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  • The Missile Defense Agency contracted the Delta Mariner to bring their support equipment to their launch site at Meck Island. The ship transited the Panama C*** en route to the Hawaiian Islands then on to Kwajalein Atoll. — “Delta mariner brings launch support equipment to Meck Island”,
  • MOSCOW, January 14 (RIA Novosti) - For a second day Ukraine's national energy company Naftogaz refused to accept Russian gas due to be transited to Europe, Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom said on Wednesday. gas, saying the company had transited 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas. — “Kiev refuses to accept Russian gas intended for Europe”,
  • 20b transited goods via Iran in calendar year. TEHRAN – More than $19.9 billion worth of goods weighing some 5.8 million tons were transited via Iran in the last Iranian calendar year (ended March 20, 2009), showing a 35 percent growth compared with the figure for the preceding year. — “tehran times : $20b transited goods via Iran in calendar year”,
  • transited. Turning Points. Submitted by ciuboda on 8 April, 2008 - 07:34. planets. transited Except for feelings of vague disgruntlement with how things are going or wistful. — “transited | Astrology Articles Database”,
  • (For full coverage of the flu outbreak, click [nFLU]) BEIJING, May 2 (Reuters) - China has suspended flights to Mexico after Hong Kong authorities confirmed a Mexican traveller who transited through the. — “China suspends Mexico flights over flu | Reuters”,
  • American planes carrying detainees to the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may have made refueling stopovers in Romania, the country's former defense minister suggested in an interview published Saturday - 2 English . — “U.S. flights carrying Guantanamo detainees may have transited”,
  • Definition of transited in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is transited? Meaning of transited as a legal term. What does transited mean in law?. — “transited legal definition of transited. transited synonyms”, legal-
  • The Americans thought the entire Center Force had retreated, but it transited the San Bernardino Strait under cover of darkness and entered the attacks by U.S. carrier planes as she transited the Sibuyan Sea. — “Japanese Navy Ships--Yamato (Battleship, 1941-1945 -- in the”,
  • The vessel then transited the Panama C*** and was officially commissioned on October 21, 1995 in Port Hueneme, California. She then transited to Everett, WA, embarked families and friends for. — “USS Stethem (DDG-63) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The DC-8 transited today to Santiago, Chile, where it will overnight before heading to Punta Arenas -- base for the 2010 Antarctic IceBridge mission! Copy & paste this HTML into your webpage. — “The DC-8 transited today to Santiago, Chile, where it will ov”,
  • The great Saturn has just transited into Leo and dramatic change of events have already begun. In which 'house' does Leo fall in your horoscope? Is it the 'House of Career' (10th House) or the 'House of Relationships' (7th House)? It is. — “Effects of Saturn's transit into Leo on 16th July, 2007”,
  • Definition of transited in the Medical Dictionary. transited explanation. Information about transited in Free online English dictionary. What is transited? Meaning of transited medical term. What does transited mean?. — “transited - definition of transited in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • A Nigerian accused of trying to blow up a passenger jet over the United States entered and left Nigeria on December 24, a day ahead of the attempt, Nigeria's information minister said Sunday. Bangkok Post : Jet bombing suspect transited Nigeria. — “Bangkok Post : Jet bombing suspect transited Nigeria”,
  • (1) Whenever any weak natal planet/MEP is transited by FM(s), it triggers a significant undesirable incident (2) Whenever any strong natal planet/MEP is transited by FM(s), it triggers a mild unfavorable incident concerning that strong. — “"Learn Astrology through Systems'Approach, "Learn Astrology”,
  • MENAFN: Robert "Bobby" Tarongoy, the overseas Filipino worker who transited through Bahrain on June 22 after his release by his Iraqi captors after eight months, has been offered a job with AMA Computer. — “Robert "Bobby" Tarongoy, the overseas Filipino worker who”,
  • Referring to the amount of goods transited via borders nationwide, Atrchian noted that Bandar Abbas, Sarakhs, Bazargan, Loftabad, Bandar Imam Khomeini and Bandar Anzali were the main border checkpoints for transited goods with Bandar Anzali ranking first. — “Goods transited via Iran up by 7%”,
  • Major planet of disruption, Saturn transited through its own sign Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and Rahu transited through Scorpio (Vrischik Rashi) around that period. Transit of both these planets (Saturn and Rahu) through these signs in the past lead to difficult times for the nation. — “Final verdict on the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir dispute? Ganesha”,
  • Mehr News Agency: Prosecutor General Qorb***i Dorri-Najafabadi said here on Wednesday that 60 percent of the illicit drugs produced in Afghanistan are transited through Iran. — “60% of Afghanistan's drugs transited through Iran " RAWA News”,
  • 20,000 US troops transited through Russia for Afghanistan. Wed Apr 14 WASHINGTON – Some 20,000 US troops headed for Afghanistan 20,000 US troops transited through Russia for Afghanistan. Wed Apr 14 WASHINGTON – Some 20,000 US troops headed for Afghanistan have traveled through Russia using cost. — “ | Pakistan News Website”,
  • Ukraine's government cancels customs monitoring of gas transited via country, News, NRCU The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has cancelled the customs monitoring of the gas transited via Ukraine. — “Ukraine's government cancels customs monitoring of gas”,
  • An independent report has cleared Berlin of knowing that the CIA transited three Egyptian terror suspects through Germany between 2001 and 2003, a newspaper report said Tuesday. The report by Joachim Jacob, rapporteur for a BND (German. — “CIA transited three terror suspects through Germany: report”,

