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  • to transistorize (third-person singular simple present transistorizes, present participle transistorizing, simple past and past participle transistorized) To equip an electronic circuit or device with transistors, especially to convert a device. — “transistorize - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of transistorizing from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of transistorizing. Pronunciation of transistorizing. Definition of the word transistorizing. Origin of the word transistorizing. — “transistorizing - Definition of transistorizing at”,
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  • transistorize. tran·sis·tor·ize [ tran zístə r z ] (past and past participle tran·sis·tor·ized, present participle tran·sis·tor·iz·ing, 3rd person present singular tran·sis·tor·iz·es) transitive verb. Definition: equip something with transistors: to equip a device or circuit with transistors. — “transistorizing definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
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  • Definition of transistorizing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transistorizing. Pronunciation of transistorizing. Translations of transistorizing. transistorizing synonyms, transistorizing antonyms. Information about transistorizing in the. — “transistorizing - definition of transistorizing by the Free”,
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  • Mike Cowan's Page on DIY Drones Intern transistorizing the B-58 Nav Bomb computer - then the Gemini IBM onboard computer. Project design/development engineer for the HARPOON/SLAM digital strapdown guidance/control subsystem.(hats off to Permerlani & Mahony). — “Mike Cowan's Page - DIY Drones”,
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