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  • transillumination n. The passing of a light through the walls of a body part or organ to facilitate medical inspection. — “transillumination: Definition from ”,
  • Transillumination information center covers Definition, Why is the Test Performed?, How is the Test Performed? ( Transillumination through the chest is only possible on small newborns. — “AllRefer Health - Transillumination”,
  • Article about Transillumination. Includes illustrations and topical information provided by ADAM and . — “Transillumination Medical Information”,
  • Transillumination is the shining of a light through a body cavity or organ. In general, transillumination is not a particularly good test for any of these above-mentioned disorders, and further tests, such. — “Transillumination: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia”,
  • ( Transillumination through the chest is only possible on small newborns. In general, transillumination is not a particularly good test for any of these above-mentioned disorders, and further tests, such. — “Transillumination - Lifespan”,
  • Transillumination information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Transillumination - ”,
  • Transillumination - All Information, Transillumination is the shining of a light throug. — “Transillumination - All Information”,
  • Transillumination is the shining of a light through a body cavity or organ. The room lights are dimmed or turned off so that the appropriate part of the body may be seen more easily. A bright light i. — “Transillumination | ”,
  • ( Transillumination through the chest is only possible on small newborns. In general, transillumination is not a particularly good test for any of these above-mentioned disorders, and further tests, such. — “Transillumination”,
  • Transillumination is the shining of a light through a body cavity or organ. — “Transillumination Information on Healthline”,
  • Transillumination is the shining of a light through a body cavity or organ. In general, transillumination is not a particularly good test for any of these above-mentioned disorders, and further tests, such. — “Transillumination - Tests, Test Results & Diagnosis - NY”,
  • Transillumination is the shining of a light through a body cavity or organ. In general, transillumination is not a particularly good test for any of these above-mentioned disorders, and. — “Transillumination”,
  • Transillumination is a diagnostic technique in which bright light is projected at or through an area of interest. There are no risks associated with transillumination, and the procedure is painless for the patient. — “What Is Transillumination?”,
  • Transillumination through the chest is only possible on small newborns. In general, transillumination is not a particularly good test for any of these disorders, and further tests,. — “Transillumination”,
  • In microscopy transillumination refers to the illumination of a sample by transmitted light. In medicine transillumination generally refers to the transmission of light through tissues of the body. — “Transillumination - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Located in Capitol Hill near Seattle University and offers an overview of the gallery, past events coverage, and schedule of future shows. Transillumination is a series of work by Bette Burgoyne where she uses white Prismacolor pencil on black paper to create an ethereal landscape of shapes. — “Welcome to Vermillion - Art Gallery Wine Bar”,
  • This is one of the first times that transillumination is used during the actual vein-removal procedure, which offers maximum visibility for the surgeon," Lawrence said. " Usually the veins are mapped Transillumination in Medical Products. TRIVEX™ System Varicose Vein Treatment. — “Transillumination”, bio-
  • Definition of transillumination in the Medical Dictionary. transillumination explanation. Information about transillumination in Free online English dictionary. What is transillumination? Meaning of transillumination medical term. What does. — “transillumination - definition of transillumination in the”, medical-
  • Imaging of Pigmented Lesions for Early Skin Cancer Detection with Transillumination. Imaging of Veins During Venous Access with VeinLite. — “TransLite”,
  • Definition of transillumination test in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transillumination test. Pronunciation of transillumination test. Translations of transillumination test. transillumination test synonyms, transillumination test antonyms. — “transillumination test - definition of transillumination test”,
  • Transillumination information at HowStuffWorks. Learn about the purpose of Transillumination, what to expect and how to prepare for this test. — “Discovery Health "Transillumination - Medical Dictionary"”,
  • Transillumination: The passing of a strong beam of light through a part of the body for medical inspection. A common use of transillumination is in infancy. The infant's skull should normally not transilluminate (let a beam of light pass through it). — “Transillumination definition - Medical Dictionary definitions”,
  • Transillumination is the shining of a light through a body cavity or organ. ( Transillumination through the chest is only possible on small newborns. — “Transillumination - Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago”,

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  • One Canvas - Three Paintings 1981 - 1994 The life of a canvas in three transitions.
  • Percutaneous transillumination tecnique (part one) Percoutaneous transillumination in Phlebology. Advanced techniques. Part one.
  • Phaco/CTR/Toric IOL+iris repair in eye s/p iridocyclectomy by Steven G. Safran MD This is a 60 year old woman who had an iridocyclectomy 7 years earlier for an iris tumor. She is missing a large portion of iris, has no zonules for about 60-70 degrees in the area of tumor removal and has 4 diopters of astigmatism. Here I am performing an phaco with Toric IOL placement after using a CTR to equally distribute zonule forces. Although a fair amount of iris tissue was missing I decided to repair the iris by suturing the tissue remaining to sclera and rather than suturing it directly I pulled it down and sutured at an angle to reduce the amount of distortion of the pupil and to minimize the area of transiillumination. Tension on the suture was adjusted to reduce pupil distortion as shown in the video with counter traction created by intraocular forceps. Note that the area of transillumination remaining is over the haptic of the IOL which should reduce any symptoms she may have from light passing through. The post op picture is day one post op....20/25 uncorrected.