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  • 16 00 and transited upbound through lock 1 around 19 30 arriving at the drydocks shortly thereafter Josee M departed either late today or early on the 3rd for Hamilton to tow McKeil s Le Vent to Port Weller They should arrive during the morning hours of the 3rd
  • and inoperable The watertight integrity of the pressure hull is suspect After the collision Hartford transited on the surface to Bahrain where the vessel tied up to a military pier
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  • We transited Halifax which is still digging out from 30cm a foot of snow
  • Preis EUR 23 00
  • which transited to some hand to hand combat afterwards The casts fighting sequence was awesome made better by the Wachoskis vision of how it should look with the snow falling Fantastic Acting wise I feel Susan Sarandon Mom Racer and Matthew Fox Racer X stole the show Maybe I m biased cos I m a Lost fan but I thought Matthew Fox got a chance to really play a different
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  • right of center about 3 degrees above the horizon half an hour after it transited the meridian Move your mouse cursor over the image to activate the marker for Omega Centauri Total Lunar Eclipse of August 28 2007 Click here
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  • We transited through midwater to arrive on the slopes of a sister cone which was nearly identical to the other in size and composition though it s peak was slightly shallower at 1700 meters The sea star Ceramaster see image to right and sea cucumber Laetmogone were the most commonly seen megafauna upon the talus slopes today We saw only a few corals including Anthomastus
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  • C*** Transit page | Click here to go back Ocelot transited in only 1 day but other boats took 2 days C*** Transit page |
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  • the safe loading and unloading operations of the 120 athletes of the U S Paralympics Team while they transited Kadena AB on their way to the games in Beijing China Courtesy photo Download Full Image | E mail a friend
  • The view from our room as we transited the c***
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  • On Monday 14th July this Swiss Air Force Beech 1900D transited Fairford in support of the Patrouille Suisse 69 035 a Turkish Air Force Transall provided additional support for the Turkish Stars
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  • March 26 2004 i134 photobucket com albums hart gif
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  • Artists impression of a small KBO detected by Hubble as it transited a star Credit NASA ESA While Hubble didn t image this KBO directly its detection is still quite impressive The object
  • the way to Barrow and had been invited to take part in our observing Here Willie has just had his first look at the transited Venus which Verena had seen a few moments before Willie Verena and Andy suddenly break out in a Germanic language
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  • or remain safely in an anchorage and which can reasonably be expected to occur with some regularity in the area to be transited taking into account the modifying effects of nearby land masses Acceptable conditions depend on the course to be taken relative to the wind and swell directions Bruce Van Sant in his book The Gentleman s Guide to Passages South offers a
  • On the 19th and 20th Spectacle transited the Panama C*** Given the current ridiculous delays for sailboats we were pleasantly surprised that our agent Roberto Solano was able to get us an
  • following a massive car bomb explosion in central Baghdad A second bomb also possibly carried in a vehicle exploded at the Finance Ministry Mehdi Lebouachera AFP Getty Images Aug 19 An Iraqi family reacts after a massive bomb attack in Baghdad In addition to the bombings at least six mortars rained down on two heavily transited locations in central Baghdad
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  • Our flight transited in Doha Yup that s our flight no stuck to the side of the stairs

