's award-winning QuickTransit® software with the Egenera® BladeFrame® system. For more information, please visit Transitive's Web site at . — “Transitive(R) Joins Egenera Alliance Program”,
  • Transitive's claim to fame is translating instruction sets and providing lightweight runtime environments between processor families. For example, when Apple went Intel instead of PowerPC, Transitive's technology was a key part of keeping their customers happy. — “The Speculation Game -- IBM Buys Transitive - Chuck's Blog”,
  • Silicon Graphics announced QuickTransit's first availability in October 2004 on its Prism These systems, which use Itanium 2 processors and the Linux operating system, use. — “QuickTransit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Start-up Transitive plans to release software to run Sparc-on-Solaris software on Linux-on-Xeon. A CNET article by Stephen Shankland, Staff Writer, Sparc-Solaris software generally runs faster on Xeon-Linux using Transitive's software than on machines with Sun's 1.5GHz UltraSparc IV+ chips. — “Sparc-on-Intel translator due in weeks - CNET News”,
  • Transitive's highest profile event to date came in June 2005 at an Apple Computer event in San Francisco, when CEO Steve Jobs demonstrated on stage Transitive's part in Apple's plans to migrate from PowerPC to Intel CPU chips. In the beginning ". — “Case study: Transitive (The University of Manchester)”,
  • Apple has been Transitive's most public customer, using QuickTransit in its Rosetta Transitive's software also runs under Hyper-V so that you run the SPARC app in, say, SuSE. — “IBM gets into server transit business • Channel Register”,
  • This, in itself, is not new; however, the speed at which Transitive's product, called Dynamite, can run translated applications is far faster than The basic ideas for Dynamite are based upon conclusions made by Transitive's CTO and founder Alasdair Rawsthorne while teaching at the University of. — “Transitive demonstrates CPU morphing software | Default”,
  • Transitives definition, having the nature of a transitive verb. See more. — “Transitives | Define Transitives at ”,
  • . — “”,
  • Simple Statements. Transitives. Intransitives. Reflexives & Reciprocals Transitives. Sign in Recent Site Activity Terms Report Abuse Print page | Powered by. — “Tibetan Dwarvish: Transitives”,
  • transitive's blog. Main Communities Menu. Cool Solutions. Novell Forums. PartnerNet. Developer. NUI. Novell Blogs. Help. Site Map. Help. Usage. Novell Home. Communities Home. Technical Support. Technical Training. Search. Shameless Plugs. Most Popular. Last viewed: Convert man(ual) pages to PDF. — “transitive's blog | Novell User Communities”,
  • Transitive's Technical Advisory Board consists of senior executives and external technical experts who will provide Transitive's management team with expert technical and engineering management advice. Transitive's QuickTransit software technology allows other application software that has. — “Transitive Establishes Technical Advisory Board - Technology”,
  • V1' w, for transitives CVC (u-tz'a-pa-wa, utz'apa[']w "he pushes it/he pushed it") (Bricker 1986; Wald 1994; Houston Passives –h- -aj for transitives CVC (ma-ka-ja, ma[h]kaj "was covered") and –n-aj for non-CVC transitives (u-#-lu-na-ja, uCVlnaj "it was engraved") (Lacadena, in press). — “FAMSI © 2004 - Alfonso Lacadena Garcia-Gallo - The Glyphic”,

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  • “The indigenous languages of the Caucasus are known for their complex consonant systems (including ejectives and pharyngeals), complex morphology, and ergativity (identical case or other coding on subjects of intransitive verbs and direct objects”
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  • “IBM plans to buy small Silicon Valley company Transitive , which makes technology to help companies shift applications between hardware running on different pro”
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  • “Those of us the industry enjoy speculating what certain moves might mean -- especially acquisitions. One hot topic is the significance of IBM's recent acquisition of Transitive. A lot of the eye-candy used the word "virtualization" (at least they”
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  • “Lesson #2 - How the English Language Really Works Vc two-place transitives - transitive verbs whose action actually takes place within. the subject or doer of the action, or is done to the subject”
    — Lesson #2 - How the English Language Really Works,

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