  • Breastlight (English Subtitles) Breastlight video demonstration with English subtitles. Breastlight is the world's first portable and transillumination device that allows women to look inside their breasts from the comfort of their home. For earlier detection of breast cancer. Safe and easy to use. Now available in Singapore and Southeast Asia at
  • Transillumination.Translucence. Pedro Fernandes Neto Phlebology.Venous Diagnosis.Transillumination.
  • Italite The ITALITE represents a new surgical tool that is the Holy Grail of Orthopaedic Surgery. The ITALITE is a fiber optic light pipe that is flexible and yet stiff enough to be used in surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery wherever high intensity light is needed. We have discovered that the light pipe can be used as An Optical Distal Targeting Device for Intramedullary Nails that allows distal locking without the use of X-ray, or with minimal x-ray. Diaphyseal fracture Fracture fixation Intramedullary nailing Distal screw transillumination device Locking Tibia Femor
  • Role of VeinViewer on Guiding Laser to Treat Feeder Veins This video presentation was presented at ASLMS2008 (American Society for Laser in Medicine and Surgery Annual Meeting) at Gaylord Resort in Kissimmee. It is a physician oriented video. It discusses new ways to treat varicose veins, feeder veins and Telangiectasias. The devices used are: VeinViewer (Luminetx), Harmony laser (Alma Lasers), Cryo6 CLaCS (Zimmer), Ultrasound Pico (Medison), Photopletismograph (Elcat). We use Harmony Almalasers since 2005. Augmented reality in medicine. Realidade aumentada na medicina, varizes, telangiectasias, face, laser, veinviewer
  • Transillumination v2
  • VRS F/A-18E Super Hornet Lighting Demo Showcases virtual ***pit HUD collimation, transillumination, flood and NVG lighting modes for the upcoming FS9/FSX F/A-18E add-on.
  • Studies for Hovering There - Brian Clarke Brian Clarke's painting Hovering There was inspired by the experience of an English Bluebell wood in spring. Hovering There can be seen in the lobby of APAX Partners, 33 Jermyn Street, London.
  • Artist Brian Clarke talks about Glass and Light Artist Brian Clarke talks about glass and light. Some of his projects and designs are revealed.
  • PrepOne™ Sapphire: Pre-Staining & Cutting Bands A tutorial video on our recommended pre-staining procedure with SYBR® Green dye for bright, clear band visualization in the PrepOne unit. Also included is our tips-and-tricks on how to easily cut out DNA bands using our unit. Visit or email us at [email protected] for more information.
  • Percutaneous transillumination tecnique (part two) Percoutaneous transillumination in Phlebology. Advanced techniques. Part two.
  • Transillumination (techno original) This techno composition has been sitting in my computer for a while. I decided to stick some video together to accompany the audio and upload this. Sorry about the related videos. It's crazy. But after all, I used a real word, instead of making up a crazy word. It's pretty close to my made-up word, though. I used Linux Multimedia Studio to mix this. Check this other techno composition! :) Space Voyage I got this animation at:
  • PrepOne™ Sapphire: Taking Pictures A tutorial video of the simple methods that one can use to take pictures of gels for documentation. The blue light (non-UV) technology of the PrepOne, allows for beautiful, sharp pictures with low background noise and high band fluorescence. Visit or email us at [email protected] for more information.
  • Endoscopic Sphenoid Balloon Sinuplasty with Trans illumination Trans- illuminating sphenoid sinus, Balloon Sinuplasty of sphenoid sinus, endoscopic confirmation with trans-illuminating sphenoid sinus, approach to skull base, B. Todd Schaeffer, MD, FACS, Dr. Schaeffer, NOSEMD
  • fsx 2010-03-11 02-34-31-25.avi Raw footage of FSX night lighting including variable transillumination and HUD NVIS(NVG) modes.
  • Ophthalmology - Albinism and the eye Visit for the complete class and MCQs for undergraduate medical students. This video shows the eye of a patient with oculocutaneous albinism. The deficiency of melanin pigment in the iris shows up as transillumination in slit lamp examination. The edge of the lens and the ciliary processes are seen through the iris. Other ocular features include nystagmus, foveal hypoplasia, refractive error and decreased visual acuity. The albinotic fundus characteristically shows deficient pigment and is orangish with choroidal vessels seen through.