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  • Jupiter Moons Transit - was LIVE Slooh's "Coxy" discussed live images of Jupiter's moons Io and Europa as they transited across the face of the planet. He also did a recap of what has been o...
  • USS Michael Murphy Transit NEW YORK - (Oct. 1, 2012) The guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy (DDG 112) transited through the New York harbor en route to Manhattan pier 88 in pr...
  • Cordelia Transits the Gatun Locks In December of 2012 Gail and Roy Greenwald transited the Panama C*** on their Valiant 42, Cordelia. This crossing was a highlight after their stormy sail so...
  • transit of Venus on solar tracker This is my set-up for watching the image of Venus as it transited the sun - a rare astronomical phenomenon. Why not project the sun on my 52 panel solar arra...
  • Magic Mirror was released on June 1st, Snow White transited to female warrior Magic comedy Magic Mirror, which was adapted from the well-known fairy tale Snow White will land on the mainland screen on June 1st. This film is directed by...
  • Venus Crossing Sun So Venus transited the sun and I decided to take a quick few video shots of this it was taken in Sydney Australia and it was a cloudy day so this was the bes...
  • Wang Feng transited to writer, disapproving her daughter to become a singer On May 23th, rock singer Wang Feng held a news conference at Central Conservatory of Music for his new book Goodnight Beijing.
  • Through the Errera Channel to Wilhemina Bay A time lapse taken on the ASRV Laurence M. Gould as it transited through the Errera Channel to WIlhemina Bay on the Western Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Wrath of Lights This song was created on the day Venus transited the Sun. For me it conveys the shift of the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed. The riots ...
  • Jupiter I imaged about 52000 frames of Jupiter from the Sagar School Celestron 14inch telescope, this wednesday. The duration of the captures was 66minutes (making t...
  • USS George H.W. Bush Sailors participate in 77-Day fitness and weight loss challenge. ARABIAN SEA (Sept. 19, 2011) U.S. Navy Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) process patient paperwork and participate in the 77-...
  • Two Dark Objects In Front of The Sun & Two Orb Spray Planes in a Row! 4-30-2012 Venus is Due to transit the sun on June 6th 2012 & Mercury only does so 2 times a decade it says." Innermost planet Mercury passes in front of the Sun's disk...
  • 1st Vlog: Venus, Transiting! This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Creating The 2012 Venus Transit Mayan Talisman.avi www.ka-gold-jewelry On 5-6th June we experienced one of the rarest Astronomical/Astrological events of our time! Venus transited over the face of the Sun - l...
  • International Day against Drug Abuse & Trafficking marks in Iran Ali Moayyedi, commander of Iran police narcotics division has held a press conference in Tehran. The aim of the meeting was to discuss Iran's achievements in...
  • Trafic feroviar pe M310, Km.3+6 - Timișoara, 2012 EN:A compilation showing some trains that transited Line 310 every day. Enjoy! RO:În acest material video vă prezint majoritatea trenurilor de călători și de...
  • Will Travers interviewed on Sky News In January 2013, customs officials in Hong Kong X-rayed a container which was shipped from Kenya and transited through Malaysia, finding 779 pieces of ivory ...
  • Transition of Taiwan's economic after WWII 二戰後台灣經濟轉型 - 1
  • The Moon Transits The Sun (2007.02.25) [720p] On Feb. 25, 2007 there was an eclipse of the Moon when it crossed the face of the Sun - but it could not be seen from Earth. This sight was visible only from...
  • SEVEN DEILLA PURGSTMERE 12712 SEVEN DEILLA PURGSTMERE 12712 For full artist statement and additional info go to: Translating a kaleidoscopic fractal like space of ins...
  • Spectacular Hyder-flare (31 August 2012) A Hyder-flare is a two-ribbon flare that is the result of a filament eruption outside sunspot groups. In the evening of 31 August 2012, a fine Hyder-flare oc...
  • USS FREEDOM LCS 1 transits Welland C*** The USS FREEDOM LCS 1 transited the Welland C*** between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Tuesday Nov 18 on her way to the ocean for the first time.
  • Transit_of_Venus.m4v The Transit of Venus from SSO, Siding Spring, NSW, Australia. A collaboration between the ANU/RSAA and bought the live feed of the transit to ...
  • Nautilus News Update - August 6, 2012 Stay up-to-date on the latest developments onboard E/V Nautilus. The team spent the weekend diving on the Thessaloniki mud volcano; we encountered all kinds ...
  • High-speed Recording - A normal day I've been recording a 2 hours daily day in a transited city. Look at the sun, the clouds and the vehicles. It is 2 hours in one minute.
  • GreenRubino - Sound Transit - "Ed" "Ed" is one of several spots in GreenRubino's "Voice of Reason" campaign for Sound Transit. Each commercial features the Voice of Reason, who helps people re...
  • That Day That Venus Transited the Sun, June 2012 We saw it! We went here FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 31, 2012 BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Almost no one living today...
  • Transiting the Corinth C*** In September 2009, we transited the Corinth C*** in our 37' sailboat "Gyatso". This is a short video of what it was like.
  • The Transit of Venus.mp4 On June 5, 2012 Venus transited the Sun. This is my story.
  • Ed Sheeran "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" : Bands In Transit Ed Sheeran performs "You Need Me, I Don't Need You", for his Bands In Transit Session at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. http:///bands...
  • Ed Sheeran In Transit : Bands In Transit Ed Sheeran discusses life on the road and performs three tracks for Bands In Transit with Ford, at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. http://www.facebook...
  • Panama C*** The first group of ten Oyster World Rally yachts successfully transited the Panama C***. The transit is a two-day trip; the yachts left Shelter Bay on Satur...
  • Free Birth chart Get YOUR FREE BIRTH CHART BY VISITING THE LINK http:///astrological-birth-chart.php Do functional benefic planets ever cause harm? ...
  • HMS Diamond sailors back for Christmas 21.12.12 Sailors aboard the Royal Navy warship HMS Diamond were reunited with their loved ones when it returned to Portsmouth Naval Base in time for Christmas. The Ty...
  • Shuttle Endeavour Flyover at Disneyland California The final mission of Endeavour - to boldly fly through air space never before transited by a space ship and land at LAX for transport to local public display...
  • People and Power - War on drugs - 18 June 08 - Part 1 - Hot Latest News The US counter-narcotics agencies estimate that 90 per cent of the cocaine coming into the United States from South America was transited through Mexico. Dru...
  • USS Constitution turn around
  • Lovely Hot Pink Quinceanera Dress Sweetheart Organza Beading and Ruch Ball Gown This elegant and flowing quinceanera dress features a beaded sweetheart neckline bust and a ruched bodice. Encrusted with beadings at the waist, which adds m...
  • International war on drugs conference held Iran Iran continues to battle the war on drugs. The main narcotic transited into Iran, is opium, coming directly from Afghanistan, the number one of opium produce...
  • Amitabh Bachchan Puzzled by Panditji Just a week before the music maestro, Pandit Ravi Shankar's death, Amitabh Bachchan received the first ever and of course the last phone call from him. Big B...

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  • “Permalink: http:///blog/article/00002896/ Here's an image I've been meaning to post for months, a new mosaic from Voyager 1 by Ted 35 to 22:47:48) Io completely transited the terminator, making Jupiter appear to shift in”
    — The Planetary Society Blog | The Planetary Society,

  • “Just back from the PI (yes again-was gone only 27 days LOL). I took Cebu Pacific's Clark (Angeles) -HKG flight then connected to UA's nonstop to SFO. Pilot had warned us of reports of moderate turbulence just East of Japan but it was pretty”
    — 45 Hurt on NW Flight Landing at NRT Today (Glad I Transited HK In,

  • “Does any one know the best way to bring a cat home to England. I know about Petpassport etc but it is the practicalities that ar ecausing me a headache. I have research pet chauffeur driving through the tunnel my self or flying her home. Have I”
    — Cat going to England - Spain Sale Houses: Ciudad Quesada life,

  • “Transiting through Hong Kong. Never transited there before. A long wait for the next flight around 8 hours. Anything to do there, may be internet? ne”
    — Hong Kong Airport - Thailand Forum,

  • “IDEA13 is an online network for culture in Southend. Find out what's on in Southend, share comments about local events. Create a Group Forum Group Forum Directory. artifact said 1 month, 2 weeks ago: Thurrock based artist Lata Upadhyaya's solo show Transited Eclipse', an exhibition of sculptures”
    — IDEA13,

  • “Before you post in this forum,please read and follow the instructions in this post: Transited services indicate which intermediate services have participated in this logon”
    — is it clean? - Gladiator Security Forum, gladiator-

  • “In the meantime, my mate Wotlankor has written a rather good blog entry on how to set up an Eve-Dev killboard for yourself. As we transited through Vard to the Dal gate, Jason was still in one piece and I followed Wotlankor into the attack”
    — Ombeve,

  • “The rankings are a rather crude measure of size, as they are based entirely on the quantity of IP space ultimately transited by each provider. An example of the former is Tiscali (AS 3257), which transited many more prefixes via Sprint in 2008”
    — Rising to the Top: A Baker's Dozen - Renesys Blog,

  • “Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) is a membership-based regional human rights organization in Asia and presently, it has 42 member organisations across Asia. It was founded following a consultation among human rights and”
    — Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development - Detained civil, forum-

  • “Choose the correct word in each sentence. 1. The number of people lined up for tickets transit / transited / transiting. profit / profited / profiting. In an effort to make us”
    — Grammar & Punctuation | The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation,

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