  • PrepOne™ Sapphire: Introduction A brief introduction of the PrepOne™ Sapphire, a revolutionary non-UV lightbox for prepative applications. Go to our website at or email us at [email protected] for more information.
  • Artist Brian Clarke talks about John Edwards and Francis Bacon Bacon's Arena: Brian Clarke talks about Francis Bacon's friend and muse, John Edwards.
  • transilumination Video presented during the UIP world meeting in Mónaco showing the advantages to use transillumination in varicose vein surgery
  • Other Imaging and Physiological Tests: Transillumination, IR, APG/PPG, HHD View this Lecture for FREE by signing up at Viewany number of our other 28000 sessions from over 280 conferences by going to Speaker(s) Neil M. Khilnani, MD, FACPh Other Imaging and Physiological Tests: Transillumination, IR, APG/PPG, HHD - American College of Phlebology ACP Phlebology Review Course 2010 The Phlebology Review Course (PRC) serves as an excellent review for those physicians who wish to sit for the American Board of Phlebology board certification exam as well as for those who wish to review the current concepts in the practice of phlebology. 81d152405379ab2d1837c25d2dc926d6
  • Frontal Sinus Transillumination
  • Decentered IOL: Exchange or Reposition? This patient presented approximately 3 months after phaco IOL by Dr. Else Where with elevated IOP and poor vision. The one piece PMMA lens was obviously decentered and in the sulcus with 360 degrees iris transillumination defects. Dr. Else Where had attempted repositioning this lens 3 times since the original cataract surgery without success. Once the IOP and inflammation were under better medical control I took this patient to the OR with the intention of removing the lens and replacing it with a foldable iris sutured IOL; I expected the inferior zonules were incompetent and thus the decentration. The lens was also 12mm overall length and inappropriate for sulcus fixation and if a haptic were bent his may also lead to subluxation. Fortunately a less invasive procedure was possible and the patient has done well postoperatively with well controlled IOP and a centered lens with reasonably good vision.
  • Veinlite Vein Access
  • Percutaneous Oblique Transillumination. Percutaneous Oblique Transillumination. Diagnostic & terapeutic application.
  • Translumination(translucence) for Diagnose in Phlebology Phlebology.Transillumination.Pedro Fernandes Neto
  • Artist Brian Clarke talks about Francis Bacon Bacon's Arena: Brian Clarke talks about Francis Bacon
  • Microphlebectomy Microphlebectomy with Percutaneous Transillumination Technique by Dr. Giuseppe Serpieri, PhD
  • Balloon Sinuplasty Provides Quick and Easy Relief to Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers
  • Maxillary Sinus Balloon Sinuplasty * Endoscopic Sinus Surgery * California Sinus Centers Maxillary Sinus Balloon Sinuplasty (Balloon catheter dilation left maxillary sinus)- LEFT SIDE Patient with chronic maxillary (cheek) sinus infection. A guide catheter with lighted guide wire is placed behind the uncinate process (bone overlying maxillary sinus). The guide wire is advanced into the sinus through the natural opening. The light can then be seen through the skin of the cheek, called transillumination. The balloon is then advanced over the guide wire and inflated, enlarging the natural outflow tract of the sinus.
  • Singh Filtration with Fugo blade in pediatric glaucoma 10 years old child with juvenile glaucoma, deep anterior chamber. The width of ac is visualized by transillumination. Sclera marked 1 mm proximal to it. The conjunctiva is slid towards the limbus and stopped at the marked scleral gutter. 600 micron Fugo blade tip used to make a transciliary filtration through the conjunctiva to reach the posterior chamber. One suture applied to the conjunctiva. MMC 0.05 % injected close to the scleral side of the TCF track.
  • Maxillary Sinus Transillumination
  • balloon sinuplasty right frontal sinus A blocked right frontal (forehead) sinus is cleared by a specialised technique called balloon sinuplasty . A guidewire has previously been passed into the sinus through the plastic guide catheter you can see in the nose. Some inflammation of the nasal lining can be seen obscuring both the tip of the guide catheter and the opening to the sinus. A deflated balloon is then passed up over this wire into the sinus- you can see this passing upwards through the clear plastic of the guide catheter tube. Once the balloon is in the right place (as designated by the yellow mark on the balloon tubing) it is inflated inside the sinus, which is relatively invisible to the observer. The balloon is then sequentially withdrawn and inflated two more times to stretch the opening of the sinus, before being withdrawn from the nose. All this is achieved with minimal bleeding and damage to the surrounding tissues of the nose.
  • Frontal Balloon Sinuplasty: Endoscopic with Light Cable and Trans-illumination Frontal Sinus Balloon Sinuolasty, minimally invasive, No Radiation using Luma Light cable, trans-illumination of frontal sinus, no tissue removal, Dr B. Todd Schaeffer

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